Sad song of a gay teen........Part twelve!!

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Chapter Twelve

The next thing I was aware of was being gently shaken awake and hearing Gary say, "Come on sleepy, it's time to wake up, we'll be landing in twenty minutes.

" Mmmm, what time is it?" I asked

" It's just after 7am."

I looked at my watch and noted that it was just after three am. I had forgotten to adjust it due to the time difference. I raised my seat back into the upright position and stared out of the window. The sight that greeted me was incredible. Clear blue sky, clear blue water and the golden sands of the hundreds of Islands that made up the archipelago known as the Maldives.

" It's paradise down there," was my initial reaction.

" I know," said Gary, " I already took a good look. I can't wait to go for a swim in the ocean."

" Me, neither," I said.

" Did I miss breakfast?" I asked.

Jane turned to look at me and said," Sorry but you looked so peaceful that we didn't want to wake. I'm sure we can get you something when we get to the villa."

I spent the rest of the flight just gazing out of the window. I couldn't believe just how beautiful this place looked. Finally I watched as the wing flaps where adjusted for landing and I listened to the engines being brought up to full power in readiness for landing. Within a matter of minutes we were touching down. The cabin crew made the usual announcements about remaining seated until the aircraft had come to a complete standstill and the engines had been switched off.

As the plane was taxiing to the terminal building, Gary asked," So how do we get from here to the place where we are staying?"

" I've arranged a helicopter transfer," said Phil. "And, Gary, I don't want to hear any arguments over this but Jason gets the front seat, next to the pilot."

"That's ok with me," he said.

" Cool," was all I could say in response.

The aircraft finally came to a halt and the engines where switched off. We began to gather our hand baggage from the overhead lockers and slowly made our way to the door and into the terminal. Twenty five minutes later, we had cleared passport control, baggage reclaim and customs and we were looking for the representative from the tour company. When we found her, she directed us to our helicopter. This was going to be awesome. I had never been in a helicopter before and it was an experience that I was looking forward to.

After loading our baggage into the helicopter, we all climbed into our respective seats and got ready for take off. It took fifteen minutes to reach our villa and as we where landing, we noticed two people waiting to greet us. After we had finally landed, the people we had noticed came over and introduced themselves as Kemal, our personal chef and Juanita, our housemaid. They said they where there to take care of all our needs.

"Any chance of getting some breakfast for Jason?" Asked Jane. " He was asleep on the flight and we didn't want to wake him, so he's really hungry."

"I'll go and take care of it right now," Said Kemal.

Juanita helped us all with our baggage and showed Phil and Jane to the master bedroom. She then showed Gary and I to the other two rooms. Both of them had two double beds. It was Gary that said, " They're both very nice but we share a room at home and we will be doing the same here. It's a

long story and maybe we'll get the chance to tell you about it sometime."

She gave us a knowing look but did not say anything. Once we where alone and had locked the door, I took Gary into an embrace and gave him a big hug before pressing my lips to his. After five minutes of exploring each others mouths with our tongues, I finally released him.

" I needed that," I said, as I gazed into his eyes.

" Me too."

We quickly unpacked and decided against showering as we would need to have one later, after spending the day swimming and playing around on the beach. We headed out to the patio area and found a lavish buffet of fresh fruits, cold meats, cheeses and eggs cooked three different ways. This was some breakfast. We both grabbed a plate and helped ourselves to what we wanted. We took our places at the table and began to eat.

"You know," said Gary," if every meal is like this,I'm going to end up like a beached whale."

After I had stopped laughing, I said," You better not or I'll have to find a new brother and I'm only just getting used to the one that I have." I was avoiding referring to him as my boyfriend as we where around new people and I just wasn't ready to be that honest in front of strangers.

" So how are you two planing on spending your first day here?" Asked Phil.

"Just swimming and messing around on the beach," answered Gary.

We got a lecture from Jane about covering ourselves up if the sun got too hot and making sure that we used plenty of sun block. The last thing she wanted was to have one of us getting sick due to over exposure to the sun. I told them about the time I was six and we where in the Bahamas. My mum kept putting my t-shirt on and I kept taking it off. To cut along story short, I got sunburnt and was sick for a few days. I learnt my lesson after that, so I assured them that they did not have anything to worry about.

Jane looked at Gary and said, " I hope you were listening to that?"

"Yes mum, I was and remember, I'm sixteen not long after we get home. I think I can look after myself."

" Sixteen going on six months," I heard Phil muttering under his breath.

I had to laugh at that comment. Gary wondered what I was laughing at but I was refusing to give anything away. I also made a mental note to myself

that I was going to bring up there subject of the adoption Idea over dinner tonight.

After finishing breakfast, Gary and I went to our room and put on our trunks and got our things together and went off in search of a nice spot on the beach. We spent about half an hour swimming and splashing around in the water and then went back to the beach and laid out our beach towels. We then covered ourselves in sun block and just relaxed for a few hours. It was just so peaceful being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and I felt as if the things that had happened to me were just memories that I had of something that had happened to someone else in another life. At about 1pm, I announced that I was going back to the villa as I wanted to find some shade. I was also feeling peckish and in need of a drink.

We then spent the afternoon on the patio area of the villa and having the occasional dip in the pool.At about four I said I was going to have a nap. This had everyone looking worried. I could understand why, they all remembered the last time I had said I was going to have a nap.

"It's ok, I have no plan to take that kind of a nap ever again. I just feel a little tired and want a little sleep. Gary can sit with me, if it will make you feel more assured that I'm not about to do anything stupid."

" It's just that we care for you too much and do worry about you," Jane said.

Gary and I went to our room and I soon fell asleep. When I awoke, Gary was sat on the other bed and was doing something on my laptop computer. He was using the headphones and this raised my curiosity.

" Feeling better?" He asked me.

" Yes," I said. "So what are you up to?"

" I'm just using that Reason software to have a go at writing my own song."

" Can I have a listen?"

" I'm not to sure about that."

" Well you won't get anywhere if you have that attitude," I told him as I grabbed the headphones.

I listened to the song and then said," You know, this is really good, for a beginner."

" You really think so?" Gary asked.

" Yes I do. Do you think I would say it if I didn't mean it?"

Gary sat there looking smug and satisfied with himself.

" Don't be to confident tho' ."

" Want to go for a walk before dinner?"

" Since when did you get so romantic?" I asked.

" Can't you just answer a question when you're asked one?"

" Yes and I'd love to go for a walk with my delightful boyfriend," I said as I began to kiss him.

We put on some shorts and t-shirts and went for our walk. It was as we where kissing under a palm tree that I spotted kemal. I was sure that he had seen us but I really did not care. I took Gary's hand and we walked over to Kemal. " What are you doing?" I asked.

" Gathering the lobster nets," he replied. " Your father asked if I would cook some for you for dinner this evening. You two brothers must be really close. It's really nice to see that." He said to us.

" We are very close," Gary said, hoping that he wasn't giving too much away.

We left Kemal to gather the lobster pots and headed back to the villa so that we could take a shower before dinner. It was just after seven and the cool evening air was just beginning to set in. I was also having butterflies about what I was going to ask Phil and Jane.

When we arrived back at the villa, Phil and Jane where sat in the lounge sharing a bottle of wine. Juanita appeared and handed us each a glass of something that looked totally alien to us. It turned out to be a non alcoholic cocktail of various exotic fruit juices and also contained coconut milk. It was most delightful. After we finished our drinks we both went to take a shower and change for dinner. When we returned to the lounge, Juanita had already made us another drink each. The smells emanating from the kitchen where delightful. I was feeling really hungry by now and was looking forward to another sumptuous feast.

Soon after Gary and I had returned to the lounge, we where all called out to the patio where dinner was being served. We began with a selection of seafood and vegetable appetisers. Needless to say, it was all delicious. As we sat eating, I decided that there was no better time than to bring up the adoption plan.

I had become somewhat quiet and so Phil asked me," Jason, is everything ok?"

"Its more than ok. Right now I couldn't wish to be in a better place. I am with my favourite people and I am eating some of the best food I have ever eaten." I still couldn't bring myself to ask the question that I was dieing to ask.

"So what's wrong?" Phil asked.

I couldn't delay this any longer," Phil, Jane, would you consider adopting me?"

Everyone was stunned into silence. It took Phil a few minutes to compose himself, before he said," How soon do you want an answer to that


" You can take as long as you need to think about it. I know it's a big step but I really would like to become a permanent part of this wonderful family."

" And I think it would be so cool to really have Jason as my brother," said Gary.

We spent the next hour and a half just enjoying the meal that had been prepared for us and talking like a family. It was just such a great experience. One thing was talked about was some of the things that we would do while we where here. Two things we definitely decided to do where to go scuba diving and big game fishing. Both activities sounded really exciting.

After dinner was over, Gary and I excused ourselves and went to the lounge to watch one of the dvds that we had bought in Dubai. It was a music dvd of a live concert by a French musician called Jean Michel Jarre. After we had been watching it for about forty minutes we heard Jane calling us.

" Would you two come out here for a few minutes?" She asked us.

We turned off the dvd and made our way to the patio. The first thing I noticed was the bottle of Champagne and four glasses.

' Must be good news,' I thought to myself.

" So what have we done now?" Gary asked.

" You must have a guilty mind," Jane said to him.

" Actually we have something to celebrate," Phil said. "We have talked about what Jason asked us earlier and the answer is....." There was such a long pause, that the suspense was killing me. "Yes," Phil finally said.

I was so happy at that point that I ran over to Jane and kissed her on the cheek. I then did the same to Phil. "Thanks mum and dad," I said, " This is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time."

Gary put his arms around my neck and kissed me gently on the lips and said," Welcome to the family, brother!"

Phil opened the Champagne and poured four glasses. He handed a glass each to Gary and I and added," I'm not encouraging you too to drink but on this occasion I will make an exception. After all, we are celebrating the newest addition to the family." He raised his glass and said," To Jason,welcome to the Russell family."

We clinked our glasses together and began to drink. At first, I found the taste of the Champagne a little unpleasant. I suppose it reminded me of what I had done during my suicide attempt. However, I soon became accustomed to the taste.

After a while, Gary and I returned to the lounge. I think he wanted to be alone with his now official brother. We cuddled together on one of the sofas and gave each other the occasional kiss. It was so nice, I couldn't have been happier. I felt as if all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once.

It was as we where kissing each other again that Juanita came in with some more drinks for us. She didn't seem too bothered by what she had seen and so we asked her to join us. We then spent nearly an hour telling her the whole story. By this time she was almost in tears.

I stood up and walked over to her and put my arms around her. " Please don't cry, too many tears have been shed over all this already. I just want to be happy and get on with my life now. Besides, it feels as if all that happened to someone else in another life, I just have to carry the memories of it around with me."

Gary came over and handed her some tissues so that she could dry her eyes.

"You know, Jason, you are just amazing, to have gone through all of that and survived," she said.

I just didn't know what to say to that. We sat and talked with Juanita for a while longer before going out to say goodnight to mum and dad. Apart from some passionate kissing, we didn't do anything else that night.

When we woke up the next morning, I said to Gary, " Lets have a race to the pool."

" Lets do it naked," he said, flashing me a smile.

" You're on," I said.

I jumped out of bed and started towards the pool. As I got to the door of our room, Gary got hold of me and pulled me back. This gave him a slight advantage over me. By the time we got to the pool, there wasn't much distance between us. Gary grabbed my hand and we both jumped in together.

" I think that was a draw," he announced, when we surfaced

" Now would you two get out of there and join us for breakfast," Jane said.

" We would mum," I said, " but we have a little problem. We don't have any clothes on."

" Don't let that bother you, we have seen you naked before."

This was a reference to the night when I had tried to strangle Gary. I just burst into hysterical laughter. By this time, Juanita had arrived with a couple of towels. As she walked away, we got out of the water and wrapped the towels around ourselves. We went back to our room to put on some clothes.

Gary was looking at his cock and said, " I don't see how you could describe this thing as a little problem?"

" It's not but it if you don't leave it alone, it will become a big one. I promise that I'll lavish it with attention later. Now, we better get dressed and go out for breakfast."

By the end of the first week, we all had healthy looking sun tans. We had also been scuba diving, twice, fishing for sharks and tuna and on a boat cruise around some of the other Islands. It was just such a fabulous time.

On the Saturday I made up my mind, Today was going to be the big day. While Gary was in the shower, I put the big beach towel and inflatable pillows in my back pack and zipped it up. We had been on the beach for a few hours when I suddenly said to Gary, " I want you to fuck me, here and now."

He looked a bit concerned, perhaps even frightened. " Are you sure?" He asked.

" I know what happened last time but I promise you, I feel ready to do it."

We took off our shorts and began to kiss, while fondling each others dicks. I gently chewed on Gary's ears and neck and slowly worked my way down his body. When I got to his nipples. I licked and sucked on them for quite a while. I was still holding his cock and it felt really good and I couldn't wait to feel it inside me. Finally I reached my target. I licked the tip of his cock and felt him shudder slightly. I then slowly took it into my mouth and began to slide it in and out. It felt incredible. I released his cock from my mouth and said, " there is some KY jelly in the bag, put some on your fingers and get me loosened up."

Gary didn't need telling twice and it started with one finger and then two. " Try adding another one," I told him. The sensation of three fingers going in and out of my butt was awesome, It nearly sent me over the edge but I managed to hold back. Finally I said to Gary, " Lye on your stomach,"

He complied with my command and I took the tube of KY and put a good amount on his cock and then positioned myself over it. Gently I lowered myself down until I felt the head pressing against my chocolate starfish. I pushed a little harder and felt him enter me. It hurt a little but not too much. The practice I'd had with the vibrator was obviously paying off. Slowly and surely, I felt more of his cock make its way inside of me. This was better than I could have imagined. Once he was all the way I rested for a while, so that I could get used to the feeling. Eventually, I began to lift myself up and down and felt him leaving and entering me. I was in heaven, I knew it would feel good when we finally did this but I didn't think it would be this good. Before to long, I felt my balls tighten and I began to orgasm. The first shot hit Gary on the face and the subsequent ones left a trail down his body, ending with the last few drops in his pubes. This was enough to send him over the edge. With one final downward thrust, I felt the tip of his cock hit my prostate bad then it happened. I felt Gary s hot love juice filling my insides.

"Mmmmmmm..........ahhhh.......this is just so amazing," I managed to gasp.

After Gary s orgasm had ended, I waited for him to go soft before releasing his cock from my butt. We rested for a while before saying anything.

"Wow, that was just so good, " Gary said.

" As far as I'm concerned, it was something else. I just cannot describe in words how it felt and how I feel. I love you, " I said before beginning to kiss him passionately.

After breaking the kiss, he said to me, " and I love you too."

We ran naked into the water and cleaned off the remnants of our love making.

End of Part twelve.

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