SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

In the afternoon we had visits from Simon and Kyle as well as Carl and Sean. I had been right about them on new years eve. They had been kissing each other purely because they didn't have anyone else to kiss. However, during the next week, they spent a lot of time together and realised that they had really deep feelings for each other and had become boyfriends. Chris and Steve never said much on the subject but I think they sometimes felt a little awkward during lunch, being the only straight guys surrounded by all these teen gay couples.

Late Sunday afternoon, Liam, Gary and I went to my grandparents for dinner. There was nothing better than one of grandmas roast dinners and on this occasion she had cooked a leg of lamb, which was always my favourite. They had invited Nick as well but he had to go home due to some family commitments.

SADSONGOFA GAY TEEN 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday morning I didn't wake up until after nine. Gary had already left for school. Oh well, I suppose he was just being considerate and letting me get some extra sleep while I had the chance. After taking a shower and getting dressed, I headed to the kitchen in search of some breakfast. Mum had gone off to some business meeting and dad was out playing golf or squash or some other sporting activity. I'd just have to settle for cereal and toast for breakfast, as that was about the limit of my culinary expertise.

Liam was sat eating his breakfast when I entered the kitchen. “ Morning, sleepyhead,” were his first words to me.

Morning,” I replied.

We sat and ate and suddenly Liam asked, “ Do you think we would have met if your parents had still been alive?”

I was quite surprised by this question and it took me a few moments before I could answer.

Before I did get a chance to start answering, Liam said, “ It's ok, if you don't want to talk about this then you don't have to. I won't force you”

No,” I said, “ It's ok. Your question took my surprise, that's all. Anyway, yes I do think we would have met. I would have still been in that shop buying presents for Chris and Steve. You would have still been there looking at that guitar and I would have come and talked to you.”

Would you still have bought the guitar for me?”

Yes, I think I would have.”

We carried on eating for a while and then came the next question, “ what if all that other stuff hadn't happened?”

Again, I sat and thought for a while. “ Well, I doubt you would have got the guitar. I mean, I wouldn't be the rich kid I am if that stuff hadn't happened. I wouldn't have met Gary. I wouldn't have met Paul Ashebrooke, one of the doctors who treated me. Then I would never have met his brother, who would never have got the demo CD and we wouldn't have signed the recording contract.”

After that we just carried on eating. It was strange being asked those questions but it made realize just how many good thing had happened to me as a result of everything that I had gone through almost a year ago.

The rest of the morning we just spent talking about all the things that had happened since we met. We talked about our six date tour in February. Dad had asked George, the driver of our tour bus to let him know if we stayed awake too long playing cards or watching movies. Of course, I came up with a solution to this and asked the rest of the guys to give me twenty pounds. I then handed this to George and told him that he was to say that we had behaved ourselves. It worked OK, we got have our fun, George was five hundred pounds better off by the end of the week and dad got told that we had been little angels. Dad had said, “ more like little hells angels,” when he heard this.

It really was a fun way to spend a school holiday. A few important people had also heard the CD of the stuff I had composed for the school Xmas concert. These included the head of the school of composition at the Royal Northern College of Music and the host of a program on one of the national classical music stations. As a result, dad had done a deal with a classical music label who were manufacturing and distributing the CD which meant it was available to a much larger audience and therefore raising a lot more money for the charities concerned. This had led to numerous phone calls from conductors and other leading figures in the classical music world wanting to perform the work and asking if I had any other compositions that they could use. I was therefore becoming known in another area of music.

The foundation was also going really well and some of the kids had formed their own groups and I was teaching them the art of song writing and had offered them the use of my home studio if they ever wanted to record. Dad had also helped the foundation greatly by contacting many of his business associates and asking them if they would be interested in making donations. Most of them were more than happy to do this. Dad had also contacted many of the leading instrument manufactures and they were helping by donating instruments to the foundation.

The day passed by really quickly and it was as we sat watching the local news bulletin on TV that I suddenly said, “ Damn, I knew I should have gone somewhere last night.”

Liam just looked at me as if I had gone mad.

I was supposed to go to a concert last night with Gary, Chris and Steve,” I said

What concert was it?” Asked Liam.

The live stage show of the musical version of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.”

How could you forget about something like that?”

I suppose it's just with everything that has been going on for the last week.”

The reason I had suddenly remembered about it was due to the fact that they were interviewing the composer on the TV news show. Well. It was too late to worry about it now. The rest of the day passed by uneventfully and before I knew it, it was bed time.

Tuesday was the day of the funeral. The mood at breakfast was very somber to say the least, no one was looking forward to having to go to the funeral, least of all me. It would be the second funeral that I had attend in less than an year. As neither Liam nor or his mum were particularly religious, it was decided to have a non- religious, humanitarian service. We had someone who came along and conducted the service and Liam also got up and said a few words about his mum. The music included songs that had been personal favourites of his mum. The last one was a song called POOR MANS MOODY BLUES. Liam had found this while looking through dads CD collection and it was by a bend called BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, who originated from Oldham, near Manchester. I don't think that Anne had ever heard this song but Liam had found it particularly poignant and moving and had decided that he wanted to have it played at the funeral. It went;

All the nights that I've missed you

All the nights without end

All the times that I've called you

Only needing a friend

Now your eyes shine with beauty

That I missed you so long

Guess the truth is I love you

I can't say anymore

Cause I need you, yes I want you

Yes I love you

( copyright St. Annes music/ Polydor Ltd 1988)

By the time the song had finished, both Liam and I were in tears. Although he wasn't actually crying, I could tell that Gary was visibly moved by this choice of song. After the burial part of the service, we were making our way back to the car when I turned around and saw someone talking to dad. I glanced at Liam and asked, “ do you know who that is that is talking to dad?”

I have no idea,” he replied

We made our way over to dad to find out what was happening. As we got there, I heard dad saying, “ I don't care who you claim to be, Anne made arrangements for my wife and to have custody of Liam in the event of anything happening to her. So you mat as well just go.”

What's going on?” Liam asked.

This woman claims to be your grandmother,” dad replied.

Lets get one thing clear, as far as I am concerned, I do not have a grandmother. She abandoned my mother almost fourteen years ago, at a time when mum needed her most, when I needed her. I don't know who the hell you are so just FUCK OFF,” Liam said to the woman.

With that we turned around and made our way back to the car. By the time we got in, Liam was shaking.

We saw the strange woman walking away and dad was making his way to the car. He got in and asked Liam, “ are you Ok?”

I suppose so,” He responded. “ Why did she have to turn up today, of all days?”

I don't know son,” was all dad could say to try and diffuse the situation.

There were not that many people at the funeral. Nick was there, of course. Chris and Steve and their parents had attended along with John and granddad. Grandma and Carol had stayed back at home to make some lunch fro everyone.

On Wednesday, Liam and I returned to school. It was really uneventful and it felt good to be getting back into the normal routine. The rest of the week passed by fairly quietly as well and so did the net few weeks, until a certain day reared its ugly head. Yes, it had been a year since those horrible and tragic events. I got up and got ready for school as was normal for me to do. It was when we got out of the car that things took a turn for the worse. I just froze as I stared at the gates. I was suddenly remembering that day. I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone, I don't remember who, saying, “ are you alright Jason?”

I just started to scream out, “fuck off, leave me alone. I don't want to go with you. Please don't don't hurt me.” I was remembering every detail, every punch and kick. It felt horrendous. I don't recall how much time had passed before I regained my senses but when I did, I was lying on the bed in the nurses office. Gary was with me and his first words were, “ How are you feeling? You gave us all a real scare back there. What happened?”

I had a flashback. You do know that it was a year ago today that all stuff happened?”

How could I ever forget that.”

With great difficulty,” I said, giving Gary a small smile. “ It just all came back to me when I got out of the car and saw the gates. I think I'll be ok now.” I looked at the nurse ans asked, “ can I go to my lessons now?”

She glanced at me and said, “ if you are sure that you will be alright. I could call your parents and get them to take you home.”

I would rather be in class. It'll help me to take my mind off things.”

The rest of the day passed quickly. When we got home, Gary got changed and headed for the kitchen, giving me specific orders to stay out until I was told otherwise. At about six thirty, mum, dad and Liam said they were going out for the evening. At seven Gary called me into the kitchen. The table was set with the crystal glasses and the finest china and silverware. He handed me a glass of champagne and said, “ happy anniversary.”

I gave him a long and passionate kiss on the lips and said, “ you did this for me? It's so romantic.”

Gary had prepared a fantastic dinner. We started with a lobster salad, this was followed by Chinese hot and sour soup. For main course we had a roast fillet of beef with five different vegetables and three type of potatoes. For desert he had once again made his chocolate mousse. I tasted the mousse and noticed that it tasted a little different than usual.

How come this tastes a bit different than usual?” I asked.

I added some malt whisky to make it really special. I hope you like it.”

I do. You should make it like this all the time.”

After finishing dinner and doing the dishes, we headed up to our room. Gary put his arms around me and drew me closer to him. He pressed his lips against mine and I felt his tongue requesting entry to my mouth. I didn't hold back and i could feel my cock stiffening. Gary nibbled on my ear for a little while before pulling back and lifting off my t- shirt.. After that task was completed, we resumed our kissing. I could feel Gary popping the button on my jeans and the zip being pulled down. As my jeans fell to my ankles, I kicked off my shoes. Gary slipped his thumbs into the waistband of my underwear and lowered them before I let them drop to my ankles. Without hesitation, I stepped out of my jeans and underwear. By now, my dick was rock solid. Gary lifted me up and carried me to our bed. After laying me down, he quickly undressed and and joined me on the bed. He reached for the lube and squirted some on to his finger and then began to kiss me again while working first one, then two and finally a third finger into me. Once I was loosen up, he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and lined his stiff cock up with my hole. I felt him entering and let out a moan of pleasure. Once he was all the way in, he rested for a little while and then began to slowly slide in and out of me. As always, it was a very pleasurable experience being fucked by Gary.

After about twenty minutes of this, I couldn't hold out for much longer and screamed out, “ uunngh, aahhhh, I'm gonna cum.” With that, I erupted all over my chest and stomach. In fact, the first shot was so powerful that it hit me in the face. Within seconds of my orgasm beginning, I felt Gary emptying his load into me. Once he had finished, we collapsed back onto the bed and began to regain our breath. After resting for a little while, Gary was kissing me again. When he broke the kiss he reached for his bathrobe and got out of bed but told me to stay right where I was. He left the room but returned a short time later with two more glasses of champagne and two more bowls of chocolate mousse. We lay there, feeding each other chocolate mousse and sipping the champagne. After the way my day had started, I was now in heaven. The evening had just been perfected and so romantic.

After finishing our little after sex snack, we just spent a couple of hours listening to music and kissing. I'm unsure of how late it was but we finally drifted off to dreamland.

Well, that concludes this long overdue chapter. It's a little shorter than usual but I wanted to get it finished. Please feel free to e- mail me with your comments and thoughts. I love hearing from you and, besides, I just love the attention.

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