Sad song of a gay teen 38!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapterWith that the drunk sat down and didn't say another word. It was soon after this that I was called in to see the doctor. She had called the hospital where I had had the surgery to get some information. After examining me, she came to the conclusion that I had an infection and prescribed some antibiotics. She gave me one to take now and then a prescription to get later. It was nearly four am when we left the hospital to head for home. Mum had lent Jamie her Mercedes for the weekend and it would take the best part of two hours to get home. I sat in the back and was asleep before we even left the hospital car park.

It was just before six when we got home and I was very surprised that everyone was still up. "How come none of you are in bed?" I asked.

"None of us could sleep, we were all worried about you," mum said. "So what did they say at the hospital?"

"They think that I have an infection and gave me a prescription," I replied, handing the prescription to mum.

By now Gary was sitting next to me and had given me a kiss on the cheek before asking, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Mmmm...A hot chocolate would be nice. Gary went to make hot chocolate for Jamie, Greg and me. After drinking my hot chocolate, I headed off to bed. As I made my way out of the room, mum said, "I'll go and get your medication when the pharmacy opens and wake you then so that you can take the first dose."

"Thanks mum," I said, "I'll see you later."

No sooner had I got into bed and put my head on the pillow than I was asleep.

Sad Song of A gay Teen 38!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was at around 11.30 on the Sunday morning when mum woke me up on her return from the pharmacy so that I could take my medication.

"So how are you feeling this morning Jay?" She asked me.

"Still really tired and sleepy. Hungry too," I replied.

"Do you want to go back to sleep for a while or should I make some breakfast for you?"

Being a teenager, sleep and food were two things that I never seemed to get enough of. It didn't take me too long to work out that the need for food far outweighed the need for sleep. "Some breakfast would be great," I said to mum.

"So what would you like?" Mum asked me.

"How about scrambled eggs and smoked salmon?"

"No problem," mum responded.

"Mum, before you go," I said, "Do we have any plasters?"

"I have some in my bathroom cabinet," Mum said, "Why?"

"The doctor that I saw at the hospital said that I should put a dressing on it when I take a shower to prevent any water getting in there. It's just a precaution," I said

While mum when to get a plaster for me, I went to the bathroom to get some water so that I could take my medication. When mum returned, she put the plaster on and I said I would be about twenty minutes.

As I was sat eating my breakfast, Keith and Liam walked in. They had been out riding the quad bikes and exercising Jack for me. Keith looked really cool in his new Calvin Klein jeans, Adidas sweatshirt and Nike trainers. He certainly had some taste when it came to clothes.

"So how are you feeling Jay?" Liam asked me.

"Ok but a little tired, although getting some food inside me is a big help," I replied. "Has anyone seen Paul today?"

"He stayed at the NEC so that he could help Scott get your gear packed and loaded onto the truck and they drove back in Scots car. I guess he stayed at Scots place last night," Liam said in answer to my question.

It was then that I noticed that Scots car was heading up the drive towards the house. Once Paul and Scot joined us in the dining room I couldn't help but notice how happy the two of them looked. I knew that Scot was bisexual but I hadn't asked Paul about his sexuality as I hadn't really known him long enough to ask about such personal things. But now my curiosity was beginning to go into overdrive.

"Are you two Ok?" I asked.

"Fine," Paul replied, "but what about you?"

"I'm Ok and hopefully the medication will help to clear up the problem although mum did say that she is going to make an appointment with the doctor who did the surgery so that I can get it checked out properly," I informed my friends.

Scot was being very quiet and contemplative and so I asked, "What's on your mind?"

"Jason, would you have a problem with two of your employees being in a relationship together?" Scot asked.

"No, definitely not," I said.

Paul went on to explain that he had known that he was gay from the age of around thirteen and that he, like me, had been bullied when he was at school. He also told me that the last relationship the he had been involved in had broken up over five years ago and that since then he just hadn't had any interest in being with anyone else as he had been so badly hurt. Scot and Paul had talked all the way through the Wembley show and then by the time we finished the Birmingham show, the two of them had decided to give things a try and see how it worked out. I was happy for the two of them.

By now, dad who had spent the morning at the squash club had joined us and he asked, "So how are you Jay?"

I was getting really pissed off with being asked that question but I kept my cool and gave him the answer that everyone else got, I was OK.

Then dad said, "Jamie told me about the problems with that Journalist last night and I'm really proud of the way that you handled the situation."

"Thanks dad," I said, as he disappeared off to the kitchen to talk to Gary, who was busy preparing a sumptuous feast as we had invited my grandparents for lunch. I hadn't seen them for a while, what with the trip to Las Vegas at half term and everything else that was going on in my life, there just hadn't been the time. Not only that but they had been in Portugal for about six weeks, staying at the villa that I had bought for them.

I continued to eat and Keith said, "You never did finish telling me about what happened after your little stunt in the Gay Village?"

"Well, as a result of that, three people died," I said as began to tell the following story.

The news that reached us a couple of days after the trip to the village came as a total shock. If the news reports were to be believed, Cullen and his parents, Dukey and El had been killed when their car had been blown up by who knows. In my own mind I knew that nothing could be further from the truth. It was, in its sick way quite amusing to think that the whole world thought that my Royal friend had been blown up twice in the space of two months. The truth was even more bizarre.

I had never met Cecil, who was the son of Agnes, an employee of Dukey and El. Agnes had been married to a wealthy banker but the marriage had failed. Cecil attended the same school as Cullen had before the latter went to America to live with his uncle. Cecil lived with his father during school term as Agnes felt that that was the only way for the boy to get the upbringing and education that he truly deserved. During school holidays he spent his time with his mother at Dukeys estate near Liverpool. While Cullen and his parents went to America, the duke had told Agnes that she and Cecil could use his London house and also lent them a Bentley and chauffer. It was while they were on a shopping trip to Selfridges on Oxford Street that things went pear shaped.

It was at this time when the car was stolen from were it was parked that the terrorists struck. They recognised the car as belonging to the duke and that is when it was blown up. They obviously thought that the occupants of the Bentley were the duke and his family. When I heard the news reports, I knew that this was not the case as Cullen and family where already in the USA but I had no idea where. Following our little stunt in the village, Cullen, along with his parents had gone into hiding at one of the many top-secret bases that FI have everywhere.

I had met Agnes on my two visits to the dukes' estate but I had never met Cecil, although my heart went out to them both at this tragic time. I tried to call Chris D on numerous occasions but I didn't get through to him until the New Years Eve and it was Cullen who answered. His parents where still in hiding but they had allowed Cullen to return to Tucson so that he could be with his `brothers' for the big event. We both laughed when he said, "And once again, reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." I just loved his sense of humour.

"So who did die?" Scot asked.

"I never did find out but I knew from first hearing the news of the attack that Cullen was safe, along with his parents. After the little stunt in the Gay village, Chris got Cullen and his family back to the states as quickly as possible," I said.

"But why would anyone want to kill Cullen?" Paul asked me.

I told them that Cullen was the Crown Prince of an Eastern European country and that he was due to be crowned on the death of his grandfather, the king. That is, until his previously unknown aunty showed up to stake her claim on the throne. The aunt was crowned queen and this meant that Cullen could continue to be, err..., a queen. Another reason that people were out to get Cullen was to get at Chris; after all, he had spent the early part of 2006 as the star witness at two major trials. Firstly the one in Arizona of the people involved in the child pornography ring and then it was off to New York for the trial of those that had been behind the international child sex slavery business. Just the mention of those two things had everyone looking sick to the stomach. "It gets worse," I told them.

"How?" Was the next question from Keith.

"Gary and I were victims of a blackmail attempt recently. As you all already know, after I was raped and my parents died, I met Gary and we fell in love. When I was released from the hospital, Phil and Jane fostered me. The summer of that year we went on holiday to the Maldives and I asked them to adopt me. That legally makes me Garys brother and so in the eyes of the law, our relationship is incest. Just imagine the consequences of that information being printed in the papers? I'm underage but Gary isn't and he could face a custodial sentence for something that we have always both consented to. Mum and dad could also be accused of being irresponsible parents for allowing the relationship to begin in the first place and then Liam and I would probably end up in care. So that is why we were blackmailed," I said.

Once I had the confirmation from Paul and Keith that none of this information would ever be repeated to anyone, I continued. "Part of the reason that we were blackmailed is because we know Chris D. They were using us to get to him because of his involvement in the child porn and child sex slavery trials. Although we were not directly involved in any of that stuff, we are involved by association. Knowing Chris D means that we can be targeted by people who want him dead so that they can get to him."

"It sounds as if life around here is never dull," Paul commented.

"Oh far from it, far from it," Liam said.

Steve, Chris and the rest of the guys who had spent the weekend with us had already left. Their parents had picked them all up while I was still in bed as they all had various family commitments that day. Liam and Keith, who had been out riding the quad bikes, soon joined me. Keith looked stunning in the new clothes that he had bought the day before.

"So hoe do you feel?" Liam asked me as I shovelled another fork full of scrambled eggs in to my mouth.

"I'm Ok, honestly I am," I said.

We just sat around talking about nothing in particular, when I noticed Scotts car heading up the drive towards the house. Apparently, Paul had stayed at the NEC to help Scott get my gear packed and loaded onto the truck. The two of them had then driven back to Scotts place, where they spent the night. I knew that Scott was bisexual but I had no idea about Pauls orientation and hadn't asked. Well, I hadn't really known him long enough to ask about such things. It was when they joined us in the dining room that Scott asked, "Jason, would you have a problem with two of your employees being in a relationship?"

"No," was the simple reply that he got to his question.

It transpired that Paul was gay and he, like me had been bullied at school. He also told me that his last relationship had broken up over five years ago and that since then he had not been interested in being involved with anyone due to the fact that he had been so badly hurt in the past. That is, until now. Paul and Scott had spent an awful lot of time talking over the weekend and had decided to see hoe things developed in terms of a relationship. I was very happy for them.

After I finished eating, the five us headed into the studio for a couple of hours. It was at around two thirty that my grandparents arrived and I introduced them to Paul and Keith. They asked Keith a lot of questions about hoe he came to be with us. He answered them all but left a couple of details, such as the fact that he had been raped and the self-harming.

We spent about a half hour in the studio playing some music for my grandparents. Granddad made a comment about how much my playing had improved since the age of two when I used to sit at their piano and make an awful noise.

I responded by saying that I wasn't making a noise; I was actually composing some experimental music.

"Do you remember how to play it?" Granddad asked.

I sat at the piano and said, "It went like this," and then began to pound away at the keys. We all ended up in fits of laughter. It wasn't too much longer before mum came and told us to get washed for lunch. We didn't need to be told twice. We where soon at our places at the table and the food was excellent. Well, I wouldn't expect anything less from Gary. We began with a really delightful Tempura of Seafood. Then we had the Tomato soup that grandma had brought and this was served with warm bread rolls. For main course Gary had roasted a huge Rib of Scotch Beef and this was served with two kinds of potatoes and an array of vegetables. We finished the meal with Apple Crumble and custard. It was just fantastic. Keith was very surprised that we were allowed to have a couple of glasses of win with the food but Liam and I explained that this was mum and dads way of getting us used to the idea of drinking alcohol in a sensible way.

During lunch, everyone had their own little conversations going on and granddad was busy telling Liam, Keith and I about the holiday in Portugal and the villa that I had bought them for Xmas last year. Liam and I alkso told granddad about our trip to the States but we left out quite a few details as you can imagine. The conversation eventually turned to the baby that mum was expecting and we were all put forward our ideas for names. For a girl, mum liked Gamma. If it was a boy she was going to call him Colin Taylor Lewis in memory of my parents. I thought that this was very sweet of Jane. Once lunch was over, Keith, Liam and I did the dished and then Liam and I went to do our homework. Gary and Keith spent that time listening to music and playing video games.

Breakfast on Monday was the usual hectic time. We sat eating and talking about what would be happening that day. Paul and Scott planned on spending the day at Dream fields. Dad would be at the hotel project all day and Neil was seeing an architect. Him and Robert had talked to mum and dad about paying to convert the stable block into a house for the two of them. This way, Liam and Robert would be close to each other and would have be able to spend plenty of time together. It would also cause less disruption in Liams life. We left for school that day with Liam grinning fro ear-to-ear.

It was also the day that Keith was taking his exam and he had to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and so this was to be mums job for the day. Keith wanted to ride to school on the chopper and after a lot of pleading mum relented and allowed him to come with us. Gary had showed Keith the school website the previous day while and he also completed a number of the on line test that were there to give prospective pupils an idea of the questions that they would face in the actual exam. Keith did very well and scored between 75 and 835 on the ones that he took. Today would be a breeze.

Keith joined us for lunch that day so that he could meet more of our friends and tell us that he had passed and would be starting the next day. Mum had lunch with Mr.Noels in the teachers' dining room and then it was time for afternoon lessons. During the afternoon, mum took Keith shopping for his uniform and all the other stuff that he would need for school, including his own laptop. Liam and I arrived home at around the same time as mum and Keith. Once we got some drinks and snacks, Liam and I went and changed and then spent the rest of the time before dinner showing our new friend how to operate the laptop.

Over dinner, dad gave Keith the new state of the art mobile phone that dad had bought for him,

"But I don't have any friends who will call me," Keith said.

"You will by the end of the week," I told him.

Dad also told Keith that he now had his own bank account and would receive an allowance of 10,000 a month. Keith said that we had done more that enough for him already but dad took no notice. Dad also told him that we were all earning our own money and he didn't want Keith to feel left out. Keith still protested but dad just wasn't listening. Gary was absent from dinner that night due to the fact that he had gone to Dream fields. David Bowie and his producer, a guy by the name of Tony Visconti, were making a new album there and Gary had called them and asked if he could sit in on one of the sessions. The two men were happy to oblige. It was at round ten thirty that Gary arrived home and I was in bed reading the latest chapter of a story on nifty called TALES FROM BENTONVILLE HIGH by a guy called David Lee. I had nearly finished the chapter and so my beloved went to take a shower. Then we talked about his evening. He told me that it had been great to meet the two guys and that they had constantly asked him for his thoughts and ideas on how he would do things. They had taken a genuine interest in his answers and even used some of the ideas that he had suggested. I also asked Gary if he would have time on Tuesday to go shopping so that we could a TV, DVD player, Hi Fi system and games console for Keith to have in his room. Gary said that he would get it all sorted.

Tuesday was very uneventful and things didn't get interesting again until Wednesday lunchtime. We were having lunch in the cafeteria at school when Alexei, the son of a very wealthy Russian businessman and captain of the school football (soccer) team walked. Keith sat staring at this gorgeous hunk and said, "He's gorgeous. I would like to have him as a boyfriend."

"I hate to tell you this but he's straight," Liam said.

"Damn, why do all the good-looking ones have to be straight?" Keith asked.

It was Kyle who said; "straight girls say the same thing about us gay guys."

We all laughed at that and carried on eating and talking. Shortly before the bell went for afternoon lessons, Keith said that he needed to go to the bathroom and that he would see us later. By a strange coincidence, Alexei left at the same time and this had tongues wagging and all kinds of rumours flying around but no one really meant anything by it. The rest of the day passed quietly and it was soon home time. Keith had a really dreamy look on his face as his boarded the chopper but he just wouldn't answer ant of our questions. That would be revealed later.

It was on Wednesday that things got really interesting and the next big drama occurred. It was Keiths second day at school and we were eating dinner when we heard the loud crash and the sound of breaking glass. We all dashed from the table into the hallway and found that someone had driven a car through the front door. A man got out of the car and was shouting, "Where the fuck is that faggot that claims to be my son? When I get my hands on him, I'm going to beat this queer nonsense out of him."

Gary and I looked at Keith and we could both see that he was really scared. "Do you know this person?"

"Yes, he's my..." Keith was going to say dad but was quick to correct himself, "that is the bastard that donated the sperm that created me."

The man was about to make a move on Keith but dad intervened and was muttering, "Where the hell are the FI people when you need them?"

By now two of the agents had showed up and one of them asked, "Is everything OK Mr.Russel?"

Dad was furious and screamed at the agents, "Does it look as if everything is OK? This idiot drives a car into my house causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and then stats threatening a boy who has been place in my care and you ask if everything is OK? Are you stupid? Now do your job and get this asshole of my property."

The agents grabbed the man and began to lead him away but before they got him out of the house but Liam said, "Just how the hell did you find out where Keith is?"

The sperm donor looked at Liam and said, "That was real easy, I just had to have a word with that faggot loving guy John."

I noticed the anger in Liam's eyes and then he said, "If you have so much as laid a finger on him or hurt him in anyway, then I will not be responsible for what I'm going to do to you."

The FI agents led the man away and said that would get some people round to Johns flat and make sure that he was alright. They also said that they get a building crew to the house to repair the damage as soon as they could. In return, dad informed the agent s that heads would roll over the gross lapse in security. After all, if the FI people on duty that night had been doing their job properly then the car would never have got past the main gates to our property

We returned to the dining room and finished dinner. Mum looked at Keith and asked, "Are you Ok sweetie?"

"I think so but I thought that I had seen the last of him when he threw me out. As far as I am concerned, he stopped being my father when he threw me out just because I'm gay. He's the one with the big problem," Keith said.

"That's all perfectly understandable but believe me, you will never have to see him again," mum said.

By now Keith was on the verge of a serious breakdown and mum asked him, "Is there something that you haven't told us?"

Keith couldn't hold back any longer and said, "I told Jason about this at the weekend but I asked him not to tell anyone. I was raped twice. It first happened three months ago and then the second time was two weeks ago. It was my brother who did that to me." By now the floodgates opened and Keith was in floods of tears.

Mum got up and went to comfort him. "Why didn't you tell us this before and why didn't you talk to someone at the time?"

"I didn't know who to talk to. I couldn't talk to my mum as she has a serious drink problem and most of the time she was to drunk to even know that I existed. The sperm donor wouldn't have taken any notice. He would have just said that what my brother was doing was his way of trying to stop me being gay. Those idiots, along with my brother are both too stupid to understand that I didn't choose to be like this. They don't realize that my being gay is a part of who I am, not something that I chose to be."

While mum talked to Keith, Liam and I went to do the dishes. We may employ a chef and housekeeper but we still have our chores to do. Once that dished had been done, it was time for homework and then we went to talk to mum and dad. Keith suddenly asked, "Jane, would it be OK to invite a friend for the weekend?"

"Of course it would," mum said.

By now Liam and I were really curious and Liam asked, "So do we know this friend?"

"Yes, it's Alexei, he followed me to the bathroom and we talked and then he kissed me and asked me if I would be his boyfriend. I said yes. I think I'm in love."

Wait til this got out round our friends, we had all been proved wrong about the captain of the football team.

That seems like a good place to say...End of chapter 38!!!!!!!

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