Sad song of a gay teen 42!!!!!!!!!!!


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From the previous chapter!!!!


We where almost at the exit when a teacher, who we all knew was a fairly recent addition to the staff, stopped us and said, "Well, if that's how you all feel about school, I think you are all wasting your time being here."


"We were only having a little bit of fun, sir," I said, "And besides, we happen to be the most famous students at this school, so I don't think it would look to good for you if you put us on detention or something, now, would it?"


I think that this teacher knew he was defeated and so we just walked away but not before he said that he would be discussing this with Mr.Noels. I just didn't understand his problem. It was just a song and we didn't really mean anything by it.


As we left the building Liam said, "What the hell was his problem? If we had been singing ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL PART 2, I think he would have been really offended."


"Some people just have no sense of humour," Chris added.


We all said our farewells and headed off to our various modes of transport home. As I walked towards Garys' car, another song came to mind, or part of a song anyway and it was this:


From station to station

Back to Düsseldorf city

Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie


(From the song TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS by KRAFTWERK. Copyright 1977/2005 KLING KLANG MUSIK PRODUCT Gmbh)!!!


After I had got in the car, Gary leaned over and kissed me and then it was off to meet David Bowie, the thin white duke.


Sad Song of a Gay Teen 42!!!!!!!!


As soon as we started to move away from the school, Gary asked me, "Are you feeling hungry?"


"Yeah, I only had a yogurt and some fruit for lunch," I responded.


"Why?" Gary asked me.


"All due to the fact that I didn't really feel that hungry," I said.


Gary suggested that we go to Rusholme for some Indian food before going to the studio. I wasn't about to argue as I loved Indian food and hadn't been to Rusholme for quite awhile. Once we got there, we parked the car and decided to go and eat at Kebabish. It's not exactly the poshest or most upmarket place to eat in Rusholme but it is always full of Asians, a sure fire sign that the food will be of a high standard and pretty much authentic. We entered the restaurant and found a table. A waiter asked us if we would like anything to drink and we both decided on a mango lassi, a yogurt based drink that complimented the spiciness of the food. To eat, we ordered a couple of kebabs from the grill, a lamb dish, a chicken dish and a selection of side dishes and some garlic naan bread.


I have to admit that I felt a little uncomfortable as I was still wearing my school uniform. School uniform consisted of a blue blazer with the school badge on the breast pocket, white shirt, black tie with the school crest on it, black trousers, black socks and black dress shoes. I really hated wearing it and always looked forward to getting home and changing into some far more comfortable casual clothes. Jewellery was also against school rules but no one ever said anything to me about my earring and the eternity ring that Gary had given to me for Xmas 2005. I think his had a lot to do with what has happened to me ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. Not only that, but all of us from the band had got many of the music hardware and software manufactures to sponsor and equip the new music technology centre that had been built in the last year.


As we sat waiting for our food to arrive, I said to Gary, "I wish I had taken a change of clothes to school with me."


"Luckily for you, I think of everything and put some stuff for you to change into in the car," he said.


Gary was sitting with his back to the door of the restaurant and didn't see Kyle and Simon entering. He was wondering who I was waving at until I told him. They came and joined us at our table and we said that they only had to order some drinks as we had ordered more than enough food for four people. If Kyle and Simon hadn't arrived, I think there would have been an awful lot of food left. Kyle and Simon had been into town to pick up their suits for the wedding that they were going to on the Saturday. It wasn't long after they arrived that our food was delivered to the table. We had a really enjoyable meal and the conversation was fantastic. Kyle and Simon had decided that they didn't really want to go to university and instead they were planning to set up a video production company. This was a useful bit of information as I was sure that we could put a lot of work their way in terms of producing videos for the acts that we had signed up to our new record label and also for the band.


Something else that we talked about over our meal was my favourite subject, ME, hehehehehe!! I knew why I had gone through all that shit at school almost two years ago but something about it had been bugging me a little of lot, (Ok, a lot, if you want me to be truthful). Did I make it really obvious that I'm gay? I mean did I act camp and effeminate? If I did, I was certainly unaware of it and didn't do it deliberately. I finally asked Gary and the other two that where with us a simple and straightforward question. "Do you think I make it obvious that I'm gay?"


I think that this particular question took everyone somewhat by surprise and I didn't get any response for a while, until Gary said, "Well, if by that, you are asking if you act all camp and effeminate, then yes, you do at home sometimes but not when you are in public."


Kyle added, "And definitely not at school. Why do you ask?"


"It's just something that has been bugging me a bit of late. I know that everyone at school knows that I'm gay, after all, I told Steve and Chris just after my 12th birthday and I was overheard. Needless to say that that information spread round school like wildfire but I just wondered if there was any sort of sign or way in which act that makes it obvious. I'm not ashamed of who I am but I just don't want to be obvious, if you understand what I'm saying?"


Anyway, I got the message that this conversation was getting very confusing when Kyle said, "Jason, shut up."   


We finally left the restaurant at around 5.30pm and headed of to the studio. When we got there we found that David Bowie had gone out to get a bite to eat but we were told that he should be back soon. Sure enough we didn't have long to wait and his first words to me were, "So at last, I get to meet the legendary Jason Lewis."


"I think you got that a little bit wrong," I said, "you are the one who is a legend around here."


While we had been waiting for Bowie to show up, I had been playing around wit some of the software instruments that I had built using SYNTHMAKER, a great piece of software that I had got for my birthday that enabled to design, build and programme my own instruments. Not only that but I had put together my own arrangement of the classic Bowie song ASHES TO ASHES, which I performed for the great man himself. He was really impressed. He also told me that he was interested in composing some classical music and had loads of ideas but had no idea of how to put it all together into a piece of music that flowed and would be enjoyable to listen. So what did I do? I offered to help out. He promised to send me the tapes of what he had done so far so that I could work on arranging it for him.


I had a fantastic evening in the studio watching such a legend at work. Tony Visconti, his producer was also a great guy and was constantly asking for my thoughts and ideas on the way that they were recording the music. I would occasionally be bold enough to put forward a suggestion or two, which, I am happy to say, were actually taken notice of. Gary and I finally decided to head for home at around 9.30. It had been a long day as I had been up since seven this morning and wanted to get home to see Keith, who had been let out of the hospital today. I didn't want him feeling alone or left out of things, not after what had happened on Monday and considering that Liam was spending the night at Nicks' house.


When we got home, we went into the lounge to say hi to everyone. I noticed that there was no sign of Keith and so I asked, "Where's Keith?"


"Upstairs in his room," dad said.


"Is that wise? I mean, after I tried to commit suicide you didn't let me even go to the bathroom on my own," I said.


"It's OK, Alexei is with him, Boris and Sophia offered to get Keith from the hospital and we invited them for dinner. Boris picked Alexei up from school and his parents said it was alright for him to stay the night," mum said in response to my concerns.


Sophia was a gorgeous Italian woman in her late thirties and Alexeis' mother, (I may be gay but I know a beautiful woman when I see one. Yeah, Ok, I've said that before so sue me). Anyway, Boris and Sophia had met while Boris was on business trip to Italy in 1991. They fell in love and the rest, as they say, is history.


"If you two are feeling hungry, there are some sandwich steaks in the fridge," mum said.


Gary headed off to the kitchen to get started on supper and I went up to say hi to Keith and Alexei.


When I walked in his room, Keith said, "Hi Jay, where's Gary?"


"In the kitchen making steak sandwiches. Do you two want one?"


"Can't we have one each?"  Alexei asked in his thick Russian accent which I found adorable.


"That's what I meant. Would like cheese, onions and salad on them?" I asked, as I took out my mobile phone to call down to Gary that he now had to make four sandwiches. I then went and got some cokes from the fridge that Gary and I had in our room. I then spent a little time talking to Keith and Alexei while we waited for our supper to arrive. Keith assured me that he was Ok and really looking forward to the trip to Japan. I was aware of the fact that he was looking forward to having two weeks with his boyfriend. I just hoped that he meant it when he said that he would never try anything so stupid again. We really did want to change his life for the better, just as we had with Liam and I really hoped that he got the acting job. That would make a serious difference to his life.


We talked about all kinds of stuff and Keith wanted to hear from me about the cheek that I had given a certain teacher that afternoon. I also told him that I often got jealous of him and Liam. Keith was really surprised by this and wanted to know what I meant. It was quite simple really, I had always imagined having a boyfriend and, on the nights that we couldn't be together, we would have long, mushy, romantic conversations on the phone and tell each other how much we loved each other about a million times during the call. That is why I was jealous of Keith and Liam, they could do that but I had missed out on it because of what happened to me and the way in which I fell in love.


After we had finished eating our sandwiches, which were excellent, Keith said, "I don't know why you get jealous of the fact that I can phone Alexei and have long, mushy conversations. I'm the one that should be jealous of you. I mean, you are worth millions after all."


"That may be the case, but as I am always telling people, the basis of my fortune is the money that I inherited when my parents died. I would give it all away if I could have them back," I said.


The subject of my parents' death was one that always made me feel a little sad and I think that Keith picked up on this, because he said, "sorry Jason, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that."


"It's Ok. I don't like to talk about it but I can't just ignore it. It happened and I have to live with it, deal with it, so, please, don't worry about it," I said to try and make him feel better.


"So did you get any news on your mum?" Gary asked Keith.


"Yes, she was put into some kind of rehab. At least she is getting some help with her problem. Jane asked me if I would like to go and see her. I said that maybe I would when we get back from Japan," Keith replied with a small smile, which was actually nice to see.


It eventually got to a point where Alexei and Keith were dropping not so subtle hints that they wanted to be left alone. Gary and dot the message. We gathered up the dirty plates and took them down to the kitchen so that we could get them washed up and put away. The two of us then went and said good night to mum and dad and went to bed.


I woke up just as Gary was coming out of our bathroom and he was totally naked. I smiled at him said, "I think I'll be staying here quite frequently, as the view is just awesome."


Gary walked over to the bed and kissed me. I noticed the smell of mango and coconut and said, "You smell really exotic this morning?"


"That'll be the new coconut shampoo and mango scented shower gel that I bought."


After that, I didn't waste too much time in going to take a shower myself. I was feeling really hungry and wanted to go and eat breakfast. OK, so I want to fool around with my exotic smelling boyfriend but at that moment, my need for food was far greater.


Thursday morning, when I went down for breakfast, Liam was already home and Sophia had joined us for breakfast. Alexei had to go home and get packed for the trip. Dean, Kim and Nick had dropped Liam off on their way to the airport. None of us, not even Liam, had any idea as to where they were going on their family holiday and I was surprised at how well he was taking this little separation form his boyfriend.                                  


As I entered the dining room, mum said, "If you leave out all the stuff that you will be taking with you, Heather said that she will pack your case for you."


"OK mum and is there any chance that you could take me into Knutsford as I need to get a few things?" I asked.


"I can do that," mum said, "What time would you like to go?"


"If we leave at around eleven, I can what I need and then we'll go and have lunch at the Italian place, my treat," I said.


"You don't have to buy me lunch," mum said.


Dad jumped and said, "Well, if your mum won't accept the offer of lunch, then I'll take you."


Of course, mum made a quick come back with, "Lunch sounds like a great idea."


So that was part of the day organised and I made some comment about having the rest of the day free to do what ever I wanted. I thought that maybe I would go for a ride on my quad bike or maybe swimming in the pool. As soon as I mentioned all of this, dad said, "Jamie is coming to see you this afternoon so you can look over the new website that he has for the studio complex. Robert and Neil want to go over the advertising stuff that they have developed for the record label."


I obviously didn't look that happy about having to do this but dad just said, "They are you business' and I think that you take some interest, some responsibility for them."


There was no way that I could argue with that. The rest of the morning was spent sorting out what clothes I would be taking with me. Gary, Liam and Keith also did the same thing, (well, they decided which of their clothes and stuff they would be taking, hehehehehe).


Mum and I got into Knutsford at about 11.30 and my first stop was Superdrug, so that I could get stoked up on shower, gel, shampoo, deodorant and hair styling products. I also saw some stuff called hair paint. It was hair dye that you sprayed into your hair and the colour would wash out the next time that you washed it. I didn't just buy on e colour, oh noooooo...I bought a selection, including green, blue, purple, yellow, gold and pink. I was going to use to make hair look really wacky for some of the shows in Japan. I had also made a little mental note to myself about something that I would need to discuss with Keith when we got home, more of the later. We then went to the opticians to collect the special contact lenses that I had ordered for the little but of that I was planning on the flight to Japan. Then we went to the novelty and joke shop for a few more things that I needed for my planned fun on the flight.


After this mum and I went to the restaurant. Once we had been seated, given menus and placed our drinks orders, mum asked me, "So what's with you buying me lunch?"


"So there has to be a reason for me buying you lunch now?" I asked.


"It's almost two years since you came to live with us and I think that has given me plenty of time to get you figured out by now," mum responded.


"It's just my way of saying thank you," I said.


Mum gave me a somewhat puzzled look before saying, "You don't have to thank me or your dad for anything."


"But I want to. I mean, you agreed to take me in after everything that happened and I reacted really badly that first day that I arrived at your house. Then I met Liam and you helped Gary and I put our little plan into operation to help him and then, just two weeks ago, Keith showed up and you offered him a home. So I think I have a few things that I should thank you for," I said.


After this we were silent for a few moments, while we looked at the menu. I decided to have the seafood fettuccine to start and for main course I chose the Saltimbocca, a dish made with thinly battened veal pieces that where wrapped in Parma ham and sage, served with a whit wine and black pepper sauce. I also ordered a mixed salad and some chips to accompany my main course. We never had chips with our meals at home and so they were always something of a treat when I had them at home. Anyway, lunch was a really pleasant affair and mum and I talked about all kinds of different topics. Mum asked how everything was going at school, how my plans for the big concert in August were coming along, etc, etc, etc. I ask mum if any of the scans that she had been for had showed the sex of the baby. She told me that her a dad knew that but they wanted it to be a surprise for the rest of us. At least I tried to find out but no matter how many times I asked, how much pestering that I did, mum just wasn't saying anything. We finished our lunch and I paid the bill and then we headed back to the car. As we where walking along, we passed a florist shop and I saw a huge bouquet of flowers. Mum notice me looking at them and said, "You don't have to gat me some flowers too."


I looked at my watch and then said to mum, "Jamie isn't due until around four thirty, it's only one forty-five now, so I think we would have time to go and visit my parents grave. I haven't been for a while and that is why I was looking at the flowers."


I went into the shop and bought the flowers and then we went to the cemetery. We spent about half an hour there and mum helped me to arrange the flowers on the grave. I just sat there, lost in my own thoughts. I often wondered if there was some kind of an afterlife and if there was, were mum and dad looking out for me in someway and watching my growing success with the sort of pride that they would have if they ha still been alive? Mum and I finally headed for home.


I was kind of quiet on the drive home but then again I always was after I had been to visit the grave. Just as I opened the door at home, the phone was ringing. I put my bags down and rushed over to answer the phone. I was felling in a sort of mischievous mood and when I picked it up, I said, "The Russell home for gay boys and an abandoned dog. How may I help?" Of course, as I said it, I turned around and mum was standing right behind me, giving me a look that said, `just what the hell did you say that for?'


Anyway, it was Carol, my old neighbour calling to wish us good luck with the tour. At least Carol appreciated my strange way of answering the phone. We spent around half an hour talking and catching up as I hadn't seen her for sometime, this was due to the usual thing of my life being so busy of late. Gary, Liam and Keith were out riding the quad bikes and were being chased all over the property by Jack. At least I knew that he was getting his exercise. After finishing my call with Carol, I took my shopping up to my room and then went to get a drink from the Kitchen. I did want to go fro a swim but there wasn't really time before Jamie arrived. Robert and Neil went over the advertising that they had come up with for the record company while I waited for Jamie to arrive. What they had come up with was really eye catching and I was more than happy with it. They also went over the schedule of everything that we would be doing in Japan. After the problem wit a certain journalist in Birmingham a couple of weeks back, I had made it quite clear that I would no longer do any interviews. I just didn't want to have face being asked a question like that again. I had made it quite clear to dad that I was only prepared to be interviewed by the more technical magazines such as Guitarist, Sound on Sound, Future music etc. Those types of magazines would only be concerned with talking to me about my music and my playing abilities.


Jamie and Greg arrived at around 4.30. They were running a bit late due to the heavy traffic on the motorway. I made us some coffee and then we went up to my room to use the computer there. The new website that they had designed for the studio was really cool. It features a 360 degree tour of the main recording room and the control room. It also featured a full listing of the equipment available in both studios. Jamie had also made use of some video footage that Kyle and Simon had made of us working in the studio. Then there was the guest book and this featured comments from many of the people who had recorded at the studio. All in all I was very impressed. Jamie and Greg finally left at around six as him and Greg were taking Gregs' parents out to dinner. I would get to see plenty of them over the next two weeks tho', as they were coming to Japan with us. I still wanted to go swimming but I would have to wait a little while as we were going to a party that Boris and Sophia had organised. Alexei had said that they had a swimming pool at their house that was twice the size of ours. Not that I was bothered by that.


Once we got the party, all the kids from school were in the pool. It didn't take long for Gary, Liam and I to change and get in the pool. I think that Keith felt a little down as he was unable to join us due to the stitches in his wrists. Alexei was the perfect gentleman about this and decided that he wasn't going to swim either. All the guys from the football team kept apologising, not only to Keith but also to Liam and me over the way that we had been treated by their former team mates. We kept telling them that they had nothing to apologise about and it kind of got a little boring in the end.


I had been in the pool for around fifteen minutes, when there was an almighty splash behind me. I was just about to say something along the lines of, `which little shit did that?' when Craig surfaced right in front of me and said, "Hi Jason!!!!!"


"Hi Craig and how are you doing?" I asked.


"Oh, I'm cool," he said. "So how long are you going to be in Japan?"


"About two weeks," I told him.


We all continued to play around in the pool for another thirty minutes until Boris came and informed us that the food would be ready in about twenty minutes and that we should all think about getting showered and dressed.


When it came to getting some food, I was near the front of the queue. It wasn't intentional, it just happened somehow. Anyway, Boris and Sophia had organised a catering company to do the food and it was very impressive. The choice was fantastic. Form the barbeque there was a choice of fillet and sirloin steaks, char- grilled leg of lamb, marinated chicken breasts, huge prawns, lobsters, salmon, tuna and sea bass.  There was also a big table with a huge selection of salads and breads and a final table with an array of deserts. All in all, it was one heel of a feast. After I had filled my plate with a selection of fish and shellfish, along with some salads and bread, I went to find a table where I could sit with the guys from the band as I need to discuss a little idea with them. I had only just sat down, ready to eat, when a boy with reddish-brown hair came over and asked if he could join me.


"You're more than welcome," I said.


"My name is Tron, by the way," he said.


"Strange name," I said.


"It is but I'm used to it. I just blame it on my strange parents," he said.


Anyway, it turned out that Tron was a striker on the football team, not that really meant anything to me, although he did his explain that hi main purpose was to score goals. That, I could understand. Tron was also a big fan of the band and said that he loved the gig at the MEN Arena the previous weekend. He had wanted to come and talk to me and the rest of the band at school but had been afraid to approach us as he had always felt that he would be intruding on our privacy. Anyway, tonight he got his wish as we were soon joined by Steve, Chris, Liam, Gary and Ross. After the introductions I said, "I wanted to run something by all of you and this includes you Keith."


Everyone was looking very curious and intrigued. Basically, it was all to do with set list for the Japanese tour and the fact that I wanted to add an additional song to the list which I would perform as a solo after our usual intro. After the events of Monday night and my attempt at taking my own life, I wanted to do the Elton John song SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT. It was from his album, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY and was about his own suicide attempt that failed. What he had done was turn on the gas oven but left all the windows open, there by allowing the gas to escape and not have the desired effect. I had discussed this with Eton during one of our meetings and told him that it was a very fortunate thing that he had succeeded, as the world would have been deprived of so much great music. Anyway, once I had explained this to the rest of the guys, they all agreed that it was a great idea, even if I would be crapping myself when it actually came to performing the song. Keith did object to some extent but I explained that it was my way of making him feel a part of the show and he seemed happy with this.


The party started to wind down just after ten as we all needed to get and get some sleep due to the fact that we to get some sleep. Although we had been provided with a private plane for the tour, we still had to be at the airport for about six in the morning to go through security procedures and make sure that we were all o board the aircraft for our 9am departure slot. We had been told that if we missed it then we could be waiting hours for another take off slot.


End of Chapter 42!!!!!


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