Sad song of a gay teen 28!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

I told Gary about all the stuff that had happened when Ross and I first met and the feelings I had for him and then I asked, “ Why did you hit me?”

Because I'm very fucking angry right now. You still haven't really told me why you did it?”

Maybe it's got a lot to do with the fact that I'm sick and tired of being seen as Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Perfect. Maybe I just need something different. I told you how I feel about what may happen when you are 18. Maybe I am realising that the two and a half year age difference is quite significant after all. I may feel more secure with Ross as my boyfriend, after all he is only a month older than me.”

Well, in that case, when we get home I'll move in to one of the other rooms until you decide what you want. Now fuck off out of my sight.”

As I left the room, Nick and Liam where standing there, “ what's been going on?” Liam asked.

Lets go back downstairs and get something to drink,” I said.

Liam noticed the red mark on my face and asked, “ did he hit you?”

I just nodded my head and Liam made a move for Gary. Nick had to grab a hold of him and prevent him from hitting Gary. Violence was not going to solve this.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 28!!!!!!!!!

The next day after breakfast we left for home. Everyone was pissed off with me over my stupidity but they were also fucked off with Gary over the fact that he hit me. I was feeling subdued. In my heart I didn't want to break up with Gary but I had no control over the feelings that I was having for Ross. I knew that I had a big decision to make. Gary was so pissed off with me that he had said he was going to travel home in the Rolls with mum and dad. Ross had tried to reassure me that I should not totally blame myself for this whole situation as he could have stopped me but he didn't.

On the journey home, no one was talking to me or Ross. We were also both ignoring each other. I didn't know just how much of this I could take and it was really driving me mad.

It was Steve who finally said, “ Jason, the first thing you can do is to cut down on the bitching. It's funny in small doses but you really have been going over the top lately and it's getting really boring.”

I know,” I said, “ and I have an idea how I can make it up with Gary but I really need you guys to help me out. If you would?”

So what do you have in mind?” asked Liam.

The only thing that I really know about is music. If you wouldn't mind, how about for he next three days we have a quick, twenty minute lunch and then head to the auditorium and rehearse the song that I want to sing by way of apology. Then, when Gary turns up to the rehearsal on Thursday, we do the song for him,” I said.

Ahh....... that sounds so romantic,” said Aaron.

I have to give it a shot. I really don't want to break up with Gary and this is the only way I know of saying how sorry that I am,” I said, feeling the tears starting to fill my eyes.

Ross then said, “ So this will hopefully be the end of this mess.”

Hopefully,” said Liam.

Things were still quiet on the trip home but not as bad as it had been when we first left. The rest of the guys agreed with what I wanted to and I just had to decide which song I would sing by way of apology. I had four in mind and these were, Nights in white satin ( by THE MOODY BLUES), Sorry seems to be the hardest word (by our new friend Elton John), or a choice of two by the Eagles. These being, Best of my love or I can't tell you why.

Before I knew it, we were home ( well at least Liam and I were). We said our goodbyes and said we would see everyone at school tomorrow. Ross had also mentioned that he was interested in a boy named Shane who was in the choir. I told him to go for it and to forget about me ( well, at least in respect of us ever becoming boyfriends).

Mum and dad had arrived before us and sure enough, Gary had moved to one of the other rooms. Well, not all of his stuff but enough to let me know that it would be a few days before we could try and began to get things back to normal. I just had to hope that my plan would work.

By four pm on the Thursday, we had rehearsed the song to perfection. I had chosen I can't tell you why!! As soon as Gary entered the auditorium, we began to play. I just hoped that this would work. I began to sing:

Look at us baby, up all night

Tearing our love apart

Won't be the same, 'til people who

live through years in the dark

Every time I try to walk away

Something makes me turn around to stay

I can't tell you why

When we get crazy, it just ain't right

Boy I get lonely too, ( I must point out that I had taken a little liberty with this line as in the proper song the first word was Girl but, hey, I was doing this to get my relationship back on track).

You don't have to worry, just hold on tight

Because I love you!!!!!!!!

( Written by Timothy. B. Schmit, Glen Frey and Don Henley. Copyright 1979 Jeddrah music/ Cass county music/ Red cloud music).

When I reached the end of the song, I leaned in to the microphone and said, “ Gary that was just for you and I'm sorry. I love you, I missed you and I was so stupid.”

Gary came up on to the stage and took me in to an embrace and kissed me. I realized just how much I had missed that. When he released me he said, “ and I missed you too, I love you more than I love my life but just don't do anything like that again. You really put me through hell.”

I won't ever be so stupid again, I couldn't stand being without you ever again,” I said and then kissed him.

It was Steve who brought us back to reality when he said, “ I think that's enough of that, you soppy sods, lets get this rehearsal underway.”

After the rehearsal was over , I opted to ride home with Gary. The other guys from the band would be using the limo, although Liam was going to Nick's house to have dinner with him, Kim and Dean and staying over night. Gary had said that he would drive me to school. At least Eddie wouldn't have to drive all the way to our house. We got in the car and I got yet another kiss from Gary, which I didn't resist as I was soon kissing him back. We stopped at a little Thai restaurant for a late dinner.

Over dinner I told Gary how amazed I was at how well he was doing with his guitar playing and pointed out that he had done a great job on the song that we had opened with at the Elton John party. It was actually a very complex song, especially the lengthy instrumental section at the beginning, with all the changes that it went through. He thanked me for having such confidence and belief in him and for helping to discover his previously hidden musical abilities.

I also thanked Gary for all the help that he had given me over the last eighteen months. If it wasn't for Gary, I don't know what sort of a mess my life would be in. By the end of our late dinner,we had agreed to put the whole stupid incident behind us. It was a learning experience for both of us. I had really tested our relationship to the limits and made a silent promise to myself that I would try to avoid ever being in that position again.

It must have been after eleven when we got home. We said our goodnights to mum and dad and then when to bed in OUR room. It was nice to have Gary back. There was no sex as we just we wanted to enjoy being together again. My life felt complete again now that I was safely in the arms of my boyfriend.

As we had already arranged, Gary drove me to school the next morning. It was when we where about halfway there that he started to laugh.

And what's so funny?” I asked.

If you think about it, it's really funny that one of the songs we played at that party last week was SATURDAY NIGHTS ALRIGHT FOR FIGHTING. And what happened? We had a fight,” came the response.

I didn't join in the laughter at first but I did when I realized the irony of the situation.

Then, when we were about ten minutes away from school, we pulled up next to the limo at a red light. We knew that it was our limo and gave Eddie a wave, although, due to the tinted glass in the back of the car we couldn't actually see the guys. Anyway, the lights changed to green and Gary put his foot on the accelerator and shot off. The next thing my phone is going and I saw the name Chris displayed on the screen. I pressed the answer button and said, “ Hello?”

I was greeted with the sound of the seven people in the limo shouting “ FLASH BASTARDS!!!!”

Morning to you too, Chris,” I said. “ Did you just call to insult me or do you actually want something?”

Well, yes, there is something you can do. Seeing as how you will get to school first, you can go to the cafeteria and get the coffee in,” came Chris' reply to my question.

No problemo, mon amigo,” I said, “ but they'll be going on your account, on account of the fact that I'm broke.”

Chris knew I was lying when I said this but he just said, “ yeah, OK, whatever.”

Before he ended the call, he had one more thing to say and this was to do with the fact that I had not done any bitching at all that week. “ Jason?” He asked. “ You seem to have quit bitching this week. Does this mean that we are getting the old Jason back? The one that we all really love?”

Yes,” I said, “ no one seemed to like the way I had changed. It was fun for a while but even I got bored with it.”

With that, I ended the call. Once we got to the school, I leaned over and kissed Gary and then headed inside to the cafeteria.

Once I got to the cashier, who today was an Irish lady by the name of Mary, she said, “ oh lord, you'll be hyperactive all day drinking that much coffee.”

I just laughed slightly, paid for the drinks and explained that they were not all for me.

It wasn't too long before everyone arrived and so the drinks didn't get too cold, ( then they really would have been complaining).

We had about half an hour before our classes and talked about our plans for the weekend. Steve was going to Chris' place as they were going to be doing some bird watching. This surprised me, as I didn't know that they had an interest in ornithology. They called me a dumbo and explained that they were talking about spying on the two new girls who had moved into the house that backed on to Geoff and Amandas.

As for me, I was just planning on having a quiet weekend with Gary. Well maybe not so quiet, as I was planning on there being plenty of sex and I knew that I wasn't exactly quiet when we where doing that. At least we wouldn't have to worry about Liam making comments about it as he was staying at Nicks for the weekend. The half an hour soon passed and it was time for us all to go off to our lessons.

The day passed by very quickly and it was soon time to go home.

End of chapter 28!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, aren't I wicked making you all think that Gary and Jason were possibly going to break up. I couldn't do that but everything in life has it's ups and downs, relationships go through bad patches and people make mistakes. I just had to make this little detour to add a bit of a twist to the story.

I heard from David Lee ( author of the story TALES FROM BENTONVILLE HIGH ), Rich ( hope you are not mad at me after reading this) and Mark, in Germany ( I'll see what I can do about writing 999 chapters ).

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