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Ryan And Me, And Ethan 9

    'Do you like Ryan?' I asked.

    'Of course. Why?' Ethan asked back.

    'No. I mean, 'like' like. Not just like,' I said.

    Ethan did not answer. His eyes were searching mine. He wanted to know the reason for that question.

    'Does it matter? It's not like he's gonna like me back. Remember. We are talking about the school jock,' Ethan answered.

    'That's exactly what I mean. He's the school jock. So, you must have liked him,' I said. 'It's so logic to expect you to like him. Hot. Great built. Good-looking.' I added. 'And a good fuck.'

    Ethan grinned. I must had said the right words. I knew Ethan liked the moments Ryan had controlled over him. Ethan liked it when Ryan was on top of him, commanding him to suck his 8 inches and forcing him to do the things that only other gay guys who would dream to do with a hot jock. Lucky Ethan had scored more than just once.

    'But you are a jock too, Justin. You have to remember that.'

    'You mean?'

    Justin paused.

    'You are a jock too. So are Mark, Louis and.. er.. and Ben. So, there is logic too that I may have fallen for other jocks, right? Besides, there's still this guy.'

    'Your first crush?' I cut in.

    Ethan nodded.

    'Do I know him?' I was curious.

    Ethan did not answer immediately. His smile faded. I must had brought up a difficult topic for him. 'You can't make a straight guy to fall in love with you, no matter what. So, crush it may be but I ain't hoping for more. I have been lucky these past few days, but I am not that lucky.'

    I wanted to know more, but I decided not to. Ethan looked so fragile at that moment, I was worried I might have touched the sensitive issue for him. Anyway, I was having an issue of my own. I thought I should really keep myself busy and not to think of Ryan. I was frustrated. I was frustrated with Ryan and his selfishness. I was angry with Ryan and his wanting-things-his-way attitude. Since our shower, we did not talk much. The bottom line was that I felt I was cheated. I gave my first blowjob, and Ryan did not return the favor.

    Ethan was a relief for me. Maybe because I knew I could get him to do things-my-way. Maybe it was the fact that I could have someone to converse with. Conversation with Ryan led to his answers in the form of questions. I could never get Ryan to speak direct with me. He was in denial. I was in denial. With Ethan, at least I did not need to hide much. He did not make me feel guilty wanting gay sex. Ethan made me feel good in man-to-man sex.

    Ryan just walked away after my first time giving a blowjob. I held Ryan's 8 inches thick cock, and took his manhood in my mouth. I sucked him even though I was unsure and fearful of what I was doing. But I did put his cock in my mouth. Even when he humped hard on my face, I did bear with the pressure. No doubt, I was excited too. He cum in my mouth, forcing me to swallow his thick cum. I did swallow. And to end the whole thing there and then, I drew the line. I was not happy. Ryan knew. But he could not bring himself down to kneel before me and take me in his mouth. He left.

    Ryan, Ethan and I had planned to meet again for the weekend. But after this shower incident, I wanted to get away from my house. I thought of my girlfriend, Diane, and realized how little I was excited about the thought of seeing her. Besides, I did not want to meet her visiting relatives. I thought of Ethan, and something in me jolted a little in excitement. So, naturally, I picked up the phone, and dialed Ethan's number. Ethan did not hesitate to say yes. He was hoping that either one - Ryan or me - to call him. He was bored.

    I was forced to have dinner with Ethan's family. Ethan's mom insisted. She was happy to see her son having a new friend over, and I was surprised that she knew my name. Ethan's dad was more reserve, but he was alright with me too. And he was happy to know that I was active in school sports, commenting how he had hoped that Ethan was a school athletic too. Ethan just fell silence, and topic was changed.

    Ethan and I were left alone to hang around the pool later. As soon as his parents went out, Ethan went down on me. Apparently, I was his dessert. My cum was the juice he was waiting for. He took my hard 7 inches and went up and down on my dick, playing more attentively with my cockhead. I shot my loads into his mouth, making him grin happy. In return, he made me grin happily when he bent down and let me fucked his tight ass. I loved shoving my cock up his ass, and humped him hard. I loved hearing him moan, asking for more. I loved holding his hips and pulling his ass hard to my groin, stuffing my cock deeper into his ass.

    Ethan fell asleep after we had sex. He intentionally took my boxer and wore it to sleep. Kinky. Just the way I liked it.

    I was not tired. Instead of joining him, I proceeded to his computer and played games. almost an hour later, I was horny again. I wanted to fuck again. I took a look at Ethan. He looked handsome in his sleep. He had given me enough. I felt so selfish in wanting more. I could wait. I just had to wait.

    I clicked exit on the game screen. After checking my mails, I browsed through his computer. 'My Pictures' folder revealed hard, muscled men and nicely built boys having sex - rough sex, romantic sex, cum-swallowing, dick-sucking and more. They looked good. One showed a white boy deep throating a black man's long dick. The cock could easily be 10 inches, and the white boy was already swallowing more than half of the long cock. I felt my cock hardening, thinking, and trying to imagine, of the feeling to have such a big cock stretching up one's mouth.

    Ethan was still sleeping. Sleep after sex was one of the best rests, but I did not realize that I did wear him out like that. I was liking his body too much. I was liking the sex with him too much. I liked it when he gave me the power to control him. Ryan would dominate me. I did get my kicks that way, but I also wanted to have that feeling of taking charge. The feeling of being in command. And I felt something wonderful watching him, looking at him. There was something angelic about Ethan - opposite of the devilish Ryan.

    I wanted Ethan's photo. I wanted to put it in my phone.    I searched for Ethan's photos through his computer, judging each of his photos for the best. They all looked good. Ethan looked good. This handsome guy would be a heartbreak for many gay guys out there. I sighed, imagining too far of the broken-hearted guys who could not and would not be Ethan's boyfriend.

    Ethan was too romantic. Sexy, but too romantic. If only he was willing to move on, and not to hang around guys like Ryan and me, and whoever his first crush was, or whatever other crushes that happened since, then perhaps he could have a better life. He would be a happier gay. I thought of the possible guys that had won Ethan's attention. What was the name Ethan mentioned first, after he talked about Ryan and me? Was it Mark? Mark? Hmm.. I was not surprised. I knew Mark. And he was a teen hunk. Too easy.

    I thought of the other guys Ethan could have fallen for. My thought strayed to Ethan's uncle. Oh shit. I could not bear the thought that Ethan's first crush was this relative of his. But then again, this could happen. No one could really say how twisted this world becomes. I thought of Ethan. I thought of his uncle. I thought of his influence on Ethan. My body shivered. Ew.

    I had seen the other folders. There was one more folder that I had seen the other day, but did not click. JT. I clicked on the folder.

    When the folder opened, I was stunned. In the folder, there were around 20 photos. Some of the photos were taken years ago. A few photos were taken recently. There were a few shots of the guy on the field. There were a few shots of the guy with his friends. All were candid shots. None was taken with the guy aware of the cameras pointing to him. Shirtless. Running. Laughing with friends. Drinking coke. And even the school yearbook photo was in the folder. All of them spelled out to me Ethan's crush. All of them were telling me the guy whom Ethan could not let go.
All those photos confessed Ethan's secret guy.

    All those photos told me the guy was me.

    It was me in all those photos. When I was 16. When I was 17. At the beginning of this year. When I running on the field. When I did a handstand on the field. My grins. My laughs. My photos from 'MySpace'. It was me.

    A hand on my shoulder startled me. I turned and found Ethan by my side. He could see that I had already known. Ethan just let out a weak smile, unsure of my reaction.

    I was still in a little shock.

    'How long has it been?' I asked.

    Ethan took a few steps back, and sat on his bed. He rubbed his face.

    'Since you first said hi to me, years ago. When you were still that friendly guy in school. Before you became the cocky jock,' Ethan answered.

    'I was?'

    Ethan nodded his head.

    'Look. It was not like I was stalking you or anything. I didn't follow you around. When I have my camera. When you happen to be there. And whatever I happened to find. I just keep the photos. Nothing to creep you out or anything,' Ethan said.

    'No. Don't get the wrong idea,' I told Ethan. 'Think I'm flattered.'

    'Oh yeah?' Ethan said, looking back at me now, with a wide smile on his face. He was relieved.


    Ethan just smiled.

    'But Ethan, it's not like there's anything going on here, right? I mean.. I have Diane. You know.'

    'Oh yeah.. yeah. I know that. It's cool. It's nothing. I'm alright with that,' Ethan said.

    But I was not convinced. I could see him. I could see that he was saying all those to make me believe he was not expecting more. Ethan was expecting more. If he was not, he would have dumped this whole silly game and got himself a guy who would, and could, like him back. Me? I could not like him back. Not the way he liked me.

    'Don't lie, Ethan.'

    'I'm not. I'm not, Justin,' Ethan said. And then, silence. I could see his face. He was not convincing in this. 'What do you want me to say? That I will be fine? That I will not be fine? That you will consider me? You know I can't ask you that... Can I?'

    I felt bad. It was flattering to have someone gorgeous like him to have a crush on me, but not being able to return his interest, made me feel lousy. Especially now, because it was Ethan.

    'Forgive me?' Ethan asked.

    'What? Think it's nobody's fault here. It just happens,' I said.

    'Hmmm...' Ethan murmured. Lost for words.

    The shitty thing here was that I liked Ethan. I did. While Ryan made me feel cheap, Ethan made me feel good. While Ryan was more eager to please himself, Ethan was more eager to please me. I liked Ethan.

    'Come here,' I ordered Ethan.

    Ethan looked up. Surprised. But he obeyed. He walked to me. I tapped on my thigh, ordering him to sit on me. Ethan climbed on my thighs and I pulled his body closer.

    'Kiss me,' I ordered him.

    His lips pressed against mine, and I allowed him to do as he wished. I felt his tongue slipping through my lips. He felt my tongue. He licked my lips and kissed me hard with his wet lips. I felt his breath on me, panting. His lips were hungry for me. The weight of his body pushed me back. Ethan was in control. His hands held my head close, as he continued to assault me passionately. It was like Ethan trying to bury the years of yearning for me in this one kiss. I was his object of lust. I was his object of passion. He wanted me. Ethan wanted me, badly.

    He licked my jaw, and kissed me around my neck. I was so turned on that moment, I felt like throwing him off and fucked him. But no, I did not. This was his time. It was for him to decide what he would want to do with me.

    Ethan got off me, and continued to kiss me hard on the neck. His lips found my right nipple and Ethan hungrily sucked it hard, before moving to the other one. His breath was heavy on my chests. I felt him on my naked skin. My cock was throbbing. Ethan knew. His hands reached down, and stroke me.

    He pulled my shorts off. Kneeling in front of me, Ethan went down on me, taking my cock in his mouth. He bobbed up and down on my hard cock, teasing me good with his sweet lips. It felt good. I groaned. Ethan was getting better in this. He knew how to control me and my urges to unload when he had me between his lips. He sucked hard. He gave a long pull. He played with my cockhead, and tease my balls.

    My cock gave one last hard throb, and I cum. My cum spurted around Ethan's lips, where he greedily swallow as much as he could. He wanted me that much that he did not want to waste a drop of my cum. His tongue licked my cockhead as I oozed the last few drops out of my cock. I sighed. That was intense for me.

    Ethan was panting. He licked me clean, and then got up.

    I could see from his boxer that he was hard. Ethan leaned forward and kissed me. And then, just like in the past, he would back away to find a corner to jerk himself off.

    'Wait!' I called out.

    Ethan stopped his steps and looked at me.

    'I wanna try,' I told him. I was serious. I knew I wanted to give as much as I could to Ethan. I did not want to leave his place feeling lousy, knowing that he was often there to relieve me, but no one would do that for him. And that if I could not return his affection emotionally, I would want to return his affection physically.

    'You sure?' Ethan asked.

    'Teach me then,' I said.

    Ethan walked towards me. He was still not believing that this was happening. I wanted this for him. I wanted him to believe that some things could happen.

    I pulled his boxer down. Ethan's 7 inches cock flopped up. The hard cock was waiting. It was pointing hard at me. I felt Ethan's hands on my head, guiding me to go closer.

    'Careful with your teeth,' I heard Ethan said.

    I held Ethan's cock. I felt its thickness. My palm stroke it, as my lips drew closer to the thickening cockhead. It was Ethan's turn to be pleasured. And I knew, no matter how poor my skill would be, Ethan would like to have his cock buried in my mouth. I parted my lips and covered his cockhead with my mouth. Ethan moaned. I stroked his cockhead with my lips, pulling him nearer with every stroke. My palm continued to pump his thick rod, drawing more of his inches into my mouth, until I gagged.


    I backed out a bit and then tried to jerk Ethan off by only stroking his cockhead with my lips. The faster I went, the louder Ethan's groan became. It felt good to be in power to excite him. It was exciting to have control over him with my mouth. I sucked him hard.

    I felt the throb of his shaft under my palm, and then I felt his cum. Ethan's legs trembled as he ejaculated himself inside my mouth, unloading his salty, thick cum. I felt uneasy, but I had already swallowed Ryan's cum before. So, I did the same. I swallowed Ethan's cum.

    I pulled his cock out and licked him. I wanted him to feel my tongue cleaning his cockhead.

    'No, you don't have to, Justin. No... stop.'

    But I did not. I continued, making Ethan a happy guy at that moment.

    'You think you are good for another round?' I asked him. I did not know what came over me, but I was in heat. There was no stopping me now that I had got it going.


    'Do you want another round?' I asked.

    My lips were covered with his cum. Ethan leaned forward and licked my lips. He smiled.

    'Sure. If you are up to it,' Ethan said. I looked at his cock. It had softened a bit.

    I smiled.

    I climbed onto his bed and lied down, with my face on his pillow.

    'Go for it!' I told Ethan.

    I knew that would shock Ethan, but I figured - what the heck. Ethan was going to feel that night what it was like to fuck. I was not sure if I would like it, but sooner or later, Ryan would have his way with me. So, before Ryan could, I wanted Ethan to have my virgin ass. I was a little scared. But I was determined.

    Ethan climbed onto the bed. He spent the next few minutes rimming my ass, tasting my skin between my ass cheeks. I liked the feel of his wet tongue prying my private spot. I liked his warm breath on my ass. I moaned a little.

    Ethan lubed me up before positioning himself behind my ass. I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass cheek. Ethan adjusted himself. The pressure of his weight, of his hard cock and of his knees pressed onto my thighs gave me a scare, but I braced myself. His cockhead found my virgin hole, and I felt the jab. Ethan was struggling to push his cock into my tight hole. I moaned, feeling the pain.

    'Relax. Loosen up,' Ethan murmured, as his hand held my back down. I pushed my ass up, to give him better excess. I felt his thick cockhead poking. I breathed out, forcing myself to unwind. It was then I felt Ethan sticking into me. It was the hard part of the cockhead forcing itself in. I felt like my inner muscle torn apart by Ethan's big cockhead. I bit my lips. My fingers clenched hard the pillow. More of Ethan's cock was pushed into me. I felt his cockhead forcing me to open up even more of myself to Ethan. Ethan pressed his body on me, pushing more of his inches into me. His cock glided further in, tearing me inside.

    Resting his chests on me, Ethan began to rock his hips to and for. I felt his thick cock pulled out and jammed in repeatedly. I found myself getting hard on this. This was too new for me. This was too hot for me. I enjoyed the thought that I was the one who gave Ethan this pleasure. Ethan moaned as he fucked my ass.

    'Okay there?' Ethan asked.

    'Do it. Just do it,' I told him, in between my groans caused by the pressure in my ass.

    Ethan fucked my ass, rocking my body with his. I could felt his pulse as his long cock throbbed again and again inside me. His groans grew louder. His cock thickened again, and I felt Ethan's cum inside me. His body shivered as he spurted his loads at the same time as me. I creamed his bed sheet.

    When the fuck was over, I let Ethan rested his head on my arm. The feeling was intense. The fuck was not as bad as I had imagined. In fact, I did like feeling Ethan buried inside me. I did like what we had done. And Ethan was too. He could not wipe his grin off his face.

    'Like that?' I asked.

    'Fuck yeah. You?' Ethan asked.

    'My ass hurts like hell now,' I complaint.


    'Wanna make up to me for that?'

    'What do you have in mind?' Ethan asked, as if he could not read my mind.

    'For now, a good sleep. Tomorrow, you owe me BIG!' I told him.

    'Tomorrow? Here?' Ethan asked.

    'Yeah. Unless you don't want me to sleepover?' I teased.

    Ethan grinned.
    That night, I slept in Ethan's house for the first time. I slept in nude. Ethan slept, wearing my boxer. Again.


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