Sad song of a gay teen 37!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

After we had finished eating, we spent more time talking with mum and dad about what had been going on with Keith. The one thing that we all agreed on was that Keith deserved a much better life than he had had so far. Keith also said that he was prepared to talk to Jenny and so I gave her a call. I told her what was going on and she said that she would be here first thing in the morning to talk to Keith.

Friday looked as if it was going to be a really busy day for everyone. As far as the six of us in the band were concerned, we would be leaving school after lunch to head off to London for the sound check prior to the gig. Then there would be the emotional farewell for Liam and Robert. Robert was only returning home for two weeks but we all realized that it would be hard for both of them. Dad had been torn between coming with us and staying home with mum. This was the easiest problem to solve as Neil said that he would accompany us. With the six of us from the band plus Paul, Neil, Nick, Sean, Shane and Keith all the seats on the chopper would be taken. We had invited Keith along as we all felt that he needed to have something good going on his life for a change.

Once we left for London, we wouldn't actually be home until the early hours of Sunday morning. After the gig at Wembley arena, we where going to Elton Johns place for the night. David and Elton had suggested this, which we had a greed was a great idea. It would be better than flying back form London to Cheshire and then back down to Wiltshire for the recording session. Everyone was looking forward to the whole weekend, especially Keith. It would also help to take Liams mind off the temporary separation from his recently found father.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 37!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, with all the stuff that had been happening with Keith on the Thursday night, I had been feeling a little guilty as I was neglecting my other guest, Paul. Dad had told me that he had arrived at around two pm that afternoon. After he had spent a little time chatting with mum and dad, he had spent the rest of the time in the studio and was in his element with all the gear that we had in there. After dinner, the adults retired to the lounge and had coffee. Liam and I went to Liams room and did our homework whilst Gary and Keith played on the playstation in our room. We had finished our homework by eight thirty and went downstairs. I went with Paul to the studio to have a listen to what he had been working on that afternoon and was totally blown away by what he had done in such a short time.

"So how did you guys get to know Elton John?" Paul asked me.

"It was last year when dad, Gary, Liam, Chris and Steve went to Monaco for the MTV Europe awards. Ross wasn't in the band at the time and I couldn't go because I had been in hospital having a tumour removed from my neck," I replied.

"I hope it wasn't serious?" Paul asked.

"No, the tumour was actually benign and so it was Ok. Having said that, I had to go for a six month check up last week and I have to attend the hospital for a check up once a year for the next twenty years," I said.

"Why?" Paul asked, with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, I had a tumour removed and they said that there is always a chance that it could return and next time I may not be so lucky."

"Meaning that it could be cancerous," Paul said.

"Exactly," I said to him. "And, would you be careful about mentioning this around Liam, he's kind of sensitive about it. His mum had to have a tumour removed last year but it was cancer and something went horribly wrong with one of the treatments and she didn't make it."

"I get the message," Paul said.

I also told Paul to be prepared for the waterworks in the morning due to the fact that Liam had only known his father for a short time and he was having to fly home to Vancouver for a couple of weeks. Paul and I talked for a while and I played him some of the music that I had composed for the A CITY IN CHAOS concert. I also told him that I had Jean Michel Jarre lined up as a guest musician for the concert. Paul had actually attended two of the legends concerts, which did impress me.

It was around ten o'clock when I closed the studio for the night. I had had a great time talking with Paul, even if he did look a little nervous at times. I could understand this as I suppose that he felt like he was being interviewed.

The next morning when I got down for breakfast, Liam and Robert were deep in conversation and I did notice that Liam was struggling to hold back the tears. Jenny had also arrived to talk to Keith and hopefully help with the self harming problem.

As I had anticipated, things did get some what emotional as Liam and I headed off to the chopper for our ride to school. Liam went over to Robert and gave him a hug before saying, "I'm really going to miss you dad."

"It's not as if I'm just walking out of your life again, I'll only be gone for two weeks. You'll hardly notice that I'm not here. After all, you have school five days a week and then there are the two gigs that you are doing over the weekend and the recording session. I really wish I could go to that. It would be great to meet Elton John as I've loved his music for years," Robert said.

"Why can't you stay and let Neil go and take care of things in Vancouver?" Liam asked

"I wish I could son but the stuff that needs taking care of needs my personal attention. I'll make you a promise. If I can get things sorted out quickly, then I'll be on the first flight back. How does that sound?"

"That sounds really good to me," Liam said. "Have a good flight and look after yourself."

"You have a good day at school and enjoy your weekend," Robert said.

Liam gave Robert a final hug, which seemed to last forever before we went out to the chopper. We finally left for school at around 8.20, a little later than usual but then again there was a good reason for that. Once we got to school, we headed to the cafeteria for our usual coffee before going to class for the morning. We had cleared it with Mr.Noels to leave school after lunch so that we could fly down to London for the sound check prior to the gig. It really was going to be a fun packed weekend.

I walked into the cafeteria at about ten past twelve and headed over to the counter to get my lunch. Then I went and joined Kyle and Simon at our usual table.

"Anything exciting going on this weekend?" Kyle asked me.

"Yeah, after lunch we leave for London to do a gig at Wembley arena tonight. Then we are spending the night at Elton Johns house. Tomorrow we are recording with him at a studio in Wiltshire and then we head to Birmingham for another gig," I replied to the question that I had been asked.

"Just another dull weekend then," Simon said before laughing loudly.

"I suppose you could say that," I said.

By now we had been joined by the rest of the guys from the band and all the other people that sat at our table. Nick, Shane and Sean would be coming with us. We had Nick and Sean playing on the new album and so they would be joining us on stage for the gigs. Shane was coming along due to the fact that he is Ross' boyfriend. Shane, along with Callum and Aaron would be featuring on the new album as backing singers. The other two backing singers on the new album would be Kate and Carla. It would be sometime before we actually had it finished and ready for release but we had decided that we would perform some of the songs as part of our live shows.

By one pm, we were heading to the chopper. Once on board I introduced Paul and Keith to the rest of the guys. Once we had reached our cruising altitude, Keith asked if he could talk to me privately. Obviously the only places that offered any form of privacy where the galley and the bathroom. The bathroom was out of the question for very good reasons and so that left the galley. The two of us headed back there and I turned to Keith and said, "OK dude, what's the problem?"

Keith didn't answer my question straight away; instead he asked me another one. "Is all that stuff on the bands web site about you being raped true?"

"Yes it is. Why do you ask?"

"Because it happened to me...twice," Keith told me.

I stood there in total shock trying to think how I should respond to this information. "Have you told anyone else about this?"

"No, you are the first person that I've ever told. I couldn't even pluck up the courage to go the cops about it," Keith said.

"How long ago did it happen?" I asked.

"The first time was three months ago and then the second time was two weeks ago. Both times I just went home, sneaked into the house and then took a shower."

"Going to the cops could still be an option," I said and then continued by adding, "but it would be very difficult to prove anything. It would be too late for them to get anything like semen samples or something that they could get a DNA sample from. So that could be a bit of a waste of time."

"I know," Keith said. "But you still didn't answer my question. Is it all true?"

"Yes it is," I replied before changing the subject and asking how the session with Jenny had gone.

Keith said that it was good to be able to talk to someone like her and they had established that Keith was hurting himself because of low self esteem. It also had a lot to do with the fact that everyone else was hurting him and so he felt that it was Ok for him to hurt himself. I actually already knew all this as Jenny had called me. She felt that it would be good for Keith to spend the weekend with us but said that someone had to be with him all the time to prevent him from hurting himself or worse...trying to take his own life due to the fact that he was showing suicidal tendencies. As a result, I had called Elton and arranged for Keith to share a room with Liam and Nick. When I mentioned this to Keith, he said, "You mean I have to listen to those two having sex all night?"

"Well, if you ask them nicely, they may let you join in," I said flashing him an evil grin. That had us both in fits of laughter.

By the time that we calmed down, I heard Paul and Neil laughing just as hard as Keith and I had been a few moments ago. We went back to the main seating area to investigate the laughter. Gary had produced the photo of the trip that we had made to the gay village on the same day that Liam had signed the contract. Chris D had brought his nephew, Crown Prince Cullen over to visit his parents at their country estate. After the contract signing, Chris, Cullen, Liam, Gary and I went for a tour round the village in disguise. Well, Cullen, Gary and I were in disguise for obvious reasons. I was wearing very tight jeans, three inch heels, make up, nail polish and had my hair dyed a really whacky colour. Gary was wearing a leather hood that covered his hair and a dog collar. It was kind of fun.

Keith looked at the photo and said, "So the one disguised as a little boy must be Cullen?"

"Correct and he was very funny too. He kept saying to people, `Hey, mister, would you like to play with my balls and my bat is big and hard too'," I told Keith.

This had him laughing again.

It was Chris who said, "But the stupid fuckers blew their cover."

"So how did you manage that?" Keith asked.

"They found this club for gay teens, people under the age of eighteen who can't go in the regular bars and clubs round the village," Chris said. "Well, two young guys got up and sang our 2005 Xmas number one on the karaoke..."

"And really made a mess of it," I said.

I allowed Chris to continue, "So Gary, Liam, Jason and Cullen got up and sang it themselves. Needless to say, once they started to sing everyone realized that two of the guys on the stage were none other than Jason and Gary from WILD BOYS."

"Then someone recognised Cullen," Steve added.

"So what happened then?" Keith asked.

"All hell broke loose and we had to run for it," I said. I then added, "And trying to run in three inch heels is not easy." As if that hadn't been bad enough, a few days later there were headlines in the papers along the lines of THE QUEEN CAN SING, an obvious reference to Cullen. As Chris D explained to me later, he was very angry with himself for being so laid back over the security of his nephew.

By now we where descending into the parking area at the rear of Wembley arena. One thing that Keith had asked me to do was keep quiet about his being raped. I told him that I didn't have a problem with doing that as long as he talked to Jenny about it the next time he saw her. Keith also told me that there had been a visit from a social worker and that mum and dad had been granted temporary custody. This seemed to have cheered Keith up no end. After disembarking from the chopper, we headed into the arena and I made my way on stage and headed towards my keyboard rig, closely followed by Keith and Paul.

When he saw just how much stuff that I used for a live show, Keith exclaimed, "holy shit Jason, how the hell do you keep track of this stuff?"

"Oh that's easy really. I have one computer that controls all the sound changes which means that I only have to concentrate on playing the right notes at the right time," I responded.

My set up was enormous. I had four hardware synths, these being a Yamaha DX 7, PPG Wave 2.3, Alesis Andromeda and a Korg Triton Extreme. Then I had six laptops running the stand alone versions of Kontakt, Absynth, FM 8, (a new product that native instruments had brought out around six months ago), the Arturia CS 80v and Prophet 5v and finally an orchestral sampler called Miroslav symphonic orchestra. The other two computers ran the software that handled all of the sound changes and the last one was running the Propellerhead Reason 3 software as I loved to use those instruments in my live work. Finally there was a 32 channel mixer and two racks containing various hardware FX units. Then I also had the four guitars that I used during the show. It was a really cool set up that offered me the chance to create some amazing sounds.

The sound check took about two hours and then it was off to the backstage area to eat and get ready for the show. As we sat eating, I couldn't help over hearing Keith say to Liam and Nick, "Hi Liam, Nick. Jason told me that I have to share a room with you two tonight and I understand the reasons for that but does it mean that I have to listen to the two you going at it like rabbits all night?"

"We'll try and be quiet," Nick said.

Keith was silent for a moment before continuing by saying, "It's just that the only sexual thing that I have ever done is with my right hand and sometimes my left one. Would you mind if I joined in?"

Liam glared at me as if to say, `you put him up to this?'

I just smiled back before I heard Nick say, "as long as you understand that it will be a once only thing but I promise that we'll do whatever we can to help you find a boyfriend."

Keith was obviously satisfied with this and came over to join Gary and I, (Chris and Steve had gone off to call their girlfriends). It was Gary who said, "I hope you are going to like being a part of the family but what about your education?"

"Phil has arranged for me to take the entrance exam at Jason and Liams school on Monday but I don't think I'll pass," Keith informed us.

"I wouldn't say that, it's not that hard," Gary said, trying to reassure our new friend.

"So did you find it easy?" Keith asked me.

"I never had to take it as I got in on a music scholarship but Liam said it was really easy. I think you should talk to him about it," I said.

I think that after our little talk, Keith felt a little more relaxed about Monday. Before we knew it, it was time to get on stage and do our show. The set for tonight was as follows;















BAD PART OF TOWN (acoustic version)




All in all the show lasted around two hours and as I walked off stage, the first person I spoke to was Neil, "so how did you like it?" I asked.

"I'm not just saying this because I know you guys but it was the best show that I have been to in a long time," came the reply to my question. I could tell from the tone of his voice that Neil was being very genuine and sincere.

Before we could leave for Elton Johns house, we had to do a quick press conference and then we dashed out to the chopper for the thirty minute flight to where we where staying for the night. We sat and talked with Elton and David for an hour or so before we all headed off to bed. I was the first one down for breakfast the next day and was soon joined by Keith, who was walking a little funny and it didn't take too much of an imagination to figure out why. I was about to say, `so you had your first fuck last night,' but I never got the chance as Keith glared at me and said, " just don't say a word."

"Who? Me? As if I would," I said, trying to look as innocent as possible.

It didn't take long for everyone else to join us and the conversation was really interesting to say the least. The studio that we where going to is owned by Peter Gabriel who had been one of the founder members of the group GENESIS and like us, they had all attended a private school, which just proves that the popular music business is not just preserve of the working classes. Before long we were back on the chopper and heading for Wiltshire.

The big surprise on Friday when we had arrived at Wembley was seeing Jamie and Greg there. Anyway, while we went off to the recording session, Jamie and Greg where taking Keith up to London on a shopping trip. It was apparent that he wouldn't be welcome back at his own home for some time, if at all and making use of Liams clothing was only a short term solution, he needed his own stuff. I had given Jamie my credit card and told him to make sure that Keith got everything he needed. I wasn't worried about having to give Jamie my PIN number as I knew that he wouldn't rip me off. Keith said that he wasn't happy about me spending my money on him but then I told him about the way in which we had helped Adam, our friend in Australia and about all the stuff that I had done for Liam. The trump card was when I told him that I earned in excess of 8,000 per day in interest payments. It was a case of money being no object.

We arrived at the studio at around 8am and I was a little disappointed that I would not get to meet Peter Gabriel. It took about half an hour to get everything set up and instruments tuned. Today we would just be recording all the basic parts and some vocals. We would then take copies of all the computer files back to Manchester and do any additional work that we felt was necessary. Elton would also take copies of the computer files and do likewise and then we would hire one of the best mixing engineers in the business to complete the track. We progressed very quickly and by three pm we had an almost complete track. As a band we never worked that fast and so I suppose that Elton had a big influence on us in that respect. After all, I had read that in 1971 he recorded and released four albums and was still touring all over the world. In my eyes he truly was a genius. By three thirty we were heading out to the chopper for the flight up to Birmingham and I was very surprised when Elton and David told us that they would be following us in their chopper as they wanted to see us perform live at a regular gig as opposed to the show we had done at their party back in December.

Once we had got airborne, I turned to the rest of the guys and said, "OK, tonight is revenge time."

They all looked at me as if I had gone crazy before Chris cottoned on to what I meant. "I get it," he said, "We invite Elton on stage to sing with us."

"You got it in one," I said.

We decided that it would have to be on of Eltons own songs that we did and settled on GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. It was decided that I would sing the verses and then do the chorus as a duet with Elton. This was going to be real fun. Other than that, the set list was to be the same as last night due to the fact that our instrument crew were doing the sound check for us today. They were all very competent musicians in their own right and knew all the material and that had given us a little more time at the studio. Jamie, Greg and Keith had already arrived at the NEC by the time we got there. It turned out that they had driven up to Birmingham and gone shopping there instead of going to London.

We all got something to eat from the catering crew and as we sat and ate I asked Keith, "So did you have a good day and get what you wanted?"

"Yeah, I did and thanks for doing that for me," he said.

"Think nothing of it bro' and the pleasure is all mine," I said.

Showtime soon came around and as usual, I was first on stage as the first part of our opening medley was a keyboard solo. By the time we reached the end of WILD BOYS, the crowd was going absolutely wild. We worked our way through the set list as we had planned it and about an hour into the show I said, "In the audience tonight we have a couple of very special people and two of our best friends. You may have heard of one them, a great singer and musician by the name of Elton John?" This got a huge round of applause and I had to wait for it die down before I could continue with, "we recently spent some time in Las Vegas as guests of Elton John and got to see his fantastic RED PIANO SHOW. Please put your hands together for the one and only Sir Elton John."

With that I saw Elton stand up and make his way to the stage. Once he had joined us on stage, I pointed to the grand piano and he asked, "So which song have you chosen?"

By now I was back at my own keyboard set up and said, "This one," as I played the opening chords of GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. It wasn't a long intro and I soon began to sing the words of the first verse, which goes:

When are you going to land?

When are you going to come down?

I should have stayed on the farm,

I should have listened to my old man.

You know you can't hold me forever

I didn't sign up for you

I'm not a present for your friends to open

This boys too young to be singing the blues.

(copyright 1973 Dick James Music Ltd.)

Once the song had ended, I grabbed a microphone and made my way to front of the stage and said, "lets hear it for the one and only Elton John."

With that, we got a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes before Elton came and stood next to me and said into his microphone, "lets hear it for these amazing guys Gary, Liam, Chris, Steve, Ross and especially Jason." Again we received a standing ovation. Elton then Said, "If it's OK with you guys, how about we do one more song?"

"That's cool with us," Gary said, "So what did you have in mind?"

"Well this is a song that Bernie (Taupin) and I wrote back in the 1980's after meeting a young American boy who had contracted HIV and then full blown AIDS after a transfusion of infected blood. Most of his friends turned their backs on him as they feared catching the disease just by being near him and his school wouldn't allow him to attend for much the same reason. He took on the authorities and was allowed to return to school. The song is about survival and standing up for what you believe in. I'm sure you all know about what Jason went through nearly two years ago and he is another true survivor. This a song called I'M STILL STANDING. Again the audience went wild, which gave Elton a chance to sit back down at the piano and for me to make my way back to my keyboard set up. After finishing the song, we got another standing ovation. When it died down, Steve said, "I'm not sure if we should carry on after that?" This got the audience screaming for more and we played for another fifty minutes.

Once we got backstage, we had to do another press conference. Things started getting nasty when one journalist persisted with a line of questions such as, `Is it true that four of you guys are gay?' and, `So who is fucking who?'

It wasn't the first time that this had happened and in the end I just said, "We are not here to answer questions about our personal lives and so the interview is over." With that I turned and walked away, followed by the rest of the guys. It was as I was stood chatting with Elton and David that Greg said to me, "Jason, I don't want you to panic but you have some green stuff coming out of your scar, just behind your ear."

David passed me a handkerchief and I dabbed my ear where I thought that Greg was talking about. Sure enough, there was some green fluid on the handkerchief. I dabbed it again and this time when I looked, there was a small amount of blood and I was worried. It had been over six months since the operation. Why was this happening now? Greg went and asked one of the arenas staff how to get to the nearest hospital. Gary wanted to come with us but I told him to get home and get some sleep and I would see him in the morning. With that, Jamie, Greg and I headed off to the hospital.

It was the accident and emergency department of the local NHS hospital and being late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning, the place was full of people who had had far too much to drink and ended up in stupid fights and then at the hospital. Jamie and I made our way to the reception desk and I gave them my details and then waited fro about ten minutes before I was called into see the triage nurse who did an initial assessment. I was then told to take a seat in the waiting area and that I would be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Two hours later, I was still waiting and getting very pissed off.

It was during this period that some drunk came in and recognised me and started saying, "Well if it isn't that fucking queer from the band WILD BOYS," and a few other nasty and abusive things. I just stayed calm and said, "See those two guys over by the door?"

The drunk looked to where I was pointing and said, "Yeah and just who the fuck are they?"

"They are two of my security people and so if you don't want them to deal with you, then I suggest that you sit down and wait quietly like the rest of us."

With that the drunk sat down and didn't say another word. It was soon after this that I was called in to see the doctor. She had called the hospital where I had had the surgery to get some information. After examining me, she came to the conclusion that I had an infection and prescribed some antibiotics. She gave me one to take now and then a prescription to get later. It was nearly four am when we left the hospital to head for home. Mum had lent Jamie her Mercedes for the weekend and it would take the best part of two hours to get home. I sat in the back and was asleep before we even left the hospital car park.

It was just before six when we got home and I was very surprised that everyone was still up. "How come none of you are in bed?" I asked.

"None of us could sleep, we were all worried about you," mum said. "So what did they say at the hospital?"

"They think that I have an infection and gave me a prescription," I replied, handing the prescription to mum.

By now Gary was sitting next to me and had given me a kiss on the cheek before asking, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Mmmm...a hot chocolate would be nice. Gary went to make hot chocolate for Jamie, Greg and me. After drinking my hot chocolate, I headed off to bed. As I made my way out of the room, mum said, "I'll go and get your medication when the pharmacy opens and wake you then so that you can take the first dose."

"Thanks mum," I said, "I'll see you later."

No sooner had I got into bed and put my head on the pillow than I was asleep.

End of chapter 37!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it.

The following is extracted from the story TRAVELER, (copyright 2006), by Carl Dixon, (in the adult/youth section on nifty). I have used it to fully explain the trip to the Gay Village at Xmas 2005.

 "Hey, I know what. Tomorrow's Thursday, how about Gary and me go show you Manchester and the Gay Village?"
          Well that had some possibilities. I asked why Thursday, did they have queer day in England also? That got some laughs as I explained that my granddad had once told me that Thursday was anything goes night and usually the boys got queer. I asked my dad about it when I was thirteen. He blushed and told me he would tell me later but he never did. When I entered high school I learned that several guys got together for some boy fun on Thursday so that they could go out with their girlfriends on Friday and not be so tense. The guys I mostly hung with got together for a Blues Club meeting on Friday night to rid themselves of the tensions that had built up from being with their cock teasing or frigid girlfriends. I was in the best of both worlds. Monday through Wednesday I had to find anyone who wanted a ride on a nine inch pony. My bed was seldom empty for more than a few hours. Then of course Charley nearly always had weekend guests that loved to lave my lanky bone.
          The boys all laughed at the crazy yank and agreed to get together early the next morning. They would dress in very tight clothing to show off all of their boyish charm. Cullen told them that he had some collars and other leather goods if I wanted to be daddy to a boi harem. Sounded kinky to me.
          Phil rang the doorbell. Jay and Gary bounded down the stairs to greet their father and get home for their evening. I had a brief moment to meet the man and made a date to sit down with him and discuss some ideas that I had been thinking of since meeting the frisky teens in October.

          I'm not sure who had the most fun Thursday, me or the boys. I love being with boys but that day I had four very out and frisky boys at their flamboyant best. We borrowed a small English car from Dukey. I have shoes bigger than the car was. We drove over to Manchester to see the famous Gay Village.
          Jay and Gary were becoming very well known. They had a hit single at the number one spot on the charts that week and their album was featured everywhere. The two boys wanted to have fun but they had to protect their identity. Too bad that I was in such lust that I didn't think to disguise my nephew a little better.
          Tiny little Jay is only thirteen years old and surprisingly enough he is built like a thirteen year old boy, small and skinny. He made one sweet looking young drag queen in miniature. He spiked his orange died hair and sprinkled it with glitter. He and Gary had used grease paint to put large stars, in a type of mask, over each eye. They glued some sort of stiff material to the edges of his face so that the stars extended out, sort of like a pair of glasses would fit. The pink paint was sprinkled in glitter, which Jay told me was, "Bloody wicked in the eyes." I love this kid. They had trimmed the edges of the stars with silver paint. His lips were deep red gloss and his naturally rosy cheeks were enhanced, just slightly so as not to be garish. They told me that they were very good friends with a world famous gay piano playing rock star and he always wore flamboyant eyeglasses. This was their imitation but Jay couldn't take these off and be recognized. Again, another clue that they could be recognized. Somebody should have hit me over the head to wake me up. They didn't wake me up and my ignorance cost the lives of three very precious people.
           Jay wore a mid-riff silk top that tied with a big knot over his flat belly. Tight jeans were painted on his sweet bubble butt. He and Gary had carefully ripped the seams of the jeans and added a bit of pink cloth to allow for expansion around his impressive boi package. The effect made him look extremely well endowed. I'm sure there was more than Jay inside those jeans, maybe two or three pairs of rolled up crew socks? To add to his effect he wore three inch heels with open toes. Showing off his pink toenails with applied glitter, the same as his finger nails. He wore a thin leather collar, with studs, as he was led around by Gary holding the opposite end of the chain leash that was attached.
          Gary was no less flamboyant in his image as the top in this pair. If people only knew. Gary loves it up the ass and Jay is his favourite butt plug. Fifteen years had given the boy an impressive young, developing body. To accent his flat abs and puffy cheeks he wore an extra tight tank top that was made more for a six year old than a teen. His jeans were painted on tight as well. The crotch had a blue patch of cloth fitted in to enhance and draw the attention of the interested observer. The jeans had a cute little oval cut and seamed neatly to let two very delectable globes shine to the world. Gary wore a leather hood affair that covered his scalp down to his neck in back but only pulled down to below his nose. The eye holes were large enough to not obstruct his vision but the masking effect completely hid who he was. He wore black leather wrist bands with studs and they had drawn some sort of Celtic wreath around his right bicep to look like a tattoo. Both boys sported a baby blue neckerchief hanging from his right hip pocket which they explained meant that they were taken, not available. Neither boys' mother would know him, even if he said, "Hi, mom." I don't think their mothers would admit to knowing these two way out there fag boys if she did recognize them.
          Cullen pulled his little boy act that he had used to go to Coney Island in the past summer. He wore his dick tucked back between his legs so that the tight yellow shorts showed no boy bulge at all. He wore a horizontally stripped tee shirt with narrow red, blue, and green stripes that were just a tad too large, more like a youngster would wear. He wore what I used to call a Buster Brown? Shoe, with the scuffed toes of a hard playing boy. He had a large bandage on his knee covering a wide spot of Iodine applied for effect. He topped that off with a ball cap sitting side ways on his head. A ball glove with a ball stuck down inside it hung on his belt and he carried a well used baseball bat. He had a pair of sunglasses but the day was overcast and he carried them hung on his shirt collar most of the time.
          When someone stopped to admire the boys, Cullen would spout off, "Want to play with me balls Mister? My bat is really big and hard too, isn't it daddy?" Then he would cuddle next to me and grope my package. We saw many men and boys bone up after this little act.
          Liam was all new to this. He knew that he had desires but he had only been out to Gary and Jay and then only for a few days. Until the holidays he had never actually done anything with anyone. He was very shy and withdrawn, which in itself was a real turn-on for a lech like me. He dressed in older clothes that were too small for him also. The boys applied very light makeup to make it appear that he had a black eye and split lip. All of this topped with the sideways ball cap made him look like a shy youngster with no self confidence. He half hid behind me with his arm holding around my waist for security or he walked along side of me while holding my hand. He got more than his share of stares and comments.
          I was dressed as their daddy. I played the part as well as I could. I wore a simple black bandana wrapped around my head to cover my upper face. I didn't want anyone to be able to identify me as the molester of four, very obviously, underage boys. Though curious I did not ask Cullen where he found a pair of really tight black leather pants and a matching leather vest for me. I was bare chested to show off my cut bod. The boys never missed a lick at rubbing their hands, and yes, face over my wash board abs. I had wide leather wrist bands on each arm and a leather strip tied in to some crazy knot configuration on my left bicep. A short, black leather riding crop hung from my waist. I would use it to swat the boys' butts as we moved through the crowded streets. Looking back I really wish that I had enough sense to disguise Cullen. I talk about his security then take him on an outing like that.
          The underage boys couldn't go into the clubs and high spots of the village. We had fun walking the streets and being seen. Manchester's Gay Village covers several blocks. The boys wanted to walk along Canal Street. Suddenly I stopped and looked around. I climbed up on someone's front steps, what the boys told me was a stoop. I didn't have to stoop to get up there, I climbed. Oh well, I guess that is some more of my American humour that will be lost on many. I had seen this street in one of my favourite TV shows, Queer as Folk. I had always thought that it was just some back lot set but here I was, actually standing in the middle of the area made famous by that show. The boys had not steered me wrong, there were plenty of good looking guys and girls and guys and some sweet young hunks and guys.
          We were beginning to get hungry. Gary asked me if I liked Chinese food. Cullen told him that I was made of egg foo young and stir fry veggies. Opposite the village is China town, which is a fabulous place to eat. After a punishing seven course meal, with the best egg rolls in the world, I was ready to walk some more. I had to let the food settle.
          We walked up Bloom Street where we had an English version of an ice cream sundae. The boys all wanted a coffee. I am not used to youngsters drinking coffee but when in Rome. I wished I had chosen tea. English coffee and I don't get along well together.
          I was told that we would cover Sackville Street then I could choose our next port. We found a spot that was open to underage youngsters. They had drag queens singing karaoke to pop music. What caught our attention were the two young boys singing the Wild Boys new hit and brutalizing it atrociously. Against my advice the four boys had to go show them how the song was done. That blew their cover. The crowd went wild and demanded a double encore then we had to run for their lives to get away and sneak back to the car.
          When we were sure that no one was following us we made it to the little Aston that Dukey had let us use and quietly slipped out of town. Phil was at the estate having tea with Cullen's folks. The three of them rolled on the floor as they looked at their son's attire. The boys took off for Cullen's room to clean up and change. I took the time to sit and talk with Phil.
          None of them were happy with the news that the boys had been identified while singing. Then El looked at me and asked me if anyone recognized Cullen. That was the first time that it hit me. I began to shake. El came to me and knelt beside me with her arms around me. We cried together. I had to get the young prince out of the country at once.

With a shaking hand I passed her the newspaper. The bold headline stated:


          Beneath a picture of the four boys singing karaoke was the caption: The queen who would be king was spotted in the land of queens, Manchester's Gay Village. I read no further. I fucked up. I put the life of the one that I swore to protect in serious jeopardy. I looked into his young, trusting eyes and lost control.

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