Sad song of a gay teen 36!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

During breakfast on the Saturday morning, I received a call from Elton John. He said that he would be back in the UK the following weekend and asked if we would be able to get to a recording studio down in Wiltshire to record the song that he and Bernie Taupin had written, (the one that he had performed at the party in Las Vegas). I asked the other guys and they all said that they had no other plans for the following weekend and so I asked Elton if he would call dad and sort out the bill for the chopper flight.

Mum also informed me that I was due at the hospital for my six month check up following the removal of the tumour. I had had to go for a check up three weeks after the surgery and they had to use a needle to drain a build up of fluid. Then they told me that they would want to see me again in six months and then once a year after that for around twenty years. When I asked why, they told me that as I had had a tumour removed, ( even though it was not cancerous ), I would need to be seen regularly as there was always a possibility that it could happen again and next time I may not be so lucky.

Robert and Neil were taking Liam out shopping as Robert said that he wanted to make up for all the birthdays and Xmas' that he had missed out on. Liam had said that he now had more than he ever dreamed of in life but agreed to go on the shopping trip after Robert had said that he would make a donation to Cancer Research UK in memory of Ann. On the whole life was certainly looking good, except for the drama after our return from the States.

My check up at the hospital went well and the doctors seemed to be satisfied with my progress.


SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really happy that my check up at the hospital had gone really well. I had had a check up three weeks after the operation and the doctor had to drain some fluid to east the swelling on the side of my face. A couple of days after that I woke up and noticed a big brown patch on the pillow and panicked. I called for mum and she immediately called the hospital. The doctor wanted to know if I was in any pain, which I wasn't and the doctor explained that the swelling was caused by a build up of fluid, which had to get out of my body somehow. Apart from that, I didn't experience any other problems after my surgery and just got on with my life as usual.

By the time mum and I got home, it was time for lunch. After I had eaten, I spent the afternoon riding my quad bike and had Jack chasing around after me. He had made a full recovery from the horrific injuries that he had suffered. The final bill from the vet had been over six thousand pounds and I paid it out of my money but I considered it to be money well spent. It was kind of nice to just have some time alone but I much preferred having my family and friends around me. Gary had gone out for the afternoon with Kyle and Simon. I think they had said something about going somewhere for lunch and then on to the Trafford centre to do some shopping.

It was at around four thirty that Liam, Robert and Neil arrived home. Considering he had been so adamant about not wanting his dad to spend too much money on him, Liam looked as if he had bought just about everything in sight. He had the new Sony playstation 3 and about twenty games for it. There was also loads of new clothes and footwear plus a huge selection of CDs and DVDs.

"Anything left in the shops?" I asked

Mum gave me one of her looks and said, "I seem to remember someone else going on a shopping trip about eighteen months and we said the same thing to him."

"OK mum, I get the message," I said.

Gary had also arrived home and so we helped Liam get all his new stuff up to his room and put away. We then got the playstation set up and as we were about to load up the first game we were called down for dinner. After dinner, Nick, Liam, Gary and I spent the evening in Liam's room playing on the new games console and listening to some of the CDs that Liam had got that afternoon.

Gary and I finally called it a night at around eleven and went off to bed. Not that sleep was the top priority. We began by having a long and passionate making out session before giving each other a good work over with our tongues and then finally getting into a sixty-nine and sucking each other to orgasm. After that, I lay on my side with Gary spooned behind me and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning over breakfast, dad informed us that mum would be unable to fly until after the baby was born and as a result Robert and Neil would be accompanying us on the Japanese tour at Easter. Dad also told us that the tour promoter would be providing us with our own luxury Airbus A340 for the entire tour. One thing I was looking forward to was visiting Hiroshima. We had mentioned what happened there in our song Messed up World and so visiting the city would be a moving experience for all of us.

I spent most of the morning in the studio working on music for the A CITY IN CHAOS concert and it was as I was having a run through of a piece called MINDWALK 2006 that I realised that I had been joined by Neil and Robert. They were asking me all kinds of questions about how I created different sounds on my synths and they were genuinely interested in the answers. On this particular piece I had used a soft synth called ABYSYNTH to create all the drum sounds and then I loaded them in to a sampler called KONTAKT. As a result, the drum part was just totally out of this world. (Authors note; for anyone who is interested, you can find out more about ABSYNTH and KONTAKT by visiting ).

I was in the studio until around 12.30, when mum came in and told me that I should go and change so that I would be ready to go out for lunch. Robert and Neil had organized this as a way of thanking mum and dad for allowing him and Neil to stay with us and also as thank you for taking Liam in after his mum had died.

The afternoon progressed quickly and the meal was fantastic. Once we had been served with our coffee, the chef came out of the kitchen and headed towards our table. He introduced himself as Paul and said that he was a big fan of the band. He also talked to Gary, Liam and I about music. He told us that he played guitar and keyboards and that he had his own studio set up in his bedroom at home. I was quite impressed when he told me about the stuff that he had. The computer software that he used was all top of the range professional stuff and he also had a few vintage synths from the 1980s along with an assortment of guitars and other odds and sods. He also gave me a CD of some his music to listen to.

That evening as I was sat in our room doing my homework, I also listened to the CD that Paul had given to me. I was really impressed and was considering talking to Gary about offering this guy a contract with our label. I had nearly finished my homework when dad came in to the room. I was listening to a track called NETWORK. This was a beautiful atmospheric piece that did not feature any drums.

"Nice music," dad said, "Who is it?"

"It's the CD that the chef at the restaurant gave me. He's a really great musician and I'm going to talk to Gary about signing him up on the new label. He also knows how to programme amazing sounds on the synths, I wouldn't mind having him working for me," I said.

"Doing what exactly?" Dad asked.

"Well he knows how to use all the computer software and I could do with a second keyboard technician because of all the gear that I use."

"OK, leave it with me and I'll work out what we can afford in terms of a salary and then you can give him a call to see if he is interested in a change of career."

"Thanks dad," I said as dad made his way from the room.

The next morning, Liam and I left for school fifteen minutes earlier than usual as I needed to catch up with Mr.Morris as I needed to talk to him about some music that I needed orchestrating. I could do it myself but it was finding the time in my increasingly busy schedule. Mr.Morris was always willing to help me out with things like that and I always offered to pay him but he always said that I didn't have to. I had found out what his favourite brand of whisky was and would get mum or dad to get a bottle or two for me to give to him. Or I would take a couple of bottles of wine for him and his wife to share.

It was going to be another busy week as we would be heading to London after school on Friday for a big gig at Wembley arena. Saturday we would be spending the day with Elton John at Real World Studios in Wiltshire recording the song that he head performed for me at my party in Las Vegas. >From there we would fly to Birmingham for another gig at the Birmingham NEC. I was thankful that Chris D had the chopper equipped with fully reclining seats so that I could have a nap on the various flights that would be involved over the weekend.

Friday morning would prove to be hard on Liam as Robert had to fly back to Vancouver for a few weeks to take care of some business. Neil would be staying to continue with the setting up of the new Manchester office. As far as the setting up of the Manchester office of Robert and Neil's business was concerned, Gary and I had asked hem to handle all the advertising for the record company that we were setting up. Jamie had also been asked to re-design the website for the advertising business.

Anyway, back to Monday morning. As we got out of the chopper, Liam asked, "So are you coming to the cafeteria for some coffee before school starts?"

"I would but as I told you, the reason we left a little earlier today is because I need to see Mr.Morris," I replied.

With that we both headed off in different directions and said we would see each other at lunch as we didn't have any lessons together that morning. I reached the office of Mr.Morris and knocked on the door and waited to be invited in. On entering, I was greeted by Mr.Morris saying, "Morning Jason and what can I do for you?"

"I need you to do some more orchestration work for me," I said as I reached into my bag and retrieved the CD of the music that I needed orchestrating along with the notes that I had prepared for my teacher. I also retrieved the bottle of malt whiskey that I knew he liked.

I handed the bottle to Mr.Morris and he said, "You know I don't mind doing this kind of thing for you, you don't have to bring a gift for me every time you ask me."

"Well, if I didn't ask you, I would have two other options. One would be to do the orchestration myself but I would be hard pressed to find the time with everything else that is going on in my life. The other option would be to get the job done professionally and that would cost a fortune. You won't accept any payment and so the least I can do is to get you a bottle of your favourite whiskey."

"Well thank you Jason, you're one fantastic kid."

"Thanks, Mr.Morris," I said.

The two of us spent around half an hour talking and listening to the music before I had to get to class. Well, I actually did most of the talking as I was explaining how each piece had been composed and developed and what I wanted in terms of the orchestration. Mr.Morris listened with great interest. He never actually said it but I always got the impression that he considered me to be his star pupil.

The rest of the day and week passed fairly quickly and was pretty much uneventful. By Wednesday dad had come up with a salary of 45,000 per year that we could pay Paul, the chef from the restaurant that we had been to on Sunday, if he was interested in coming to work for us. I immediately called Paul's mobile number.

When he answered, I said, "Hi, is that Paul?"

"Yes it is and who am I talking to?"

"It's Jason, from WILD BOYS; we met at the restaurant where you work on Sunday. Anyway, I had a listen to the CD that you gave me and I really like it. Gary and I are in the process of setting up a record label and would like to offer you a contract. The other thing I was discussing with my dad, who is also our manager, is the idea of you coming to work for us as my assistant keyboard technician. We can offer you a salary of 45,000, you don't have to give me an answer now but I hope you are interested in what I am proposing," I said.

"I don't need time to think this over," Paul began before continuing, "I always wanted to work in the music business but just never that got the big break that I have always been looking for, so the answer is yes."

"Well, we need to meet up sometime and discuss things properly," I said.

Paul told me that he was on holiday for two weeks, starting tomorrow, Thursday. I asked him if he could drive and he said no, it had never interested him and he preferred to spend his money on his home studio set up. I gave him dads' number and invited him to spend the weekend with us. I told him to catch the train to Knutsford and call dad when he knew what time he would get there and dad would pick him up at the station. I told Paul that he would have a weekend to remember as he would be our guest at both of the gigs and that he would also be accompanying us to the recording session with Elton John. Paul said that it sounded like the most exciting thing that had happened in his life in a long time. In total, we talked for over an hour before Paul said that he had to be getting back to work.

On Thursday, the helicopter was making its decent into the grounds of the house when Liam spotted a boy of about fourteen acting suspiciously at the main gate.

I had noticed him too and said to Liam, "I wonder who that is?"

"No idea," was the response that I got from my friend.

By now the chopper had landed and we both headed up to the main gate to find out what was going on. When we got there, the boy said to Liam, "Hi, long time no see."

"You two know each other?" I asked in total surprise.

"Yeah, we used to live in the same part of town before Liam and his mum disappeared. How is your mum?" The boy asked.

I could see that Liam was struggling to hold back the tears and so I said, "she died almost a year ago. She had cancer."

"Sorry to hear that. I'm Keith by the way. This is kind of cool getting to meet the famous Jason Lewis."

We all headed back to the house and asked Keith what he was doing here. He had come out to his parents and they had kicked him out. He had gone to see John, Liams old neighbour, to find out what had happened to Liam and John told him the full story. John had also told Keith that Liam is gay. The whole story was somewhat sad and depressing but we had to help this kid in some way. He had nowhere else to go because of his bigoted and narrow minded parents. Keith finished telling his story by saying, "John hopes that you don't get mad at him for telling me that you are gay."

"Hey, it's cool," Liam said. "I never said anything when I lived there because I knew my life would have been total hell."

"John also told me that he was the one who taught you had to play guitar. I was wondering how you got to join a band that had a record deal."

During the rest of the walk back to the house, Liam filled Keith in on how he and I had met in the ACADEMY OF SOUND and all the other details. Once we got in the house we had a lot of talking to do with mum and dad. Once they had heard Keiths story they both said that they would do whatever they could to help. Dad said he would start first thing the next morning by contacting his lawyer so that he and I would become this boys legal guardians. It looked as if there was going to be a new edition to the family.

By the time we had finished talking with mum and dad t was almost time for dinner. It had actually been two days since Keith had been kicked out of his and so he was in need of a shower. Liam and I took our new addition upstairs and showed him to one of the rooms. I went to get some shower gel, towels and shampoo. In the meantime, Liam, who was around the same size and build as Keith went to his room to get him some clean clothes to wear. It was I returned to the room where Keith was that I discovered something that horrified me. Keith was sitting on the bed and had a knife which he was using to deliberately slash his arms and draw blood.

"What the hell are you doing," I screamed at Keith.

Keith had tears in his and so I rushed over to him and held him and waited for him to regain some form of control. When he was able to, Keith told me what had really been going on in his life. He was being bullied at school and his dad had been giving him a really hard time for the last year and accusing him of being a dirty, cocksucking faggot. I was really horrified to hear this. Liam had joined us by this time. As Liam had entered the room, Keith was sat with his back to the door and Liam had noticed the bruising on his back. This had been caused by a beating that this boy had received form his so called bastard of a father. Needless to say, Liam and I were both shocked by this latest revelation.

"Firstly," I said, "what you have been going through with the bullying at school is just intolerable; you should have found someone to talk to. Even worse than that is the way you have suffered at the hands of your father. He isn't just a bully but a criminal. What he has been doing to you is abuse and you should report him to the appropriate authorities. What I don't understand is why you want to hurt yourself when you have enough other inflicting hurt and pain on you already."

Gary had arrived home by this time and had also joined us. He went and got his digital camera and took some photos of the bruising on Keiths back. We would need them for evidence. Keith had his shower and got dressed. Even tough it was warm around the house, Keith had insisted on wearing a long sleeved shirt to hide the fact that he been self harming. Liam convinced Keith that he needed to tell Phil and Jane all this additional information. I also suggested that I call jenny so that he could talk to her and get some help with the self harming. The boy had very low self esteem as a result of all the shit that he had been going through in his life.

After we had finished eating, we spent more time talking with mum and dad about what had been going on with Keith. The one thing that we all agreed on was that Keith deserved a much better life than he had had so far. Keith also said that he was prepared to talk to Jenny and so I gave her a call. I told what was going on and she said that she would be here first thing in the morning to talk to Keith.

Friday looked as if it was going to be really busy day for everyone. As far as the six of us in the band were concerned, we would be leaving school after lunch to head off to London for the sound check prior to the gig. Then there would be the emotional farewell for Liam and Robert. Robert was only returning home for two weeks but we all realized that it would be hard for both of them. Dad had been torn between coming with us and staying home with mum. This was the easiest problem to solve as Neil said that he would accompany us. With the six of us from the band plus Paul, Neil, Nick, Sean, Shane and Keith all the seats on the chopper would be taken. We had invited Keith along as we all felt that he needed to have something good going on his life for a change.

Once we left for London, we wouldn't actually be home until the early hours of Sunday morning. After the gig at Wembley arena, we where going to Elton Johns place for the night. David and Elton had suggested this, which we had a greed was a great idea. It would be better than flying back form London to Cheshire and then back down to Wiltshire for the recording session. Everyone was looking forward to the whole weekend, especially Keith. It would also help to take Liams mind off the temporary separation from his recently found father.

End of chapter 36!!!!!!!!!!!

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