Sad song of a gay teen 41!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!

On returning to his room, Keith did ask about going to Japan and mum told him what the doctors had said and this seemed to be a great help in cheering him up. By now, a porter had showed up with a dinner tray for Keith. Being an NHS hospital, the food looked totally disgusting. Mum suggested that she and I head home for our own dinner but we told Keith that we would be back after we had eaten. Mum went over to the bed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mum looked at the food and said, "That won't satisfy a growing teenage boy like you. I'll get Tom to make up some sandwiches and a few other goodies for when we come back later."

"Thanks Jane, this food dose look really disgusting," Keith said. By now, Boris and Alexei were about ready to leave and Keith said, "Mr.Putin, thank you for at least trying to understand about Alexei and me. My own father would never have understood."

"Please, feel free to call me Boris. After all, you are almost a part of my family now and no one deserves to be treated the way that you have," Boris said. Then he turned to me and said, "When I was at the school this morning, I told Alexei that I was very proud of the way in which he handled the whole situation. You, Jason, handled it very well too. If I had been in that situation and they had been saying those things to me, I think that I would have killed them."

"Thank you," I said, "but one very important lesson that I learned along time ago is that violence is not a solution."

With that, we left for home. Alexei and Boris said that they would visit again tomorrow. Mum and I said that we would be back after dinner and that we would bring Liam.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we had eaten dinner that evening, we returned to the hospital. Liam filled me in on how John was doing. He had a long way to go before he would be completely recovered but at least he was back on a normal ward. This in itself was a good sign. I told Liam how Keith was and then we just talked about the Japanese tour. One thing that had been arranged for us was a trip to the Yamaha factory so that we could see where and how they made some of the gear that we used as a band. That and going to Hiroshima were two things that we were all really looking forward to. We had all been doing some research on the Internet and had decided that, although we had the plane at our disposal for the entire tour, we all really wanted to ride on the famous Bullet train. Robert and Neil had said that they would look into this once we got to Tokyo.

We walked into Keiths' room and Liam said, "You missed a fantastic dinner tonight. Tom did Roast Chicken with those roast potatoes that he dose, the ones that are to die for and that stuffing that he makes. You know, the one we had last week that tastes like it contains just about everything in the kitchen." At that point he decided to shut up as Keith was obviously still really hungry due to the fact that he had not eaten much of the slop that they called food in this place.

"Um...sorry about going off like that. How are you?" Liam asked.

"Better than I was last night. Did you remember to bring me something to eat?" Keith asked.

Mum walked over to the bed and handed him the lunch box that contained the snack that Tom had made up for him. It contained a couple of sandwiches made from the best granary bread that you can ever have the pleasure of tasting. They were loaded with the remains of the chicken, along with some of the potatoes, (which actually tasted just as nice when eaten cold), plus a few slices of the stuffing. To top it all off was a couple of slices of the chocolate cake that Tom had baked for an after school snack and that Liam and I didn't get to taste because we had other things to do. Oh well!!!!!

Mum had forgotten to bring something for Keith to drink with his meal and so she went to get us all some cokes from the vending machine. While mum was gone, Keith had to hear, all over again, how we had flushed out the boys that had been bullying him and giving him a hard time yesterday. He had already heard it all once but not from Liam. Once Liam had finished, Keith said, "You know, you two didn't have to put yourselves at risk like that."

"And you didn't have to do this," I said, gently lifting one of his arms and looking at the dressing on his wrist. "And next time that anyone so much as gives you a hard time over anything, you talk to one of us if you don't want to talk to one of the teachers. We don't like to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves but we have a fair bit of influence around the school with people who are important. That came about because of who we are. So just remember that for future reference."

"Well, I don't plan on doing this again in too much of hurry. My stomach has been hurting nearly all day," Keith said.

I knew exactly what he meant as I had been through this myself. Mum soon returned and the rest of the visit was spent just talking about the upcoming trip and other stuff that teenage boys like to talk about. Especially teenage boys like us, if you know what I mean??

Visiting time was over all too soon and we had to leave. But Keith was smiling, smiling like I had never seen since he showed up. Mum had given him the news that he was being allowed home tomorrow but he would have to have counselling and therapy once we got back from Japan. He wasn't too keen on this but I told him that it was standard practice in cases like this and that I knew that from my own experience.

Once we got home, I went to my room to spend some `alone' time with Gary. Liam went to call Nick. Probably one of their long, mushy calls but I really wasn't bothered. Gary asked if I wanted him to pick me up from school tomorrow and I had to ask why. I had the idea that he was planning something really romantic but I was wrong. It turned out that he had arranged to go and sit in on another session that David Bowie was doing. How could I refuse something like that? It would be an honour to meet such a legend. We just spent some time talking and making out. Doing the really sexual stuff all the time just wasn't that important to us anymore. Our relationship was so much deeper than that.

That night I had another dream about the twins but this one was so much different than all the others. I was thirteen again and it was the day before the rape. It had been another really shitty day at school, at the hands of the bullies. Most of it was verbal, some of it actually very mild, such as being called pretty boy or cutie but most of it was far worse. I'll let you work that out. I had even been hit in the bathroom during lunch break. It was in the stomach but it was hard enough to leave some serious bruises and I had to spend the afternoon just trying to hide my pain. Things didn't get any better when I got home. My parents had left a note saying that they would be late home and that they hoped I would be Ok on my own. They also left me some money so that I could order a take away meal. I really hated the way that they did this to me but what else could I do? When this happened, it made me feel so unloved, so unwanted. Sometimes I really wondered why they had me at all. All they really had to do was give me the occasional hug or a kiss on the cheek from mum. That way, I would know that they really loved me. Their way of showing me love was to provide me with every material possession that I wanted. I was an only child, I was supposed to be spoilt but sometimes it just wasn't enough and it made me so sad. I took the money and put it in my pocket. I got a can of coke from the fridge, along with a few things to snack on while I changed and then went to my room to change. I had no desire to be alone and had decided that I would go to my grandparents. I knew grandma would be happy to cook me some decent, home cooked food, the one thing that I wished mum would do for me a little more often. I changed, finished my snack and got my homework together. Then I locked the house and got my bike out of the garage. Then it was off to see my grandparents. They were more than happy to see me and I got one fantastic dinner.

After I had eaten, I did my homework and then talked to my grandparents for a while. I did all the talking and they just listened. I really poured my heart out to them and granddad said that he was going to have a serious talk with my parents. He said that it was about time that they woke up and realized that they had brought me into this world and that they had an obligation to me. I could tell that he was not happy. It was quite clear to me that he had not brought my mum up to be so self centred and uncaring. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was getting late and dark outside. I really had to get home, even if it was to an empty house. I was feeling a little better than I had when I arrived due to the fact that I had had a chance to really tell someone what was really on my mind.

As I rode home, I heard a boy, who, from the sound of his voice, was probably about my age. Although I didn't recognise the voice, I just speeded up and rode even faster. How was I to know that it wasn't one of the bullies from school, just waiting to have one final dig at me for the day? As I rode along, I felt a sudden and unexplainable gust of wind rushing past me. It had been a very mild, early summers day and this sudden gust of wind, out of nowhere, was just so unexplainable. It was as I made my final turn into the road where my house was located that I had to brake suddenly, due to the fact that two boys, who appeared to be the same age as me, were there. Just standing in the road. I had no idea who they were but I was mesmerized by them. They were just sheer perfection. They were identical in everyway and I had no way of how I would tell them apart, if I knew their names, that is. They were just so adorable and I was growing attracted to them by the second. Well, I was gay and I knew it and that was the only reason that I got bullied. I had told my two best friends in the entire world that little bit of information just after my 12th birthday. That had proved to be such a big mistake.

"Who are you?" I asked. "And please don't hurt me. Too many people have done that already. So please, just don't hurt me."

One of the boys said, "We're Sammy and Stefan and we really don't want to hurt you. Actually, we want to do the opposite. We want to give you the opportunity to have a say in how your life will turn out for a change."

"But, how? Just what can you do to end my misery? Sometimes I think about just taking my own life, just so that I can end the suffering," I said.

The other boy said, "Jason, you really don't have to suffer this pain and heartache. We can change all that for you. If you just believe in us."

It was then that that I did something that I had dreamed of, fantasised about for so long. I actually asked them to kiss me, on the lips. Wow!!!!! It was all that I could think. I still had no idea who these boys were but if I was ever to have an idea of what true love was then, well, this was it. It was those kisses that brought a really dreamy look to my face and I just said to Sammy and Stefan, "Yes, I believe in you."

I was brought back to reality when one of them said, "You don't know this and we shouldn't really tell you this but something really bad is going to happen to you to tomorrow."

I just sat there on my bike, gazing at these two gods and said, "I think I would believe just about anything that you told me,"

That is when it happened. It was like a horror movie playing in my mind. It was really bad, just so horrible. I had arrived at school and was attacked by four boys and they dragged me off to a part of the school that was no longer used. They were hitting me, really fucking hitting me and I just wanted to die. Right there and then .Then they began to rape me, telling me that it was about the only thing that a faggot, a dirty cocksucker like me deserved. I didn't like this and hoped that it was all a bad dream and that I would wake up soon but it went on. I was in the emergency department at the hospital. I was screaming, due to the intense pain. I wanted my mum. Where the fuck was my mum? Eventually, this thing that was playing in my mind changed and I was waking up in my hospital bed after the emergency surgery that they had to do. A boy, who I had never seen before was sitting there. I could tell that he had been crying and asked him what was wrong. He told me that my parents had died in a horrific road accident.

By now, I was crying, uncontrollably and I screamed out, "Please, please just stop this. That just won't happen. It just can't"

Then it, this horror movie seemed to end just as suddenly as it had started. One of the boys was rubbing my back and trying to comfort me. He just calmly said, "Sorry we had to do that but it really will happen."

"When?" I asked, as I used the front of my t-shirt to dry my eyes.

"Tomorrow," one of the boys said. "But it doesn't have to, if you decided to join us. Right now we have to go but we will be back in a few hours and hopefully you will make the right decision."

With that, the two boys kissed me again and vanished. Just as suddenly as they had arrived.

I went home and said goodnight to my parents. They didn't seem to concerned that it was nearly 11pm and past my bedtime. They knew that I was home and safe and to them, that was all that mattered. There little boy was home and safe. Well, that was it. My heart sank and I really did wonder if they cared at all. Would the two mysterious boys be back or had I imagined that?

They did show up again, at about 3am and they soon joined me in the bed. They were kissing me and licking my neck. I just felt so good. For once in my life, I was happy. I had found two people who didn't want to hurt me. It was the one thing that I dreamed about, the one thing that I really needed in my life.

They told me that the way that I could tell the difference between them was down to the fact that Sammy had his left eyebrow pierced and Stefan his right. That was a help. I still had no idea who they really were but I no longer cared. I just felt soooooooooooooo... good. I don't know how long it was before I felt Stefan pushing his cock into me. The pain was intense but Sammy kept kissing me and rubbing my chest and telling me to relax. This is what I had wanted for so so so so long and it soon felt good. It went on for, well that I don't know but I could feel my dick quivering and I knew, from my experience of pleasuring myself, that I wouldn't last too much longer. I also sensed that Stefan was close. Up to that point, I had had my eyes closed but I opened them and then I saw it. Stefans' eyes had turned a deep, haunting, crimson red and his mouth was wide open, showing his fangs.

"Vampires don't exist," I screamed out but it was muffled, very muffled. Sammy had his hand pressed against my mouth to drown out the sound.

"But we do," Sammy said. By now, Stefan was in the throws of his hunger and needed to be fed. "Jason, please join us," Sammy said.

A sudden feeling of peace and calm descended over me as I felt the fangs plunge into my neck and I felt and heard the sound of my flesh being torn. Then the darkness came and I was asleep or dead. I had no Idea.

I woke up at that point but I felt so calm and tranquil. I unwrapped myself from Garys' arms and went to the bathroom. I really needed to pee. When I got back in bed. Gary wrapped his arms around me and said, "Mmmmm...are you Ok babe?"

"Yes, I never felt better," I replied and went back to sleep.

No sooner had I got back into bed than I was asleep again. Once I was asleep, my little Vampire dream continued but I will leave that bit until later as it was sort of heartbreaking. Not horrific but heartbreaking. In no time at all the alarm was going off and I had never been more happy to hear that sound in my life. I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom so that I could take my morning shower and get ready for school. By the time I came back from the bathroom, Gary was awake.

"Morning, Jay," he said to me, "And did you sleep well?"

"I did but I had another dream last night," I said.

"About the twins?"

"It was but this one was different."

"In what way?" Gary asked me.

"Can this wait until we get down to breakfast? You know how Liam likes to hear about this stuff," I said

As we sat at the breakfast table, I told everyone about my latest dream involving the twins and they were all intrigued. Especially when I told them that I became a vampire.

"So what do you think triggered this off?" Dad asked me.

"Probably a story I found on the internet. It's about vampires and how those people became vampires. It's all to do with the fact that their lives are so full of shit, so full of crap that they are given this chance, this opportunity, to become part of a different species. That is what happened to me in the dream and I decided to take that chance, especially after I was given an insight into the alternative," I said.

"Sounds fascinating," dad said. "I'd like to read it sometime."

"I'll download it for you when I get a chance."

I checked the time and noticed that I had about twenty five minutes before Daryl would be picking us up in the chopper and so I went to dads' office and bookmarked the website where he would find the vampire story that I had been reading. I went back to the dining room and buttered another piece of toast and finished my coffee. It was then time to head off to school. As we took off, I said to Liam, "You don't mind being on your tonight do you?"

"Who said I would be on my own? Keith will be home today and I invited Nick for a couple of nights," Liam replied to my question.

"I thought he'd be coming to Japan with us?"

"Well, he wanted to but his parents had booked a family holiday that he can't get out of. I do have to let him have some time with them you know."

That was a fair enough comment. We had been so busy talking that we had hardly notice the time go by and we were descending into the school grounds. As we got out of the chopper, Daryl said, "I'll see you two later?"

"Well, you'll Liam and Nick but Gary is picking me up as I'm going to meet David Bowie," I said.

"Some people have all the luck," Daryl said.

"Don't they just,' came the response from Liam. I could tell by the grin on his face that he was playing around with me and wasn't really jealous.

The morning was a real drag, as we didn't do that much in any of our lessons, what with it being the last day and all. Over lunch, everyone wanted to hear about my dream last night, especially the bit that I had after I went back to sleep. In that dream, I had been a vampire for around six months and on this particular day, I had woken early and sneaked off to the one thing that the other vampires I was living had warned me not to do. I went off to find Steve and Chris. The reason that I wasn't supposed to do that was due to the fact that they had warned me that I was to have no contact with any one from human life. When some of the other vampires did eventually find me, I had to tell my two human friends to go and to never, ever try to find me. Watching them walk away was so sad and my heart felt like it shattered into a million, tiny fragments. It would probably have been just as bad for them, knowing that I was still around, although now a part of a different species but this was the last time they would ever see me.

When I finished, Steve said, "You know, we could have a lot of fun with this. Why don't we all come with our stories of how we would fit into this vampire thing. We need to do it by Friday, before we leave for Tokyo. It would keep us entertained for a few hours on the flight."

"Cool idea," Chris said.

That was a part of the in-flight entertainment sorted. Of course, everyone else at our table wanted to know if they had featured in my dream and how they fit in. The one person that I couldn't look at was Lee. He was very quick to pick up on this and asked, "How come you went so quiet all of a sudden?"

"Because you were mentioned in the second dream," I said. "Lets' just say that you met with a very unfortunate accident, OK?"

"Hey it's cool, I guess you turned me into a vampire too?" Lee asked.

I went onto explain that, in the stories I had read on the net, you had to be invited to make the cross over into the vampire world and that if you were targeted as a vampires meal, you didn't automatically become one. Lee wanted to know what sort of `unfortunate accident' he met with.

"It was the first time that I had to feed and you were staggering home from a party, through the park. After the way you had treated me, I now had my chance to teach you a lesson and you became my lunch," I said.

"Mmmmm... Not exactly a nice way to go but I can understand it. I used to be such a bastard to you and I don't think that I will ever really forgive myself for that. You know what tho', Jason, I'm glad we got the chance to become friends. It gave me a real chance to be honest with myself and thanks to you I got to meet Mark and find real happiness in my life. Thanks."

Lunch was over all too soon and it was back to class for the afternoon and again, we didn't exactly do much. This was the first time that the band didn't do an end of term gig at school but we had cunning little plan. Liam, Ross, Chris, Steve and I all got together after our last lessons of the day and we walked down the corridor singing the Alice Cooper song SCHOOLS OUT, which goes;

Well we got no choice all the girls and boys
Makin' all that noise 'cause they found new toys
Well we can't salute ya can't find a flag if that don't suit ya that's a drag
School's out for summer school's out forever school's been blown to pieces
No more pencils no more books no more teacher's dirty looks yeah
Well we got no class and we got no principals and we got no innocence
We can't even think of a word that rhymes
School's out for summer school's out forever my school's been blown to pieces
No more pencils no more books no more teacher's dirty looks
Out for summer out till fall we might not come back at all
School's out forever school's out for summer
School's out with fever school's out completely

We where almost at the exit when a teacher, who we all knew was a fairly recent addition to the staff, stopped us and said, "Well, if that's how you all feel about school, I think you are all wasting your time being here."

"We were only having a little bit of fun, sir," I said, "And besides, we happen to be the most famous students at this school, so I don't think it would look to good for you if you put us on detention or something, now, would it?"

I think that this teacher knew he was defeated and so we just walked away but not before he said that he would be discussing this with Mr.Noels. I just didn't understand his problem. It was just a song and we didn't really mean anything by it.

As we left the building Liam said, "What the hell was his problem? If we had been singing ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL PART 2, I think he would have been really offended."

"Some people just have no sense of humour," Chris added.

We all said our farewells and headed off to our various modes of transport home. As I walked towards Garys' car, another song came to mind, or part of a song anyway and it was this:

From station to station

Back to Dusseldorf city

Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie


(From the song TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS by KRAFTWERK. Copyright 1977/2005 KLING KLANG MUSIK PRODUCT Gmbh)!!!

After I had got in the car, Gary leaned over and kissed me and then it was off to meet David Bowie, the thin white duke.

End of chapter 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the vampire dream didn't spook you out too much? Anyway, the reason for all that is because I really have been reading a vampire story on the net. It's called GONE FROM DAYLIGHT by COMICALITY and can be found in the story archive on the GAY AUTHORS website. It really is worth reading, so go and find it. I became so captivated by the whole story that I have started working on a spin off story called A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. In this story, Jason dose actually meet the twins the night before the rape and they give him an insight into what is about to happen and they also tell him that they can offer him an alternative. At the moment, it's just a lot of notes, thoughts and ideas but if you like the idea and would like me to develop the story, then let me know.

This time I heard from David Lee, Chris, Ric, Joseph, Mark, Steph, Neil, Bill, Mark (in Germany), James, Robert, Dallas and Gerry. Oh, that's thirteen people. Maybe it's a sign that I should do this new story in which Jason becomes a vampire. Drop me a line and let me know at I always love to hear from you people and I always reply to my e-mails but please include the title of the story in the subject as I get a lot of spam.

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