SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

Every one looked at me, due to the fact that I was making some very strange grunting noises as I was trying so hard not to laugh. Well, all I could think after hearing granddads comment was ' I think you'll find that he's more of a cock man.”

When Gary, Liam and I returned to the table, I explained to them why I had been making those strange noises. Again we all laughed and I got called a pervert for the second time that day. We sat and ate and after we finished Liam asked if he could have some more Lamb. Again we told him that it was not a problem. We then sat for a long time just talking before finishing off the meal with some Christmas pudding. After dinner we took Liam to our room and showed him how to load music for his i- pod. We explained to him that there were two ways of doing this. One was free of charge but totally illegal and by doing this the artists didn't get any payment. The other way was to use legal sites such as Virgin, HMV or Apple i-tunes. Going down the legal route you had to pay for each download but at least the artists got their payment. After selecting about forty songs we left them to download and then went to the lounge to join the rest of the guests. We even played some music for them.

We finally went to bed at around one o'clock. We were all very tired but very happy, especially Liam. It really had been the best Christmas ever

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN CHATER 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This part of the story is told from Liams point of view!!!!!

I awoke early the next morning. It must have been around eight o'clock. I suppose that I still felt excited by the fantastic day that I had had yesterday and all the amazing presents that I had been given. Jason was just the best friend that I had ever had. Chris, Steve and Gary were also great friends to have around but it was meeting Jason that had really made all this possible. When I got to the kitchen, no one else was around, except for Phil and Jane and they where just heading out for the day. They said something about taking Peter and Louise to Chester for the day.

I helped myself to some orange juice from the fridge and then went to the lounge. As I was alone for the time being, I spent some time listening to various song from Phil's CD collection and figuring out how to play them on my guitar. It must have been about two hours later when mum got up. I entered the kitchen and mum was sat there drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. That was the one thing that annoyed me about mum, the fact that she smoked. I was always scared that she would get cancer and I would lose her. Then what would happen to me?

Morning mum,” I said as I walked into the kitchen. “ I just wish you didn't have to smoke those things.”

Mum got up and began to make some scrambled eggs for my breakfast. It wasn't the first time that I had commented to her on the fact that she smoked and I doubted if it would be the last. Mum never took any notice of me anyway.

It's really nice of Jason and Gary to do all this for us,” mum said. “ I just hope that some day that we can show them how much we really appreciate it.”

As mum was changing the topic of conversation, I decided that I would too. “ Mum, does it really not bother you that I told you I'm gay?”

I told you the other day when you first told me that it really didn't bother me and that I thought you might be anyway. At least I don't have to worry about you getting a girl pregnant. You do know that I was only fifteen when I had you? My family just completely disowned me when I told them that I was expecting a baby. That's why it has been so hard for us. We don't have to worry about that now tho', thanks to the kindness and generosity of your friends and not forgetting Jane and Phil. They've done their bit to make all this possible and they have been kind enough to allow us to stay in their home until you make your fortune.”

I sat in silence for a while. I think I was feeling a little overwhelmed again. I was happy that I didn't have to go back to sleeping on the sofa ever again. I also liked the fact that I would be away from those people I had thought of as friends. I didn't like some of the things that they used to get up to, like standing on street corners drinking cheap beer or cider. They also occasionally stole cars or stole stuff from shops. I always tried to get away when they started doing stuff like that. Of course, I always got called loads of nasty names when I did that. It was horrible but I didn't want to end up getting in trouble and being taken away from my mum. That was just as scary as losing my mum from cancer.

Mum also used to sometimes bring home people that she would introduce as her boyfriend. Some of them were really horrible and I would occasionally get hit by some of them for no reason whatsoever. I never told mum about this happening. I would just run out of our flat and go to our neighbour, John. He was always nice to me. He also played guitar and he was the one who had taught me to play.

Mum?” I asked. “ Would it be ok if I call John, our old neighbour?”

That's ok for you to do that. I know you liked him”

I do, he was always nice to me and it was him that taught me to play the guitar. I used to go there to get away from those idiots I called friends, especially when they went stealing cars. I would also go there to get away from some of those boyfriends you brought home. I never said anything before but some of them used to hit me for no reason.”

Mum came over, with a few tears in her eyes and gave me a hug. In a really quite voice she said, “ I'm sorry that you had to go through that but you should have talked to me.”

I suppose I just didn't want you to get mad at me. I didn't want to upset you either.”

By now my eggs were ready, so I sat and ate. After finishing my breakfast, I called John and spent an hour talking to him and telling him what was going on. He made me promise to keep in touch and said he wanted me to send him some tickets when the group played in Manchester. The rest of the morning I spent learning how to use my computer and waiting for the sleepyheads to wake up.

Jason takes up the story again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary and I didn't wake up until around ten thirty and didn't get up straight away. I dived under the covers and took his morning stiffy into my mouth

Oh god Jason,” he moaned, “ I really love it when you do that to me.”

I worked on Garys cock for about ten minutes before it started to moan, “ ahhhhhhh, yeah I'm gonna cum.”

With that, he began shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed hungrily. After I had regained my breath, I lay on my back and told Gary to fuck me. I loved the sensation of feeling his cock sliding in and out of me. I finally had my orgasm and Gary shot a second load over my chest and stomach. After his cock had gone soft and popped out of me, he licked my chest and stomach clean.

Mmmmmmmm, that tasted really good,” he said.

We showered and dressed and headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Anne and Liam were sat talking. Anne offered to make us some scrambled eggs. We accepted her offer. Gary retrieved some smoked salmon from the fridge to have with the eggs. I got busy making some cappuccinos for us to drink seeing as we had got mum and dad a cappuccino maker as a Xmas present.

The rest of the day was spent in my studio, after we had got my latest addition up there and set it all up. In the evening we went to my grandparents for a family get together. It was a pleasant evening.

Tuesday was quiet. On Wednesday Liam went into town with mum, Anne and Greg to get his hair cut and to get some more new clothes ready for the signing of the contract on Thursday. Thursday was the big day. Liam signed the contract and was amazed when he received his cheque. He thought that they had put too many noughts on it until I assured him that it was correct. Dad then took Anne and Liam to the bank to get an account set up for them.

Friday we had to go to school for Liam to take the entrance test. He was nervous about this but I told him I was more than confident that he would get through it no problem. We had been sitting in the waiting room for about five minutes when a very glamorous looking woman walked in with a boy of about twelve.

I'm Patsy Kenwood,” she said to the receptionist, “ my son, Aaron is here to take his entrance test.”

They were told to take a seat. Aaron came over to me and said, “ you're Jason from Wild Boys, aren't you?”

We talked to Aaron for the next ten minutes and I introduced him to Liam. I told him that I already went to the school but Liam was there to take his entrance test. The two boys were called to another room to take their test. While we had been sitting there, I had overheard Patsy saying that her and her husband where supposed to be going to new years party the next evening but they had no one to look after Aaron. I had heard her saying that her neighbours, Jim and Kathy had offered to take care of him but that would mean Jim and Kathy wouldn't get to go to the party that they had been invited to.

While Liam and Aaron were taking their tests, I went to talk to Patsy. “ I heard you talking about your neighbours, Jim and Kathy. They aren't by any chance Jim and Kathy Taylor?”

Yes,” replied Patsy. “ Do you know them?”

I should,” I said, “ they're my grandparents.”

Well it's nice to meet you Jason. They talk about you all the time.”

I went on to suggest that Aaron came to the party at our house and that way, Patsy and her husband would get to go to their party. My grandparents would also be able to come to our house. That way every one would be happy. I also suggested that Aaron stay overnight. By the time I had finished talking, Liam and Aaron were back. We went off on a tour of the school and by the time we got back, the results were ready. Liam and my new friend, Aaron had both passed.

We then went for lunch and invited our new friends to join us. We then went shopping for Liams uniform and all the other stuff he was going to need for school. It was around five o'clock by the time we arrived home.

During the afternoon we found out that Aaron and his parents had lived in Singapore for the last five years and had only just moved back to Manchester. He also told us that he was gay and that he had already told his parents. This got the Jason Russell matchmaking machine into action. We had already invited Callum and so I was going to get him and Aaron together. I also had to get Liam fixed up with someone. I was sure that Liam was really going to like Nick. Then again, there was also Carl and Sean. I knew both of them were single. Tomorrows party was going to be a whole load of fun.

Saturday was another busy day. Grandma and Carol arrived early in the afternoon to help mum and Anne with the food. Chris and Steve showed up around the same time so we could get all our gear moved as we were providing some of the entertainment for the party. It took less time than usual to get everything moved and set up due to the fact that Simon and Kyle had come to help. We also had Scott and Tyler, one of the engineers from Dream fields helping us.

After we had got set up, I noticed that Simon and Kyle had disappeared, so I went in search of them. I found them in my studio engaged in a game of tonsil tennis. I stood for a few minutes getting over the initial surprise and then asked, “ so, who's winning?”

They broke the kiss and Kyle said, “ It looks like we have some explaining to do.”

We headed back downstairs to get something to drink. Kyle and Simon then went on to tell us that Simon had gone to Kyles house on Xmas eve to take his present and that they had finally admitted how they really felt about each other and as a result they were now an item.

It's about time,” said Gary. “ It's taken you two long enough to realize it. I'm really happy for you.”

It was about five when Callum showed up with his parents. They went into the kitchen for a drink with the other adults and we took Callum to the conservatory, where we had set up our gear. He was amazed by the amount of stuff we had.

That's not all of it,” I said. “ I have a load of other stuff upstairs in my studio and the there is all the stuff at the other studio I own.”

What other studio?” Asked Liam

I guess that's something else I didn't tell you. I own Dream fields.” I then went on to tell Liam about the money that I had been left when my parents died.

So just how much are you worth?” Liam asked, before adding, “ not that it has anything to do with me.”

I don't mind telling you. Last time I asked it was close to £ 28,000,000,” I replied.

Shit, that's a lot of money,” Liam said.

We sort of laughed at his response.

By this time, Aaron had arrived and we had introduced him to everyone. He had brought his copies of our CDs for us to sign. Once we got that out of the way, he spent most of his time with Callum.

I smiled to myself and thought, ' one down, one to go.'

Lee and Mark had arrived by this time. I spent a while talking with them and catching up on the last few months as I hadn't really had much time to see them. It was good to see that they had such a strong relationship, especially knowing what an ass hole Lee had been. Before long we were joined by Carl, Sean and Nick. As soon as I introduced Nick to Liam, I got the distinct impression that they were in love with each other. They stood gazing into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

By now Callum was trying to attract my attention so I went to see what he wanted.

I just want to say thank you,” Callum said.

What for?” I asked. Not that I really needed to.

I asked Aaron to be my boyfriend and he said yes.”

Wow, that's cool,” I said.

I don't know if he heard me as he had his lips pressed firmly against Aarons. I leaned down and whispered in his ear that he should gently lick Aarons lips with his tongue. Before long the two boys were engaged in a game of tonsil tennis. I also noticed that Nick and Liam had vanished. I assumed they had gone to Liams room. So far, so good.

By the time it was time us for to start playing, I had to go in search of Liam. I knew it wouldn't be too hard to find him. I dashed upstairs and as I was approaching Liams room, I heard him saying, “ oh, God, Nick, I never thought that getting my dick sucked by another boy would feel so good.”

I stood and listened for a while before I heard, “ ahh, unghh, I gonna cum”

Then I heard Nick say, “ Mmmmm, that tasted really good. Do you want to suck me later?”

Too right I wanna suck you later,” Liam said.

As I retreated back along the landing, I just smiled to myself.

When I got back to the top of the stairs, I began to sing;





By now, Liam and Nick had emerged from Liams room. I just gave them a knowing look. How I didn't burst out laughing when Liam said, “ I was just coming,” is beyond me.

We made our way back downstairs and began to entertain the guests. By midnight the conservatory was filled with teenage boys kissing their partners. Even if Chris and Steve were the only straight ones. I noticed that Carl and Sean were kissing each other. At this stage, I didn't know if this was just because they didn't have anyone else to kiss or because there was more to it.

All in all, it was a great party and it was well after three in the morning before we went to bed.

Most of the next week was as busy as ever as we spent a lot of time at Dream fields, recording Liams guitar parts for album. The release date had been set for the 27th February, two days after my birthday. Then it was back to school.

It was the second week back at school when I got myself into some serious trouble. On the Wednesday, I was heading to the cafeteria for lunch when I saw some older boy harassing Callum. “ What the fuck is going on here?” I asked as I approached

I was just asking this cock sucker why he spends so much time with you?” The older boy said.

I don't see what that has to do with you?”

Well, you are even worse. You suck your own brothers cock and probably let him stick it in you,” said the older boy.

By now, I was furious and I raised my clenched fist and punched the boy on the nose, right between the eyes. This sent him flying to the ground. I was kind of stunned by doing this because I hated violence and didn't even know that I was capable of doing something like that. Unfortunately, the headmaster walked by just as I was throwing the punch. We all got taken to the office and once we had all given our version of events, the boy who I had hit was expelled immediately, I was given a week long suspension. As the victim, Callum received no punishment.

Things were quiet over dinner that night until I asked, “ Mum, dad, are you mad at me? I was only protecting a friend?” I think I had a few tears in my eyes.

It was mum who answered my question, “ No, Jason, we're not mad at you but what you did today is not the way to solve your problems. Just make sure you never do anything like that again.”

Thanks mum, I love you,” I said.

Of course being suspended for a week didn't mean that I had a week off school. The teachers made sure that I was kept busy by sending home loads of work for me to do. I just had to accept my punishment. We did have along discussion about what I had done. It was what the boy had said about Gary and me that got me really angry and resulted in him getting punched ( and, as I later found out, a broken nose ). Mum and dad assured us that they didn't have a problem with our relationship but as I had now been legally adopted by them, our relationship would be considered as incest from a legal point of view. They just wanted to be assured that we would be careful. We told them that we would.

The rest of January was once again really hectic. We would be doing a six date tour during the half term break and so our weekends were taken up with rehearsing. The week of the tour came round very quickly and we had great fun. We started in Manchester on the Monday. This was a lot of fun as we had arranged backstage passes for our friends from school. The show was a great success. The rest of the week we played in Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, London and then Manchester again on the Saturday. After the last show we went to a hotel were a party had been organised in my honour. I had told people not to buy me any presents but to make donations to the charities that I had begun to support and to the foundation that I had set up. The foundation provided instruments and music tuition for under privileged kids. Mum and dad were really proud of me for setting this up but I told them that it was meeting Liam that had provided me with the idea.

At the party, the record company presented us with the platinum discs that we had earned from the sales of our two singles. Of course, we also got the silver and gold discs to go with them. After the presentation, a huge cake in the shape of a Yamaha CS 80 synthesizer was wheeled on stage. After blowing out the candles and making a wish, I found a quiet corner where I could be alone for a while.

I was not alone for very long before Jamie found me. “ So why does my little bro' look so sad?” He asked

I'm sort of sad about the wish that I made when I blew my candles out,” I replied.

So what did you wish for?” He asked.

I can tell you because it won't come true anyway. I wished I could have mum and dad back.” By now I had a few tears streaming down my face.

Jamie didn't say anything else but I knew he was removing my trainers. “ Phew your feet stink,” he said. Then he pulled my socks off and began to tickle my feet. He soon had me laughing. After a few minutes he told me to put my socks and trainers back on and to go and enjoy my party. It wasn't a request but an order, so I did as I was told. The rest of the party was a fun filled affair.

On the Monday it was back to school for another mad week. Our album was released on the day that we went back to school and by the end of the week we had had to sign well in excess of a thousand copies. It went straight in at number one.

After this things settled down somewhat. We wouldn't be recording again until the summer. This at least gave us a chance to spend the weekends with our friends, even if we couldn't just get on the bus and go into town. It was nice to have some normality back in our lives. In March, Liam and Anne, moved into the house that they had bought near us. It was not as big as ours but it was more than ample for the two of them.

It was on the Monday of the last week before the Easter holiday that the next disaster happened. We were all eating lunch, when I realized that Liam was not present. I immediately became really worried. When I finished eating my lunch, I called dad to see if he knew anything. Once I ended the call, I ran to the toilet and threw up.

Gary found me about five minutes later. “ Jason, what's wrong?” He asked.

It's Anne, she's in the hospital. They found out that she has cancer. They are carrying out the operation this afternoon to remove a tumour.” By now I was fighting to hold back the tears.

It wasn't long before the rest of the gang showed up. By now I was sitting on the floor in tears. I was concerned for my friend. I knew that this was the one thing he feared more than anything. I just hoped that Anne would get through this. Once Gary had told everyone what was going on, Nick joined me sitting on the floor. He was crying too.

The afternoon really dragged. It was hard to concentrate on my lessons, I just wanted to get home. When we did finally get home, Liam, mum and dad where sitting in the kitchen. “ How's your mum?” I asked.

She's back from the operating theatre but she was still sleeping. I can go back later and see if she is awake.”

I gave him a hug and tried my best to comfort him and assure him that his mum would get better. I don't know if he believed me but I had to try and do something. Liam did come back to school on the Tuesday , his mum had insisted on it. It was a hectic week. For Liam it was case of going to school, home, homework, dinner and then to the hospital. By the Thursday Liam was looking really drained. Anne had begun her chemo therapy on the Wednesday and on the Thursday, Liam had to deal with the vomiting that is a side effect of the medication. It had been a horrible experience for him but he wanted to be strong for his mum. I knew that deep down he was scared.

We did have a trip to Germany and Holland. Liam had wanted to pull out but it was to late to find a replacement. His mum told him that she wanted him to go. The trip only lasted ten days and was a lot of fun but we were happy to get back. Liam was desperate to be back with his mum. While we where in Berlin, he bought his mum an i- pod and said he was going to put all her favourite songs on it so that she had something to keep her entertained in the hospital.

The rest of the Easter break was fairly quiet. I did sometimes go to the hospital with Liam but it was kind of scary seeing Anne. She really didn't look too good and complained of feeling really tired all the time. This was another effect of the treatment that Anne was receiving. Before long it was time to go back to school. On the Monday, the first day back, I did my homework as soon as I got home so that I could go to the hospital with Liam. By now, Anne was starting to loose her hair. Again this was an effect of the chemo therapy. I found it a little scary but I tried to be strong for Liam. In the car on the way home, Liam took my hand and I turned to face him. I could see the tears in his eyes when he spoke and said, “ Jason, I'm really scared. My mums gonna die isn't she?”

I really didn't have a good answer to his question. “ The doctors have told that the treatment is going to plan, haven't they?”

Liam just nodded.

Well you just have to trust them. They know what they are doing. They will get your mum better, it's just going to take time.”

Liam just held my hand the rest of the way home. I don't know if I had reassured him or not. Tuesday was school then home and then Liam went to the hospital alone.

It was at around 11.30 on the Wednesday that someone from the school office came to get Liam. I asked the teacher if I could go with him. As I walked out of the classroom, I saw dad and Liam was just standing there with a totally blank look on his face. I was just about to ask dad what was wrong, when, in a barely audible voice , Liam said, “ She's gone. She left me. Jason, my mum died.”

There was a slight thud as Liam hit the floor after he passed out. I looked at dad and asked, “ Why? Why did this happen?”

Liam was by now sitting up and Mr. Harris,our maths teacher was holding him. Liam looked at the teacher and said, “ Can I go home now? Please?”

Nick appeared with our school bags. He had been kind enough to pack our stuff for us. He said he would come and see Liam after school. Dad and I helped Liam to the car and we drove home. It was a very silent and sombre trip. The one thing I did find strange was the fact that Liam hadn't cried. I just hoped that he would later. Mum made some lunch for us but we didn't really eat much. Liam spent the afternoon just looking through the photo album he had been putting together since he had met us. He still hadn't shed any tears but I had cried what felt like an ocean. Nick showed up at around four. He came into the kitchen and sat on the chair next to Liam. He took hold of Liams hand and Liam said to him, “ my mum died.” Liam then placed his head on Nicks shoulder and cried.

Nick looked at me,wondering what he should do. I just told Nick to let him cry. I heard the front door open and knew that it would be Gary. I went into the hallway to greet him. Gary took one look at me and asked, “ Jason, why have you been crying? What's wrong?”

Anne died,” was all I could say before the flood gates opened.

We went into the kitchen and joined mum, dad, Nick and Liam at the table. Liam cried for about another ten minutes and then turned to face everyone and asked, “ So what happened? What went wrong?”

It took a few minutes but dad finally composed himself enough to answer. “ Your mum had a really bad reaction to the treatment she was having today. They did all they could to try and save her but they just couldn't.”

Was someone with her at the end? I'd hate to think that she was alone.”

I was with her,” mum replied to his question.

Thank you,” Liam said. “ Can I go to my room now?”

Dad said that it was ok for Liam to go to his room. He was making his way out of the kitchen when he suddenly turned round and asked, “ Can Nick come with me?”

Nick and Liam left to go to Liams room.

Shortly after Liam had gone to his room, Jamie arrived home. He entered the house saying stuff like, “ Hi, I'm home. What's for dinner? I hope it's something good, coz I'm starving. How come it's like a morgue in here?”

After this last comment he walked into the kitchen and saw us sitting there. He came over to me and put his arms around ans asked, “ what's wrong Jason?”

I looked into his eyes for a few moments before replying, “ Liams mum died.”

Jamie just held me for what seemed like an eternity before asking, “ so how are you feeling?”

Not too good,” I replied. “ Jamie, why do people I care about keep leaving me? You won't leave me will you?”

I don't know why I had asked those questions but I had and it took a while for Jamie to say anything. When he did it was, “ to answer your first question, I just don't know and no, I won't leave you. I promise.”

Do you really mean that?” I asked.

Yes,” was his simple answer.

By now Jamie had pulled a chair up next to mine and just sat holding me. He really didn't know what to say to comfort me.

Nick reappeared in the kitchen and informed us that Liam was sleeping and that he had to call his parents to let them know what was happening. Dad told Nick to use the phone in his office. Nick returned and told us that his dad had said he could stay the night if it was ok with us. Dad said it was ok as Liam was going to need his friends around him now. We had been sitting at the table for about ten minutes when Liam came rushing down the stairs screaming, “ Nick, Nick!!!! Nick has left me now as well.” The look of sheer terror and panic in his eyes was really scary.

Nick got up and went over to Liam and put his arms around him and said, “ it's ok babe, I'm here. I just had to call home while you were asleep. I'm not going anywhere. My dad said I can stay the night. Would you like me to?”

Yes,” was all Liam could say in reply.

By now, it was getting on for six o'clock. No one had really thought about what we were going to have for dinner, so Jamie offered to go and get some take away pizza. I don't think any of us felt hungry but we had to eat something. The rest of the evening we just sat round, grieving in our way. Finally, at around ten, we all started to drift off to bed.

That's the end of this chapter, ( I ran out of tissues). Just make sure you have plenty ready for the next chapter.

Lol Paul.