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From the last chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you have an interest in wine?” Dad asked Jamie.

“Yes, my parents own a 2000 acre winery about an hour and a half drive north of Cape Town.”

He looked through the South African section of the list and found some wines that his parents produced. Dad agreed to go along with his selections, although Gary and I would not get the chance to enjoy them, as we were both too young to drink..

It was a really great evening and Jamie even gave Gary some CDs that I had helped to choose when we where out shopping.

We arrived home and Gary and I spent a few hours showing Jamie photographs of my parents and my birth parents at various stages of my life. Although I had agreed to take Jamie to visit mums grave, I knew that it was going to be hard. I went to bed that night feeling really good about having another brother. It was something that I had dreamed about all life and now, the reality was, I had two brothers and a fantastic, caring, loving boyfriend. After all that I had been through, I don't think that I could have asked for more.


Ten days had passed since Gary's birthday and Jamie's arrival. It had been a really fun time getting to know my previously unknown half brother. He was a really great guy. The only difficult part had been going to visit mums grave. It upset me a little but having Jamie and Gary with me helped to ease the pain.

On the way home from visiting mums grave, Jamie asked if Greg was seeing anyone. We had already told Jamie that Greg is gay but were a little surprised when Jamie told us that he is bisexual and that he was interested in going out with Greg. As soon as we arrived home, I called Lee and asked him. He told me that Greg was currently single and gave me Greg's phone number.

The other thing that came as a bit of a shock was over dinner that same evening. Greg brought up the subject of Gary and I having sex. He had no problems with us being gay but was a little concerned that we where sexually active. Gary was now sixteen and legally old enough to have sex but I was still only thirteen and under age. Mum and dad assured him that they didn't have a problem with it. After all, I was comfortable with what we were doing and mum and dad much preferred the idea that we were doing it in the privacy of our own room, as opposed to sneaking off and taking unnecessary risks. They just didn't want to see either of us getting hurt. After we had finished dinner, Jamie spent over an hour on the phone talking to Greg and by the time he had finished, they had arranged a date for the following evening.

Dad had also organized for Jamie to go on a two day intensive driving course, so that he could get his UK driving license. I told Jamie that if he passed, I would buy him a car. We did argue about that but I pointed out to him that if mum had still been alive, she would have wanted to do that for him. After I had said that, he could hardly refuse. Besides, I had more money than most thirteen year olds could ever dream of and I wanted share that with him.

I had also had an e-mail from Brian to inform me that he had played our demo CD to a lot of people and there was a record company who were very interested in signing us and there was also a very well known record produce who wanted to record us. Once I had read the e-mail, I called Chris and Steve and told them all about it. I also forwarded the e-mail to my two friends . When I talked to mum and dad about this, they decided that my friends and their parents would have to get together with us to talk about the whole thing. Dad also said he would sort out a solicitor who specialized in music business contracts to deal with all the legal stuff. This was arranged for the Saturday night of that week.

The building of the recording studio was also going very well and I was told that it would be ready to open at the end of October. I also talked to mum and dad about hiring out my home studio. They were both quite impressed with this decision and dad described me as a young entrepreneur. Of course, he did say that he would have an external staircase and entrance to the attic installed so that we did not have strangers walking through the house. The architect arrived the next day to draw the plans and get the planning permission under way.

Jamie offered to help me design a website for my home studio and I also spent some time placing adverts in the music shops around town and also placed adverts in some of the magazines that I bought. A week after I had started to place the ads, I was getting a lot of calls about the studio. I offered Scott, my friend from the Academy of Sound a job as my studio manager and he helped to find a sound engineer. Scott was more than happy to take up the job offer, especially as I was going to be paying him more than he earned at the music shop. I also started advertising the vacancies at my other studio. I was going to need couple of sound engineers, a studio manager, people to handle the administration side of things and people to staff the restaurant that was a part of the studio. Dad said he would handle the interviews on my behalf.

Life really was getting better for me each day. This was something that I would not have thought possible a few months back, after going through everything that I went through.

The next part of the story is written from Jamies point of view.

I had arrived in Manchester from South Africa back in May with the intention of finding my real mum. My adoptive parents never kept the fact that I was adopted a secret from me. Two days after I arrived, I was reading the local evening paper, when I read about a couple who had been killed in a car accident. When I called home I mentioned the accident to my mum and when I told her the name of the woman who had died she broke down and told me that it was my natural mother who had been in that awful accident. I was devastated by what I read. I read the article again and discovered that they had left a thirteen year old son, who was in hospital following a freak accident at school. I made up my mind there and then they I would do whatever it took to find my half brother. I even talked to my parents in South Africa about bringing him to live with us. Of course, by the time I found Jason, he was living with a new family who where in the process of adopting him.

Jason was a really great kid. After all he had been through, he seemed to be well adjusted and showed no signs of depression or anything that would hint at the tough time that he had been through. He had also been left a considerable sum of money by his parents and was building a recording studio with some of his newly acquired wealth. I was really happy to have found him. I also had no problems with him telling me that he is gay. Well how could I? I'm bisexual myself. I was a little concerned about him being sexually active with his brother/ boyfriend. I did bring this up over dinner one night. His adoptive parents explained their views on this and it made me feel a lot more comfortable with the situation.

On the first day that I met Jason and Gary, it was Garys birthday and I went on a shopping trip with them and met the cousin of one of their friends who was a real stunner. I asked them about this guy and was very happy to find out that he was gay. I told Jason that I was bisexual, which I think surprised him a little but he called his friend and got the guys number for me. I called Greg that evening and we arranged to go out the following. Although my whole reason for being in Manchester had changed, I couldn't have been happier.

My date with Greg was really cool. He took me to a part of Manchester known as the Gay village. It was centred around Canal street and consisted of bars, restaurants and clubs that where gay owned and run and catered mainly for the gay crowd. It was a really cool place and it was not a problem for us to walk along holding hands and kiss each other in public. It was so fantastic to be able to be who you really are. We had a really great time and agreed that we would be seeing a lot more of each other.

The other thing that I loved about Jason was his musical abilities. He played guitar and keyboards and wrote his own songs and instrumental music. I was completely blown away by his playing abilities. He also got his two friends, Chris and Steve to come to the house. They had their own little rock band with Steve on bass and Chris on drums. When the three of them played together, they were amazing.

I also adored Phil and Jane, the people who were adopting my little bro'. I even appreciated the fact that they had allowed me to move into their home. I had also applied to the university of Manchester for a place to study graphic design and website design. It was after I had been living in my new home for about a week that I got a call from the university to inform that I had been accepted on the course. Now I had a real chance to get to know my brother and his new family.

Phil also organized for me to go on a two day intensive driving course, so that I could get my UK driving license. Jason said that if I passed it, he would buy me a car. I told him that he didn't have to do that. He just said that if mum had been alive, then she would have done something like that for me and I couldn't really argue with him. I did pass the driving course and was rewarded with a brand new mini cooper.

Jason was also happy to receive an e-mail from the brother of one of the doctors who had treated him. The guys name was Brian and he lived in London and worked in the music business. Jason had given him a demo CD and he played it to a few people and there was a record company that wanted to sign the boys and a famous record producer who wanted to record the boys. Jason was really excited by all this. He missed his real parents, which was understandable but as he pointed out, this wouldn't be happening if he hadn't gone through all the shit at school. He knew his parents would be really proud of him if they where watching from where ever they where now. I was really happy for him too.

The next day Gary arranged to spend the day with his friends, so that I could have Jason to myself, so to speak. I received a generous allowance from my parents back home and so I decided to take Jason on a little shopping trip. First port of call was HMV. To my surprise, Jason headed straight for the classical section.

So you like classical music too?” I asked him.

I like all sorts of different music,” he replied. “ I composed a couple of things for the school orchestra. I think that's the one thing I'm gonna miss about not being at school.”

What do you mean about not going to school, you have to go.”

After what happened, I refused to go back, mum and dad got a home tutor for me and that's how I'm gonna be educated until I can go to college when I'm sixteen so that I can do my A levels. There is just no way I can go back to that school, it has too many bad memories for me.”

When Jason said that, I dropped the subject for the time bring. I took Jason to a Thai restaurant for lunch and we talked about him going back to school. He said he would think about. That evening, after dinner we all sat in the lounge watching tv except for Jason. He was sat with his laptop and said he was composing a string quartet. He had some music notation software called PRINT MUSIC. I sat mesmerised, watching as Jason worked. He played me some of the music he had created using this software. It was not exactly to my taste but I was impressed all the same. “ You're something of a twenty first century Mozart then?” I said to him. “ The only thing is, how are you ever going to get this stuff performed if you do not go to school? It's the only way I can see that you would have access to the musicians who could play this stuff.”

I told you I would think about it when we were having lunch. School doesn't start again for nearly four weeks and so I still have some time to make my decision.”

It would be really cool if you did decide to go back to school,” Gary said. “ And there would be plenty of people who would make sure no one tries to hurt you.”

Phil looked at Jason for moment before saying, “ no one is going to force you to do something that you do not want to do but if you decide to go back to school, then we will let you make that decision. Of course, if you do go back and you find that you really can't handle being there, then we can get a home tutor for you again.”

Thanks dad,” said Jason. “ I'll talk to you and mum again once I have made a decision about this. If I decide to go back it will be mainly because of the music. Jamie is quite right when he says that it is the only way for me to have access to the musicians who could perform my work, so I will give it some serious thought.”

I was more than happy to drop the subject of Jason going back to school for now.

The Saturday night of the first week, Jason's friends and their parents where coming for dinner to discuss the recording contract offer. I had offered to take Greg out for dinner and then we where going to go to the gay village again. We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Taurus, which was on Canal street. I was more than happy with Gregs choice of restaurant. As it allowed us to be romantic and affectionate towards each other, which was something that we would not have been able to do if we had gone elsewhere. After dinner we went to a bar called Spirit and then on to a club called Essential. Again I had a fantastic evening. We left the club at around 3am and I asked Greg if he wanted to come home with me.

I'd really like that,” Greg said. “ I was really wondering when we where going to get to the sex part.”

I had to laugh when he said that. He certainly wasn't backwards in coming forwards. We got a taxi home and had some coffee before going to my room. It was while we where wrapped in a passionate kiss that Jason entered the kitchen and said, “ uck, how gross. Why don't you two get a room or something?”

Greg and I broke our kiss and I said to Jason, “ what's up, couldn't you sleep?”

No, it's just that I woke up and was thirsty, so I came down to get a drink,” he said, as he got a glass and poured himself some orange juice

That's ok then. I just thought you may have had another nightmare or something.”

Jason sat and talked with us for a little while and then said good night before going back to bed.

Soon after Jason had gone back to bed, I took Greg to my room and we kissed as we undressed each other and slowly explored each others bodies with our tongues. Once we were naked we lay down on the bed in the sixty- nine position and sucked on each others cocks. I had done this a few times before but on those occasions it had just been sex, this was different. It was an act of pure love. I really enjoyed the feeling of having Gregs 8 inch cock in my mouth. It was one the most wonderful things that I had ever felt. We sucked on each other for around twenty minutes. Greg reached orgasm first and the feeling of his cum shooting into my mouth was enough to set me off. I swallowed most of his load but held some back. Greg must have sensed this, as he held some of mine in his mouth and once we released each others cocks from our mouths, we kissed and tasted our own cum. It was just fantastic. After that we drifted off to sleep.

Jason takes up the story again at this point.

The next morning, Gary and I awoke and after taking a piss, went back to our room and got in the sixty- nine position and sucked each other to orgasm. Then we shared a long and passionate kiss. After this we took a shower.

On the way to the bathroom I heard Greg say, “ Yeah, Jamie thats how I like to be fucked, nice and hard.”

Sounds like they're having some fun in there,” I said to Gary.

Yeah and hearing what Greg just screamed out is making me hard,” Gary responded.

We took our shower and got dressed and then went to the kitchen. Mum was doing the usual Sunday breakfast and the smell was making me really hungry.

By the way,” I said to mum, “ we have a guest for breakfast today.”

Well there is plenty of food to go around,” mum replied.

Dad came in to the kitchen and said, “ if they ever get themselves out of bed.”

They do make quite a lot of noises don't they,” Gary said.

It's not much different from two other people in this house,” dad said.

Gary and I knew he was talking about us and we went bright red with embarrassment.

Greg and Jamie appeared about fifteen minutes later.

Whats for breakfast?” Asked Jamie, “ 'coz we're starving.”

I bet you are after that workout you two had,” dad said.

Damn, we got busted!” Jamie said to his boyfriend.

We all started to laugh, except for Greg and Jamie, who had gone bright red.

What do you expect, with the noise you two were making,” I said.

With that, even Greg and Jamie joined in with the laughter.

The next few days were just as fun filled as the previous week had been. On the Wednesday, dad arrived home early. We where sat in the kitchen along with Steve and Chris. We were taking a break from working on some new songs. He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and said, “ there is a little surprise in there for you.”

Gary and Jamie said I could open the envelope and so I did. In it were three return air tickets to Cape Town. When I looked at them, the date of the outward flight was tomorrow. “ Thanks dad,” I said.

Gary and Jamie thanked him as well.

I thought it would be nice for you to go and meet Jamies family,” dad said. “ Oh and Jamie, ask your parents if they can come over to spend Christmas with us.”

I will,”Jamie said to dad.

You guys are so lucky to get another holiday so soon,” Chris said to us, looking a little jealous.

So what do we need to pack?” I asked Jamie.

Well it's winter down there right now and the weather is much the same as in winter over here, so make sure you have plenty of nice warm clothes.”

Chris and Steve said they would go now and let us get packed. They said they hoped we had a great trip and wanted a full report when we got back in ten days time. We told them we would look forward to seeing them. I also said that I was thinking about going back to school.

That would be so cool,” said Steve, “ it was kinda weired not having you around at the end of the last term.”

I got a kiss on the cheek off both of my friends before they finally left.

The next couple of hours were spent packing. As Gary was now sixteen and Jamie was eighteen, dad had not had to organize a chaperone for me. If I had been making this trip on my own I would have been classed as a minor and would have needed someone from the airline to travel with me. I was looking forward to it

Jamie did have to phone Greg and explain that their plans for the weekend would have to be canceled. When Jamie explained why, Greg was perfectly understanding.

What was so special about this weekend anyway?” I asked Jamie.

Well it's the pride weekend in the gay village and Greg and I had plans to party all weekend. Still, there is always next year. We were going to take you to the parade on Saturday afternoon too.”

That would have been fun,” I said, “ but as you just said , there is always next year. At least this gives you a chance to see your parents before you start at university.”

Yeah, that part I am looking forward to. I'll take the two of you to Cape Town for a couple of days too. We can stay with my friends Brad and Shane, you'll really like them. They've been together for two and half years now. Yow two kind of remind me of them.”

Sounds like it'll be fun,” Said Gary.

After we had finished packing we went back downstairs just as the delivery of Chinese takeaway away arrived. Mum, dad and Jamie drank a couple of bottles of wine with their food, Gary and I settled for orange juice. The wine was some of the stuff that Jamies parents had sent over as a thank you for letting him move in with us. They had also sent a few cases for my, or should I say our grandparents. It was a really nice gesture.

Mum and dad both had busy schedules on the day we were due to leave, so granddad said he would take us to the airport. Mum was fussing before she left saying stuff like, “ call us to let us know you got there ok, remember to switch your phones off on the aircraft.” Just the typical kind of things a mum would say. It was annoying but it showed how much she cared about us.

Granddad picked us up at one o'clock. Our flight to London was at two thirty and then our flight to Cape Town, with Virgin was at seven. This was to be quite an adventure for us. Once we had checked in at Manchester, I was pleased to be informed that we wouldn't see our baggage again until we arrived in Cape Town. All we had to do once we got to Heathrow was make our way from Terminal one to Terminal three and clear passport control.

We spent our time at Heathrow having a few drinks and looking around the shops. I did buy a couple of magazines to read during the twelve hour flight. It was a really smooth and uneventful flight and we arrived in Cape Town at 9am the following morning, this took in to consideration the two hour time difference. After clearing passport control, baggage reclaim and customs we were met by Jamies parents, Louise and Peter. They were a really nice couple and made a fuss of us.

The two hour drive from the airport to the winery took us through some really beautiful and scenic parts of the country and we did see several animals in their natural environment including elephants, zebras and giraffes. When we arrived at the property, I was totally amazed by the size. The house was enormous and we soon learned that a part of the house has been converted to three bedroom apartment for Jamie. Each bedroom had its own bathroom and there was also a kitchen, lounge and dining room. This was the part of the house that we would be staying in.

This place is fantastic,” I said.

The only thing that I don't have is my own recording studio,” Jamie said.

That's not a problem, I think I can survive for the time we are here without the need to record some music.”

After we had been shown to our room, unpacked and showered, we joined Jamies parents for brunch. They allowed us to use the phone to call home to say that we had arrived ok. I was going to use my mobile until I was told how much it would cost to make the call. Mum was working at home for the day but we didn't talk for long. Brunch was fantastic and reminded us of the breakfasts that we had been served while on holiday in the Maldives, although it was too cold to sit and eat outside.

After we finished eating, we went back to Jamies lounge and just listened to music for the afternoon, largely down to the fact that we were all tired after the long flight. At some point I had fallen asleep and was awoken by someone or something licking my face. At first I thought it was Gary and said, “ Gary, please stop doing that because it's not funny.”

When Gary started to laugh, I knew that it wasn't him. I opened my eyes and saw that it was a dog, an Alsatian to be exact. “ Hello there,” I said when I saw the dog.

Her name is Lady,” Jamie informed us.

Can we take her for a walk?” I asked.

With that the dog padded out of the room and Jamie said, “ It looks like we will have to, now that you've mentioned the W word.”

I must have looked a little puzzled until the dog returned carrying her leash in her mouth.

Well, I'm just going to go and wash my face before we go,” I informed Gary and Jamie.

As I returned to the lounge, the phone rang and Jamie answered. “ It's my mum, she just wants to know if you will be ok with fish for dinner tonight?”

Gary and I said in unison, “ yes, we both love food.”

Gary added, “ especially raw sausages and boy milk.”

This had us all in fits of laughter.

When he had got himself in control, Jamie told his mum that fish would be fine. He did say that she had wanted to know what was so funny. He told her that she really didn't want to know.

We left the house and headed off on our walk. Jamie told us that they owned all the land in every direction as far as the eye could see. It was lucky that we had packed our winter coats as it was just like a winters day back home. Obviously all the vines were bare as it was not the growing season, that wouldn't start for about two months. Apart from that, the place was beautiful.

It was getting dark as we headed back to the house. Jamie turned to us and asked, “ have either of you ever been horse riding?”

No,” was my simple reply.

I used to have my own horse but I lost interest when I took up the ice hokey,” Gary said.

Well how would you like to go for a ride tomorrow?”

That would be so cool,” I replied to Jamies question.

On the way back to the house, we stopped at the stables and fed the horses and bedded them down for the night. I would be riding the one called Duke as Jamie assured me that he was really gentle and would be ideal for a beginner like me. I was looking forward to it.

Once we arrived back at the house, Jamie took a shower and then went to spend some time with his parents. This gave us sometime alone as we wouldn't be eating for a couple of hours. I slowly began to nibble at Garys ear.

Mmmm, thats so nice ,” Gary said.

I slowly worked my way around to his lips and placed my own lips on his. I kissed him more passionately than I ever had before. Before long we were undressing each other and giving each other a tongue bath. I was getting really hard by this time. As soon as I had Garys boxers off, I got to work on his cock. Once it was nice and stiff, I pulled off.

What did you stop for?” Asked Gary.

Because I want you to fuck me,” I said, as I dashed to the bedroom to get the lube.

When I returned, Gary wasted no time in getting me loosened up. When he knew I was ready, I lay on the floor and lifted my legs up above my head and he began to enter me. I was in heaven. By now, Gary was well used to the kind of rhythm I like when he did this to me. It went on for about fifteen minutes and I finally screamed, “ I'm gonna cum,” as my orgasm erupted. This was enough to trigger Gary off and I felt him filling me. After we had finished, we rested to regain our breath and when his cock popped out he said, “ I guess we better go and shower and get ready for dinner.”

Once we were ready, we made our way through to the part of the house where Jamies parents lived.

So how are you two enjoying it here ?” Peter asked us.

It's really nice,” I replied. “ We went for a walk earlier with Jamie and his dog. He is going to take us riding tomorrow.”

Have you ever ridden before?” Peter asked.

I have but Jason hasn't but Jamie said he should be ok on Duke,” Gary replied.

Just then, Louise appeared and asked what we would like to drink. We both settled for orange juice.

While Louise and Jamie where finishing preparing dinner, Gary and I talked with Peter. I told him all about my music and my little rock group. I also told him about the offer of the recording contract.

I don't know if Jamie has mentioned this yet but our parents would really love it if you could fly over and spend Christmas with us,” Gary said.

Jamie didn't mention that but we would be delighted to,” said Peter.

Dinner was amazing. I was also allowed to drink some wine, as was Gary. I didn't like the taste at first but Jamie explained that kids in France were allowed to have wine with their meals from about the age of five. He also said that they did have water added to it and that this was why they didn't have the problems with underage drinking in France that we had in the UK. When I added some water to the wine, I found it much more enjoyable.

Jamies parents asked if I had any of our music with me that they could have a listen to. I had conveniently put a CD in my pocket and so we listened to it whilst we were eating. Louise and Peter both seemed to be really impressed that three thirteen year old boys could write and play such amazing music.

I hope everything goes well for you all when you sign the recording contract,” said Louise.

After eating we went to the lounge and had coffee. I had noticed that they had a grand piano and so I played for a while. We finally went to bed around 11.30. We soon fell asleep and I had pleasant dreams that night.

Well that is the end of chapter 17 and hope that it was long enough for you all. There will be more to come on the South African adventure in the next chapter. Thanks to everyone who wrote after chapters 15 and 16. Lol Paul