Sad song of a gay teen 26!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

I glanced round and there was Steve, Chris and Craig eating my grapes. “ What is it with people bringing me grapes and then eating them?”

It's in the hospital visiting hand book. It's what you're supposed to do,” Chris said. He then started to laugh

Please don't make me laugh,” I said, “ It hurts when I do.”

The only one not taking part in the conversation was Howard. He was sat with my laptop on his knee and my headphones on. I had mentioned that I was working on some Jean Michel Jarre style music and he asked if he could have a listen. When it had finished he said, “ that was great, you should try and get that released, I'd buy a copy.”

I'll have a think about doing that,” I said.

Soon it was time for everyone to go and I wished Steve and Chris good luck at the awards thing. “ And make sure we win all four that we got nominated for,” I said.

I was finally allowed to go home on Thursday morning. Although it would be another week or so before I got to go back to school.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 26!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad had come to collect me from the hospital and I was looking forward to getting home. I wouldn't be able to go for a bike ride for a few days and neither would I be able to go swimming but being at home would be enough.

As we made our way home dad said to me, “ a package arrived for you in the mail this morning.”

Any idea what it was?” I asked.

None at all,” dad said.

Now my curiosity was starting to get the better of me. We got in the Rolls and dad started her up. As the engine came to life, so did the music on the CD player. Dad had been listening to OASIS on the way to collect me at the hospital and so I said to him, “ dad, can I change the music?”

Sure but what's wrong with OASIS?”

Excuse my language but they're fucking shit.”

Well, I've got some Madonna on there too,” dad said.

Sorry but she's crap as well.”

I thought you gay guys loved Madonna?”

No, I don't and I know that Gary and Liam don't like her either. I mean, she can't play an instrument, she can't write her own songs and she knows sod all about record production. The only reason that she makes so much money is because she knows how to rip people off. And that single she did last year were she just took some ABBA music and then put some new words to it, well that was just crap. I mean were was the creativity and imagination in that?”

So what about Kylie Minogue?”

Well straight men like her for her tits and lip gloss but why gay men like her, I have no idea. Her music is crap and if you took the electronic treatments off her voice, then she would sound awful and would not sell any records. Shania Twat, oops, sorry, I meant Twain, is another one. Apparently MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN is really popular on the gay scene. So Jamie told me but I just don't get that.”

By now dad was selecting some music on the CD player. Elton Johns THE BITCH IS BACK came on and I said to dad, “ are you trying to tell me something?”

Whatever gives you that idea?”

Nothing really and anyway, I ain't finished being a bitch yet”

So who else is on your bitch list?”

Well, I haven't mentioned David and Victoria Beckham yet.”

That reminds me of the time that Jane and I where in a restaurant in town a few years ago, when he still played for Manchester united. Anyway, she ordered a Caesar salad to start and asked for it with out the Parmesan shavings and dressing, the waiter just said, ' so you don't really want a Caesar salad.' Then he asked for a side order of chips with his main course, anyway, she kicked him under the table and said, ' David, you will have potatoes with that as they are much healthier for you'. It was just so funny.”

Well, I always knew that she was a money grabbing control freak. She just uses him as a money making machine, especially since she finally realized that she has no talent of her own.”

By now we had almost arrived home. It was nice to be back at the new house. I might even get to go for a walk around the property over the weekend while the others are away in Monaco. Once in the house and seated in the lounge, I opened the mail that had arrived for me. It was a preview copy of the DVD of the Australian tour. The actual concert footage was from the Sydney concert that had been broadcast on TV but Nick had taken his camcorder and made loads of his own film. One thing that the editor had done was to superimpose us playing TECHNOLOGY over the footage that Nick had filmed at Ayers rock. Nick had also made a point of waiting at one of the exits at each venue and selecting random people to film and asking them for their thoughts and opinions on the show and us as a band. One guy made the comment, ' considering these guys are all so young, they make music that has a maturity and sophistication that is way beyond their years. I think that in a few years they will be up there with the true greats like PINK FLOYD, THE EAGLES, U2 and possibly even THE BEATLES.'

Another girl said, “ I always knew that they do the song FOREVER AUTUMN as a tribute to someone who was close to them but I only found out tonight that it is Jasons parents who died. It's just amazing the way that he holds himself together during that song.”

Well, that was actually quite easy to do. I had discussed it with Jenny and she told me to just think about all the good times that I had had with them. One thing that I always thought about was the time when I was about seven and dad came home from work and I told him that I had taught myself a new song on the guitar. It was WISH YOU WHERE HERE by PINK FLOYD. Dad made me stand on the kitchen table and play the song for him. When I had finished, he told me how clever I was and I had a huge smile on my face because of that. All in all the DVD met with my approval but obviously the rest of the guys would have to watch it and see if they wanted any changes made to it.

After lunch I decided that I would spend some time in the studio. It had only been a week since we moved in here and I hadn't really wanted to spend time in the studio. Well, would you if you had recently spent four weeks in a recording studio making a new album? I just spent the afternoon basicly playing around creating drum rhythms and bass lines on the hard and software equipment and then improvising along to them. I had everything running through one computer that was running the FINALE NOTATION software, which enabled me to create a score of everything that I played. I could always edit it and make whatever changes would be necessary at a later stage.

It was around four thirty when Liam arrived home and, after going to the kitchen and getting a couple of drinks, he came to the studio. He had asked Eddie, our limo driver to go to HMV for him and had bought me some music DVDs. There was one of the EAGLES that had been filmed at the same venue that we had played at in Melbourne,one of the German band KRAFTWERK and the one of Jean Michel Jarres 2005 gig in Gdansk, Poland. This started me thinking that I would like to do a huge gig like that and so I made a mental note to talk to dad about it later on.

Gary arrived home at around five. He hadn't started his course yet but had been out for a driving lesson and was due to take his test in a weeks time. No sooner had he entered the room then he was getting undressed. “ In case you had forgotten,” I said, “ sex is off the menu at the moment.”

I'm taking a quick shower as I'm going out with Kyle and Simon tonight. You don't mind do you?”

No, there is no law that says that we have to spend all our time together. It'll be good for you to spend some time with your friends.”

With that Gary disappeared into the bathroom. When he came back he said, “ so what are you planning on doing tonight?”

Liam got Eddie to go shopping and he got me some music DVDs, so I was going to watch those tonight. So where are you going with Kyle and Simon?”

Into Manchester for dinner and then to see a film but I don't know which one yet.”

Well have a fun time and you can tell me about it when you get home.”

And you enjoy your new DVDs.”

Gary had showered and changed in no time at all and was heading back downstairs. Kyle was five months older than Gary and had already passed his driving test and now had his own car. I decided that I would start watching the EAGLES DVD. I watched about twenty minutes of it before being called down for dinner. The concert film was excellent ( what I had watched of it ) and I couldn't wait until the time came when we could go out and do a twelve to eighteen month long world tour and be selling out huge arenas and stadiums all over the world. It would be a great way to spend that amount of time.

After dinner, I returned to our room and watched the rest of the EAGLES DVD and really enjoyed it. Dad even joined me and said that he and mum had actually seen the EAGLES when they came to Manchester in 2001. It made me a little jealous. I also hoped that our band would still be as popular in thirty five years time. I also talked to dad about the huge Jean Michel Jarre type gig that I wanted to do and showed him the plans that I had already started to make for it. He was impressed but thought that it would take a lot of organizing as I wanted to set things up so that I would be closing the whole of Manchester city centre.

So when do you plan on doing this concert?” He asked me.

I was thinking of August 15th next year. That's Garys 18th birthday and this would be my present to him.”

Sounds like a great gift,” dad said. “ I'll start making the calls to the council and police tomorrow about getting it off the ground. It should be easy to persuade the council as it would be a great way of promoting the city too, especially if we could get MTV to do a world wide satellite broadcast.”

A plan was being formulated.

After Liam had finished his homework, he joined dad and I in my room and sat watching the KRAFTWERK DVD. I was a little surprised when he said, “ this is sort of cool, just chilling out with my little brother and my dad.”

Is that how you really see us?” Dad asked.

Yeah, I won't ever forget my mum but you are my family now and I couldn't wish for anything better.”

That's so cool,” I said, “ but lets get one thing clear, I;'m not your little brother as I am a few months older than you, I just haven't had my growth spurt yet!”

We all laughed at that little comment. Gary and I had a little fridge in our room that we kept stocked with various soft and fizzy drinks ( it saved having to go to the kitchen when we were watching TV or listening to music ) although tonight there was an additional bottle of vodka in there. Vodka being dads favourite spirit. Not that Liam or I were tempted to drink any.

Friday was a somewhat quiet and boring day. I did some of the work that they had sent me from school and dad spent the day making various phone calls trying to get my A CITY IN CHAOS concert off the ground. Jamie had said that he would do some computer simulations of the ideas that I had for the lighting, lasers, fireworks and video projections that would be a part of the event. Saturday soon rolled around and by 8am we where all sat in the dining room having a family breakfast before the guys pissed off to Monaco for the awards thing. Mum was going to Chester with a few of her girlfriends to do some shopping and to have lunch. I wouldn't be on my own tho' as I had asked Jamie and Greg to come visit and they were bringing Lee and Mark. It was a nice day so I asked Tom, our chef to make us a picnic lunch and we would walk over to the lake that was apart of the new property. In reality it was just a very large pond but we called it the lake anyway, it sounded more impressive than THE POND.

By ten, everyone had left but it wasn't too much longer after this that my visitors arrived.

I picked up that DVD that you wanted to borrow off granddad and there is a couple of others in the bag,” Jamie said.

After greeting everyone and organizing some drinks we went into the lounge and talked for a while. I looked at the two other DVDs that Jamie had brought for me. One was called COCK SUCKING TEENS and the other one was called FUCKING SKATERS. “ This is hardly the sort of thing that I can sit and watch with mum now is it?” I said to Jamie.

Well you can watch them when you go to bed and maybe get your rocks off,” he responded.

No chance of that,” I said, “ It still huts too much. I'll have to wait until Tuesday when the stitches come out.”

So how are you feeling anyway?” Lee asked.

OK in general but I still get a little pain from time to time, so I just have to take some pain killers. I get the stitches out on Tuesday and then I should be back at school the following Monday.”

Well thankfully it wasn't anything too serious. Liam was really worried at school on Monday, not knowing what was really happening with you,” Lee informed me. Although I was already aware of just how worried Liam had been.

So when is the new album out?” Mark asked.

Before I could answer Lee asked, “ and what's it called?”


Strange title for an album?” Lee said, looking a little puzzled.

We decided on the title as it sort of stands out and , besides, we have done a couple of really strange and experimental tracks on it,” I told him.

Everyone had brought their swimming gear and so spent a couple of hours in the pool, although I had to give it a miss. I was happy to sit and watch everyone having some fun. At around 12.30, they all got out of the pool, showered and dressed. I then got the picnic from the kitchen and we headed off to the lake for our lunch. It was a pleasant day spent with my brother and some of his friends. Before they all left I said, “ I forgot to tell you that the album is out on the 6th of November. It's the first Monday of that month.”

I can't wait to hear it,” Mark said.

Mum got home around 5.30 and soon after this the two of us sat down to dinner and then went to the lounge to watch the awards ceremony on TV. Mum had decide that it was one of those evenings were I would be OK to have a couple of glasses of wine.

But won't that play havoc with the antibiotics?” I asked.

Not really, if you don't take the dose tonight, it shouldn't really make that much difference.”

OK, you're the boss,” I said.

We watched the awards and by ten we had won the four that we had been nominated for and I was ecstatic. After the ceremony was over, mum and I sat and watched the Neil Diamond film THE JAZZ SINGER. My grandparents were big fans of this singer and songwriter and I had seen the film before when I had stayed at their house one night but it was enjoyable to see it again. As we sat and watched the film I turned to mum and said, “ did you ever think about having more babies?”

No but now that I've sold the business it may be a good time to think about it.”

But aren't you like, really old to be having another baby?”

I'm only 39 you cheeky bitch,” mum said.

I laughed slightly at mums comment and then added, “ I guess dad told you about our conversation on the way home from the hospital?”

Yes and I thought it was most amusing.”

And I discovered a great song about it,” I said and then began to sing;

I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch

And the bitch is back

Stone cold sober, as a matter of fact

I can bitch, I can bitch

'Cause I'm better than you

It's the way that I move

The things that I do

( copyright 1974 Dick James Music)

While we are on the subject,” mum said, “ having another baby would be a good thing to do. I also have plenty of ready made babysitters for when Phil and I want to go out.”

I think it would be cool to have a baby sister or brother but I don't like the shitty nappies, just ask Linda about that.”

So how come you were bitching about everyone in the car with your dad the other day?”

I was just voicing my opinion, which I think I'm allowed to do?”

OK, OK!”

Mum really had me started now and so I said, “ if you are serious about having another baby and you need to be reminded of how to do it, just ask me. I learnt about it in biology class.”

Mum just gave me a strange look and laughed. We watched the end of the movie and then went to bed. It was strange not having Gary lying next to me and I was wide awake by 7.30 on Sunday morning. I went to the kitchen and got some coco pops and orange juice and then went to the lounge. I looked through dads CD collection and found on e by Jim Steinman, the guy who had written the BAT OUT OF HELL album for MEATLOAF. It was the first time that I knew that this guy had recorded an album of his own. I put it in the CD player and listened to it whilst I ate my breakfast. It was a fantastic album and I would even go as far as to say that it was better than the MEATLOAF album. I just spent a couple of hours listening to music while I waited for mum to get up. It was around 9.30 when she came down and the first thing that I was asked was, “ have you had some breakfast yet?”

Yes I did mum. I got myself some cereal and toast.”

So how come you're up so early?You weren't in any pain were you?”

No, I wasn't, it was just strange not having Gary with me. So what are we going to do today?”

I thought we could go to the Lime Tree for lunch, if you feel up to it?”

Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea. I just wish I could wash my hair.”

You know what the doctor said about keeping the area were the stitches are on your neck. How about I give you a little trim? Would that make you feel any better?”

Ok, I'll do it after I have a bath and get dressed.” With that, I turned off the music and went upstairs to have a bath and get dressed. I had just finished when my phone rang. I pushed the answer button and said, “ Hello, Jason speaking.”

Hi Jason, it's Graham from CROSBY STILLS and NASH. So how are you?” the voice at the other end of the line said.

I'm OK,” I replied before going on to explain about being in hospital earlier in the week. “ So, to what do I owe the pleasure of the call from you?”

Well I'm in Manchester visiting relatives and thought I'd call and see about meeting for lunch today.”

You know I'd really like to do that but mum and I are going out for lunch today. You and your wife are welcome to join us.”

I gave Graham the name of the restaurant and how to get there. He told me he would meet us there at around one. He had been a little surprised at the mention of the word mum and so I had to explain that since we had met at the concert last year, I had been adopted and was now much happier than I had ever been in my life. Mum and Grahams wife, Sue, were engrossed in their own conversation while Graham and I talked about music. The conversation was mostly one side as I was telling my guest about how we had signed the record deal and all the thing that we had done as a band over the last year or so. He said that he had seen the awards ceremony on TV and wondered why I wasn't there but I had already explained that during our earlier talk on the phone. It was really great afternoon.

Mum and I got home just after five and it was around thirty minutes later that dad, Gary and Liam arrived home. After getting a kiss of Gary, he and Liam presented me with the awards.

Wow, these will look really cool on the shelf under the gold, platinum and silver discs that we have,” was about all I could find to say.

Well you deserve them,” Liam said. “ Without you, neither Gary nor I would be in the band. Chris and Steve also said that you deserve then as you are the on that really holds the band together. I know we all come up with ideas for songs but it's you who finalises everything and gets it all into the right order.”

Thanks,” I said. “ So did you met anyone really famous?”

We got to meet Elton John and he asked would we play at the party that he and David are hosting in December to celebrate the first anniversary of their civil partnership,” Liam said

I hope you said yes?” I asked.

Well not exactly,” Gary responded.

What do you mean by that?” I asked.

We said we would have to ask you first,” Gary said and then began to laugh.

Of course we said yes, you dumb ass,” Liam said

I was over the moon at the prospect of performing for Elton John and decided that we would definitely either have to piss him off or seriously impress him by performing a few of his songs and I knew that FUNERAL FOR A FREIEND ( LOVE LIES BLEEDING ) would be our opening song for this particular performance. As Tom was on his day off, Gary decided that he would go and see what he could find in the kitchen so that he could put something together for dinner.

On the Tuesday of the next week I was back at the hospital having my stitches out and also getting a good check up from the doctors. They were satisfied that everything was OK and told me that they would not need to see me again. I was told that I could go back to school the next day but said I may as well have the rest of the week off. Besides, Liam was visiting my teachers everyday and bringing work home for me to do, so it wasn't like I was missing out too much. Gary arrived shortly after we got back from the hospital and informed us that he had passed his driving test, “ so you do realize that we will be going shopping at the weekend,”

So what sort of car did you have in mind?” I asked Gary.

I quite like the Toyota MR2 or the BMW Z4.”

But won't the insurance be really expensive on a car like that?”

Well, yes but it isn't as if I can't afford it.”

Saturday arrived and after having breakfast we left to pick up Chris and Steve and then went off looking at Cars. By one o'clock we had bought Gary a Toyota MR2. He was really happy with it and after we had got the insurance and registration sorted out, we headed for home. I rode with Gary in his new car and was very impressed. After having lunch, everyone took their turn in going for a spin in the new Car. Then it was down to work as we had to get some rehearsals in for the show that we would be doing at the Cavern in Liverpool on the last Saturday of October. I had decided that for this show that we would do a Beatles medley so I had come up with LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS ( in the style of Bartok), GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE ( in the style of Mozart), BACK IN THE USSR ( in the style of Tchaikovsky) and REVOLUTION ( in the style of Beethoven). So after everyone had been for their ride in the new car, we all went to the studio to rehearse the songs. This took a few hours and then we all decided to have a swim before dinner. Sunday we spent the day riding our bikes around the property and doing some more rehearsing and swimming.

On Monday my summer holiday finally came to an end and it was back to school. I had about fifteen minutes of lunch left before I had my next lesson and so I decided that I needed to go and use the bathroom. It wasn't until I got there that I realized that I had been followed by a new boy who introduced himself as Ross. I didn't know what he wanted until he pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I finally pushed him away and said, “ what the hell did you do that for?”

I've been watching you and I'm in love with you. I want you to be my boyfriend,” he said.

At first I was shocked. I really didn't need to have someone start harassing me like this. I finally regained my senses enough to say, “ well you are going about it in totally the wrong way and I already have a boyfriend, so fuck off and forget it.” I grabbed my bag and ran from the bathroom to my next class. I left my last lesson of the day and headed for the exit. It didn't take me long to know that I was being followed by Ross. I just ignored him and continued on my way. It was as I rounded the corner that I ran into Liam, Chris and Steve. Ross called out, “ Jason, why won't you just talk to me?”

I think you already know the answer to that question,” I screamed at him.

Liam demanded to know what was going on and so I gave them a run down on what had happened. Chris went over to Ross and grabbed his shirt and said, “ Listen, you fuckwit, just leave Jason alone, if you know what's good for you.” With that Chris let him go and the four of us walked away. Things didn't get any better over the next few days and by Thursday I was really pissed off with the whole situation and decided to skip lunch and hide out in the auditorium, which was off limits to all students, unless you had a legitimate reason to be there. I knew it was the one place that Ross would not follow me, if he had any sense. Although so far he had shown little sign of that. I sat down at the piano and began to pound out the MEATLOAF song BAT OUT OF HELL. At least it allowed me to release some of the anger and tension that had built up over the last few days. The way I really wanted to do this was to walk up to Ross and punch him in the face, REALLY HARD but after the incident back in January, I had vowed to myself that I would never do anything like that again and so the piano keys were getting it instead. By the time I had got through the epic song I had calmed down somewhat and so began to play THE MOODY BLUES, NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN. It was as I got to the first chorus that I realized I was not alone but I just continued to play. At the end of the song, who ever had come into the auditorium began to clap and then I heard Mr, Noels ask, “ so what are you doing in here any way Jason? You know the rules.”

Yes sir, I do but I just had to get away from someone and this was the only safe place.”

If someone is bullying you then I want to know about it,” he demanded.

I explained what had been going on and Mr. Noels said that he would talk to Ross and so hopefully that would be the end of the matter. Although Mr. Noels told me that what Ross was doing was harassment and that it was a criminal offence. If I wanted to I would be more than entitled to get the police involved. I really didn't want to go that far unless things continued after Mr. Noels had talked with the culprit. Before we both left the auditorium I said to Mr. Noels, “ I talked with Mr. Morris the other day about doing THE MUSICAL VERSION OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS for the Xmas show this year and thought that you would be ideal for the part of the journalist. I'm waiting to get clearance from the publishers before I get the auditions and rehearsals underway.”

I would be very honoured to take the role,” Mr. Noels said to me. With that I headed off to my next class.

The rest of the day was really peaceful. I didn't see anything of Ross and hoped that his talk with Mr. Noels was having some effect. Due to heavy traffic, I didn't get home until nearly five. I went straight to our room to change and I found Gary lying naked on the bed with two fingers up his ass and vigorously stroking his stiff dick. This got me rock solid in no time. “ Would you like me to help with that?” I asked.

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, know you don't even have to ask,” came the response. I didn't even bother removing my trousers or boxers. I just dived on the bed and wrapped my mouth around that gorgeous cock that belonged to my boyfriend. He must have been close as it only took a few minutes for him to start shooting his juice into my mouth. I held some back to share with him when I kissed him. I had cum in my boxers and the wetness was becoming a little uncomfortable. After we had kissed for a while I said, “ well I'm going to get out of these cum soaked clothes and then have a shower.” By the time I had showered, it was time for dinner and then homework.

End of chapter 26!!!!!!!!!

Firstly I want to correct the lyrics to the chorus of GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!!!!

It Actually goes:::::

So goodbye yellow brick road

Where the dogs of society howl

You can't plant me in your penthouse

I'm going back to my plough

Back to the howling old owl in the woods

Hunting the horny back toad

Oh I've finally decided, my future lies

Beyond the yellow brick road

( copyright 1973 Dick James Music/ 1995 Mercury records Ltd)

That is also the correct copyright information.

One more thing, I was really pissed off after posting the last two chapters due to the fact that I received no e - mails and so I have no idea if anyone actually read them. I really love writing this as Jason is my fourteen year old alter ego but it would be nice if a few of you people bothered to write and let me know how much you are enjoying the story. It's the only reward that I get for doing this. Drop me a line and I will write back ( and I won't bite, I promise)!!!!!!!!!

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