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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When dad had arrived home, he informed us that he would take us all out to eat and asked if we prefer Chinese or Indian. We had a vote and the Indian won, so we headed off to Rusholme again. Whenever we went to Rusholme, we had a tendency to order what we wanted from the menu and when the food arrived, we asked for it to be placed in the middle of the table, so that we could all share it. That way, everyone got a taste of all the food that had been ordered. I always found this a very pleasant way to eat. While we where in the restaurant, Gary and I kept discretely touching each other under the table and I knew what he was after. Some fun was going to be had when we got home. During the meal, I filled mum and dad in on the call from Mr. Littler. We also talked about the plans for my recording studio. I also called Paul Ashebrooke, the doctor who had first treated me at the hospital and invited him to the party on Sunday. He accepted the invitation and asked if he could bring his brother, Brian, who was in the music business. I told him that it would not be a problem for him to bring his brother.

We arrived home st around 10.30 and after saying good night, Gary and I went to our room. Before I knew what was happening, he was kissing me and removing my clothes. This got me really horny and turned on and I could feel my cock stiffening and aching for release from the confines of my boxers. First off was my t- shirt and Gary was sucking on my nipples but all I could manage to do was moan with pleasure. Then he pulled down my shorts and boxers and dropped to his knees and slowly began to work on my cock. Every time he sensed I was about to come, He grabbed me in just the right spot to hold back my orgasm. After about twenty minutes of this, I just said, “ put me on the bed and fuck me, NOW!”

Gary lifted me up and carefully placed me on the bed. He got the lube from the drawer in the bedside cabinet and lubed up his cock and my butt. The next thing that I felt was Garys cock entering me. I did feel a little pain but this was soon replaced by the immense feelings of pleasure that you get from being fucked. He was slowly pushing in and out of me and I just lay there, moaning with pleasure. I felt like I had been transported to another world. By now my balls were aching for release and I couldn't hold out for long. My orgasm erupted and I shot allover my chest. This was enough to push Gary over the edge and I felt him erupt inside of me and the feeling was better than I had ever felt before. After resting and recovering for a while it was my turn to fuck Gary. We then fell asleep, with my cock still inside of him.


I awoke the next morning to find that my cock had slipped out of Garys butt during the night. My head was also resting against his chest and I listened to the sound of his heartbeat. As I lay there, the words of a song came to mind;

I can hear your heartbeat, heartbeat

So close, it feels like mine

All mine!

(c1982 King Crimson/ Discipline Global Music)

I glanced over to the bedside table and looked at the photo that I kept there of my biological parents and a few tears began to streak down my face. I missed them terribly, even if I was in the process of being adopted by a wonderful new family.

A few moments later, Gary woke up and asked why I was crying.

It's just looking at that picture, it makes me feel sad. I really miss them you know,” I said, referring to the photograph.

You don't have to have that there, not if you don't want to.”

I do need something to remind me of them tho'”.

We looked at the clock and decided to go and take a shower and get ready for our guests.

Twenty minutes later we where sitting in the kitchen. Mum had, as was usual at the weekend prepared a huge fry up, along with the addition of thick, American style pancakes. I took a couple of pancakes and some bacon and then added some butter and maple syrup. It was delicious. As we began to eat, the door burst open and Chris and Steve came bursting into the kitchen.

Hi guys,” they both said at the same time.

Would you two like some breakfast?” Mum asked. Knowing fulwell what the answer would be. She handed my two friends a plate and they helped themselves to some food. We sat and ate largely in silence as we where enjoying the food so much.

Chris and Steve had not brought their instruments as it was not only Garys birthday presant that I had bought the other day. I had also bought an electronic drum kit and a couple of basses. At least now my two friends would not have to bring all their stuff whenever they came for the weekend. While we had been on holiday, the attic had also been professionally soundproofed, so it was now like a proper studio. It was now so well equipped that I was considering advertising it so that other bands and musicians could come and record there. It was an Idea that I would have to talk over with mum and dad.

I had also discovered a web site for unsigned groups and musicians to upload their music for people to have a listen to. You could also write a profile and add some photographs. I mentioned this to Chris and Steve and they both said, “ Lets do it, what are we waiting for?”

Well, lets finish breakfast and then get the kitchen cleaned up,” I said.

Gary offered to be our official band photographer. We finished our breakfast and then got the kitchen cleaned before heading up to the attic room. We spent the rest of the morning having photographs taken, writing our profile and uploading tracks. Once it was all done, we just had to wait and see how many people listened to our stuff and wrote reviews for us.

During this time, Lee and Mark had arrived and where very impressed with my home studio set up.

If you think this is good, wait 'til you see the commercial studio that I'm opening. That will be awesome,” I said.

We then played them a few of our songs and gave them the address of our new web site. They both said that they would check it out when they went home. By this time, it was after one o'clock and so Gary went off to the kitchen to make us all some lunch. He returned about fifteen minutes later with a big plate of sandwiches, bags of crisps, cakes, biscuits and a couple of bottles of coke. He did forget to bring any glasses and so Steve volunteered to go and get them. Kyle and Simon had also showed up and joined us for lunch. Kyle and Simon where also impressed with the studio set up.

After eating lunch we entertained our friends by playing more of our music.

You guys really are good, maybe you should send some Cds to record companies and try to get a deal,” Lee said.

I agree with my boyfriend,” said Mark. “ You really are much better than some of the crap you here and at least you write your own stuff.”

At about four o'clock, Gary disappeared off to the kitchen to help mum preparing dinner

He asked Kyle and Simon would they like to join us. They both said yes and called their parents to let them know that they would be out for dinner. The rest of us sat around talking and listening to music while Gary was cooking dinner. Just before Gary had left the room, we had all made comments about ordering some take away, so as to avoid food poisoning. Gary responded to this by flashing us the middle finger.

About two hours later my phone rang. It was Gary to tell us that dinner was ready. I told him that he could have walked up a few flights of stairs to tell us. I also made some rather bitchy comment about him being lazy.

We made our way to the kitchen and, as always before eating, I took my medication. Mum and Gary had prepared a really sumptuous feast. There was a Minestrone soup, tomato and mozzarella salad dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh chillies. For main course we had lasagna with garlic bread and a tossed salad and for dessert, Gary had made his chocolate mousse. By the time we finished eating, we where well and truly stuffed. After clearing up,we went to the lounge to spend the evening watching DVDs, as mum and dad where going out for the evening.

Kyle and Simon left at around 9.30 and said they would arrive at about 10am in the morning to help get our gear from the attic to the patio as we planned on providing some live music at the party tomorrow. As far as the food and drink for the party was concerned, mum and dad had organized a catering company to take care of all of that. We where all looking forward to it. I was especially looking forward to seeing Garys face when he opened my presents to him.

We all went to bed at about eleven. Although there was no need for them to, Chris and Steve where sharing a room, as where Lee and Mark. In the case of the latter, it was understandable, seeing as they where now officially boyfriends.

We had only been in bed for about ten minutes when there was a knock on the door. It was Lee and Mark. They had come to ask our advice on fucking each other. We talked them through the whole process and they took turns in fucking each other and judging by the looks on their faces, they had never had so much pleasure in their lives. Watching this got Gary and I really horny and so we got into a sixty- nine position and sucked each other to orgasm. After we had finished and regained our breath, Lee and Mark went back to their room looking very content and happy

Gary and I talked and kissed for a little while before drifting off to sleep. One thing that the doctors had told me may happen was that I would a have nightmares and flashbacks about all the stuff that had happened. So far, it had only happened once and I thought that the chances of having any nightmares where getting less and less. We had been asleep for about three hours when I suddenly woke up screaming and with sweat pouring down my body. I had had a nightmare in which I was being raped again. Gary woke up and began to comfort me. I was shaking and crying but Gary just said comforting things like there was no one there that was going to hurt me and that it was just a very bad dream. It took a while for him to calm me but I eventually went back to sleep.

I was awake at eight and got out of bed and went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to get a drink. Mum was busy making breakfast for six hungry teens and Steve was sat talking to her and drinking tea.

You're up early,” I said to Steve

I couldn't sleep because of Chris snoring his head off,” said Steve.

Mum looked at him and said, “ you could have used the other room you know.”

I'll remember that for next time.”

Mum then looked at me and said, “ you look tired this morning. What's your excuse for not sleeping too well?”

I had a nightmare. I thought that I wasn't going to have them but it happened last night. I was scared.”

Why didn't Gary come and wake us?” Mum asked

We talked about my nightmare for a while, during which time dad appeared and got a telling off from mum for pinching a sausage. I poured two more glasses of orange juice and took them up to our room. Steve also poured two glasses and said he was going to go and wake the atom bomb. We all laughed at that comment.

I woke Gary and he thanked me for the glass of juice. He also asked if I was ok after last night. I assured him that I was and that I had talked to mum about it. I also told Gary that mum had insisted that if I had another nightmare, then Gary had to go and wake her. I also told Gary that the subject was not open to negotiation.

We showered and dressed and then went to eat breakfast. The rest of the gang had started without us, so we grabbed our plates and loaded up with food and began to eat. After we had finished, mum and dad both said that we could be excused from the washing up as we had to get our gear set up for the party. By this time Kyle and Simon had arrived and we made a start on getting all our gear down to the patio and set up ready for the guests arriving. That took us about two hours. I even suggested that we hire ourselves a couple of roadies the next time we planned anything like this. By the time we had finished setting up, Scott had arrived and set his gear up along with ours.

The caterers had also arrived and where busy setting up. The first guests to arrive where my grandparents along with Linda, Howard and the little guy, Craig.

Craig came bounding over to me and jumped up at me and said, “ Hi uncle Jason, are you ok?”

I'm cool,” I said. “ And what about you?”

I'm cool too,” he said.

Soon, a lot more guests had started to arrive and we decided that it was time to start playing some music. We began with a song from the album THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. We began with a song that I had decided would be an appropriate tribute to my birth parents, the title of the song being FOREVER AUTUMN. We played the intro and Gary took up on the vocals. The opening words went;

The summer sun is fading as the year grows older

And darker days are drawing near

The winds will be much colder

Now you're not here!

(c1978/2005 Jeff Wayne/ Sony music)

A few tears began to form in my eyes as Gary sang. I had helped him to discover another hidden talent, he had an amazing singing voice. When we had finished the song Gary and my two best friends came and hugged me.

Gary leaned into me and said, “ whatever happens, never forget them.” He then gave me a kiss on the cheek.

At this point, Paul came over to us and said, “ guys, that was incredible and this is my brother, Brian.”

We all shook hands with Brian and he complemented us on our musical abilities. I went over to my keyboard rig and retrieved the CD that I had made to give to Brian. “ Take that back to London with you and take a listen. It's some of our original compositions, I hope you like it.”

Thanks,” Brian said. “ I see you've put your e-mail address on it, so I'll write and let you know.”

We then spent the next hour playing music. We played a combination of our songs and some of our personal favourites. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the music and a few people were clapping along and even joining in by singing along to the songs that they knew. By this time the food was ready to be served and so everyone made their way to the barbecue and began helping themselves to what food they wanted. It was a lavish feast, mum and dad had really made an effort. After we had eaten I said to Gary, “ why don't you go and have a look in those boxes by the door.”

He didn't need to be told twice. Gary opened the first box and took out the guitar. I smiled as I saw the huge grin spread across his face. He then opened the boxes and was looking even happier when he saw the amp and guitar synth. At that point Gary just didn't care. He came over, took me in an embrace and kissed me on the lips. Then he whispered in my ear, “thank you. That is such an awesome birthday presant.”

I'm happy that you like it,” was all I could manage to say.

Mum and dad where the next ones to bring their presant for Gary to open. I think he could tell by the weight of it that it was something expensive and to be handled carefully. After removing the wrapping paper, Gary was overcome with joy. I could tell that he was impressed with the new laptop. It had been bought from a company that specialised in producing computer systems that where tailor made for music production. Gary sat down at the patio table and switched it on.

As you will find out, once it has booted up, you now have your own computer studio. Just keep practising the guitar playing,” I told him.

Gary got up and went and gave mum a kiss and he also kissed dad on the cheek and said, “ thank you, this is just such a fantastic presant.”

Most of the other guests had bought Gary gift vouchers for various stores or gave him a cheque, so that he could choose something that he actually wanted. Brian was the last to give his gift to Gary. We hadn't even expected it as we had never met him before. Gary opened the envelope that Brian had handed to him and was very surprised to find four tickets to the stage show of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, when it came to Manchester the following April.

Brian looked at us and said, “ Paul told me that you guys are really into music and I thought you may enjoy going to that show. Especially having heard you perform one of the songs from it.”

Gary shook Brians hand and said, “ Thanks, I'm sure we will really enjoy it.”

Well, I won't spoil it for you by going in to too much detail but from what I heard, the special effects will be out of this world.” Brian began to laugh and then added, “ and please excuse the pun.”

The party continued late into the evening and everyone had a great time. As people began to leave, Gary made sure that he thanked them for coming and also for the gifts that they had all given him. After everyone had left, we took all the gear back up to the attic and decided that we would leave it until tomorrow to set it up again. It had been a long day and we were all somewhat tired. It had been a really great day.

Gary and I went to bed about an hour later, having said goodnight to our friends. We soon feel asleep and I had a very restful night with no nightmares.

Well, I hope you, my loyal readers enjoyed that and I hope it was worth the wait. I'll try not to take so long over the next chapter but I do have to compose some music for my school Christmas concert. In the meantime, please click on the link at the top of the page and check out my music.

See you all soon.

Lol Paul aka Experimentasia.