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From the previous chapter..............!

After lunch, Gary and I went and sat in the lounge to watch some TV. I was a little surprised when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and noticed that it was Chris. I answered the call, “ Hi Chris, what's up?”

I'm not sure how to go about telling you this but I had a really strange text message from Steve. He says that he's madly in love with me and wants to kiss me and suck my cock,” Chris told me.

It took a lot of doing but I managed not to laugh, as that would have given the game away. “ So have you talked to him about this?”

No, he isn't answering his phone.”

Well keep trying, you should talk to him about this and not me. I've invited him and Mark, a guy he met on holiday round here tomorrow. Why don't you come along too?”

Sounds good. I don't have anything else planned anyway.”

Great, see you about eleven tomorrow then.”

After we said our goodbyes, I noticed was making a call.

Who are you talking too?” I asked.

You're not the only one that can do some matchmaking. You know the twins, Sam and Kayleigh, who live round the corner?” Gary said.

Yeah, I've seen them around. Don't tell me, you've invited them round tomorrow in the hope that they pair off with Steve and Chris.”

Got it in one.”

This was going to be ok. Hopefully Lee and Mark would like each other and my two best friends would pair off with the twins and then we would all be in relationships. That would be really cool ans everybody would be happy.

We spent the rest of the of the afternoon watching a movie on one of the satellite channels until it was time to go to my grandparents. I was looking forward to seeing them and telling them about my holiday and all the other things that were happening in my life.

Sad song of a gay teen.....Part fourteen!!!!!!

We arrived at my grandparents at about 6pm. Granddad opened the door and let us into the house. After saying hello, I made my way to the kitchen and said hello to grandma and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Gary gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “ hello grandma.”

Needless to say, grandma was a little surprised by this until I told her that Phil and Jane had agreed to adopt me. She gave me a big hug and said, “ that's wonderful news. So what's it like to finally have a brother?”

He can be a real pain at times, especially when he does stupid things, like standing on a jelly fish.”

Gary looked at me and said, “ you promised you wouldn't keep mentioning that.”

I'm sure mum and dad would have mentioned it over dinner,” I replied.

Phil had entered the kitchen and asked, “ hi, Kathy, where would you like me to put this wine?”

Grandma took the wine off him and place the two bottles of white in the 'fridge and put the bottle of red on the counter. The smell of roast lamb was making me really hungry.

So whats it like having a new son?” Asked grandma.

Well, at least we won't have the sleepless nights and the dirty nappies to change. He's house trained as well,” Phil replied.

Hey, stop talking about me as if I'm a puppy or something,” I said, with a look of disgust on my face.

At this point, grandma asked us to go and sit in the lounge until dinner was ready. On entering the lounge, Gary and I found a place on the sofa and sat next to each other. Grandma asked us what we would like to drink. While we waited for grandma to finish cooking dinner, I made my way over to the piano and entertained everyone with a few pieces. At one point I heard dad say to granddad, “ he's really good, isn't he?”

Well, he has improved a lot since he was two. I remember the noise he used to make on the piano at that age,” granddad replied.

I continued to play and just smiled to myself.

About twenty minutes later we sat down to dinner. The conversation over dinner mostly centered around our holiday and the passing around of the holiday photographs. Gary and I also mentioned about the barbecue that we were having the following Sunday for Garys sixteenth birthday. My grandparents said that they would both love to attend. A little later on, when I was alone with grandma in the kitchen, she asked me what they should buy him for a birthday presant. I made a few suggestions and said I would let my grandparents choose from the things that I had suggested. We stayed at my grandparents until about 10pm. We had a really enjoyable evening and the dinner that grandma had prepared was excellent.

Gary and I went straight to bed when we got home, as we were both tired after the long flight home. The next thing we knew, it was 9.30 the next morning. We decided to have breakfast in bed. Now there is only two things on the menu for two horny gay teens who decide to have breakfast in bed. Those two items just happen to be raw sausage and boy milk. We where in the sixty – nine position, really enjoying the taste of each other when the door bell rang. Then we heard Steve shouting, “ come on you lazy pair, it's time you got up.”

I pulled off Gary and said, “ I suppose I better go and let those two in. Sorry babe but I guess we'll just have to finish this later.”

Just before I got out of bed, I gave Gary a brief but passionate kiss and told him that I love him. I put on some shorts and a t- shirt and went to answer the door.

When I opened the door, Steve said, “ so what were you two doing up there?”

Chris added, “ I'm not sure I really need an answer to that question.”

I let my friends into the house and told them to help themselves to a drink from the 'fridge. I made my way back upstairs and had a quick shower and got dressed. Gary went to take a shower while I went to keep my friends entertained. Mark was the next to arrive, followed soon after by Lee. While we where all sat around the table, I took out my phone and sent a text message to Steve saying ' how about we go upstairs and you can give me that blow job?' Again, I did my little trick to make it look as if the message had been sent from Chris' phone. When Steve read the message he realized what had happened yesterday.

So it was you who sent that message to Chris yesterday?” Asked Steve.

Yes, I told you I would get you back after what happened at Dubai airport.”

Once Chris and Steve realized that they had been part of a practical joke, we all fell about laughing. Then we had to explain to Chris what had happened in Dubai. Even I managed to have a laugh about it, even tho' it had not been that funny to me at the time. At this point, Lee and Mark said they where going into the lounge, so that they could talk alone. It was obvious that something was developing between them.

Wonder what those two are up to?” Asked Chris.

Jason has been doing some matchmaking,” Gary replied.

Well it looks it may be working,” I said.

We waited about twenty minute and then I went and had a peek in the lounge. Lee and Mark where sitting on the sofa with their arms around each and kissing passionately. I went back to the kitchen and reported my findings. I felt quite pleased with myself. It was a case of one down two to go. Soon after the twins arrived and Steve and Mark were drooling. Steve ended up pairing off with Kayleigh and Chris with Sam. After having some lunch we all ended up in the lounge making out. At least the girls did not have any problems being around two gay couples. Everyone left at about 4pm, after exchanging phone numbers and making plans for the following day to do whatever with their new partners. Gary and I were quite pleased with ourselves.

That evening, Gary and I spent the evening in my music room. I was giving him another guitar lesson. He did really with the new stuff that I had been teaching him. At about ten, we went downstairs to spend a little time with mum and dad. Just over an hour later we went to bed and continued from were we had been interrupted this morning.

The next day I was up earlier than Gary, as dad was taking me into town to get Garys birthday presant. When we got to the Academy of sound, I walked in and was immediately noticed by Scott. He came over and said, “ hi Jason, how are you?”

I'm really well. I only got back from holiday on Sunday. By the way, this is Phil, my new dad,” I said, as introduced Phil and Scott.

Pleased to meet you,” Scott said to Phil.

Phil and Jane, his wife agreed to adopt me while we were away. They fostered me after all the stuff that happened,” I said.

It's good to know that you've been given a second chance,” Scott said. “ So are you just looking or are you buying anything today?” Asked Scott.

I'm buying a guitar for my brother. I've been teaching him to play and it's his sixteenth birthday next Monday. By the way, we are having a barbecue on Sunday, why don;t you come and bring your guitar.”

Scott agreed to come to the barbecue. While Phil was giving him the address of our house, I looked around the shop. I chose a Yamaha guitar and amp, along with a Roland VG33 guitar synthesizer. Dad asked me if I really wanted to spend that amount of money. I told him, once again that as I had never had a brother to buy presents for, I was making up for all the times I had missed out on. Scott said he would bring the stuff I had bought with him on Sunday. At least that way there would be less risk of Gary discovering his gifts early. After paying for my purchases, I went to the keyboard department and had a try out of the Korg Oaysys workstation. I was definitely going to get one for my studio.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Littler picked Gary and I up and took us to see the property he had found for the studio. When we got there, we met the sales manager from the studio design company. He had been to see the property and come up with some ideas for the design and layout. We spent nearly three hours discussing ideas and signing contracts. He said the work could be started in ten days and it would take about six weeks to complete. I felt really excited about the whole thing. When we got home, I spent about an hour on the Internet sourcing various vintage keyboards that I wanted for the studio. Things like the Fairlight CMI, PPG Wave 2.3 and a Yamaha CS80. Once I had everything sorted, I made notes of the websites and the cost so that I could pass them onto the accountant, who would handle the ordering and purchasing of the equipment. As far as my studio was concerned, I wanted it to be one of the best in the world and I wasn't going to cut any corners.

Gary had cooked dinner and it was just as good as the last time he had cooked. During dinner he was asking questions about what he was getting for his birthday but no one was saying anything. Well, we didn't want to spoil the surprise. Tuesday evening was spent with mum and dad watching TV. We decided to go to bed at about 10.30. Not that we had any real plans to sleep, we just wanted to have some boy on boy fun.

We where lying in bed and Gary was sucking on my cock, when suddenly he did something that he had never done before. He started to lick my butt and push his tongue in. I was amazed by the sensations that I was getting from this. He carried on doing this for a while and several times I nearly shot my load all over myself. Every time that I nearly shot, Gary grabbed hold of my perineum to stop me from cumming. This went on for about twenty minutes before Gary finally let me cum. When I did, the orgasm was incredible, one of the best that I had ever had with Gary. As Gary still hadn't cum, I asked to fuck me. Since the first time we had done it on the beach, I had let Gary fuck me quite a few times. I had got used to him doing and was getting to a point were I preferred to be fucked. I lay on my back and felt Gary pushing into me. I really enjoyed the feeling of him doing this to me. I felt him sliding in and out of me. He did this for about ten minutes before I felt him explode inside of me. The final inward thrust really pushed the right buttons for me and I shot another load all over my chest. After Garys cock had softened and popped out of me, he licked my cum off my chest and then kissed me, allowing me to share the taste of my second load .

After kissing passionately for a while,we fell asleep. I was lying on my side and Gary was spooned behind me.

Wednesday morning soon came around and I awoke to find myself in much the same position I had been in when I fell asleep. Gary wok up soon after me and we made our way to the bathroom and showered together. It was about thirty minutes later and we where sat in the kitchen having breakfast. On this occasion it was something a little more substantial than raw sausages and boy milk. Anyway, we were eating breakfast,when there was a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting any visitors and Gary said he wasn't either. I got up from the table and went to answer the door. When I opened it, there were two boys who looked to be about the same age as Gary.

Hi, I'm Kyle,” said one of the boys. He was about six foot tall with floppy black hair and blue eyes. “ Is Gary at home?”

Yes,” I replied , “ he's just in the Kitchen. We were just having breakfast.

The two boys followed me into the kitchen. The second boy had introduced himself as Simon. They were friends of Gays from School and it turned out that they were both gay, although they were not boyfriends. It was good to finally meet a couple of Garys friends. I got them both a drink and we sat and talked for a while. They knew who I was but didn't not no the full details of what had happened to me, so I filled them in on the details. They both thought that it was really cool that I had been given a second chance in life. They also said that they thought Gary and I looked good together.

It's Garys sixteenth birthday next Monday and we're having a barbecue on Sunday, if you would like to come, you are more that welcome,” I said to Kyle and Simon.

We would both love to come,” Simon said.

I was saying to Gary a few weeks back that I had never met any of his friends,” I told the two new guys.

Well, he called us the other day and asked us to call round sometime this week. It's good to meet you at last Jason. Ever since that stuff happened to you at school, you are nearly all Gary ever talks about,” Kyle said.

We spent so long sat in the kitchen talking, that before we knew it, it was lunch time. We invited Kyle and Simon to join us. We decided to have pizzas and garlic bread from the freezer. Gary also made a huge bowl of salad to go with the rest of the food. After eating lunch and clearing up in the kitchen, we went up to the attic as Simon and Kyle said that they wanted to see my music room and that wanted to listen to me play. When we got there,they were totally mesmerized by all the gear that I had. The afternoon passed by very quickly. Gary even showed off his guitar playing skills to his friends.

By Friday morning of that week, I was beginning to feel a little down. Since Monday, I had not had so much as a phone call from Chris or Steve. Yes, I was happy that they now had girlfriends but they could have at least called me. On the other hand, I hadn't bothered to call them but that was besides the point. I had known Chris and Steve since my first day at primary school and I felt that I was losing them as friends.

Gary first words to me when awoke on Friday morning were, “ How come you look so sad today?”

I told him how I was feeling and tried, as best as I could, to explain to him why I was feeling like that .

Why don't I give them both a call and invite them over tomorrow?” Gary asked me.

That sounds like a really good idea. We could just have a ' boys' day, as it were.”

I'll get them to bring their instruments then on Sunday, at the barbecue, we could maybe get everything set up in the garden and have some live music.”

That's probably one of the best ideas you've come up with this week,” I said. “ Why don't you call Simon and Kyle and invite them too?”

Well, if we're going to invite them, then we may as well call Lee and Mark. When mum and dad get home, we can ask them if everyone can stay over. That way we can get everyone helping with the setting up for the party and barbecue on Sunday.”

After that little conversation, I felt a little more cheerful. Gary spent the next twenty minutes on the phone calling everyone and they all agreed to come over for the day on Saturday. Gary and did come up with one little rule and that was that Mark and Lee, along with Gary and myself would not so much as kiss each other, unless it was in the privacy of our own rooms. I was more than happy to go along with this as it would just be nice to spend some time with my two oldest friends.

Also on Friday, I received a call from Mr. Littler informing me that the three properties that I had been left had all been sold. They had made a total of three and a half million pounds, which was a lot higher than my lawyer had originally estimated. The money from the property sales was going into a special business account to fund the setting up of the studio. I was more that happy for this to be done. He also informed me that I would be receiving £250,000 from the criminal injuries board. I asked for this to be put into the business account as well. Mr. Littler also asked me what I wanted to do about suing the school over what had happened. I him told that I had given the matter some very serious though and that I wanted him to proceed with the action.

The rest of Friday we spent just chilling out watching dvds and listening to music. When mum and dad got home we asked them about having everyone to sleepover on the Saturday and they agreed. Nothing was mentioned about how I had been feeling that morning as we didn't want mum and dad to worry about me anymore than they did already. Besides, knowing that we would be spending more or less the whole weekend with friends had more that lifted my spirits.

When dad had arrived home, he informed us that he would take us all out to eat and asked if we prefer Chinese or Indian. We had a vote and the Indian won, so we headed off to Rusholme again. Whenever we went to Rusholme, we had a tendency to order what we wanted from the menu and when the food arrived, we asked for it to be placed in the middle of the table, so that we could all share it. That way, everyone got a taste of all the food that had been ordered. I always found this a very pleasant way to eat. While we where in the restaurant, Gary and I kept discretely touching each other under the table and I knew what he was after. Some fun was going to be had when we got home. During the meal, I filled mum and dad in on the call from Mr. Littler. We also talked about the plans for my recording studio. I also called Paul Ashebrooke, the doctor who had first treated me at the hospital and invited him to the party on Sunday. He accepted the invitation and asked if he could bring his brother, Brian, who was in the music business. I told him that it would not be a problem for him to bring his brother.

We arrived home st around 10.30 and after saying good night, Gary and I went to our room. Before I knew what was happening, he was kissing me and removing my clothes. This got me really horny and turned on and I could feel my cock stiffening and aching for release from the confines of my boxers. First off was my t- shirt and Gary was sucking on my nipples but all I could manage to do was moan with pleasure. Then he pulled down my shorts and boxers and dropped to his knees and slowly began to work on my cock. Every time he sensed I was about to come, He grabbed me in just the right spot to hold back my orgasm. After about twenty minutes of this, I just said, “ put me on the bed and fuck me, NOW!”

Gary lifted me up and carefully placed me on the bed. He got the lube from the drawer in the bedside cabinet and lubed up his cock and my butt. The next thing that I felt was Garys cock entering me. I did feel a little pain but this was soon replaced by the immense feelings of pleasure that you get from being fucked. He was slowly pushing in and out of me and I just lay there, moaning with pleasure. I felt like I had been transported to another world. By now my balls were aching for release and I couldn't hold out for long. My orgasm erupted and I shot allover my chest. This was enough to push Gary over the edge and i felt him erupt inside of me and the feeling was better than I had ever felt before. After resting and recovering for a while it was my turn to fuck Gary. We then fell asleep, with my cock still inside of him.

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