Sad song of a gay teen 39!!!!!!!!!!!

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"I didn't know who to talk to. I couldn't talk to my mum as she has a serious drink problem and most of the time she was too drunk to even know that I existed. The sperm donor wouldn't have taken any notice. He would have just said that what my brother was doing was his way of trying to stop me being gay. That idiot, along with my brother are both too stupid to understand that I didn't choose to be like this. They don't realize that my being gay is a part of who I am, not something that I chose to be," Keith said.

While mum talked to Keith, Liam and I went to do the dishes. We may employ a chef and housekeeper but we still have our chores to do. Once that the dishes had been done, it was time for homework and then we went to talk to mum and dad. Keith suddenly asked, "Jane, would it be OK to invite a friend for the weekend?"

"Of course it would," mum said.

By now Liam and I were really curious and Liam asked, "So do we know this friend?"

"Yes, it's Alexei, he followed me to the bathroom and we talked and then he kissed me and asked me if I would be his boyfriend. I said yes. I think I'm in love."

Wait til this got out round our friends, we had all been proved wrong about the captain of the football team.

Sad Song of a Gay Teen 39!!!!!!!!!!

"Alexei? As in Alexei Putin? The captain of the football team?" Liam asked.

"Yes, THAT ALEXEI," Keith replied. "I know that you all said that I didn't stand a chance with him but he proved you all wrong. Liam, Jason, I realize that you are both very surprised by this but I was even more surprised when he asked me to be his boyfriend and then he kissed me. I think that I'm falling in love."

"Well congratulations," I said, "but just make sure that he looks after you and if he so much as does anything to hurt you, then he will be dealing with all of us."

Liam then went on to explain to mum and dad that Alexei is the captain of the school football team and the son of the Russian billionaire businessman, Boris Putin. Dad had heard of Boris, as the computer software company that dad had sold for a fortune when he started to manage the band had done a lot of work for the various companies that Boris Putin owned.

"Well done," dad said, "you certainly landed on your feet with your choice of boyfriend."

"But as Jason said, just make sure that he looks after you and if he hurts you then I'll be after him as well," mum added.

Dad also told us that, following his call to Andy Foss, the agents that had been on duty had been replaced with people who were more competent and that the agents who had let us down would have their security clearance level lowered and they would be spending the rest of their careers doing very boring and menial tasks in an office somewhere. Tom Bradley had also called to inform us that they had found John in his flat. He was in a bad way. He had a broken nose, several cracked or broken ribs and multiple stab wounds. At the time of the call, John was in the operating theatre at the Central Manchester hospital undergoing emergency surgery. The news was not good as John had been given a fifty - fifty chance. This really infuriated Liam and it took sometime to calm him down. Keith was blaming himself for what had happened but we all told him that he was in no way responsible for the actions of the sperm donor and the rapist. Mum also suggested that Keith sleep in Liams room that night as this was just the kind of thing that could push Keith over the edge and cause him to start self harming again or even worse. That possibility just wasn't worth thinking about. Tom Bradley had also told dad that the rapist and the sperm donor had both been arrested and that they were facing a charge of attempted murder. With that, Keith got up and disappeared to his room. When he returned, he was clutching the photos that Gary had taken of the bruising that was the result of the beating that he had received.

"What are these?" Dad asked as Keith handed him the photos.

"They are the photos that Gary took. Just before he threw me out, my former father gave me a severe beating. I wasn't going to do anything about it but if that asshole is facing a charge of attempted murder then I may as well add one of child abuse," Keith said. "I want to go to the police and make a statement."

"OK," dad said, "I'll pick you up from school tomorrow and we can go to the police so that you can make a statement."

By now it was getting late and, as we all had school the next day we decided to go to bed. Gary had gone to a concert with Kyle and Simon and was spending the night at Kyles house. I hated sleeping alone but Gary and I also understood that in a relationship you sometimes had to let your partner have his own space and so I really didn't mind him spending time with his friends.

I was awoken at just after seven the next morning when my mobile phone rang. "Go away and leave me to my fun with the twins," I said.

"Morning Jason," came the cheery response from Keith.

"How come you're up so early?" I asked.

"So I can get to school and see Alexei," he said.

"OK but we don't leave for just over an hour. I'll take a shower and get dressed and then I'll be down for breakfast." I ended the call before Keith asked me anything else.

When I took my place at the table Keith asked, "So who are the twins?"

The twins were two 18 year old guys that I often dreamed about. In the dream I was eighteen and in a bar on Canal Street in the gay village. My parents had not been killed in the car crash, the rape and assault had never happened and I had never met Gary but the band had been hugely successful but there were only three members, Chris, Steve and myself. Anyway I met the twins, Sammy and Stefan in this bar on Canal Street and I sort of fell in love with them. They were identical and it was difficult to tell them apart. In fact the only way that you could tell them apart was due to the fact that Sammy had his left eyebrow pierced and Stefan, on the other hand, had his right eyebrow pierced. As I said, this was the only way that you could tell them apart as they liked to dress the same. In fact, the three of us started to spend a lot of time together and we often went shopping together and whenever we planned to meet up, we would call each other to find out what we would all be wearing. We actually became known as the triplets around the gay village, due to the fact that we all always dressed in an identical way. I even had my hair styled in the same way as they did. Gary always loved it when I dreamed about the twins as I would wake up with his warm mouth wrapped around my cock as I rewarded him with a huge amount of my boy juice. As far as these dreams were concerned, Gary and I had done some research into dream analysis and came to the conclusion that it was a way for me to explore, on a subconscious level, an alternative way that my life may have turned out.

It was at this point that Gary walked in and Liam said, "Sounds like you missed out on a real treat this morning."

Gary looked at me and said, "Sounds as if Jason was having his dream about the twins again last night?"

I just looked at Gary with what must have been a dreamy look on my face. He walked over and kissed me. We sat eating breakfast and told Gary about the events of the previous day and the fact that it looked as if Keith had found himself a boyfriend.

"Congratulations," Gary said, "it's about time that you had something good happening in your life."

"Thanks," said Keith, "you'll get to meet Alexei as he is spending the weekend with us. So what do you all have planned for the weekend?"

"Well the place is going to be crawling with a film crew from MTV," Liam said. "They are making a fly on the wall documentary about the band. They are even coming to Japan with us but we'll only have a couple of them on the plane with us."

"Sounds good to me," Keith said, "I always wanted to be on TV."

By 8.15 Liam, Keith and I were on the chopper on the way to school. "So, when is your birthday?" I asked Keith.

"It's the 7th May," came the reply. "But I don't want you to do too much for me. You've made a big difference to my life already and I could never thank any of you enough."

"We would not dream of doing anything that goes against your wishes but would it be OK if we took you to a concert?" I asked.

"I wouldn't have a problem with that," Keith said. "So who are we going to see?"

"A guy called Roger Waters who used to be in Pink Floyd," Liam said.

"That sounds like a fantastic birthday present. I'd never heard any of their music until Liam played me a couple of their CDs and now I really like them. Especially that album DARK SIDE OF THE MOON," Keith said.

"That's one of the reasons that we are going to the concert," I said. "Apparently, he is going to perform the whole of the album, which should be really amazing."

By this time we were descending into the school grounds. As usual we would make our way to the cafeteria and have something to drink before the days lessons began. It was kind of strange seeing Alexei, who we had always thought of as being straight, sat at our table just gazing into Keiths eyes. I could definitely smell love in the air. It was around ten minutes after we arrived in school that Mr.Noels came to our table to talk to us about something. Apparently, the school was getting involved in some government sponsored anti- bullying campaign and Mr.Noels wanted to know if we could write a song for the campaign. I came up with a better suggestion and that was to do a remix of our song BEING BULLIED and a cover version of the Billy Joel song MY LIFE. I sang an accapella, (meaning with no instruments), version of the song and Mr.Noels seemed to get the idea of why I had chosen that song. I would have to call a couple of people during my lunch break to sort out copyright clearance for us to record the song. Before we all headed off to our first class of the day, I told Alexei that, as he was spending the weekend with us, that he would be one of our VIP guests at the show that we would be doing at the MEN arena on the Saturday night. He had already told us that he was a fan of the band but had never been to one of our live concerts and so he would really look forward to that. I had a few of my own ideas about what else he would be looking forward to over the weekend.

I bumped into Keith as I was making my way out of school at the end of the last lesson and walked him over to dads' car. Dad had come to pick him up so that they could go to the police for Keith to make his statement about the child abuse. Dad was talking to a man who turned out to be Boris, the father of Alexei. He seemed like a nice enough man and it turned out that he and dad had met numerous times but only as business associates. Dad and Keith headed off to the police station and I made my way to the chopper for the flight home.

When we got home, Liam and I went to our rooms and changed into our swimming stuff and then went down to the pool to join Gary. It was a lot of fun, especially when those two sneaked up on me and pulled my shorts off. I just stood there and looked at Gary and said, "So are you going to dive under and suck my dick for me?"

"I'm not sure that I could hold my breath for that long," he said.

Liam had a huge grin on his face and said, "Now that would be fun to watch!!"

Gary and I looked him at and Gary said, "And since when have you been into voyeurism?"

We all had a laugh over that and then carried on swimming until it was time to go and get ready for dinner. Dad and Keith had arrived home from the police station. Keith had not only made an official compliant against the rapist and the child abuser but he had also told them about being raped by his brother. He had had to undergo a full examination and, after his activities of the previous weekend, they had enough evidence of recent anal penetration to charge the rapist with that crime. Needless to say that Keith conveniently forgot to mention anything about what he had been up to the previous weekend. He, the rapist, would also be facing a charge of child molestation. Keith also told us that he had given the police vital information regarding the fact that his brother had been dealing in drugs and also provided them with a few other names. After what they had done to him, he really hated those two people. He knew he had dropped his brother in it big time but he really didn't care anymore. The one thing that worried him was the fact that he knew he had put his own life in danger by doing this but dad had assured him that he would be safe as he would have agents from FI shadowing him wherever he went, just as the rest of us did. This little bit of knowledge put him more at ease.

The rest of the evening passed quietly and was very uneventful. We where all very thankful for this after everything that had happened the night before. It was later on and I was lying in bed reading a story from nifty, when Gary turned to me and said, "So what was your dream about last night?"

"You mean the one involving the twins?" I asked.

"Yes," Gary responded.

"Well, as usual, I met them at the bar where they work and...," Gary interrupted me at that point and asked, "How where you all dressed?"

"We were all wearing red t-shirts, white shorts and socks and Nike Total 90 trainers," I said as Gary began to root around in my wardrobe. I had no idea what he was doing but I sure as hell hoped that we were going to have some fun. He retrieved the items that I had described and told me to get dressed and then I lay back down on the bed and Gary joined me. He kissed me and then asked, "So what did the three of you get up to?"

"Well Sammy and Stefan were working but when they had their break they came and joined me and took turns kissing me, putting their tongues down my throat. I was standing at the end of the bar and Stefan began to take off my shorts. Then he removed my trainers and socks and began to suck my toes." At that point, that is exactly what Gary did and he really turned me on. He was rubbing my stiff cock through my shorts. I continued, "All the time Sammy carried on kissing me. Eventually Stefan began to suck my stiffy." By now Gary was pulling my shorts off and took my stiff cock into his mouth. I was in ecstasy with all of this as I continued with telling my lover about the dream. "We eventually ended up on the pool table. I was lying there as Stefan pulled my legs up and got my ass nice and loosen it with three fingers and then he put some lube in there and on his cock, which he then slowly pushed into me. Then he began to fuck me nice and slowly, just the way I like to be done. By now, Sammy and I were in a 69 and sucking away at each others dicks. Other customers in the bar had gathered around to watch this little show that we were putting on for them. We were like a well oiled machine and I eventually released Sammys' dick from my mouth and cried out, `I'm gonna cum...,' as I began to release shot after shot into Sammys' hungry mouth. Stefan emptied himself deep inside of me as Sammy shot all over my face." By now I was cumming into Garys' mouth and I felt as if it was never going to end.

When I did finally finish, Gary licked up and down my softening shaft and at the end and poked his tongue in the piss slit. When he was finished, he smiled at me and said, "Mmmmm... that was so good."

After I had taken my turn to suck Gary to orgasm, we talked for a while. Legally we shouldn't have been doing it but we had taken out memberships to a couple of gay porn sites. It hadn't escaped the attention of Gary that I often spent time drooling over pictures of guys dressed in sports wear, especially trainers and socks. Gary said to me, "You know, I think you may have some kind of fetish thing developing."

I asked him to explain why he thought that and by the time he had finished, I had to admit that he was probably right. Not that he seemed to be too bothered by it. Especially when I felt his cock and noticed that it was getting hard again. We both fell asleep feeling happy and content.

Friday was uneventful and went by really slowly. Keith, Liam and I were happy to get home and go for a swim before dinner. We decided that we would do our homework that evening instead of leaving it until Sunday, which was our usual thing to do. At least that way the rest of the weekend would be totally free. The rest of the band arrived just as we finished breakfast on Saturday and we all disappeared off to the studio to start recording the song for the anti- bullying campaign. We got the music recorded within a few hours and then Keith and I went into the vocal room to record the vocals. He was a good singer and everything went Ok until we got to the last line of the first verse, which goes AND NOW HE GIVES THEN A STAND UP ROUTINE IN LA.

Keith did start to do a stand up routine and his first joke was, "What's green, has six legs and would kill you if it fell out of a tree? A snooker table. Here's another one, how do you make a blonde laugh on a Monday? Tell her the joke on Friday. Two fish in a tank, one turns to the other and says `you drive and I'll man the guns'."

This went on for five minutes and everyone was in fits of laughter. We eventually calmed down and started again but at the end of the first verse we were treated to another batch of jokes. Again we all laughed and we had to wait until the laughter died down before making a third attempt at recording the vocals. Keith was obviously out of jokes this time but he was doing some really great actions on the chorus. When he sang the line,

I don't care what you say anymore...this is my life!!!!!!! He put a lot of aggression and passion into it, as if he really meant it, which I'm sure that he did. We finally got the vocals down and decided to take a break for lunch. By now, Kyle, Simon, Callum, Aaron, Mark and Lee had arrived. It was great to be with everyone out of school. They were all going to the gig that night and so they would ride with us on the tour bus. There was also another boy, who introduced himself as Richard. It turned out that he was the son of Mr.Noels, the headmaster from school. Mum and dad had invited Mr.Noels and his wife for lunch. Richard was fifteen and really good looking but that was as far as my interest went due to the fact that I already had a boyfriend. After we had got all the introductions out of the way, we had our lunch and then spent the afternoon working on the re-mix of BEING BULLIED and mixing the other song that we had just recorded. Richard told us that he was going to the gig with some of his friends. We said he could come with us on the tour bus and meet his friends at the arena. He thought that this was really cool. I also told him that he could bring his friends backstage after the show so that they could meet us. Richard then spent the next thirty minutes calling his friends and telling them of the slight change in plans.

It was during the afternoon when one of the crew from MTV came looking for Keith that we noticed that he and Alexei had vanished. It didn't take me long to figure out where they where and what they were doing. I just smiled to myself as I listened to the guy from MTV telling me that he thought that Keith was a natural actor. Anyway, it transpired that this guy knew the producer of a soap opera that was filmed in Manchester. They were currently auditioning people for a new family that was going to be introduced and he suggested that Keith audition for the part of one the family's teenage sons. I knew that Keith would be more than happy to hear this but right now was not the time to go looking for him. I had a very good idea where he and Alexei where and I was not about to go and disturb them.

It was around four that the tour bus arrived to take us into Manchester to the MEN arena. It would take about an hour to make the journey and I spent most of that time talking with Richard about the computer systems that we use in the studio. He was really interested in computers and noticed that ours seemed to operate a lot faster than standard systems. This was due to the fact that the company that dad used to own not only developed specialized software solutions, they had also developed a new generation of processors and RAM chips. The processors actually worked at 10 gigahertz, which was one and half times faster than the most powerful commercially available processors. The RAM chips had a capacity of about four and half gigabytes, again, these were about twice the capacity of the best commercially available chips. We had these things installed in our computer systems so that they would be faster, more efficient and much more reliable. We also used hard drives that ran at a speed of 15,000 rpm, again, twice the speed of a standard hard drive and this also added to the vastly improved performance of our computers.

Once we arrived at the arena, we made our way inside and onto the stage. Liam was not happy to notice that his two guitar technicians were smoking as they set up his gear. In fact, he was furious and just said, "You two can fuck off now."

They looked at him before one of them said, "You can't speak to us like that."

"I just did," Liam said, "and incase you didn't hear the first time, I told you to fuck off. If you want to smoke and end up in an early grave, just like my mum did, then that is up to you but if you work for me you don't smoke, period."

The two guitar techs looked at Liam and seemed unsure as to whether or not he was being serious. By now dad had arrived and took control of the situation. He told the guys that they had obviously lied on their applications as it had been clearly stated that only applications from non-smokers would be considered. Dad told them to get their stuff and leave immediately. They did make a few threats but dad didn't seem to be too concerned by them.

By 7.30 we where standing at the side of the stage waiting to go on. Liam still looked somewhat subdued after the earlier incident and I only hoped that it didn't affect his performance, especially as this was our home crowd. I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Liam, who was pointing at someone sitting in the front row. When I looked over, I notice that it was Robert back from Vancouver a week earlier than planned. Knowing his dad was there put him in a much better frame of mind. Liam did ask me if I knew anything about it and if I did, why I hadn't told him. I said that had no idea and that it was just as much of as surprise to me. It was now time for me to go on and begin the show. We played pretty much the same set as we had at the two gigs last week before and we went down a storm.

By the time we finished the second encore and made our way off the stage, Neil and Robert were waiting for us. Liam rushed over to his dad and gave him a big hug. "So did you get me a present?" Liam asked.

"No because I seem to remember a few weeks ago someone saying to me that he didn't want me spending my money because he already had more than he had ever dreamed he would," Robert replied to the question.

"Ahh... dad that's not fair," Liam said.

"Of course I got you something," Robert said as he handed Liam a guitar case.

Liam took his gift and carefully placed it on top of a flight case. He opened it and inside was a beautifully crafted electro- acoustic guitar, (this being an acoustic guitar with a built in pick up ready for plugging into an amplifier), made by a German company called Lakewood. "This is beautiful, dad," Liam said, "And thank you."

"I'd hoped that you would like it, it cost enough," Robert said.

"But you know I'm worth every penny," Liam responded. He placed the guitar back in its' case and we headed back to dressing room so that the crew could get on with the business of getting all the gear packed and loaded on the trucks. Once in the dressing room, Liam played us a few things on his new guitar and the sound was just heavenly. We also got introduced to a group of Richards' friends, who all wanted us to sign autographs.

We finally left for home just after midnight. As Liam, Gary and I were the last to be dropped off; it was around 1.30am when we all got home. It had been a long day and so we just went to bed and soon fell asleep. Sunday was a quiet day except for the fact that mum and dad had invited Alexeis' parents for lunch. It was quite interesting listening to Boris telling dad just how he had made his fortune. It was also revealed that he owned a Boeing 747 and an Airbus A330, which he said we were welcome to use when we needed one of them for one of our tours. We already had a private plane at our disposal for the upcoming Japanese tour but dad asked if we could use the 747 for the summer trip to South America. `Cool,' I thought to myself.

After lunch we all went to Keiths room and listened to some music. Alexei had to explain to Keith that he not told his father about the two of them as he (Boris) probably wouldn't understand how two boys could be in love with each other. To Boris this was something of a totally alien concept. Keith didn't appear to be concerned by this. As he pointed out, his life had changed dramatically in the last week or so and he was looking forward to the audition that was being arranged for him. Boris had made the concession that Alexei could come with us on the Japanese tour. At least that way Alexei and Keith would have some time together.

Monday was a fairly mundane day at school and I think that we were all happy to get home. Only two more days of school and then we had about two and half weeks off and we couldn't wait. It was as I was getting ready for bed that I noticed that my meds had vanished off the bedside table. Gary asked, "Hey, what's wrong?"

"It's my meds, I left them on the bedside table and they've gone," I said.

"Are you sure that's where you left them?"

"Yes." Then it dawned on me. I had gone to the bathroom and Liam had gone to get something from his room and that left Keith alone. It was only for a few minutes but it was enough time for him to slip the meds into his pocket. I explained all this to Gary and said, "He wouldn't, would he."

Gary left the room and walked along the landing to Keiths' room. He was pounding on the door for Keith to open it but there was no answer. I tried the handle and found that the door was locked. "I'm going to get mum and dad," I said.

Liam had also appeared and mentioned something about a modelling knife that he had been using for his art project had gone missing. I told him the same thing had happened with my meds. Gary just kicked open the door of Keiths room and we found him lying there in a pool of blood and sure enough, he had taken my almost two week supply of medication. Somewhere in the region of fifty tablets plus huge a quantity of pain killers. I ran down stairs to get mum and dad. While I did that, Gary phoned for an ambulance and told Liam that he had to wake Keith up and that once he was awake he had to keep him that way.