Sad song of a gay teen 29!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

Once I got to the cashier, who today was an Irish lady by the name of Mary, she said, “ oh lord, you'll be hyperactive all day drinking that much coffee.”

I just laughed slightly, paid for the drinks and explained that they were not all for me.

It wasn't too long before everyone arrived and so the drinks didn't get too cold, ( then they really would have been complaining).

We had about half an hour before our classes and talked about our plans for the weekend. Steve was going to Chris' place as they were going to be doing some bird watching. This surprised me, as I didn't know that they had an interest in ornithology. They called me a dumbo and explained that they were talking about spying on the two new girls who had moved into the house that backed on to Geoff and Amandas.

As for me, I was just planning on having a quiet weekend with Gary. Well maybe not so quiet, as I was planning on there being plenty of sex and I knew that I wasn't exactly quiet when we where doing that. At least we wouldn't have to worry about Liam making comments about it as he was staying at Nicks for the weekend. The half an hour soon passed and it was time for us all to go off to our lessons.

The day passed by very quickly and it was soon time to go home.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was the first one out of school that afternoon and Gary was waiting for me. He was talking to Eddie who called out to me, “ Hi Jason, don't you like me driving you around any more?”

It's not that,” I began, “ but Gary was in town and Liam is going to Nicks for the weekend from school, so I'm just being considerate and saving you the trouble of having to drive just me all the way out to our house.”

Next to appear was Ross with Shane. They both came over to me and it was Ross who said, “ Jason after all the crap of the last few months, I'd like you to be the first to meet my new boyfriend, Shane.”

I shook hands with Shane and he said, “ It's nice to actually meet you at long last.”

It's a pleasure,” I said, “ so are you looking forward to the shows next week?”

Yes, it's going to be a lot of fun,” Shane replied.

He did ask me about the two special guests that I had arranged but I was remaining very tight lipped about who they were.

With that I started to make my way to the passenger side of Garys car but not before saying to Ross, “ tell the rest of the guys that I'll talk to them over the weekend.”

If I give him the chance,” Gary said.

With that, the two of us got in the car and drove off. As usual, we were listening to the drive time show on Century 105.4FM and hadn't been going for long when Tony, the presenter said, “ and this is a special request for Jason, from local band WILD BOYS and it just says that it's from a secret admirer.”

I turned to Gary, with a huge grin on my face and said, “ thank you.”

He started to wind me up by saying that he knew nothing about it but I knew different but just let the subject drop anyway.

The song that my secret admirer, ( my money was definitely on it being Gary), had chosen was another one by the Eagles called ONE OF THESE NIGHTS. As I listened to the song, I got the distinct impression that I was in for a good weekend, as it went;

One of these nights

One of these crazy old nights

We're gonna find out grey momma

What turns on your lights

The full moon is calling

And the fever is hot

And the wicked wind whispers and moans

You got your demons

You got desires

Well I got a few of my own

( Written by Don Henley/ Glen Frey. Copyright 1975 Red cloud music/ Cass county music ).

As I sat listening to the song, I couldn't help but notice that Gary had a huge grin on his face.

So just what do you plan on doing with me?” I asked.

I can't tell you that, it would spoil the surprise,” he said.

I just sat and listened to the music and started to make a few plans of my own that I would put into action once we got home. From the way that Gary kept looking at me, I must have been grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

As we made our way along the drive from the road to the house, I noticed that mum and dad were out as their cars were not anywhere to be seen. Gary parked his car and we got out and made our way to the house. After checking with Tom to find out when dinner would be ready, we headed up to our room. Once there, I went straight to the bathroom and got totally naked and began stroking my dick to erection.

I heard Gary call, “ would you like something to drink?”

I told him that I would have a cranberry juice. Then I said, “ Gary, would you come and help me with this problem that I have?”

He came in and I turned around and began to wave my stiffy at him.

So what would you like me to to do?”

Get in a crouching position, take my cock in your mouth and I will put legs over your shoulders. Then you can stand up and carry me to the bed.”

We did that and by the time Gary had fallen backwards on to the bed, he had to release my cock as he wanted to laugh so much. We laughed for several minutes before we calmed down. “ So what now?” Gary asked me.

How about a sixty nine?” I asked with a huge grin on my face.

Gary just smiled at me before we got in to position and hungrily began to suck on each others dicks. It felt really good and it was definitely the only cock I would ever be interested in sucking from now on. We sucked hungrily at each others dicks for about ten minutes before we were both rewarded with a massive amount of each others cream. We both pulled back a little so that we could really savour and enjoy and swallow every last drop of this unique reward. Finally, we both rolled over on to our backs, totally spent and breathless. We rested for several minutes before Gary said, “ So are you going to drink your cranberry juice?”

What and disguise the taste of that wonderful nectar of the gods?” I said and then asked, “ would you fuck my brains out?”

Ohh......I just love it when you talk dirty,” Gary replied, “ but , no, I won't 'fuck your brains out', as you so eloquently put it.”

I stuck my bottom lip out pretending that I was sulking due to the fact that Gary had hurt my feelings. He knew I was only playing around and said, “ However, I will make slow and passionate love to you.”

I smiled at my lover and said, “ Ohh.....yes please, I really need to feel you inside me now and I just love the feel of your sperm swimming around in me.”

By the time we finished having our fun, it was time for dinner. Gary and I then just spent the evening chilling out and watching music programmes on VH 1 classic or playing games on th PS2.

Saturday morning soon rolled around and I woke to find the space next to me empty. It wasn't long before Gary appeared carrying a tray of coffee, fresh baked croissants, butter and three types of jam, which he placed on the coffee table by the sofas in our room.

He looked at me and said, “ I still haven't punished you for being a naughty boy.”

And exactly what did you have in mind?” I asked.

This,” said Gary, as he made his way over to the bed and threw the duvet up over my head and began to tickle my feet. I was laughing so much that I got all tangled up in the duvet. Once I had stopped laughing, I said, “ That is the sort of punishment that I can take any time.”

So what do you want to do today?”

How about we have a long soak in the bath with the whirlpools going and then the two of us go out for lunch at that nice Italian place in Knutsford,” I said.

Sounds like a great idea to me,” Gary said.

I got out of bed and pulled on some shorts and then went and poured myself some coffee and ate a couple of the croissants with lashings of butter and strawberry jam. Then we had our long soak in the bath and played with each others cocks and shot another load of cum. Once I was dried and dressed, I went to the studio and destroyed all the work I had done on the song BIG BROTHER AND OTHER TELEVISION STORIES. I had decided that it was too controversial and outrageous too even consider using it on one of our albums. I was sure that there would be a lot of people out there that would share those views but it just didn't fit in with the stuff that the group was doing and everyone, including myself, had got totally bored with my bitchy image. I just wanted to get back to being the nice, caring and considerate Jason.

By 1pm, we where sat in the restaurant relaxing and looking at the menu. It was at this point that I said to Gary, “ Can I run something by you?”

Yeah, you know that you can ask me anything,” he replied.

Well we won't be able to do this for just over three years, when I'm eighteen but how do you like the idea of us having a civil partnership ceremony?”

I had been thinking the same thing myself,” Gary replied. “You really would like to do it?”

Of course I would. I know we said we wouldn't mention what happened last weekend ever again but I really did make a big mistake and I now know that you are the only person that I ever want to be in love with. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

That's just so romantic,” Gary said. I could tell that he wanted to lean over the table and kiss me but a restaurant was just too much of a public place to do that sort of thing.

As we neared home on the way back from lunch, I asked Gary to stop the car due to the fact that I had seen what I thought was an injured animal, most likely a dog, lying in the side of the road. Once the car had been pulled in to the side of the road, I got out and went over to the animal. It was a dog, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, to be exact and he looked as if he had been really badly beaten or something. It really upset me. The strange thing was that he would let me touch him but as soon as Gary tried, he would just growl. It was as if he knew that I too had been really hurt and was there to help the poor, injured creature but the dog just didn't trust Gary for some reason.

I looked at Gary and said, “ would you call mum and ask her to bring a blanket and find an emergency vet? We need to get him teated and quickly.”

Gary had his phone out and was calling mum before I had even finished speaking. It was about ten minutes later when I saw mums Mercedes coming towards us. Mum pulled up and got out of the car. As I asked, mum had brought a blanket. As mum approached, the dog ( who I had decided was going to be called One Eyed Jack, due to the patch of brown fur around his left eye ), began to growl. I took the blanket from mum and she stepped back. I cautiously approached Jack and kneeled down. I quietly said to him, “ It's Ok boy, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to wrap you in this blanket and then we will take you to the vets and get you fixed up.”

I wrapped Jack in the blanket and carefully lifted him up and took him over to mums car and placed him on the back seat and then I got in next to him. After mum had got in the car and we where heading back towards Knutsford, I asked mum, “ did you find a vet?”

The one I called had his office calls diverted to his home and said he will meet us at his office. Jason, I just want to prepare you for the worst though. If he is too badly injured then the vet may suggest putting him to sleep.”

I realize that but I don't care how much it costs, I want everything possible done to try and save him. I mean, how would you have felt eighteen months ago if the doctors had told you that I was so badly hurt that the only thing that they could do was to put me to sleep?”

That's just stupid, you know they don't do that to humans,” mum said.

I know but I'm just talking hypothetically here.”

We wouldn't have allowed it and neither would Jim or Kathy.”

So you get my point about wanting to do whatever I can to save him?”

Yes,” was mums simple answer.

We arrived at the vets office and I carried jack in and placed him on the examination table. The only way that the vet could examine Jack was if I stayed with him and kept him calm. The only time I had to keep clear was when the x- rays were being taken. As mum had warned me, things didn't look good and the vet said that maybe it would be less painful and kinder to Jack if we had him put to sleep. I cried for five minutes on hearing this. When my tears began to subside. I looked at the vet with pleading eyes and said, “ I really don't care how much it is going to cost but I want you try and save him.”

The vet said he would have to call one of his nurses to assist with the surgery required to set Jacks broken leg and to remove a blood clot that had showed up on the x -ray. It took almost an hour for the nurse to arrive and almost three hours after that before the vet reappeared and told us that the operation had gone well but Jack was still only given a fifty – fifty chance. The nurse said that she would stay with Jack at the vets office overnight and in the morning, once he had been checked over, if everything was OK, then we would be allowed to take him home. I was allowed to go and see what was hopefully going to be my new pet. He was just about awake and had an IV connected to his front left leg that was providing him with a nutrient solution. I stayed for about ten minutes before mum and I headed for home.

We arrived home and Gary told me that he had driven around most of the other houses in the area and talked to our neighbours but no one had lost a dog. I informed Gary that the vet had told me that it seemed the dog had been thrown form a fast moving vehicle. Again, I was really shocked at this and found it almost impossible to be believe that anyone could be so cruel to a defenceless little creature like Jack. That night I only picked at the dinner that Tom had cooked. I just didn't feel hungry as I was so sickened at the thought of that poor little dog just being thrown from a moving car. I didn't sleep much either.

At 9.30am on Sunday morning, my mobile phone was ringing. I answered the call and it was the vet. Jacks condition was much improved but I was told that he was not out of the woods yet. He would be in the plaster cast for about six weeks and would need pain medication and antibiotics for two weeks. The vet said he would give me full instructions on administering this when we collected the dog from his office. Needless to say, this news cheered me up no end and I was soon dressed and sitting down to breakfast. I told mum that we could go and get Jack. I had a huge smile on my face. Mum was going to play squash with one of her friends that morning and so dad said he would take me to get Jack. The vet had given me a list of things that we would need to get, such as a bed and the correct dog food. We decided to go to the pet store first and then collect my new dog from the vets.

By one o'clock we where back home and I was spoon feeding Jack some scrambled eggs. He still hadn't got used to standing on three legs, nor had he adjusted to the weight of the cast on his right hind leg. None the less, it was good that he was in a much better condition than he had been when we found him yesterday. After lunch, I decided to go to our room and check my e – mails. I had one from Adam, who was really getting his life back together again. He was still with his foster parents but had got together with the guy that he hold told us about when he was here in August. The guys name was Alan and he was real stunner. Adam had sent us some photos of the two of them and I was really happy for them both. I also had an e – mail from Josh, who, as luck would have it, had been offered the chance to compose some music for a Hollywood blockbuster. It was something that I would like to do given the chance. I was still also in contact with Christian in Germany. He was also doing reasonably well in terms of his music.

By the time I had finished replying to my e -mails, Jack had managed to make his way upstairs. At least he had worked out how to balance and walk on three legs. It was good to see that he was looking a lot better than he had when I found him. It would be a few weeks before he was finally out of the woods but at least he was still alive, thanks to my pleading with the vet.

I also got chance to talk to the rest of the guys. From what he told me, things were going well for Ross and Shane. Chris and Steve had got new girlfriends in the form of Carla, who was 15 and had hooked up with Chris. Her sister, Kate, was 14 and apparently, Steve was madly in love with her. Oh, well, I would just have to really wind him about that at school tomorrow. As it was the last week of school and the week of the WAR OF THE WORLDS SHOWS, we didn't need to be there until 2pm. I was so looking forward to the shows. We would be doing seven altogether with evening performances from Tuesday to Friday and afternoon shows from Wednesday to Friday. All the proceed would be going to the charities that we supported.

The rest of the day passed really quietly. Mum had said that we could let Jack sleep in our room as long as we made sure that he stayed in his own bed. He was also starting to trust mum, dad and Gary, which came a relief to me. It was nice having a pet even if it would mean getting up earlier so that I could take him for a walk before going to school. I went to bed that night feeling really content. My relationship was back on track and I had helped to save the life of a poor, defenceless little dog.

End of chapter 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So everything seems to be finally getting back to the way it was for Gary and Jason.

I mentioned in this chapter about the two guys having a civil partnership ceremony once Jason reaches the age of eighteen. I also mentioned in a recent chapter that Jason is looking forward to the days when they have all finished school so that the band can go off on a very long world tour. So that I can explore these ideas further, I am creating a sequel/ parallel story called FURTHER DOWN THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. I will be posting chapter one very soon ( in the high school section ), so look out for it.

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