Sad song of a gay teen 34!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

After the performance was over, I was approached by Cullen and Cory, ( who were wearing clothes for a change), they told me about the family band and it was Cory who said, “ we have made a demo CD that we would like you to listen to and maybe you can help us to get it released.”

You could be in luck there, Gary and I are setting up our own record label to handle the release of my classical music projects. We are also working on an album with Callum and Aaron, those two guys are fantastic singers and we think that they could have a great career,” I said to my American friends. “ If I like this, I'll definitely offer you guys a contract. It'll be the first thing that I listen to when I get home.”

Thanks Jason,” Cullen said, “ you really are one amazing person. If I had been through all the crap that you have, I think I would be suffering from some serious depression.”

I do suffer with that but the medication helps,” I told him. “ They did try to take me off it but I just couldn't cope, I think I will be taking it for the rest of my life but it's a small price to pay to be able to lead the life that I do.”

It was time for us to board the choppers back to Las Vegas, so that we could get packed for our flight home tomorrow. My own chopper had been shipped home and so we were using the ones that had been organized by FOSS INTERNATIONAL. We said our goodbyes to our friends and then headed back to Caesars Palace. It had been a great two weeks and probably the best birthday that I had ever had. I didn't see how anyone could do anything better for my birthday in the future.

I certainly felt happier than I ever had in my life when I fell asleep that night.

SAD SONG OFA GAY TEEN 34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eleven o'clock Thursday morning saw us sitting in the departure lounge at Las Vegas airport waiting to board the BMI International flight back to Manchester. The flight would be departing at 1pm local time and would arrive back home at around 6am GMT. Kate and Carla had gone to do some last minute gift shopping for their parents and so this gave Steve and Chris to have a little chat with us.

OK, everyone,” Steve began, “ Chris and I both had a fantastic time at the party at the Stratosphere Hotel but no one outside of this group of friends is to ever find out what went on there.”

The only other people who will ever know that we let Jason suck our dicks,” said Chris, “ will be the people who where at the party. Not even our girlfriends know just what went there and we want to keep it that way.”

We all agree that what Steve and Chris were asking us was more than fair. After all, none of us wanted to see their relationships with the girls ruined because of some innocent teen boy fun. I think was what it had been for all of us, just a bit of harmless fun. No one got hurt and I could see that Chris and Steve didn't want to have anyone starting to question their sexuality.

I think that apart from eating, most slept all the way home. I think that the two weeks had been more exhausting than any of us realized. All our parent were at the airport to meet us and it felt good to be back home in the UK, ( except for the fact that it was pissing down with rain, a bit of a downer after two weeks of constant sunshine ).

So did the helicopter get delivered?” I asked dad.

It certainly did but I think that you should give Mr. Noels a call and let him know that as from Monday you and Liam will have a new mode of transport to school.”

I'll call him this afternoon and let him know,” I promised dad.

After saying our goodbyes, Gary, Liam, dad and I headed out to the Rolls for the drive home. Once we arrived home, we had breakfast and got unpacked. In other words, we found a load of work for Heather, our housekeeper to do as there was a stack of clothing to be washed, dried and ironed. Heather didn't complain though as it was her job. We spent the morning chilling out and I made a point of listening to the CD that Cullen and Cory had given me. The music that the guys played was very much of a religious/spiritual nature. Not exactly my cup of tea but I found it very enjoyable in places. Especially when Cullen sang, he had the most beautiful and angelic voice that I think I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I would definitely be talking to them about signing to our new label. I felt that these guys deserved a chance and I was sure that there would be enough people out there that would buy this album.

Over lunch we told mum and dad all about the trip, ( Ok, well maybe not all, there were a few details that they just didn't need to know about). After lunch, I called Mr. Noels and let him know that, as from Monday, Liam and I would be arriving at school by helicopter. I informed that it had been cleared with air traffic control and that our pilot had already checked out a landing sight in the school grounds. He asked me about the trip and the performance of my new piece. Again, I had a long chat with him and told him about the trip but left out the details of all the sexual activities.

I spent part of the afternoon going through the stack of mail that had arrived for me while I had been away. Most of it was junk and then there was a lot of financial stuff. I just gave that to dad to deal with. Liam and i also decided that we would make a start on the homework that we had to get done before going back to school on Monday. This was a better idea than leaving it all until Sunday and rushing it.

At around four my phone rang. Normally I wouldn't have answered it when it displayed ' withheld number ' but for some reason, I did answer it on this occasion and I didn't like what I heard. As soon as I answered, the voice on the other end of the line said, “ You know Jason, cock sucking, butt fucking, queers like you make me sick.”

Who is this?” I asked.

Never mind who I am, just shut the fuck up and listen. What is even worse is that you do that stuff with your own brother. That is just disgusting.”

By now I was starting to shake but the anonymous caller just carried on, “ now, if you don't want me to ruin your nice, cozy, little life, then I want you to pay me three million pounds in used twenties in forty eight hours time. I'll call you again very soon and let you know where the money is to be left.”

And what if I don't pay up?” I asked.

Then I go to the press and I tell them that Gary is a sick pervert who enjoys having gay sex with underage boys. Just imagine what that will do to your family and your nice little career as a musician. And I have enough evidence to back up my claim.” With that, the mystery caller hung up.

I ran out of my room and burst in to dads office.

Hey, calm down son,” he said to me. “ Now, do you care to tell me what is going on?”

I told dad about the phone call and what would happen if I didn't pay up. By this time we had been joined by mum, Gary and Liam. Gary had had a similar call, asking for the same amount.

I think we should call the police,” mum said.

Is that really such a good Idea?” Liam asked.

Why do you ask that?” Mum said.

Well think about it. If you get the police involved, they will start asking questions about the relationship between Gary and Jason. Gary could end up in some serious trouble. And then there is the fact that you, Phil and Jane, have been allowing the relationship to carry on. You'll be seen as unfit parents and then social services will probably get involved and that could mean that Jason and me end up being put in to care. I don't want that and I'm sure that Jason doesn't either,” Liam said.

I don't,” was my firm response. “ And anyway, we can't track the caller down as it was a withheld number.”

My call was from a withheld number as well,” Gary said.

So how do we deal with this?” Mum asked.

Give Tom Bradley a call. He runs the Manchester office of FOSS INTERNATIONAL. They are one of the worlds leading security firms and I got to meet Andy Foss, who owns the company while I was in the states,” I said to dad.

No sooner had I given dad the business card with the number on it than dad was making the call. Tom Bradley promised to be at our house within the hour.

Sure enough, it was fifty five minutes later when Heather showed Tom Bradley in to the lounge. Dad asked Heather to organize some coffee and then said that we were not to be disturbed. Once the coffee had arrived, we got down to business. Gary and I told Tom what had happened as far as the calls were concerned. Once we had finished, he asked if he could use the computer in the lounge. Tom also asked how many other computers in the house had Internet access. Besides the lunge computer, there was the one in dads office, the desktops that Gary and I and Liam had in our rooms and then there were the laptops that Gary, Liam and I had that used for Internet access at times. Tom spent some time checking all these computers and making sure that the anti-virus, firewall and other Internet security systems were all up to date. He then installed a few more security programmes that would make things even more secure. After this, Tom hacked in to the computer system of our mobile phone network. Even though the calls that we had received had shown as withheld numbers, it was still possible to trace the calls through the phone companies computer system.

This proved to be useless . It took a little while but it was eventually discovered that the calls had made from pre-paid mobile phones that had since been disposed of. We would just have to sit tight and wait for the follow up calls. In the meantime, dad had been in touch with the bank and organized the cash. They had asked quite a few questions about why so much was required in used notes but dad had made some comments about moving our business to another bank if they didn't comply with his request. This soon got them moving and Tom contacted a couple of his guys to bring the cash to the house. Once the money had arrived, we just had to sit tight and wait.

Tom instructed us to go about our lives as normal. I called Cullen and Cory in Arizona and told them that I had dad putting together the contract for them and that it would be sent to them to look over. The name of their band was CELESTIAL OCEAN. It was a name that I really liked and it sorted of conjured up images of peace and tranquility. Our record label hadn't even got past the planning stage yet but we already had two acts signed. I had a good feeling about this new business venture.

It was at around five on Saturday afternoon when the call came through from the blackmailers. My phone rang first and Tom activated the monitoring equipment. I pushed the answer button and the now familiar voice on the other end of the phone said, “ Hello Jason, you faggot. Now listen carefully. In two hours time a white Ford Transit van will park at the end of the driveway to your house. I want you to walk towards the van with the bag containing the cash and leave it. And don't try any funny business with your security people. Just do what I have asked and you won't get hurt.” With that the call ended

Needless to say, I was scared shitless. Tom assured me that I was in no real danger and that if it looked as though something would happen to me, his men would shot first. I didn't like the sound of this at all.

It was around ten minutes later that Gary received a similar call to mine. Tom had traced the source of the calls but again they had been made using pre-paid mobile phones and by the time his men got there, the phones had been disposed of in a litter bin. Now we just had to sit and wait. At around ten minutes to seven, Gary and I put on our coats and made what seemed like the endless walk to the end of the drive. We appeared to be alone but the place was crawling with people from Foss International, ( although they were all discreetly out of sight ). The two of us got to the end of the drive and there was the van that had been described to us. Two men got out of the van and they were pointing guns at us. Now I was literally shiting myself . I turned to Gary and said, very quietly, “ I don't want to die”

He took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze before saying, “ Tom told us that nothing would happen, didn't he?”

I just nodded my head as a response.

One of the men shouted , “ OK, faggots. Drop the bags, turn around and walk slowly towards the house. We did as we were told. As we walked away, I heard someone shout, Jason, Gary, hit the ground..... NOW!!!!

We both dropped to the hard gravel on the driveway as we heard the gun shots. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion but in realty it all happened in a few seconds. I don't know how many gun shots there were but when I looked around, I saw the two men from the van lying on the ground. “ Are they dead?” I asked Gary.

I think so,” he replied.

All I remember doing then was screaming out loudly, “ Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..........................”

A couple of guys from Foss came running over to us. One of them helped us up and said, “ It's over.”

We made our way back to the house and when we got there, mum took us both in to a hug. By now I was crying. I'm unsure how much time had elapsed before one of Toms men appeared in the lounge and said, “ so what do you want us to do with these?”

He was holding an envelope, which Gary took from him. We were both very shocked at what we saw. The envelope contained photos of Gary and I in some very compromising positions. Tom looked at the photos and assured us that they were most definitely fakes but if they had been leaked to the press, then the damage would have been almost irreversible. Gary and I looked at each other before Gary said, “ just destroy them.”

Before Tom left he asked if we had any questions. I spoke up and said, “ I do. Why did you have to shoot them?”

If it hadn't been them, it would have been you two,” Tom informed me.

Once Tom and his people had left, it was time to try and get on with our lives. It had been a really scary couple of days but it was over.....for now. Who knows when someone might try something like this again.

I didn't eat much at dinner as I was still very shaken up. I also decided to have an early night.

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling really refreshed and ready to face the world again. After breakfast, Liam and I spent the morning finishing our homework. It was just before lunch when the door bell rang. I went and answered it and found a man that I had never seen before standing there.

Can I help you?” I asked.

You may be able to. I'm Robert Williams,” he said in a thick Canadian accent. “ Does a Liam Williams Live here?”

He does but who are you?” I asked.

I'm his father,” Robert informed me.

By now dad had appeared and spent some time talking to this mysterious visitor. After a while, dad invited him in to the lounge and told me to go and get Liam. Once Liam and Robert had been introduced, I could see the resemblance. Liam had also always been very curious as to who his father was and had always wondered why his surname was Williams when his mothers name had been Murphy. Now the pieces of the jigsaw were fitting in to place. Robert joined us for lunch and spent most of the time talking with Liam.

He told us he is gay and had been living in Canada for the last fifteen years. He had started to date Anne to dispel some rumours that were going around about his sexuality. Shortly after Anne became pregnant, Robert had come out to his parents and they more or less disowned him and packed him off to Canada to live with relatives. Robert said that he was always ashamed of the fact hat he had never been allowed to have any access to his son and when he had found out about Annes death, he hired a private detective to track Liam down. This led to another question. How come we hadn't been informed of this by Foss International? If anyone was trying to find out anything about us, then our security people knew about it. Of course, the private detective that Robert had hired had out manoeuvred Foss every step of the way. He was obviously one very smart cookie.

As we were eating dessert, Liam said, “ I am almost certain that you are my dad but the only way that we can prove that conclusively is to get a DNA test.”

I can agree to that,” Robert said. “ Also, I can see how happy and settled that you are here, so you don't have to worry about me taking you off to Canada. I also know about the band and you guys are fantastic, so much better that a lot of these modern bands.”

Dad want off to make a phone call to a friend of his that ran a company that did DNA testing. It normally took a couple of weeks to get the result but dad had a favour that he was owed and we could goto see his friend that afternoon and he could have the result for us in a couple of hours. We finished our lunch and I went with dad, Robert and Liam to get the test done.

While we waiting for the result, Robert told us that he ran a successful advertising company based in Vancouver with offices in Toronto, New York and San Fransisco. Now that he had found his on, he was planning on a new expansion of the company and was looking to open an office here in Manchester.

It seemed to take forever waiting for the results but they came back positive. Liam hugged his dad and I could see the tears in his eyes. He said, “ It's great to have you in my life at long last but we have nearly fifteen years to catch up on.”

I know, son,” Robert said.

After the horrors of the last few days, it was nice to have something of a happy nature going on. Dad told Robert that he was welcome at the house anytime he liked to see hi son. On the way home it was almost as if dad and I didn't exist. Robert said he would take Liam out to dinner the following evening. Liam said that that was acceptable as long as Nick was invited. Liam told his dad that he is gay and that Nick was his boyfriend. I can't remember the last time that I saw Liam looking so happy.

End of Chapter 34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so a chapter with no sex but didn't you horny buggers get enough of that last time?

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