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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

When I awoke, Gary was on the computer replying to some e -mails that he had. He had been kind enough to take Jack for a walk and made sure that he had fresh water and food. I showered and dressed and then went to the studio to work on some music that I had been commissioned to compose by the world famous percussionist EVELYN GLENNIE. We would be doing the world premiere at the GRAND CANYON during the half term holiday next February. The piece was called ECHOES THROUGH THE CANYON ( music for two drummers ), Chris being the other drummer/percussionist involved in the performance.

I was now on Xmas holiday and looking forward to the rest. Nick and Liam were holed up in Liams room ( doing what two gay boys love doing!!!). Steve and his family were going to spend Xmas with relatives that lived near Bristol and Chris and his family were going to Dubai for the holiday but would be back for the New Years eve party at our house. Our own Xmas was being spent at home. Peter, Louise, Brad and Shane were once again coming over from South Africa. Then we would also have my grandparents, Kim, Dean, Nick, Jamie and Greg. I was really looking forward to it. At least this year we wouldn't have to sit teddy at the table as Liams dinner guest.

Over the weekend, I received a call from the French musician, Jean Michel Jarre. I had contacted him about the idea of guesting at the A CITY IN CHAOS concert. He had already agreed to do this and I had told him that I had recorded my own versions of some his music. These being ETHNICOLOUR 1, OXYGENE 2, OXYGENE 4, EQUINOXE 4, CHRNOLOGY 6 and MAGNETIC FIELDS 2. I had sent a CD of these pieces to him and, after listening to it, he was calling to confirm that he would love to be a part of my show and that we could perform these pieces together at the show. Chris also called to invite me to his house for the night on Tuesday. It would just be us two plus Steve and in a way would be just like old times. After informing Gary about this, he called Simon and Kyle and invited them to spend the night at our house. Gary also said that he would drive me to Chris' place in his car.


Tuesday soon rolled around and it was just after lunch that Gary and I were loading his car. I had two guitars ( one electric and an acoustic ), two keyboards, ( that I could hook up to the two laptops that I was also taking so that I had something to control and play my many software instruments ), and a guitar amp plus a few fx gadgets and some microphones.

Gary said, “ just how long are you going for?”

Just overnight,” I replied, “ but you know what it's like when Steve and Chris come here for the weekend. Ok, so now we have two drum kits in the studio, Chris doesn't bring so much stuff.”

It took us around forty minutes to arrive at Chris' place and my two friends helped to unload my gear and take it up to Chris' studio in the attic. Here he had three drum kits. There was a conventional kit that consisted of Tama and Premiere acoustic drums with the addition of Paiste and Zildijan cymbals. Along side this was a Simmonds electronic drum kit from the 1980's and finally the Yamaha electronic kit. This could be connected to his computer set up so that he could use it to control software drum machines and synthesizers. This itself opened up a whole new world of sound possibilities. The Yamaha kit could also be used to play hardware synthesizers by connecting the equipment together via the MIDI ( MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DIGITAL INTERFACE ) interface. Again, this offered a whole new world of sound possibilities and I had taken all this into account whilst composing the piece that was to be premiered at the Grand Canyon.

While Steve gave me a hand to get set up. Chris played the perfect host and disappeared off to get some drinks and snacks for us. While Chris was gone, Craig came strolling in to the room and said, “ Hi uncle Jason. So what does all this shit do?”

I had to laugh and then said, “ it looks like he has been attending your school of alternative language again?”

Yeah, I should really try to be more careful. It's just that he has a habit of sneaking up on me when ever I swear,” Steve said.

This little lot,” I said, “ is just a small part of my huge collection of instruments.”

I was informed that the reason for Craig being there was down to the fact that Howard and Linda had an important business dinner to attend and had been unable to find a babysitter for him. I had brought Jack with me, who took an instant liking to Craig, ( much to my relief ). Jack was nervous around new people but I could understand that, after the way in which he had been hurt. Even I was still very cautious around new people. I suppose I had a deep rooted fear of people I didn't know and always had a feeling that they may end up hurting me in someway. Having said that, I was getting better and becoming more outgoing. I had to, now that I was becoming famous.

Chris soon returned with the drinks and then we got down to making some music. Chris got things underway with an improvised drum beat/groove and was joined by Steve who got a great bass line going and then I joined in with a mixture of chords, riffs and arpeggios. All the microphones and electronic gear was connected to the 32 channel mixer and being recorded onto hard drive via Cubase SX3. We had always done this when it had just been the three of us, even if we couldn't do much with the music that we had created straight away, it would always come in useful eventually.

We broke for dinner at around 6.30. Over dinner we all exchanged presents, although we didn't open them as we wanted to save them for Xmas day. Amanda had prepared a great feast that started with French onion soup and cheese croutons, this was followed with Orange and garlic glazed chicken, Roast and mashed potatoes, Honey glazed carrots, Braised cabbage and Green beans. For desert we had Bread and Butter pudding with Vanilla custard. We were also allowed to have a couple of glasses of wine each with the meal. After dinner we went to Chris' room and played on his X-box 360 for a little while. At round 8pm, Steve said that it was time for Craig to have his bath. Of course, it was ' uncle' Jason and 'uncle' Chris who had to help. Steve said that we should cover the bathroom floor with towels and wear nothing more than a pair of shorts if we did. By the time we had finished bathing Craig, I'm not sure which one of us had more water over us.

After getting Craig to bed and reading to him until he went to sleep, the three of us sat and watched some TV for few hours before heading off to bed.

I got a rude awakening at around five am when I heard, “ Uncle Jason, wakey wakey, rise and shine.”

It was Craig and I really felt like telling him to fuck off but knew better. He'd be repeating that all day if I did. I simply said, “ Go and wake Steve up.”

I already did and he told me to wake Chris who...........” I interrupted him there and said, “ don't tell me, Chris sent you to wake me?”

How did you know?”

I just did. So what do you want?”

I want you to help me play with my toys,” Craig said.

But it's way too early for that. Why don't you go back to bed for a while?”

But I'm wide a wake now,” Craig whined.

Well how about you go and get your book and then get in bed next to me and I'll read to you for a while.”

Ok, Jason,” Craig said, as he toddled off to his room.

Craig soon returned with his book and I read to him for about ten minutes until I heard the sound of his gentle snoring, indicating that he was asleep again. I carefully got out of bed and pulled some shorts on to avoid any embarrassing questions as to why I was sleeping naked when Craig woke up again.

As I made my way to the bathroom a few hours later, Steve passed me on his way back to his room. I said, “ if you are looking for Craig, he's in my room.”

So you got the last of the early morning wake up calls?” Steve asked.

Yes,” was all I said.

By the time I got back to my room after my morning shower, Steve had woken Craig and got him dressed and the two of them had headed down for breakfast. When I got to the dining room, I noticed we had two guests. Steve and Chris took the opportunity of introducing me to their new girlfriends, Kate and Carla.

So when do you plan on dumping these trouble makers?” I asked the girls. This got me one of those 'if looks could kill' sort of looks off my two friends. I had to explain what had happened with their previous girlfriends. Kate and Carla told me that had no plans to do anything like that. The only ( long term ) plans that they had were to marry their rock star boyfriends.

Gary finally picked me up at around four, after we had spent the day entertaining the girls with some live music. After dinner that evening Gary and I disappeared to our room and had soon stripped naked and I was on my knees working him to a massive orgasm, while I remembered a certain Halloween party we had been to the year before. We had made some great new friends, including a billionaire form Arizona. After about ten minutes, I was rewarded with a huge load of my favourite, Gary flavoured boi juice. I worked my way back up his body, swirling my tongue in his bellybutton, sucking, licking and chewing his nipples and finally giving him a huge hickey on the right side of his neck before getting in to a serious game of tonsil tennis.

Gary started to chew on my ears at some point. This was one thing that always drove me wild. Then he got to work on my neck and left a huge hickey, ( I suppose that this was a way for us to mark our territory ). then he worked his way down my body, giving my nipples and belly button a good going over, before he finally got to my cock and asked if, tonight he could feel me inside of him. I was the one that usually had Gary buried deep in me, due to the fact that I was a natural bottom and he was top. However, we did occasionally reverse roles and tonight was one of those occasions. I spread his ass cheeks apart and pushed my tongue as deep as it would go and then inserted a finger and began to tickle his prostate. My boyfriend was in ( gay boi ) heaven. Once I felt that he was ready, I lubed his ass and my cock and, once I had stood up, I began to push in, when Gary suddenly said, “ just push it in one go, I don't want you to be gentle tonight.” It was normal for us to be slow and passionate with our love making but if Gary wanted something different tonight, then who was I to object. I did as he asked and pushed my cock, ( which at the last measurement had grown to what I considered to be a respectable six inches ). Gary and I never thought of ourselves as size ' queens '. To us, it wasn't the size that mattered, it was what you did with it. Anyway, I was pounding in and out of my lover like there was no tomorrow and I knew that I wouldn't last long. I felt my balls tense and then I began to shoot as I made one final thrust against Garys prostate. I reached around and cupped my hands over his dick and caught his love juice as he erupted. Once we had both shot our loads, I somehow managed to pull my hands apart and, without spilling a drop of this precious substance, I brought my hands to my mouth and licked them clean. By now, it was after eleven and so Gary put on some soft music while we went and showered together. Then we climbed in to bed in our favourite position, Gary lying on his right side with me spooned in behind him and my arms wrapped around him.

After breakfast on Thursday, Eddie picked Gary and I up in the limo and we made off for the airport to meet our visitors from South Africa. We didn't have long to wait before we were soon greeted by our guests.

You look really well,” Louise said to me.

Thank you,” I said, “ life just keeps getting better and better for me.”

Eddie had appeared with a couple of trolleys to get the luggage out to the limo. We soon arrived at the house and were informed that lunch would be ready in about an hour. Gary and I played host and showed everyone to their rooms. Once Brad and Shane got to their room they told me to fuck off as they had some things to take care off. Knowing these two the way I did, it didn't need many brain cells to know exactly what they were talking about.

I'm surprised at you,” I said, “ I thought you would have spent the entire flight locked in the bathroom on the plane.” I then fell in to a bout of hysterical laughter.

So what would you know about the mile high club?” I was asked by Shane.

I'm already a member,” I said.

Since when,” Brad asked.

Since the summer. Gary and I joined on the way to Australia.”

Jeez, that just confirms that you are one sex crazed young dude,” said Shane.

After that I left them to it. They did finally appear for lunch about fifteen minutes late and they had remembered to put on some clothes. The next few days were spent relaxing with our visitors. We had been joined by Jamie and Greg. Jamies business was going very well and he had secured a couple of really big and lucrative contracts with some major companies. They had arrived on the Thursday night after getting things wrapped up for the Xmas and new year holiday and closing the office for almost two weeks.

Xmas morning arrived and at around six thirty there was a loud knock on our bedroom door, followed by Liam saying, “ merry Xmas guys, wakey wakey, rise and shine. It's time you were up.”

I lifted the duvet and checked my cock and Garys cock and they were most definitely up. “ We are up,” I called out, “ but come in any way.”

Liam, Nick, Jamie, Greg, Brad and Shane entered the room and Gary and I said in unison, “ merry Xmas guys but what's with the early wake up call?”

Well, we thought it would be nice if we were all together while we gave our boyfriends their extra special Xmas presents. If you get my meaning?” Jamie said as a response to our question.

Oh, I do,” I said as we were joined in our bed by our friends. Gary and I had a king size bed but with eight horny teens in it, it was still very cramped. Still, we all spent the next hour or so making love to our boyfriends. There was no swapping going on but it was great fun watching everyone's sucking and fucking techniques. Finally, after two orgasms each, we all went off to get showered and ready for the day.

On sitting down for breakfast, Gary, Liam and I noticed that we each had an envelope at our places. Curiosity soon got the better of us and we opened the envelopes and must have looked surprised when we found that they contained nothing more than a key.

It was Liam who asked, “ what are these for?”

The quad bikes that we bought you for Xmas,” mum said.

We each got up and went and gave mum a kiss and thanked her and dad for the fantastic present.

Of course, we don't want to see you riding them unless you are wearing the safety gear that goes with them. Kathy is putting that in your rooms as we speak,” Dad said.

Just then, grandma appeared and we all wished her a merry Xmas and then got down to eating the fantastic breakfast that Tom had prepared. After this, Liam, Gary and I asked to be excused from the table and dashed upstairs to change into the safety gear so that we could go for a ride, ( on our quad bikes, you filthy minded perverts ). After about thirty minutes, I pulled up next to Nick, who was standing there with Jack looking a little left out of things. The two of us disappeared in to the studio and swapped clothes, so that Nick could have a go on my Quad bike. After another half hour we went back to the house and changed in to our choice of clothes for the day. We then headed down to the lounge for present opening time. We all got a huge amount of presents including clothes and computer software for our music projects. Gary and Liam even got Paul Reed Smith electric guitars, which they were more than happy with.

We then went to the studio so that we could get all the new software loaded and while I did this, ( with help form the family computer expert, Jamie ), Gary and Liam kept us entertained playing their new guitars, which sounded beautiful. Grandma and Louise had insisted on helping Tom with the Xmas dinner. We sat down at around four thirty and once again had a lavish six course feast. We had a long break between the main course and the Xmas pudding. During this period we had two more big surprises. Mum came in and handed an envelope to Gary, me, Liam and Nick.

What are these?” I asked.

They're your present from Elton and David. Go ahead and open them,” dad instructed us.

We opened the envelopes and inside were first class return air tickets, Manchester to Las Vegas, two weeks deluxe accommodation at Caesars Palace and front row seats and backstage passes to Elton Johns fabulous, ( so I had heard ), Las Vegas show, also at Caesars Palace. I looked at the dates and they were for the two week mid term holiday in February. We would be flying out on the 23rd, two days before my birthday. This was so cool. It also tied in with the performance of my new work at the Grand Canyon. We would be seeing Eltons show on the 25th, my birthday. I was in tears, but tears of happiness, as this was just so unexpected.

Chris, Steve and Ross got the same and they are all allowed to take a friend,” dad said.

And we know just who they'll be taking,” Gary said, with a huge grin, wider than the Grand Canyon on his face.

But what about Callum and Aaron?” I asked. “ I mean those two did a great job with backing vocals at Eltons party and we did let them do THUNDERCHILD.”

They got the same thing. They are going too,” mum informed me, much too my delight.

But aren't we a little too young to be going to Las Vegas without adults?” Asked Liam.

That's all being taken care of,” came the response from dad.

Just then the phone rang and it was Callum, who was all excited about his present from the legendary Elton John. No sooner had I finished the call with Callum, than the phone rang again and I called out, “ it's Ok, I got it.” It was Aaron, who was just as excited about his present as his boyfriend had been.

When I got back to the table, it was Gary who asked, “ so what was the other big surprise that you said you had?”

Well, I know that you and your brothers, ( that's how we had started to see Liam, even though he had not been adopted by mum and dad ), were very concerned when I said I had to go to the doctors earlier in the week but you don't have to worry. It's nothing serious, it's just that I'm pregnant,” mum told us.

I sat there with my mouth wide open before saying, “ did I just here right? There is going to be a new addition to the family?”

Yes,” mum replied.

By now, dad was passing around the champagne, so that we could toast this news. The baby was due in July, as mum was now around six or seven weeks pregnant. It was a little early to have a scan but she was hoping for a girl. Mum said that the house was already overrun with males and she wanted to have some female company for her old age.

The evening was spent in the studio entertaining the family, ( Nick had brought his cello so that he could join in with this ). Then, the adults, along with Jamie, Greg, Brad and Shane went off to the lounge to enjoy a few drinks and this also gave Jamie a chance to catch up with his parents, who he hadn't seen since our trip over there the year before. It also gave him chance to catch up with Brad and Shane. Meanwhile Liam, Nick, Gary and I went up to our room and played on the x -box, whilst we listened to some of the new CDs that we had received for Xmas. We finally hit the sack at around midnight. Gary was already in bed when I returned from the bathroom, after taking a piss and brushing my teeth. He noticed that I had a few tears in my eyes and asked, “ hey babe, what's wrong?”

I'm OK, honestly. I'm just so happy. I thought that last Xmas was the best ever, but this year was even better. I didn't think that was possible but I have been proved wrong.”

I gave my boyfriend a deep, loving and passionate kiss before falling asleep in his arms.

End of chapter 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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