Sad song of a gay teen 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

I sat there with my mouth wide open before saying, “ did I just here right? There is going to be a new addition to the family?”

Yes,” mum replied.

By now, dad was passing around the champagne, so that we could toast this news. The baby was due in July, as mum was now around six or seven weeks pregnant. It was a little early to have a scan but she was hoping for a girl. Mum said that the house was already overrun with males and she wanted to have some female company for her old age.

The evening was spent in the studio entertaining the family, ( Nick had brought his cello so that he could join in with this ). Then, the adults, along with Jamie, Greg, Brad and Shane went off to the lounge to enjoy a few drinks and this also gave Jamie a chance to catch up with his parents, who he hadn't seen since our trip over there the year before. It also gave him chance to catch up with Brad and Shane. Meanwhile Liam, Nick, Gary and I went up to our room and played on the x -box, whilst we listened to some of the new CDs that we had received for Xmas. We finally hit the sack at around midnight. Gary was already in bed when I returned from the bathroom, after taking a piss and brushing my teeth. He noticed that I had a few tears in my eyes and asked, “ hey babe, what's wrong?”

I'm OK, honestly. I'm just so happy. I thought that last Xmas was the best ever, but this year was even better. I didn't think that was possible but I have been proved wrong.”

I gave my boyfriend a deep, loving and passionate kiss before falling asleep in his arms.

Sad song of a gay teen 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I was awoken by the sound of Jack whimpering and scratching at the door. He needed to go and take care of business and so I put on my bathrobe and we headed off downstairs but not before I heard Gary mumble, “ and don't forget the coffee when you come back.”

We got to the conservatory and it what was pissing down, ( in English, that means it was raining very heavily ), and so I had to go and find a carrier bag to cover the plaster cast before letting Jack out. While he was doing whatever, I got fresh food and water for him. He didn't stay out for too long due to the rain. When I let Jack back in the house, I grabbed a towel and dried him off. I left him to have a drink and eat some food, while I went to the kitchen and made a couple of cappuccinos. Then I got Jack and we went back upstairs. I passed Brad and Shanes room and they were definitely at 'it'. I just smiled to myself.

Gary was sitting up in bed and listening to a CD by the musician, VANGELIS. My dad had a lot of his music in his collection and I loved listening to it when I was waiting for inspiration to strike. We drank our coffee and then I said to Gary, “ how about you go and run the bath?”

Me? What's wrong with you doing it?”

You're just lazy,” came the response from Gary

I made the coffee,” I said, as I hit him with the pillow.

But you forgot to put some cream in it.”

By now, I was right in front of his face and waving my stiff cock at him and I said, “ well have a suck on this and see if you can get some FRESH cream.”

Needless to say that he didn't need to be told twice. We ended up in a sixty-nine and sucked each other for what felt like an eternity. We kept getting a hold of each others perineums, so that we didn't cum too early. I think that we both wanted to be rewarded with an extra large helping of fresh cream. This finally happened after about forty minutes. I did ask again, if Gary was going to go and run the bath but I gave in in the end and did it myself. It was nearly midday when we got to the dining room to have the large brunch that mum, Louise and grandma had prepared.

Due to the fact that it was raining, we wouldn't be able to go out on our quad bikes. Finally we decided that we would spend the afternoon in the pool. granddad and dad decided that they would join us. That put an end to the idea of the nude swimming. Gary left at about four, so that he could go and shower so that he could get on with cooking dinner. Cooking was his favourite hobby but he did not get an awful lot of chance to do it anymore because of the fact that mum and dad had employed a chef.

We started with a platter of Italian meat and olives and roasted vegetables, followed by a Tuna steaks, ( cooked medium rare ), with a wild mushroom sauce, crushed new potatoes and glazed carrots and finished with apple and mixed berry crumble. With home-made vanilla custard.

So where did you learn to cook like that?” Louise asked.

I always liked to watch mum cook when I was little. I also love to watch the food programs on TV, I learnt a lot from doing that. When I was about twelve, it was mums birthday and I told dad that I wanted to cook a special dinner for her. I had already decided what I wanted to cook and made a list of everything I needed. Dad and I went out shopping and we got back and I cooked. Mum really enjoyed it and she started to let me help with dinner when I got home from school. Then, when I was nearly fourteen, some days I would get home and just cook the dinner, to give mum a break,” Gary said in reply to the question.

It really was a fantastic meal,” Peter said, “ better than I've had in many restaurants.”

Brad, Shane and Nick offered to do the washing up and so Liam, Gary and I went to the studio so that they could play their new guitars and I would accompany them with some of the new software instruments that I has received for Xmas. Jack came with us and we were soon joined by Jamie, Greg and the sex maniacs from Cape Town.

We spent some of the evening in the lounge chatting with the adults. Peter and Louise asked when we would be able to go and visit them in South Africa. It was then that dad told us about all the stuff that we had going on over the next year. There was the trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon in February. At easter, we would be going to Japan, the half term spring holiday in May would be taken up with some shows in the UK. Dad also told us that he got us an extra two weeks off in the summer, as we would be going to South America and doing shows in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Receife, Buenos Aires ( the capital of Argentina ), and Santiago de Chile, ( the capital of Chile ). Then there would be the A CITY IN CHAOS in August for Garys birthday. On top of this, there would be the world premieres of four new classical works involving orchestras in Singapore, Los Angeles, Manchester and Liverpool. And finally, we would be recording our third album, which we had already decided would be called ACOUSTICA AND ELECTONICA. This would actually be a double CD. One disk would be songs recorded using nothing more than acoustic instruments. The second disk would be done using all our high tech electronic gear. Hence the title. All in all, just another busy year in the lives of the WILD BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At some point during the evening, Gary had phoned Callum and Aaron and invited them to spend a few days at our place, so that we could get some work done on their demo CD. It was when I heard this that I suggested that I wanted to set up a record label and that our first signing would be my two friends. Gary said he would be interested in doing this in partnership with me. We spent some time discussing the idea and formulating our plans. By now, Liam and Nick had gone off to Liams room, ( supposedly to play on the x-box ), they must have thought that I was stupid.

By new years eve, we had five songs by Callum and Aaron completed. Gary was doing a great job on the sound engineering/production front. The course he was on was really paying off.

Chris and Steve got dropped off by Eddie at around four in the afternoon. They both told us about their Xmas. Mum and dad had hired another marquee for the party, ( I'm sure that they had a special deal going on with the company ). The band wouldn't be performing this year as dad said that we should take this opportunity to enjoy ourselves as we had such a busy year ahead of us. That was most agreeable to us. It was soon after midnight that Chris and Steve asked me if I had any condoms. So that was their plan. But who was I to argue if they wanted to have sex with their girlfriends. I told them that I didn't have what they wanted but Greg said that he had some. Problem solved.

By one o'clock, mine and Garys room was a mass of moaning bodies. All the gay boys from our group of friends had congregated there and it was just a mass of boi bodies, each one pleasuring their boyfriend with sucking, fucking, rimming. There was cum being shot down throats and up asses. Nick even commented that he should have brought his camcorder as this would have made a great porno movie, ( for selected, private viewing only, due to the fact that most of us were under-age ). Still, everyone was having fun. I think that we all went to bed at around four in the morning.

I don't know what time it was when I woke up but I know that I said to Gary, “ it really stinks in here this morning.”

Well what the hell do you expect? There were seven gay couples going at it in here last night,” Gary said.

Yeah but it was bloody good fun, wasn't it?”

It was. Maybe we should have more parties that end up with that going on.”

Reliving the memories of all the horny action the night before had us both hard in an instant. We wasted no time in getting down to business as I took Garys morning stiff cock in to my eager mouth. As I sucked on his tool, I used my fingers on his chocolate starfish and soon had him writhing with intense pleasure as I hit that magic spot that was hidden deep inside him. When I felt he was about to come I wasted no time in lowering myself on to his cock and fucked myself stupid as I felt that now seven inch long piece of meat hit the target. “ Mmmmmmmm............ yeah that feels so damn good,” I moaned, as Gary wriggled around in ecstasy underneath me. I couldn't hold any longer and began to shoot my load. The first shot was so powerful that it sailed straight over Garys head and hit the wall. I made one last powerful downward thrust and hit the magic spot and felt Gary empty his load in to me. I leaned forward and kissed my soul mate while I felt the last few squirts being fired in to my ass.

As we lay there catching our breath, Gary said, “ wow, I just can't believe how intense that was.”

We kissed some more and then showered together before heading off in search of breakfast.

The rest of the week passed too quickly and it was back to school. I did spend a lot of my spare time talking with Evelyn Glennie about the composition. I had to do this either via a web cam, ( due to the fact that she was profoundly deaf and this is what made her an exceptional musician ). When communicating via the web cam, she would lip read. The other ways we had of ' talking ' to each other were via the instant messenger on the Internet or via text messaging on our mobile phones.

Chris had bought a professional quality web cam and installed a huge plasma screen that he had connected to his computer system. Evelyn had a similar set up and this was how the two of then rehearsed , via their web cams. As far as the show at the Grand Canyon was concerned, Jamie was heavily involved in designing the lighting and we had our sound people designing the sound system. This was going to be a multi-media event and would be something really special.

Dad was busy sorting everything out for the setting up and launch of our record label. We had decided to call it EXPERIMENTASIA records. One of the things that we wanted to do was offer bands and musicians who produced music of a more experimental nature the chance to get their stuff released. The sort of stuff that we would be interested in would be the kind of thing that the major labels just wouldn't have any interest in. They would say that it wasn't commercially viable but dad always said that one of the things that he had learnt in his business life was that there was always a market for everything and that ways could always be found to make money. I was just a musician and an ideas person, I didn't have a clue about the intricacies of running a business but I knew that dad did and he believed in us. That was important to us.

The third Saturday in January turned out to be a great day. We took Jack back to the vets office and he had the cast removed. Once I lifted him down off the examination table, he began to do that typical dog thing and chase his tail. I never did figure it out why dogs like to do that and they never did get their tail. I often wondered what a dog would do if he ever did catch his tail. Oh well, I suppose that it was just one of lifes little mysteries. That afternoon, when Gary and I got home from the vets, we decided to go swimming. Much to my delight, Jack had no hesitation in joining us in the water. He seemed to love it. The thing he didn't like was being shut in the conservatory until he dried off.

That night, Gary and I were lying in bed and I glanced over at Jack, who was sitting on his own bed licking his balls. I turned to Gary and said, “ I wish I could do that.”

If you give him a biscuit, I'm sure that he'll let you,” Gary said.

I'm sure I heard that joke before, may be you need to get a new script writer.”

Before I knew it Gary had my cock in his mouth and was sucking away as if his life depended on it. He was also working away at my prostate with the two fingers that he had shoved up my arse. That was one thing that I really loved about Gary. He was always finding new ways to pleasure me. The feelings that I was experiencing at the moment in time were some of the most intense that I had ever felt. It was just so amazing that I can't really begin to describe it in words. Needless to say, I couldn't hold out for very long with the intensity of the moment and I soon found myself emptying a massive load of my hot boi juice in to Garys throat. After I had finished, we kissed and snowballed the cum between us for a few minutes before we each swallowed a roughly equal amount.

Things were going well for me at school and I was maintaining reasonable grades in all my subjects. I also had my mock GCSE music exam, which I passed with a mark of 94%. Mr. Morris and Mr. Noels were very impressed with me.

The weeks flew by and it was soon the Thursday of the last week before half term. I was really excited about this holiday. It would be my 15th birthday on the Sunday and I would be in Las Vegas to see our great friend Elton John live in concert. We would also be meeting up with our billionaire friend from Arizona and his family. I was really looking forward to that. I knew that our friend had organised a surprise party for me and so I was also looking forward to that.

End of chapter 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that this is only a short chapter and there wasn't too much in the way of action but that will be made up for in the next chapter, which I'm doing in collaboration with my fellow author Carl. There will be plenty of action going on in that chapter, ( along with plenty of surprises ). On the subject of Carl, if you check out chapter 55 of his story Traveler ( in the Adult/Youth section on nifty ), you will find Gary and Jason turning up as guests at a Halloween party hosted by the Duke of Cocksuckington. You'll have to wait for chapter 33 for more details on that joke.

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