Sad song of a gay teen 43!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!

Anyway, it turned out that Tron was a striker on the football team, not that really meant anything to me, although he did his explain that hi main purpose was to score goals. That, I could understand. Tron was also a big fan of the band and said that he loved the gig at the MEN Arena the previous weekend. He had wanted to come and talk to me and the rest of the band at school but had been afraid to approach us as he had always felt that he would be intruding on our privacy. Anyway, tonight he got his wish as we were soon joined by Steve, Chris, Liam, Gary and Ross. After the introductions I said, "I wanted to run something by all of you and this includes you Keith."

Everyone was looking very curious and intrigued. Basically, it was all to do with set list for the Japanese tour and the fact that I wanted to add an additional song to the list which I would perform as a solo after our usual intro. After the events of Monday night and my attempt at taking my own life, I wanted to do the Elton John song SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT. It was from his album, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY and was about his own suicide attempt that failed. What he had done was turn on the gas oven but left all the windows open, there by allowing the gas to escape and not have the desired effect. I had discussed this with Elton during one of our meetings and told him that it was a very fortunate thing that he had succeeded, as the world would have been deprived of so much great music. Anyway, once I had explained this to the rest of the guys, they all agreed that it was a great idea, even if I would be crapping myself when it actually came to performing the song. Keith did object to some extent but I explained that it was my way of making him feel a part of the show and he seemed happy with this.

The party started to wind down just after ten as we all needed to get and get some sleep due to the fact that we to get some sleep. Although we had been provided with a private plane for the tour, we still had to be at the airport for about six in the morning to go through security procedures and make sure that we were all o board the aircraft for our 9am departure slot. We had been told that if we missed it then we could be waiting hours for another take off slot.

Sad Song Of a gay Teen 43!!!!!!!!

The next morning I was actually awoken before the alarm went off. I'm not and never have been a morning person but Gary had already woken up and made me a cup of coffee, it was he one thing that I really needed to get me going in the morning. After I finished my coffee, I headed for the shower. I got the water running at the right temperature and then git into the shower. I grabbed the shower gel and soaped myself up. By the time I got out I was mumbling, 'I think that I'm going to complain to the manufacturer about this stuff. According to the label, it's supposed to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated and I certainly don't feel like that.'

As I made my way back into the bedroom, drying myself off with a towel, Gary said, “I heard you mumbling about that shower gel not doing what it says on the label but I don't think that complaining to the company will do you much good.”

“Maybe they just shouldn't put such outrageous claims on the label then,” I responded.

When Gary returned from taking his shower, I was still stood naked, going through my wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. I turned round and, as always, I was amazed at how damn sexy and gorgeous he was. I could have rushed over there and fell to my knees and then took the lovely piece of fabulous boy meat in my mouth. But there wasn't really time for that as we had a plane to go and catch. I finally decided on my choice of clothing and headed off to get some breakfast.

I won't be long,” Gary called out after me.

Breakfast was nothing too spectacular, just cereal, toast and fruit juice but it was better than nothing. It was around forty minutes later that the tour bus that was taking us to the airport showed up. Steve, Chris, Ross and the rest of the gang that were traveling with us had already been picked up. Needless to say that we got the usual lecture off mum about behaving ourselves and taking notice of what Neil or Robert told us what to do, after all, they were in charge.

Arriving at the airport wasn't exactly a quiet affair. The press had got wind of the fact that we would be departing for Japan and there were hordes of photographers just waiting to get the perfect picture of us. After the incident a few weeks ago in Birmingham, there was no way that I was going to talk to any reporters, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. We finally made it into the terminal and checked our baggage through t the security procedures and headed for the departure lounge. Although we had been provided with our own private plane, we were still allowed to go and use the first class lounge. The plane itself had been painted in the same metallic blue as the chopper along the port side were painted the words, “WILD BOYS JAPANESE TOUR 2007.” The same thing had been painted on the starboard side but in Japanese.

Wow, do you guys always get to travel like this?” Keith asked.

Not exactly,” Liam said, “normally we would just travel first class on a regular airline.”

Even that sounds really fucking cool,” Keith responded.

Whilst we waited in the first calls lounge, we filled up on croissants and bacon butties, (authors note; 'butties' is a northern English term for sandwiches). Some of us also went and stocked up on magazines to red during the flight. We had been at the airport for nearly an hour before we finally boarded the plane. Once inside, we were all very impressed. The first section was pretty much just like a normal airliner, with seats that folded out into full size beds. The next section was a sort of lounge area with sofas, coffee tables and a huge TV screen for watching DVDs or playing games on the playstation three that they had hooked up in here. The final section had been divided into cabins with bunks in so that we could get some rest if we wanted to. Part of the lower deck, that would normally be the cargo hold, had been pressurised and converted into a dining area. All in all it was pretty damn cool.

It was Alexei who said, “You guys can get used to this kind of luxury when you fly. My dad has spoken to Gary and Jasons' dad and wants to buy you guys your own plane so that you don't have to rely on commercial airlines too much.”

That little announcement left us all somewhat speechless. We had only really been friends with Alexei and his family for a short time but his father was doing something that special for us already. We must have made a really good impression. The flight itself was fairly uneventful. We just ate when we wanted to, played games, watched a few films, just the usual sort of things that we did during a long flight. It was about twenty minutes before we where due to land at Tokyo Narita airport that we heard a loud pop and wondered what it was. Liam was sat on the port side of the aircraft and was looking out of the window when he announced, “I don't want to cause a panic but one of the engines is on fire over here.”

You are joking, aren't you?” Steve, who was sat on the opposite side of the plane, asked.

No, he isn't,” said Alexei, “come and take a look for yourself.”

There was a second popping sound and I think that it was at that point that we all realized that there was something seriously wrong. I just grabbed a hold of Garys' hand, really tightly, due to the fact that I was now getting really scared. Gary turned and smiled at me and said, “Don't get so tense, I'm sure that everything will be OK, the pilots are trained to deal with situations like this.”

I understood that Gary was trying to calm my nerves but it didn't really help that much. I looked around the cabin of the aircraft and Keith was looking really worried. It was then that I heard and I think, everyone else heard it too, Keith saying, “So I'm going to die anyway?”

No one said anything for what seemed like an eternity, until we noticed Robert stand up to go and find out what was going on form one of the crew. Before he left the cabin, Robert said, “OK, everyone, just calm down and stay calm. No one is going to get hurt but I think that we could be in for rough landing.”

It wasn't that long before Robert returned to his seat and sat down. One of the cabin crew came along handing out pillows. We were instructed to place the pillow on our lap and, after ensuring that our seat belts where securely fastened, we had to place our face in the pillow and our hands behind our heads. We did as we were told and then I heard the familiar sound of the engines speeding up as we approached the runaway. Again, it seemed like an eternity but we finally hit the runway and I heard the sound of the sirens of the emergency vehicles that followed us down the runway. As soon as the plane came to a halt, one of the cabin crew was opening the door and releasing the emergency escape chute. Once that was done, we were told to calmly and quickly make our way to the exit and down the chute. I made my way to the exit and as I got to the top of the chute, I turned and looked at Gary and said, “You know, I always wanted to do this.”

I jumped onto the chute and slid to the bottom and then ran as fast as I could to get away from the plane. By the time I joined Chris, Steve, Liam, Jamie and Greg, who had been the first ones out, my heart was pounding. I turned to look at the plane and noticed that the fire brigade were spraying the engine that had gone on fire with foam. Once the plane had been totally evacuated, they would completely spray it with foam to ensure hat it wouldn't just explode.

It was about ten minutes later that the plane had been totally evacuated and we were all sitting round on the ground when the police and paramedics showed up. The paramedics started to check us all over, even though it was obvious that none of us had been hurt. I also noticed that Neil was talking to a police officer in fluent Japanese and that in itself came as a real surprise but as we found out later, Robert and Neils company did an awful lot of business in Japan and that is why they had both learned the language. I was sitting with Gary, who was trying to calm me down due to the fact that I was really shaken up by this whole incident. We were soon joined by Jamie, who said, “So how's my little bro'?”

Somewhat shaken up by this whole thing and I really don't know how the hell we are supposed to get home,” I said.

The same way that we got here, we fly home,” he said.

Are you kidding? I don't think I ever want to fly again after this,” I said.

Gary and Jamie tried talking to me and tried to convince me that I was being stupid but as I looked around, I could tell, sense, from the looks on the faces of some of the others that they too felt exactly the same way. I could only hope that somehow we would all feel differently by the time it was time to go home, otherwise I didn't know what our options would be.

Once the police and paramedics had finished with us, we boarded the tour bus to go to the hotel. Once we got there, we had to be sneaked in through a rear entrance to avoid the press. They were the last people we wanted to talk to right now. Gary and I where sharing a suite with Keith and Alexei. “I could really use a shower right now,” I said, “But all my stuff is still on the plane.”

It's the same for all of us,” Keith said.

The phone started to ring and I went to answer it. It was mum, “Hi mum,” I said.

It's so good to hear your voice,” she said, “we've just seen the news flash about the plane. Your dad is talking to Robert on the other line at the moment.”

Everyone is Ok but we don't have any clean clothes or anything,” I said. “All our stuff is still in the plane and we have to wait for it to be retrieved and brought to the hotel. They did say that it shouldn't get damaged by the foam that they had to spray the plane with.”

Well, it's good to know that you are all Ok. Is Gary there?”

Yes,” I said as I handed the phone to him.

After everyone had called home, they all gathered in our suite and Robert talked to us for a while. He said he understood that at the moment none of us wanted to fly anywhere and as a result, our schedule had changed slightly and we would be traveling between cities by train.

Chris asked, “But what about getting home, I'm not sure that I could ever get on a plane ever again and I think that we all feel that way at the moment.”

We all nodded our agreement.

By the time everyone was heading back to their rooms. Our baggage had arrived. We all went to retrieve our stuff and it was Gary and Alexei who went to take showers first. By the time Keith and I had finished in the shower and returned to the lounge area of the suite, we were wearing nothing but towels wrapped around our waists. Alexei and Gary where sitting on one of the sofas and they both had evil grins on their faces. It was Gary who said, “I'm feeling a little hungry.”

Me too,” said Alexei.

So lets have a look at the room service menu and order some food,” I said.

Gary and Alexei still had those wicked grins and I knew what they wanted to eat. Keith and I moved closer to the sofa and once we were in reach, Gary and Alexei removed our towels and pulled us closer to them. It didn't take long before our cocks where in the mouths of our respective boyfriends. It felt so good, as it always did. I think that we were so lost, so wrapped up in the moment, that before long Keith had pulled me close to him and had his lips pressed against mine. It only served to make me feel even hornier as I fucked my cock in and out of Garys mouth. I was so turned on by this whole situation that I couldn't hold out for too long and I was soon shooting a massive load of my boy juice into my lovers mouth. Keith and I were still kissing and I felt his body shake as he began to empty his load into Alexeis' mouth. Once we had withdrawn our cocks from our boyfriends mouths, they kissed each other and snowballed some of the cum between their mouths before swallowing. The whole thing was so hot that I could feel myself getting hard again.

Feeling better?” Gary and Alexei asked us in unison.

We both nodded and I said, “that was damn hot.”

Yeah, it was,” said Keith, “and I hope you didn't mind me kissing your boyfriend?”

No, it was kind of really cool,” said Gary, “I swear that I felt Jasons' dick get even bigger in my mouth when you did.”

So are you ready to eat yet?” Gary asked.

I just looked at him and then at Keith, with a knowing smile on my face.

Keith planted a huge kiss firmly on Alexeis' lips and said, “Actually, I want to feel your hot ass wrapped around my throbbing cock.”

Fortunately, there was a tube of lube that had been somewhat conveniently left on the coffee table. Keith and I wasted no time at all in getting our cocks and our boyfriends ready and we had soon entered them. It was really horny and a real turn on doing this in front of someone else and Gary kept calling out for me to go faster and harder. Normally, I liked to be really slow and gentle, so that it would last longer but who was I to not comply with what my lover and soul mate wanted. I was really turned on at the way in which I was pounding his butt as if my life depended on it and, add to that, the fact that I was getting glimpses of two of my closest friends doing the same thing, then I have to say that I was really in heaven. It was awesome. Finally, I got to a stage where I just couldn't hold out any longer and I felt myself flooding Garys' ass with my juice and it felt soooooooooooooo.............gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I leaned forward and kissed Gary. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Keith was in the throes of his orgasm. I knew that Gary was about ready to shoot and so I quickly wrapped my mouth around his throbbing cock and it only took a few strokes before I was rewarded with my prize of that oh so precious liquid that I could only get from one place. Gary was shooting so much and so fast that I couldn't swallow it all and some dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. Once his dick had softened, I released it from my mouth. Keith was just releasing Alexeis' cock form his mouth and he looked at me and said, “Would you mind, just this once, if I licked that off your chin, just so I can see what it tastes like?”

As Gary and Alexei didn't seem to have any objections to the request, I let him do it. Keith hadn't managed to swallow all of Alexeis' offering and so I licked the remains from his chin. After the marathon love making session, we were all hot, sweaty and sticky and I said, “I'll be ready to eat after another shower.”

By the time we had all showered and eaten it was time to leave for the first event of out tour, a trip to the Yamaha factory. Anyway, the four of us that had just had this amazing love making session rode down to the lobby with Liam, who, despite the fact that he had his dad with him, was feeling a little lost due to the fact that Nick had been unable to come with us on this trip But once we reached the lobby, we all got a really big surprise. The doors of the lift opened and who was there, waiting to go to their floor, none other than Dean, Kim and Liam.

As soon as he saw Nick, Liam lit up like a Xmas tree, “So this is the family holiday that you couldn't tell me about?” Liam asked, trying not to sound too annoyed.

What, and spoil the surprise?” Nick responded. “So how was the flight?”

Just don't talk to us about that,” I said sharply.

You haven't seen the news?” Liam asked.

No, we went out early this morning and we only just got back,” Nick said.

So what happened?” Dean asked.

One of the engines went on fire and we had to make an emergency landing. It was terrifying,” Gary said. That surprised me a little as he had not really reacted at all when it was all happening. I suppose it was just some kind of delayed reaction.

At least you all got out in one piece,” Kim said.

Yeah but we don't know how we are getting home again,” I said. “None of us is relishing the idea of ever getting on a plane again, not after this.”

So what about the tour?” Kim asked.

Well, as they say, the show must go on. It just means that we will travel between cities by train,” Liam replied.

So what are you all doing this afternoon?” Nick asked.

Going for a tour of the Yamaha factory,” I said.

Well, that should take your mind off things,” Dean said.

Needless to say, on hearing where we where going, Nick was looking at his mum and dad with pleading eyes and asking, “So, can I go with them?”

After a few moments of deliberation, Kim and Dean said yes and we made our way out of the rear exit of the hotel and on to the tour bus to avoid the press people, who were still hanging around, trying to get their story or pictures. It was at times like this that those people where really fucking annoying. It was really quiet and subdued on the bus, I suppose that you could put it down to the fact that we were all still shaken up after our arrival here in Tokyo.

Anyway, Jamie had asked Gary if he could sit next to me on the bus and Gary said that he didn't mind. “Are you sure that you're Ok?”

Yeah, as I told you when you asked me that earlier on, it's just really shaken me up, you know the whole thing that happened with the plane. I'm a bit concerned about Gary tho',” I replied to the question.

Oh, and why's that?” Jamie wanted to know.

Well, it can't have escaped your attention that Nick is on the bus with us,” I began.

I did notice and Gary has already told me about it but why the concern about Gary?”

When we got out of the lift at the hotel and saw Nick, with his parents, Gary told them about what happened as we where landing and said it was terrifying. I have to admit, that surprised me, he was so calm, seemed to be so unaffected by what was going on at the time but now I'm not too sure,” I said.

He's probably just handling in a different way to you,” Jamie said. “Do you want me to talk to him?”

No, I think it's best to just leave it for now..”

By this time we had arrived at the Yamaha factory. The tour began in the museum and we git to see just about every piece of music making equipment that this company had produced throughout it's history, including such legendary keyboards ad the CS 80 and the original prototype of the DX7. This later instrument looked somewhat different from the production model and I should know, as I used one in my own set up. The tour then moved onto the factory itself and we had to put on protective clothing as the whole assembly process was done by robots and the environment was totally sterile. It was kind of interesting to see the inside of the equipment, the bit that actually made it work. After the tour of the factory, we went to a conference room and had refreshments. We were also presented with a whole load of new equipment. This include copies of the CUBASE 4 software which had been released in late 2006. I did use CUBASE SX3 quite extensively but had not got around to upgrading to the new version. I suppose it was because I still wasn't familiar with all the functions and features of version 3 and didn't want to have to have to start learning everything from scratch. At least this way, I could keep using version 3 while I learnt to use the new version.

One the tour of the factory was over, we headed back to the bus for the return journey to the hotel. Just as I was about to board the bus, I heard Keith saying to Neil, “Do we really have to go to this dinner tonight? I'd just like to order a burger and chips and chill out in front of the TV.”

The dinner was something that had been organized by Sony, who were the main tour sponsors. I heard Neil say, “We have to go unfortunately, it would be offensive to our hosts if we didn't.”

I could tell that Keith was not to happy hearing that answer but I could understand it. I didn't really want to have to go to this stupid but I knew that I had to. I just hoped that we didn't constantly get asked how we were feeling after the incident this morning. As it was, the dinner was great even if some of the food was a little strange. We were also presented with the latest top of the range Sony Vaio laptop computers, which was really cool. They came loaded with all the music making software that Sony produced, such as ACID, Soundforge and a few other things. Keith and Alexei where sat opposite me and leaned over and it was Alexei who said, “What is the use of all this music making stuff to us two? It's not as if either of us are musicians.”

Paul had heard him say this and said, “I can always show you how to use it. I'll have you creating music in no time.”

Thanks', that's really good of you,” Alexei said.

Once the dinner was over, we all headed off to bed, as it had been a really long and tiring day. Sunday, we had breakfast and then went for a swim in the hotel pool before heading off to do the soundcheck for the first show of the tour. This was at a venue called THE BUDOKHAN, which was one of those world renowned venues along with the likes of Madison Square Gardens in New York or The Cavern in Liverpool. It hadn't always been a concert venue and there had been a huge outcry the first time it had been used for a gig. I think that that was in the late sixties or early seventies when Bob Dylan played here. Anyway, since then, it had become one of those venues that you played at if you wanted to be known. It wasn't the largest of venues either but it was an honour to be playing here. In a way, I was looking forward to stepping out on stage here tonight, it would really help to put the events of the previous day behind me.

Anyway, the first thing I did for the sound check was to have a run through of the Elton John song that I was planning to do as a solo. It went well and then we just got on with doing the rest of the soundcheck. It all went Ok and once it was over Liam went to talk to Paul ans Scott. When eh found them he said, “Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to you two for taking care of my gear. I really appreciate it, especially as it means more work for the two of you since I sacked those idiots who used to do the job.”

You know you don't have to thank us. Since Paul joined the team,” Scott said, “we get Jasons' gear set up in half the time, so it really isn't that much extra work.”

I appreciate it anyway,” Liam said.

Once that was out of the way, we headed to the backstage area for a bite to eat and then I had to find Greg, as I needed him to sort my hair out. I was going to have a rainbow of colours tonight using the hair paint stuff that I had bought. By the time Greg had finished doing my hair and I went back to the rest of the guys, I did get a few comments but nothing really nasty and, as I pointed out to them, I like to be different.

It was soon time to take our places ready for the start of the show. Once we had worked through the usual opening, I made my way to the grand piano and said into the microphone, “It's really great to be here in Tokyo,” and I was careful not to make any mention of what had happened on the plane, I really didn't need to remind myself about that. I continued by saying, “I'm going to do this next song on my own. We had an addition to my family recently and that is my foster brother, Keith and he's out there tonight enjoying the show. He has been through a really tough time in his life recently and almost lost his life and so I want to do this song for him. It's called SOMONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT and was written by our very good friend Elton John.”

I then started to perform the song, which seemed to be really well received. Something else that I had noticed and was very impressed with, was the fact that our microphones had been hooked up to some kind of translation software and when we spoke between songs, whatever we said was translated into Japanese so that the audience could understand what we had said. The show was a huge success and, after the second encore, we left the stage with the audience still demanding more.

I felt really good and so did the rest of the guys. We had pushed the near death experience on the plane to back of minds and any reminders, memories or thoughts of that would not surface until it was nearly time to go home. We just wanted to get on with the tour and have as much as we good doing it.

That night, after the first gig and shortly after we got back to the hotel, Alexei received a call from has dad. Once the call was over, Alexei relayed the news to us that Boris was having his personal Boeing 747 flown to Japan in time for us to fly home. It was a very generous thing to do but I was still very uncertain about ever flying again and Gary reacted by saying, “Surely he can't be serious, I mean we were almost killed yesterday because of some stupid aircraft. I really don't care how we do it but we are sure as hell finding some better way to get home.”

I was stunned. I mean, why did this have to be decided, arranged now? I just couldn't believe this. I could see that Gary was shaking and I knew that he was taking the whole incident the day before too well at all. I put my arm around him and asked, “What's wrong babe?”

Gary admitted that he was being affected by the whole plane incident more then he had originally let on. We did eventually get to sleep but I was awoken a few hours later by Gary kicking and screaming. He was having a nightmare and I just had to try and comfort and soothe him until he woke up naturally. When he did wake up, he flung his arms around me and said, “It was horrible, really horrible. We were on the plane and I remember Liam saying that the engine was on fire and then here was another loud explosion and the whole of the plane was engulfed in flames and it began to fall apart. We didn't make it.”

Hey, calm down, it was just a bad dream. It wasn't real,” I said. Eventually Gary calmed down enough to go back to sleep but when we awoke again the next morning, Gary looked really tired and said that he hadn't slept that well. Anyway, we all got ready and headed down for breakfast and a few of the others had been having nightmares. Robert and Neil decided that they were going to try and find a psychologist to talk to us all. It was looking as if the only way that any of us would be able to get on the plane, to fly home, would be if we had been given tranquilizers. We decided to try and put the whole thing to the back of minds for the time being. Robert had to take Keith to see a doctor this morning so that he could get the stitched removed from his wrists. This afternoon we would be leaving for Hiroshima. The rest of us decided that we would just spend the morning in the hotel pool. It was still kind of awkward to leave the hotel due to the fact that the press were still hanging around.

It was at around 4pm when we boarded the Bullet train for the journey to Hiroshima, which took about an hour and thirty minutes. It was hard to believe just how fast we were moving considering that we were on a train. Some of he scenery that we passed was really beautiful but traveling at this speed it was impossible to take any decent photographs. As we slowed down on the approach to Hiroshima, we noticed the remains of the old city in the distance. We finally arrived at the hotel and it was kind of nice not to be faced with a huge press contingent. We just spent the evening chilling in front of the TV. The next morning we went on a tour of the old city, the one that had been destroyed in those tragic events of 1945. We saw the clock that would for ever remain at 8.15, the time at which the bomb had been dropped. Just seeing that was a very moving experience. As we walked along, Steve pointed to a black outline on some nearby steps. On closer inspection, we realized that it was the charred outline of someone who must have been instantly vaporised. Seeing that sort of put things in perspective for me. It made me realize, that, despite everything that I had been through in my life, I was still alive, unlike the 170,000 who had died that day. As I said, this was such a moving experience for all of us.

After lunch we headed off to the venue for the soundcheck. We had already decided that tonight we would dedicate the song MESSED UP WORLD to the people of this fine city. Anyway, once again the show was a huge success. After that we played in Nagasaki, Osaka and a couple of other cities that I can't even spell, let alone pronounce. Once again it was a great tour but it was over all to soon and we were headed for the airport for the flight home. Boris had had the 747 thoroughly checked and anything that was in the least bit suspect had been replaced. Even so, we were all very nervous about this.

Before we boarded the plane, Neil and Robert handed us all some tranquilizers. They did help to calm us down a little but not that much. As we speeded down the runway on take off, I was clinging to the arm rests as tightly as I could. In fact, I was hanging on so tight that my knuckles were turning white. I looked at Gary and I could tell that he was scared too from the tears in his eyes and the fact that he had turned as white as a sheet. I looked around and almost everyone else on that plane was terrified. I was oblivious to the fact that we had actually taken off and totally unaware of the fact we had reached our cruising altitude. No one did anything other than pick at the inflight food and we didn't even show the slightest interest in the aircrafts entertainment system. Once again, the flight seemed to last for an eternity but the fasten seat belts sign finally came on and I heard the sound of the undercarriage being lowered ready for landing. Once the plane hit the runway, I, along with everyone else breathed a huge sigh of relief. We had made it home in one piece.

End of Chapter 43!!!!!!!!

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