Sad song of a gay teen 40!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!

"Yes." Then it dawned on me. I had gone to the bathroom and Liam had gone to get something from his room and that left Keith alone. It was only for a few minutes but it was enough time for him to slip the meds into his pocket. I explained all this to Gary and said, "He wouldn't, would he?"

Gary left the room and walked along the landing to Keiths' room. He was pounding on the door for Keith to open it but there was no answer. I tried the handle and found that the door was locked. "I'm going to get mum and dad," I said.

Liam had also appeared and mentioned something about a modelling knife that he had been using for his art project had gone missing. I told him the same thing had happened with my meds. Gary just kicked open the door of Keiths room and we found him lying there in a pool of blood and sure enough, he had taken my almost two week supply of medication. Somewhere in the region of fifty tablets plus a huge quantity of painkillers. I ran down stairs to get mum and dad. While I did that, Gary phoned for an ambulance and told Liam that he had to wake Keith up and that once he was awake he had to keep him that way.

I ran and got mum and dad and by the time we got back up stairs, Liam had managed to wake Keith. Gary had also tied some bandages very tightly around his wrists, to try and stop the bleeding. Keith was delirious due to the loss of blood and just kept asking why we hadn't let him die. No way were we about to let that happen. It was then that we heard the ambulance heading towards the house. I ran down and opened the door ready for the paramedics to enter the house.

Sad Song of a Gay Teen 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The paramedics arrived and I showed them to Keiths' room. They got to work right away. They said that Gary had done a great job in stemming the flow of blood and that we had also done the right thing in getting him to wake up and keeping him in that state. He was talking a lot of nonsense due to the fact that he was delirious due to the loss of blood and the huge quantity of drugs that he had taken. The paramedics loaded him on to the stretcher and carried him down to the ambulance. Mum had said that I could ride to the hospital in the ambulance with Keith. We still needed to find out why he had done this. We all thought that he was doing so much better than when he had first showed up, so we just didn't understand what had gone wrong now. I was allowed to ride in the ambulance because everyone thought that he would be more likely to tell me what the problem was than anyone else. I just hoped that they were right.

As the ambulance began to move off, Keith began to mumble, "Can I go back to sleep now?"

"No fucking way am I going to let you do that. Now, what I need to know is, why the fuck did you do this?"

"Why are you so angry with me?" Keith asked.

"Only because of what you have just tried to do, using my meds. Without them I don't function too well. I just get so moody and intolerable. Now, I'll ask you again; why the fuck did you do this?"

"Because of what some of the other boys at school were saying. They were right."

"What boys and just what did they say that would make you do this?"

"That someone like me doesn't belong in that school. I just don't know were I belong anymore. That's why I tried to kill myself."

"They are just a load of fucking stupid twats. Now, who were they? I need names and I'll deal with this when I get to school tomorrow."

"I really don't know their names; I just know that they are in the football team. They accused you and the other guys from the band of trying to turn Alexei into a cocksucking faggot. They said that that is the only reason that I invited him home for the weekend."

"Now I know that they are talking shit. You can't just turn someone gay. I know that and you know it"

By now we were at the hospital. The paramedics whisked Keith out of the ambulance and into the emergency treatment room. I knew what would be happening next. They would have to pump his stomach to get rid of all the drugs that he had taken. They would also have to stitch the wounds in his wrists and then probably also replace the lost blood. I was told to take a seat in the waiting room and I was soon joined by dad and Gary. They asked me if I had any information but I hadn't seen anyone since they whisked Keith off to carry out the necessary treatment.

"Dad," I began, "you do realize that we have another little problem to deal with?"

"And what's that?" Dad asked.

"The fact that Keith took all my meds. You know how I am if I don't take them."

With that, dad went off in search of a doctor to see about getting me an emergency supply of my meds, to keep me going until he or mum could get a new prescription filled at the pharmacy. Dad soon returned with a supply of the meds that would keep me going until I got home from school the next day. By that time, one of my parents would have had time to go to the pharmacy to get a repeat prescription filled out. As we sat and waited for news of Keiths' condition, I told dad and Gary what had happened in the ambulance and what Keith had told me.

Gary was shocked by my revelations and said, "But those boys would know that what they were doing was bullying Keith and they would also know that it is totally against the school rules. Do you think that you will find out who did it?"

"If I have to miss every one of my lessons tomorrow, I'll get to the bottom of this," I said.

"Just don't go getting yourself in any trouble, Jason," dad warned me.

"I think you know me better than that dad," I said.

As we sat and waited for the doctor to come and tell us what was going on, I filled dad and Gary in on a few ideas that I had for finding who was responsible for this. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor showed up and told us that Keith had been moved to a ward and was in a stable condition. They had sedated him but we were allowed to go and see him for a few minutes before we went home.

When we arrived home, everyone else was still awake and we told them that Keith was going to make it. I also told them all what Keith had told me in the ambulance about why he had done this. No one looked happy but I told them that it would be dealt with. The next morning was a little hectic as I got ready for school. I also felt tired, as it had been nearly three o'clock when I got to bed. Liam said that he also felt tired but we both insisted on going to school as we had some important business to take care of. I also phoned Mr.Noels and Alexei to tell them about Keith and they were both very shocked. At first, Alexei was saying that it was his fault because of the fact that he had told Keith that he could never introduce Keith to his father as his, (Alexeis'), boyfriend. I told Alexei that that had absolutely nothing to do with it. When I told him what had happened, he was even more annoyed and shouted down the phone, "Just wait until I find out who did do this. They are so off the team"

To that, I added, "Not only that but they will be so out of school!"

That was very true. What they had done was bully Keith. There was no other way of describing it and that had only one punishment at our school. EXPULSION.

On arriving at school, Liam and I headed for the cafeteria and joined Alexei and the rest of the football team at their table. One boy just said, "And who said you two queers could join us?"

Alexei was fuming and Said, "You just got yourself kicked off the team."

"But you can't do that," the boy said.

"I spoke to coach this morning. I told him that I'm gay and what happened yesterday that led to my boyfriend trying to kill himself. Coach has told me that the fact that I'm gay makes no difference to him, it has no effect on my ability as a player and if anyone dose have a problem with it then you are off the team. Now, dose anyone having anything to say?"

"I do," another boy said. "I know you spent the weekend hanging out with those faggots from WILD BOYS, I bet they had you sucking their dicks and fucking their butts all weekend."

I looked at the boy and said, " That remark has just landed you in so much trouble that you won't know whats' hit you."

A third boy stood up and said, "We really didn't want to push that new kid to a point were he would try to kill himself."

"Well, luckily for you, he's going to make it but you don't know a thing about him, so maybe you should have just left him alone," I said.

We now had our three culprits and, unknown to us, Mr.Noels and Boris Putin had seen the whole thing. They walked over to the table and Mr.Noels pointed at each of the boys who had spoken and told the three of them to go to his office right away. Boris came over and sat next to Alexei. Alexei looked at his father and said, "I suppose that you hate me now that you know the truth?"

"I can't say that I really understand it but you are still my son and I suppose that I just have to accept you for who you are. And the way that you handled things there is something that any father would be proud of. Also, when we had lunch with the Russells' on Sunday, I realized that Keith is so lucky to have been given a second chance with a family like that. They are good people."

Alexei stood up and hugged his father and said, "Thank you for at least trying to understand who I really am. Would you take me to the hospital after school, so that I can see Keith, my boyfriend?"

"It would be a pleasure for me to do that," Boris said.

By the end of school that day, word had spread about the three boys who been expelled and, as was usual in these cases, everyone had their own version of events but I chose to ignore it. Boris had come to collect Alexei and I so that we could go and see Keith. Dad had come to collect Liam so that they could visit John. He had been in the intensive treatment unit and so was not allowed to have visitors but they had moved him back to a regular ward today and so dad and Liam were going to see him and find out how he was doing.

When we got to the hospital, mum was saying to Keith, "And I don't want to here anymore of this nonsense about you wanting us to call the social worker and have you placed with another family. You are going to be with us until you turn 18 and even then, our home is your home. Besides, you had such a great weekend recording with the band, spending time with Alexei and I thought that you were so excited about that audition that that guy from MTV is setting up for you?"

"I am but it's still sort of hard to believe all the things that have happened since I arrived and I promise, this is the last time that I do anything like this," Keith said.

I walked into the room and said, "And you did a fantastic job on the vocals on the charity song. I really mean that."

"Hi Jason, Alexei," Keith said. "So how was school today?"

"You were missed," I said. "And three boys got expelled for what they did to you. I told you I would find who was responsible and have them dealt with and I always keep my promises."

"Thanks Jason. Has anyone ever told you that you are fantastic?" Keith asked.

"Only about five million people," I said and then began to laugh.

With that, Alexei walked over to the bed and introduced his father by saying, "Father, I would like to formally introduce you to my boyfriend, Keith."

Boris and Keith shook hands and talked for a little while. I then suggested we go and get something to drink, so that the two love birds could have some time alone. Everyone was in total agreement. As we sat drinking our coffee, I said to mum, "So is Keith still going to be able to go to Japan with us?"

"I talked to the doctors about it and they think that it will help immensely to do something like that. It will help him to put all the problems he has been having in the past,' mum said.

On returning to his room, Keith did ask about going to Japan and mum told him what the doctors had said and this seemed to be a great help in cheering him up. By now, a porter had showed up with a dinner tray for Keith. Being an NHS hospital, the food looked totally disgusting. Mum suggested that she and I head home for our own dinner but we told Keith that we would be back after we had eaten. Mum went over to the bed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mum looked t the food and said, "That won't satisfy a growing teenage boy like you. I'll get Tom to make up some sandwiches and a few other goodies for when we come back later."

"Thanks Jane, this food dose look really disgusting," Keith said. By now, Boris and Alexei were about ready to leave and Keith said, "Mr.Putin, thank you for at least trying to understand about Alexei and me. My own father would never have understood."

"Please, feel free to call me Boris. After all, you are almost a part of my family now and no one deserves to be treated the way that you have," Boris said. Then he turned to me and said, "When I was at the school this morning, I told Alexei that I was very proud of the way in which he handled the whole situation. You, Jason, handled it very well too. If I had been in that situation and they had been saying those things to me, I think that I would have killed them."

"Thank you," I said, "but one very important lesson that I learned along time ago is that violence is not a solution."

With that, we left for home. Alexei and Boris said that they would visit again tomorrow. Mum and I said that we would be back after dinner and that we would bring Liam.

End of chapter 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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