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The next morning I awoke to find myself still wrapped in Gary's arms. Not that I was complaining, it felt so natural.

He woke up not longer after me.

The first words out of his mouth were, "we're all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two!"

"Well, if we're going on this summer holiday, then get your ass out of bed and go and shower," I said.

He mumbled something which wasn't too clear, so I ignored him. To be honest, the only thing I was thinking about was getting him to fuck me on the beach. He reached over and grabbed my stiffening cock.

"And what am I going to do with this?" He asked.

"Leave it alone for now," I told him. "I want to be a normal thirteen year old boy and just wank it, like I used to before I met you."

Gary got out of bed and went to shower. He looked a bit pissed off but he didn't know that I was going to let him fuck me while we where away. While he was gone, I had a wank, thinking about his cock inside me. I had cum on my face and all over my chest. The first thing I reached was Gary's discarded boxers. I picked them up and wiped myself clean. I also held them to my nose, so that I could get a smell of them and they smelt of him. This started to arouse me again so I threw them on the floor. I couldn't believe the effect he had on me.

Once Gary had finished in the shower, I went to take mine. On the way back to our room, I was singing, "I wanna have sex on the beach!" Gary just looked at me with a huge grin in his face.

I dressed in a white t-shirt, white shorts and my new white Nike trainers.

"IT shouldn't be allowed," Gary said,as he stared at me.

"What shouldn't?" I asked.

"You, being dressed like that. You look so damn sexy that I could rip all your clothes off and suck you now."

"Well you better not as we have to get to the airport."

We grabbed our cases and made our way downstairs to load them into the car.

Thirty minutes later we where at the airport and had met up with Steve and his family. Craig came bounding up to me and said," hello Uncle Jason and who's that?"

"That's Gary, my brother."

"But you don't have a brother?"

"My mummy and daddy got hurt in an accident and went to live with the angels in heaven. Gary's mummy and daddy look after me now and so he's sort of like my brother."

"He's not bothering you too much, is he?" Asked Linda

"NO, its ok", I said.

Linda took Craig away before he started to ask too many more questions. Steve said, "you handled that really well."

"I just had to try and explain things in a way that he can try to understand."

"So are you guys looking forward to your holiday?" Steve asked us.

"I know I am," I replied with an evil grin.

Steve looked at me as if to say, 'Yeah, ok, I get the message.'

We stood chatting while Howard and Phil organized the check-in. Then we made our way along the concourse to the food court. For breakfast I ordered pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Gary and Steve thought that it sounded like a revolting combination but when it arrived, they both tried it and before I knew it, half of my meal had gone. I made Gary go and get me another portion. After breakfast we made our way through passport control and the security checks. I had forgotten about my earring and that triggered off the metal detector, which meant I got frisked. I then explained to the security person about my ear and was allowed to continue on to the departure area.

Gary, Steve and I went and got some drinks from McDonalds, while the adults went and did some duty free shopping.

As we sat chatting Steve suddenly said, "I'm really jealous of you two. I wish I could find myself a girlfriend."

"You will," I assured him.

"It's not gonna be easy, especially as I go to an all boys school."

"I'm sure you will find someone eventually," Gary said." You never know, you may get lucky while you're in Thailand."

The time seemed to pass by very quickly and it was soon time to make our way to the departure gate. We stood and looked at the aircraft that we where going to be flying on. It was an Airbus A330. It only had two engines but was more that capable of making the seven and a half hour flight to Dubai. After we had boarded the aircraft, we found our way to our seats in the business class section. Steve and Gary both agreed that I could have the window seat.

One thing that Had been bothering me was the fact that I had never got to meet any of Gary's friends, He was always with me and my two best mates. I had a good reason for not having many friends. After all the bullying, I just preferred to spend time on my own. I also found it hard to trust people. I felt that if I got to close to someone, they would just end up hurting. As a result, I went out of my way to avoid making friends. Chris and Steve were different; I had known them since my first day at primary school.

"Gary, how come you never bring any of your friends home with you?" I asked.

"I've just wanted to spend time with you," he replied

"You don't have to neglect your friends on my account. I'd like to meet them sometime. You should invite them round sometime."

"If that's what you want, then I'll do it when we get home."

I decided to drop the subject as I felt like it would just end up going around in circles.

By now the plane was hurtling down the runway and soon became airborne.

"Well, that's the exciting part of the flight over. Now for seven and half hours we get to sit in a giant cigar tube," I said.

Steve and Gary laughed at my comment. `When we had boarded the plane, I had noticed a cute boy of about fourteen sitting two rows behind us. During the flight I began to notice that Steve was taking the occasional discreet glance in his direction. `Was Steve secretly gay? I dismissed the idea as being to bizarre. He would have talked to me about it. I had known him for two long for him not and we never kept any secrets from each other. Besides, now was not really a good time to bring this up.'

About five hours into the flight, I was becoming really bored. We had eaten lunch, watched one of the in-flight movies, played a few games and helped to keep Craig amused. Steve had fallen asleep. Gary and I had asked for a blanket, not because we where cold but so we could hold hands.

"Have you ever heard of the mile high club?" Gary asked me.

"Isn't that the comedy show on Sky one?"

"You can be so dumb at times," he said. "It's when you have sex in the toilet on a plane."

"Sounds exciting but I'm not to sure about doing it. If that's what you are suggesting?"

"It would be cool but if you don't want to then it's ok."

"I'll think about it. Maybe we could try it out on the flight home."

"Ok! So what are we gonna do for the next two hours or so until we land?"

"How about I show how to write a song?"

"Sound slike a really cool idea," Gary said, sounding a little too enthusiastic.

I stood up and reached into the over head luggage rack and got my laptop computer. Once I had booted up, I opened up one of my music creation programmes and started to key in various information and loading up software instruments. I explained to Gary what I was doing and what each instrument was being used for. This really made the time pass very quickly. By the time the captain made the announcement that we would be landing in twenty minutes, I had created a really groovy bass and drum part and had began to work on the other parts of the song. Gary was fascinated and said that he would like to try and write something himself. I told that we would have plenty of time while on holiday.

In no time at all I could see the runway lights at Dubai airport and knew that we would land very soon. Sure enough we touched down about three minutes later. Landing was the second best part of flying for me. Steve had been a little grumpy when we woke him up but then he often was when he slept over and woke up in the morning. HE definitely was not a morning person. Now I was thinking that maybe it would just be better to leave him asleep.

The plane soon reached the terminal building and we where disembarking. After going through the transfer gate, Phil gave us our passports and boarding passes so that we could go off to the airport shopping centre and then make our own way to the departure gate. He told us the flight to Male left at four and that we should be at the gate by 3am.After getting our orders we headed off to do some shopping. After stocking up on CDs and DVDs we decided to get some drinks.

It was as we where sat enjoying our drinks and talking that the cute boy we had seen on the plane came over and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Mark."

We all introduced ourselves and told Mark that Gary and I were boyfriends. He was really cool about it. In fact he also told us that he had known that he is gay for a while. He was a bit jealous of Gary and I and said he wished he could find himself a boyfriend. He was even bold enough to ask Steve if there was any chance of the two them doing anything together, especially after Steve and Mark found out that they where going to the same place. Steve looked a bit sad when he had to tell Mark that he's straight. Mark had a look of rejection. We got his e-mail address and promised to keep in touch. Gary also assured him that he would find someone. That was another thing that I loved about my boyfriend. He had such a caring nature and would never hurt anyone, unless it was absolutely necessary.

We left Steve and Mark talking and getting to know each other. Their connecting flight to Thailand was not leaving for another two hours. We had agreed to meet up with them on the return journey. Gary and made our to the departure gate for the next part of our holiday flight. It wasn't too long after getting to our seats that I fell asleep. It had been a long journey and a long day. I was really tired and need e to get some sleep so that I would feel refreshed when we got to our villa.

End of chapter eleven. Apologies for the delay in posting this but I now have an editor and it takes a while for the e-mails to go back and forth to carry out the editing process. See you in chapter twelve. Lol Paul.