Sad song of a gay teen 35!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

While we were waiting for the result, Robert told us that he ran a successful advertising company based in Vancouver with offices in Toronto, New York and San Fransisco. Now that he had found his son, he was planning on a new expansion of the company and was looking to open an office here in Manchester.

It seemed to take forever waiting for the results but they came back positive. Liam hugged his dad and I could see the tears in his eyes. He said, “ It's great to have you in my life at long last but we have nearly fifteen years to catch up on.”

I know, son,” Robert said.

After the horrors of the last few days, it was nice to have something of a happy nature going on. Dad told Robert that he was welcome at the house anytime he liked to see his son. On the way home it was almost as if dad and I didn't exist. Robert said he would take Liam out to dinner the following evening. Liam said that that was acceptable as long as Nick was invited. Liam told his dad that he is gay and that Nick was his boyfriend. I can't remember the last time that I saw Liam looking so happy.

Sad Song Of A Gay Teen 35!!!!!!!!!

Robert left at around 10.30pm on Sunday evening after a fantastic dinner cooked by Gary. It was usual for Gary to cook dinner on a Sunday due to the fact that it was Toms day off. I went to bed not long after this as I was still somewhat shaky after the blackmail attempt. It was not longer after I had got into bed that the phone began to ring. I was a little surprised to find that it was Chris D calling from his home in Tuscon, Arizona.

The call started off a little weired, as Chris was telling me about a 24oz coffee cup that Cory had bought for him and the cup came complete with it's own heating pad base that was rechargeable and would keep the coffee hot for six hours. It recharged by being connected to a slot on the coffee maker itself. Chris talked about how he liked his coffee made and the way that the coffee maker kept the grounds in a vacuum while the coffee maker refilled with hot water and that it took less than five minutes to brew a fresh pot and that one pot was enough to refill his big cup four times. The whole thing had been installed next to his desk and all he had to do was swivel his chair around to make a fresh pot.

I kind of got tired of this and said, “ OK, Chris, you haven't called to just talk about making coffee.”

Correct, I actually called about the blackmail attempt on you and Gary.”

Chris already knew about the whole thing as Tom Bradley had called Andy Foss, who, in turn had sent an e-mail to Chris. It came as a bit of a surprise to me that Chris had been monitoring our calls ever since he met us on 30th October 2005. Apparently the recordings of the phone calls had been voice analysed and it turned out to be a ghost from Chris' past. What Chris had a problem with was why these people were targeting Gary and I.

It was all to do with some court from about eighteen months ago in which Chris had testified against the people running an international slavery ring. The kind of slavery that these people were involved with was enough to sicken anyone to the stomach. The people running this so called business were kidnapping teenage boys from across the USA ans then shipping them off to Europe and the middle east were the boy were used as either sex slaves by sick, boyloving paedophiles or they trained as prostitutes. The whole organization was masterminded by a man called Ibrahim, a wealthy oil man from a very sandy country. Chris had though that once the court case was over, that would be the end of the matter but obviously not, Ibrahim had sent people after us as a way of getting to Chris. It was all scary stuff.

Chris also told me that he had not actually bought the Stratosphere hotel and Tower. He had just wanted to use the place to host the party for my birthday but had been unable to reserve the fifty suites that he required to accommodate his family and guests and so he had barged into the offices of the owners accompanied by five security people, who were carrying trunks that contained $500,000,000 million in notes. As soon as the owners saw this, they pissed themselves, they creamed their pants and signed the contracts and took the money as a deposit. Needless to say, Chris had since found that due to the fact that he didn't have a Nevada gaming licence, he couldn't actually own the hotel and currently had his legal people getting the contract revoked and his money back. Chris also told me that he was not usually so frivolous with his money but he had done it so that I would get to have a totally unforgettable birthday party. Unforgettable being the operative word. The other thing that he had told me, which I found really frightening was that the people who owned the hotel would not have thought twice about killing Chris and his entire family.

I was also told, that due to the nature of the party, FOSS INTERNATIONAL had been monitoring the police forces across America, just to make sure that no one put in a complaint about what had been going on.

So how did you enjoy your trip to the states?” Chris D asked me.

It was really cool and thanks for hosting the party and buying the chopper for me,” I replied

Well, you are one really special person and I wanted to give you a birthday to remember,” Chris said before adding, “ and I think will really be something once you come of age.”

After talking for an hour or so, we ended the call and I went to sleep.

At precisely 8.15am the next morning Liam and I climbed into the Sikorsky S92 helicopter that I had been bought for my birthday. It could actually seat 22 but Chris had had it fitted with just twelve fully reclining seats and there was also a small galley that would enable us to make drinks and reheat pre-packed food when we were traveling to TV shows and gigs around the country. It had a range of 500 miles and a speed 150mph. We could easily get to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam in it as well as anywhere in the UK. It cost around £600 per hour to run and this was without the cost of the 650 or so gallons of jet fuel that it guzzled. Chris D had already called dad with all this information and dad had told us that we would be dong gigs or personal appearances every weekend from now on. This way the chopper could become a business expense and he cost of running it could be charged to whoever was organizing the gig or TV appearance. This way, I wouldn't be spending a big percentage of my own income running the thing. The chopper was more than just a means of getting to school.

By the time we were due to touch down in the school grounds, I noticed a crowd gathering around the chosen area Once we had touched down, I was the first out of the new helicopter and I was greeted by Callum, Aaron, Sean and Carl. It was Carl who asked, “ So what's with the big chopper?”

You know what Jason is like when it comes to big choppers,” Liam said by way of reply.

Carl was quick to catch onto the sexual innuendo and said, “ I was actually referring to the helicopter.”

That was my birthday present from my billionaire friend who lives in Arizona,” I said.

So why does it have the WILD BOYS logo on it?” Aaron asked.

Because it is not just a means for Liam and I getting to school quickly, it is also a means of transport for the band. Form now we are going to be doing gigs around the UK every Friday and Saturday. It costs around £600 an hour to run this thing and then you have to add on the fuel costs. When we go to do a show, we charge the promoter £1200 an hour for the helicopter and also charge for the fuel. That way we cover the cost of using it for getting to school,” I informed my friends.

Despite telling everyone that the helicopter was more than just little plaything for a rich kid, I still detected a little bit of jealousy from my friends. Having said that, they would all get to ride it sometime, ( the helicopter, of course ).

As we sat having our usual pre-school coffee in the cafeteria, all Liam could talk about was his dad. Nick had accepted the invitation to dinner that evening with Robert and Neil, ( Roberts partner ). Of course, Kyle had to bring up the subject of weather or not Robert really was Liams father, Chris Dickson had asked me much the same thing when I had told him about Robert during the phone call the previous evening. I explained to Chris about the DNA test and that it had proved conclusively that Robert and Liam were indeed father and son. This seemed to put Chris' mind at rest. Liam explained this to all our friends and then the subject turned to our trip to the states during the school holiday.

You never did use the horns on Traveler in the new composition,” Chris said.

No, I was kind of busy with another horn,” I said.

This got a few laughs from everyone around the table. On the last day that we spent at the Grand Canyon, Cullen and Cry had programmed the horns on Traveler to play TECHNOLOGY and FOREVER AUTUMN. It had been fun listening to all the American boys singing those songs. Steve pulled out his laptop and opened up CUBASE and played the recordings that he had made of the songs back to us. We all really enjoyed listening to them and it would be a great reminder of the recent holiday.

Another thing that school had provided for us was our own private lounge, which we used when we needed some privacy from the rest of the school, ( which was becoming more and more frequent now that we were getting more famous ). Before heading of to our lessons, I told our group of friends that we would be having lunch in there today as I needed the privacy to explain to them about the blackmail attempt. Although the guys who were supposed to collect the money had bee shot dead, it wasn't quite over. One of the FI agents had got a taped from of the men before he died. When a finger had been inserted into the gun shot wound, he sang like a canary. The agent from FI had got the names of the people behind the blackmail attempt and until they had been dealt with, we were still a major risk. Not just Gary and I but also the rest of the band and any of closely associated friends. As a result we would all be shadowed by FI agents were ever we went from now on. Also, everyones phone calls would be monitored.

Lunch soon came and went and everyone had their own individual reactions to the recent events. An agent from FI had turned to explain the situation to my friends. I can't say that they were happy about this but they did understand the need for what was going on security wise. After having to spend the whole of the lunch period discussing recent events and telling everyone about this whole child sex slavery thing, I found it really difficult to concentrate on my afternoon lessons and was more than happy to get out of school for the day.

At least I had some more good news when I got home. Mum had been for her scan and now knew that she was expecting a girl. The baby was due around a week before Garys birthday and this would mean that mum and dad would not be going to South America with us. Mum and dad had invited Robert and his partner, Neil to stay at our house while they got themselves sorted out with setting up their Manchester office and finding somewhere to live. This would also allow Liam and Robert to spend more time getting to know each other. Nick had also flown home with us in the chopper. We had a really good laugh as we flew along watching all the people below us stuck in the traffic.

We sat and talked for a while and then Robert said to Liam and Nick, “ If I'm taking the two of you out to dinner, then I think it would be a good idea if you went and got your homework done.”

Before going off to Liams room, Liam said, “ this is one time when I won't argue about being told to do my homework, due to the fact that I never thought I would have my dad telling me to go and do my homework.”

After those two had gone off upstairs, Robert disappeared out to his car and returned carrying a box, which I was guessing contained a keyboard. On returning, Robert said, “ I know that your birthday was a couple of weeks ago but Phil told me a bout a shop that you go to that sells second keyboards and so I paid them a visit and bought you this.”

I opened the box and inside was PPG Wave 2.3 synth from the 1980s. “ Thank you Robert,” I said, “ but you really didn't have to.”

Well I also did it as a way of saying thanks for all that you have done for Liam. He didn't exactly have the greatest of starts in life and you really changed all that for him,” Robert said.

I'm just glad that I got the chance to have him as a friend,” I said.

Robert, Neil and I sat and talked. One thing they asked me was how I felt about having to pay top rate tax at my age. I didn't understand all the ins and outs of how it worked but we actually paid very little tax on what we earned. Firstly,all our earnings were initially paid to a company in Holland as they had very favourable tax advantages for musicians over there. All our money was then invested through a serious of companies in the likes of Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Caymen Islands. It was all done in a way that was totally legal and above board and as a result, the inland revenue got very little from us.

Before I knew it, it was six pm and I went upstairs to change out of my uniform so that I would be ready to have dinner. As Liam was eating out and they were not they were not leaving until 7.30, I decided to make a start on my homework. Gary had said that he would be late as he was calling at Dream fields to do some work on mixing the album that we would be releasing by Callum and Aaron. We had progressed really well with this. The album was actually made of songs that the members of WILD BOYS had written but never used on any of our recordings. The guys had said that they wanted to call the album BOYFRIENDS but we didn't think that this would be to well received and as a result we settled on the title FRIENDS. The two guys were great singer and would be accompanying us on the Japanese tour as our support act and they were really excited about that. It would also mean that we would be on stage for nearly four hours at these shows as we were also the backing band for Callum and Aaron.

The week passed by really quietly and by Thursday we had a call from FI to tell us that they had got most of the people behind by the blackmail attempt. This calmed my frayed nerves considerably and as we lay in bed that night I turned to Gary and said, “ I want you to make love to me now. We haven't really done much of hat since last week when all the shit hit the fan.”

As usual, we were both naked, as that is the way we always slept and we started off slowly and gently with some passionate kissing but this soon turned into a serious battle of the tongues as we used them to explore each others mouths. Soon Gary was nibbling at my ears and neck and then working his way south, stopping at my nipples to give each one a good seeing to and getting them nice and hard. It wasn't the only thing that was getting nice and hard and we soon found ourselves in a sixty-nine. We worked each other to orgasm and shot massive loads of boi juice into each others mouths.

Surprisingly, Gary was still rock solid when I released his cock form my mouth and so I lubed his cock and lift my legs up to my shoulders and told him that I wanted to feel him in me now. I didn't need to ask twice and was soon on a journey to paradise as I felt my lovers dick sliding in and out of me. He shot another massive load deep inside of me and I came all over myself and when Gary popped out of me, he gave a tongue bath to clean off the juice that I had released and then we shared it during another passionate kiss. I fell asleep with a huge grin on my face.

After school on the Friday we all boarded the helicopter to fly down to London to the BBC TV centre to film a special edition of a show called LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND. It was different than usual as we would be the only group on this particular show and we would also be performing some of the material that we had written for the third album. On the album we were using Nick on cello and Sean on Violin on the section that would be called ACOUSTICA, so they were also flying down to London with us. During the one and a half hour or so flight, Gary disappeared off to the galley to heat up the food that was there for us to eat. The great thing about having the fully reclining seats was that we would all be able to stretch out and get some sleep on the way back. Everyone would be spending the night at our house as it would be late when we got back and the house were I lived was the only place with enough land in which the chopper could land.

We had a great time at the TV studio and Jools Holland made us all feel very welcome and relaxed. He even played piano with us on a couple of songs. He really demonstrated his ability on the piano and as a musician when he joined us on a couple of the songs that would be on the third album. He would just and listen to us plat for a few seconds and then he would join in. Filming the show was a pleasurable experience after the shit with the blackmail. Hopefully FI had more or less sorted that out now. On the flight back home we all reclined our seats and got some much needed sleep.

During breakfast on the Saturday morning, I received a call from Elton John. He said that he would be back in the UK the following weekend and asked if we would be able to get to a recording studio down in Wiltshire to recored the song that he an Bernie Taupin had written, ( the one that he had performed at the party in Las Vegas ). I asked the other guys and they all said that they had no other plans for the following weekend and so I asked Elton if he would call dad and sort out the bill for the chopper flight.

Mum also informed me that I was due at the hospital for my six month check up following the removal of the tumour. I had had to go for check up three weeks after the surgery and they had to use a needle to drain a build up of fluid. Then they told me that they would want to see me again in six months and then once a year after that for around twenty years. When I asked why, they told me that as I had had a tumour removed, ( even though it was not cancerous ), I would need to be seen regularly as there was always a possibility that it could happen again and next time I may not be so lucky.

Robert and Neil were taking Liam out shopping as Robert said that he wanted to make for all the birthdays and Xmas' that he had missed out on. Liam had said that he now had more than he ever dreamed of in life but agreed to go on the shopping trip after Robert had said that he would make a donation to Cancer Research UK memory of Ann. On the whole life was certainly looking good, except for the drama after our return from the States.

My check up at the hospital went well and the doctors seemed to be satisfied with my progress.

End of chapter 35!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard from Kyle, Neil, Rich, Steph, Josef, Sam, David Lee, and Carl. A big thanks goes to Carl for the suggestions that he gave me for writing this chapter. If I missed anyone, I'm sorry.

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