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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

After about twenty minutes of this, I couldn't hold out for much longer and screamed out, “ uunngh, aahhhh, I'm gonna cum.” With that, I erupted all over my chest and stomach. In fact, the first shot was so powerful that it hit me in the face. Within seconds of my orgasm beginning, I felt Gary emptying his load into me. Once he had finished, we collapsed back onto the bed and began to regain our breath. After resting for a little while, Gary was kissing me again. When he broke the kiss he reached for his bathrobe and got out of bed but told me to stay right where I was. He left the room but returned a short time later with two more glasses of champagne and two more bowls of chocolate mousse. We lay there, feeding each other chocolate mousse and sipping the champagne. After the way my day had started, I was now in heaven. The evening had just been perfected and so romantic.

After finishing our little after sex snack, we just spent a couple of hours listening to music and kissing. I'm unsure of how late it was but we finally drifted off to dreamland.


The next morning, I bumped into Liam on my way back from the bathroom and his first words to me were, “ uunngh, aahhhh, I'm gonna cum!”

After getting over the initial embarrassment, I glared at him and said, “ do I detect a hint of jealousy because I got some last night? Unlike you!”

After shooting me the middle finger, he continued on his way to the bathroom. When I got back to the room that I shared with my beloved Gary, he asked, “ so why the little confrontation with Liam?”

Because he made it so obvious that he had been standing outside the door last night listening to us having sex,” I replied.

And that bothers you?”

Of course not but I want him to think that it does.”

I got my uniform on and told Gary I would see him downstairs for breakfast. It wasn't long before Gary and Liam joined me at the table. Nothing much was talked about over breakfast, although we did get the usual nagging comments from mum about having homework done and did we have everything that we needed for the day. Every time she asked one of those silly questions, we all responded with a resounding yes. The limo arrived to pick us up at around 0830, as it usually did. We got in and joined Chris, Steve and Nick. Nick and Liam became like Siamese twins as soon as we moved off and by that,I mean they were connected at the lips for almost the entire journey to school. None of us made any comments about their actions. I suppose the main reasons were that Gary and I couldn't say too much due to the fact that Liam knew exactly what we had been up to last night and secondly, we all knew how much they loved each other. Chris and Steve had also had to put up with listening to the four of us having sex during the tour we had done in February . If they could put up with that then seeing us kissing was nothing.

The morning passed by relatively quietly. First off I had a double period of English literature, which I was actually enjoying at the moment due to the fact that we were studying THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, which was proving quite an interesting and fascinating book to read. This was followed by the morning break, so I took the opportunity of catching up with Gary and Liam in the cafeteria. Then I had a double period of maths, a subject which I had never really enjoyed and didn't find particularly easy but I endured it none the less. Things began to get really interesting a t lunch time. Today I had chosen the spaghetti with meatballs from the menu and a big slice of chocolate cheesecake. ( Did I ever mention that I just love chocolate?). Anyway, no sooner had I sat down to eat my lunch, than my mobile phone began to ring. The call was to be the first of many surprises that would happen over the next few days.

I answered the call with the words, “ Jason Lewis speaking. Who am I talking to?”

I hadn't recognised the number and so i had a fairly good idea that it was something to do with music. When it came to anything connected with music work and projects, I still used the name Lewis for two reasons, firstly in honour and memory of my parents and secondly. Well the second reason may seem a little bizarre but there are many famous people who are married to other famous people but still use their maiden name. Examples of this being the actress Gwyneth Paltrow who is married to the musician Chris Martin but she still used the name Paltrow. Other examples include Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise or John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Anyway, that was some of my weird reasoning for still using the name Lewis.

The person on the other end of the line began to speak, “ My name is Edo de Wooert and I'm the music director and chief conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic orchestra ( HKPO). To cut along story short, during a recent trip to England, I had the pleasure of hearing your work PERPETUAL DEVELOPMENTS and was very impressed. Anyway, we are hosting a season of works by young composers from around the world and would like to invite you over here for a performance of your work as part of that. The whole season is to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart.”

Well, I would be honoured to take part but I would need to know when you want me to be Hong Kong as school doesn't finish for about five or six weeks. The second thing is, what about the rock musicians that would be required for the performance? I would have to discuss that with my friends who featured on the recording. You would also have to talk to my dad as he is my manager and has the final say over what I get involved in.”

As for the rock musicians, we have a few local people lined up but thought that you could play the keyboards and some of the guitar parts. I will also speak with your father about this if you could give me his phone number. As for when we would need you to be hear, we would arrange for you to fly out a week on Monday, dependant on what your father says. I'll speak to you later to discuss the matter further.”

That sounds fine to me,” I said, “ and I look forward to speaking with you later.”

So who was that?” Gary asked.

Only the music director and chief conductor of the HKPO. He heard the CD of that music I composed for the Xmas concert and wants me to go to Hong Kong to perform it with the HKPO,” I replied.

Cool,” was about all Gary could say.

Nick, who played cello and Sean, who was the 1st violinist in the school orchestra were both showing signs of jealousy that I would get to perform with this world class orchestra.

So we get to go too?” Asked Chris.

Well, no,” I said, “ they have a couple of local musicians lined up for playing your parts, although I do get to play the Keyboard and guitar parts.”

Both Chris and Steve looked really disappointed.

Look guys, I don't even know if I'll be going yet, I did tell Mr. De Wooert that he would have to talk to dad first and then I'd have to organize getting the time off school as they want me to fly out a week on Monday and it would be for ten days or so.”

I know I speak for Chris as well,” Steve said, “ but I hope your dad says yes. Sure, we're both disappointed that we don't get to go but you deserve this. You did put a hell of a lot of work into composing that.”

Thanks,” I said to my friend, “ you two really are true friends and I hope you will be for life. I know that people can drift apart for various reasons as they progress through life but I hope that never happens with us.”

We continued to eat before Sean asked, “ so how come they asked you to go?”

It's as part of season they are hosting featuring the work of young composers from around the world. The whole season is in memory of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart.”

As Steve already said, you deserve this,” Sean said.

But what about me?” Asked Liam.

I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind having you as a house guest for a week or so,” Nick responded.

Before we knew it, the bell rang signalling the end of lunch and it was time to return to lessons for the afternoon. The afternoon seemed to really drag. I just wanted to get home and talk to dad about the whole possibility of going to Hong Kong. Finally the bell rang again to signify the end of school for another day. I was out of school and in the limo before any of the others.

So what's the big rush?” Eddie, our driver asked.

Oh, I just need to get home and talk to dad about going to Hong Kong.”

While I waited for the others, I filled Eddie in on the phone call from Mr.deWooert. He seemed really pleased for me.

We finally arrived home and as I walked into the house, dad was coming out of the kitchen and heading for his office carrying a tray of coffee.

Did you get a call from Hong Kong?” I asked.

Yes and we'll talk about it later. Right now, your mum and I are discussing some important business.”

' Oh great,' I thought, ' I get kept in suspense.'

Before heading upstairs to change, Gary and I went into the kitchen to get a snack and a drink. Jamie and Greg where sitting their. Liam was going to have dinner with Liams parents. “ So what's all this about Hong Kong?” Jamie asked me.

I told Jamie and Greg about the phone call and that I would be going a week Monday, If dad had said yes.

It looks as if I may have to take you shopping,” Greg said.

Why?” I asked.

Well, if you are going to be performing with the HKPO then you will need a tuxedo.” He took a quick glance at my school shoes, which were the only decent pair of shoes that I owned as I usually preferred to wear trainers or some other form of casual footwear. “ And you could do with some decent shoes too.”

But you know how much I hate getting dressed up in stuff like that,” I told him, trying to look really said.

You don't have a choice in the matter,” he said, “ so don't waste your time giving me that sad look.”

OK, you win,” I said, “ now I'm going to get changed and do my homework.”

Gary looked at me and said, “ your keen, aren't you?”

Just thought that I'd get it out of the way before dinner.” With that I dashed off to my room.

It was just over an hour later when dad came in. “ How's the homework going?”

I'm nearly finished.”

Well, about Hong Kong. You better sort out what you need to take so that I can get it shipped over there. I have spoken to Nicks parents and they said that it will be OK for Liam to stay with them. Liam already knows this and is more than happy about it. As for school, I spoke to Mr. Noels ( the headmaster) and he said that it would be fine for you to take the time off. Although there is something you have to agree to. The board of governors has agreed to make a substantial donation to the charities you support and will also pay for tutors to travel with you when ever you go abroad. There have been a number of calls from other orchestras wanting to perform your work and so it looks as if you will be doing a lot of travelling. Gary will be coming with us and the school will also pay for his tutors.

Of course this means the end of that legal action against the school. It's their way of settling this but it does mean that they are not exactly admitting liability.

I got up and gave dad a hug an said, “ thanks, you're the greatest. I never really wanted to do this really but at least it sort of gets me some justice. So what happens now? ”

We'll be having a meeting with the school governors on Monday to sign all the paper work.”

Over dinner, I got the next big surprise. Mum had decided to sell her business. The hair and beauty business consisted of twenty five salons around the North West plus a subsidiary company that manufactured a whole range of hair care products. The business had been valued at over £ 30,000,000 and the reason that mum had decided to sell was down to the fact that she felt that she had developed it as far as she could and thought that by selling out to someone else, it would be in a better to develop even further.

So what do you plan on doing?” Gary asked.

I haven't decided yet. I want to take some time out to spend with m family. In time I may start another business but who knows?”

Mum wouldn't need to do anything, even after the tax had been aid on the sale of the business, she would still be very wealthy. In fact we were becoming a wealthy family all round. I had a substantial amount from the way the money my parents had left me had been invested plus what I had made from the group. Dad had made a tidy sum when he sold his business and even Gary was now a millionaire in his own right. So, yes, we were all doing very nicely for ourselves.

As we continued to eat dinner, Gary asked, “ I've got my last exam on Tuesday, So why are they providing me with tutors?”

It was mum who answered the question, “ so they can get you started on your A level courses.”

That's something I need to talk to you about,” Gary said.

With that he asked if he could be excused fro the table for a moment. When he returned, he was carrying some brochures of some description. “ The thing is,” he began, “ Is that I don't really want to do my A levels, so I have been looking into doing an audio engineering course so that I can do more in terms of sound engineering with the group and maybe get involved in record production to some extent. I will even pay for the course myself.”

Well if it's what you really want to do then it's fine with me,” dad said. “ At least you want to do something with your life.”

We finished eating dinner and Gary went to do some revision for his exam and fill in the application forms for the course. I offered to do the dishes, which got mum thinking that I was sick or something as it wasn't often that I offered to do them with out being asked or nagged into it.

Friday at school was an interesting day due to the fact that word about my trip to Hong Kong had spread like wild fire and I had loads of people congratulating me. The next big surprise was when we arrived and mum and dad informed us that they had decided to sell the house and where looking at buying a bigger place in the country complete with indoor swimming pool.

We where still in bed on Saturday morning when the door burst open at ten thirty and Greg came charging in telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed and that it was time to go and get the stuff I would need for Hong Kong. Forty minutes later I had showered, eaten breakfast and we where heading out the door. It only took two hours to get everything sorted and then we went to McDonald's for lunch. It had been ages since I had been there due to the fact that after the success of the band we had lost a lot of the freedom to just go where we wanted when ever we wanted to. After that we headed for home.

The rest of the week passed very quietly. Steve and Chris came for a visit on Sunday and then we went to my grandparents for dinner. This time we had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. It was very tasty but not as enjoyable as lamb. Monday morning dad took us to school in the Rolls Royce as we had a meeting with the headmaster and the school governors, along with my solicitor, so as we could sign all the paper work to settle the legal action against the school. The rest of the week passed by very quickly and I found it hard to concentrate as I was all worked up about the trip to Hong Kong.

The night before we flew out we had a party as it was Liams birthday the day we actually flew and he was staying with Nick and his family whilst we where away. Nick got a little emotional as it was the first birthday without his mum around and I knew exactly how he felt as I had been through the same thing on my birthday back in February. With Liam it didn't last long and he was soon in a party mood.

Monday morning we where rudely awoken at 5am as we had to be at the airport for six to catch our flight to London. Then we where flying first class with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong. At least there would be plenty of room to stretch out during the thirteen hour flight. The flight was very uneventful but the food on the plane was excelant. We arrived at round &am local time the following morning and were met at the airport and then taken to the Mandarin Oriental Landmark hotel where we where staying for the duration of the trip. After getting settled into our suite and after eating breakfast, I had a morning of lessons with the tutors that the school had provided and then we went to a reception in the afternoon to meet the orchestra and the organizers of the event. I was informed that I would be having a rehearsal the next afternoon. I also got to meet the bass player and the drummer that I would be working with. It was a really great afternoon. After going back to the hotel and showering and changing we headed out to dinner at a fantastic Cantonese restaurant. We knew it would be good as it was packed with locals, which is always a good sign.

The rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon went without a hitch and I got on really well with the two Chinese musicians who would be filling for Chris and Steve. I also made two new friends in the form of an American boy by the name of Josh Lewinsky who was 14 and a German boy by the name of Christian Schultze. That evening we met them and their families for dinner. The rest of the week was spent sight seeing and having my lessons with the tutors. The latter was a really bummer as I even had to have lessons on the Saturday as I had missed school on Monday due to the fact that we where on the plane. The concert on the Saturday was an exhilarating experience that I will never forget. There was a big party for all the young composers who had taken part in the event and we all had a really great time. My toe new friends and I exchanged e- mail addresses and Josh even asked if I could go to visit him during my school holidays. I had to decline the invite for two reasons. Firstly, we had a three trip to Australia lined up to do a series of live shoes with the band and secondly, we had our second album to record. It was going to be an exciting but very different summer as we wouldn't be going on holiday.

Sunday was very much a day of leisure and last minute shopping. We couldn't resist some shopping die to the fantastically low prices on what would be considered as expensive luxury items back home. Monday we got packed and ready for our overnight flight home. It had been a very interesting week and experience I looked forward to repeating, given the opportunity.

We arrived home at around midday on the Tuesday. We all felt exhausted after the long flight and after having some lunch, I decided that I would take a nap. Liam arrived home from school looking the happiest that I had seen him in quite a while ( I think it had something to do with all the sex that he and Nick had been having while we where away). Of course, he wasn't saying much about that but I knew differently.

Wednesday was back to school for another few weeks then it would be the start of a new adventure, what with our Australian tour and recording our second album. In some ways, I was dreading that as I had met quite a lot of famous musicians during the last few months and they had all told us that the second can more often than not be the hardest to record, especially if the first one had been a huge success, which ours had.

End of chapter 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, I'm sorry that this had taken so long and I hope my loyal readers enjoy it.

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