Sad song of a gay teen 44!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!

After lunch we headed off to the venue for the soundcheck. We had already decided that tonight we would dedicate the song MESSED UP WORLD to the people of this fine city. Anyway, once again the show was a huge success. After that we played in Nagasaki, Osaka and a couple of other cities that I can't even spell, let alone pronounce. Once again it was a great tour but it was over all to soon and we were headed for the airport for the flight home. Boris had had the 747 thoroughly checked and anything that was in the least bit suspect had been replaced. Even so, we were all very nervous about this.

Before we boarded the plane, Neil and Robert handed us all some tranquilizers. They did help to calm us down a little but not that much. As we speeded down the runway on take off, I was clinging to the arm rests as tightly as I could. In fact, I was hanging on so tight that my knuckles were turning white. I looked at Gary and I could tell that he was scared too from the tears in his eyes and the fact that he had turned as white as a sheet. I looked around and almost everyone else on that plane was terrified. I was oblivious to the fact that we had actually taken off and totally unaware of the fact we had reached our cruising altitude. No one did anything other than pick at the inflight food and we didn't even show the slightest interest in the aircrafts entertainment system. Once again, the flight seemed to last for an eternity but the fasten seat belts sign finally came on and I heard the sound of the undercarriage being lowered ready for landing. Once the plane hit the runway, I, along with everyone else breathed a huge sigh of relief. We had made it home in one piece.

Sad Song of A Gay Teen 44!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum was out of the front door and rushing towards the tour bus before it had even fully come to a halt. As soon as we stepped off the bus, she came rushing over to us and saying, “At least my boys made it home in one piece.”

Although Liam had not been adopted by mum and dad,they considered him to be their son and, even though he hadn't been with us that long, they treated Keith the same way.

Yeah, things did get very scary as we where landing in Tokyo,” I said.

So how was the tour?” Dad asked.

That was just fantastic,” I said. “especially getting to visit the Yamaha, Korg and Roland factories. They presented us with loads of new gear which should be arriving in the next few days.”

The best part for me,” said Liam, “was finding out that Nick and his family where staying at the same hotel as us in Tokyo.”

So, Keith, how did you enjoy your first trip overseas?” Mum asked.

It was great, apart from the flying,” he replied.

Dad, I think we need to talk about the South America tour,” Gary said, “I'm not sure that I cab do it. I've been having some really bad nightmares about the whole thing that happened on the way into Tokyo.”

We had to get a psychologist to talk to them before they would get on the plane to fly home and we had to get them dosed up on tranquilizers before they would even walk up the steps,” Robert said.

And I've never known them to be so quiet when they are all together,” Neil added.

With that, we all retrieved our bags from the luggage storage area on the bus and headed into the house. Dad said that we would all get together on Sunday to talk about going to South America.

Anyway, we got our bags into the house and Tom, our chef, popped his head out of the kitchen and asked if we were hungry. We all said yes due to the fact that we had not really eaten anything on the flight home because we were all petrified. Tom said he would make us all steak sandwiches with fried onions, salad, Swiss cheese and mustard. My mouth was literally drooling at the thought of it. He told us that it would be about twenty minutes to so before they would be ready. Heather, our housekeep said that this would give us enough time to unpack and sort our dirty laundry into coloureds and whites, so that she could make a start on the laundry.

Twenty-five minutes later, we were sat in the conservatory eating our sandwiches, (which were absolutely delicious).

Liam suddenly surprised all of us by asking, “So, Jason, is it true that you were kissing Keith while Gary and Alexei sucked you off?”

I couldn't really answer as I was virtually chocking on the bite of the sandwich that I had just taken. Not only that but I had gone bright red as I was blushing so much.

Gary didn't help the situation, because he said, “You look so cute when you blush like that.”

I had got myself under control and so I said to him, “ Just shut up. And yes, what you heard is true but it happened in the heat of the moment. But where you got told about this is anybodies guess.”

Keith told me,” Liam said in a matter of fact way. “Jason, you always say that you don't have secrets from Steve and Chris and it's a little like that for Keith and me.”

Especially when it comes to comparing notes on love making techniques,” I added.

As we continued to eat and the conversation progressed, all of the details of what had happened in that hotel room in Tokyo began to emerge. We hadn't realized that mum was stood at the door listening, until she said, “So that's what goes on in your hotel rooms.”

I was the only one that turned a deep shade of red on hearing that. We were all embarrassed.

Once we had eaten, we all went upstairs to shower, change and just generally freshen up. We had left Tokyo at around 6.30am Local time and the flight had taken twelve and a half hours. Taking into consideration that the UK is nine hours behind Japan, time wise, we had landed back in Manchester at around ten in the morning. Well, it was two in the afternoon on a Friday. Once we had all showered, we all went to Keiths' room and spent the afternoon showing him how to use the Sony Acid software that was loaded onto our new Sony laptop computers. It's the kind of music software that you can use if you do not actually play an instrument. Basically you use what are know as loops, these being wave files that contain continuously repeating parts for the different instruments. You open up the software and on one track create your drum part, on another track you create your bass part and so on and so forth. Anyway, within a couple of hours, Keith had almost written his first and asked if we could help to write the lyrics, which we gladly said that we would. It was at around this time that mum came and said that we would be all going in about thirty minutes time.

So are we going anywhere special?” I asked.

Yes, Jim and Kathy invited us all for dinner,” Mum Said.

As much as I had loved the food that we had been eating in Japan, the thought of one of grandmas roast dinners was just so mouth watering. Due to the fact that the Rolls wasn't designed to carry four teenage boys in comfort plus, of course, mum and dad, Gary and I decided that we would go in his car. The drive to my grandparents house took us about forty minutes due to the exceptionally (for a Friday evening) light traffic. Once we arrived, we had to park the car on the road. My grandparents had had the drive of their house altered to accommodate the cars that I had bought for them plus one other. Unluckily for us, Jamie and Greg had arrived before us and grabbed the empty parking space on the drive. We walked up to the door and I let myself in with my key and as soon as I had the door open, I turned to Gary and said, “It smells like Roast Lamb for dinner, my favourite.

And it smells as if it's done with garlic and rosemary for added flavour,” Gary added.

We made our way into the lounge and said our hellos to everyone. Jamie and Greg had already been showing mt grandparents the photographs from Japan and granddad said, “at least you got rid of the rainbow.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about and said, “It was just some stuff that I got that you spray in to colour your hair and then it washes out the next time you take a shower. I thought it was really cool myself.”

In response to that, I got the usual, 'you're just as bad as your mum was at that age,' comment from granddad. I still hated it when ever anyone mentioned my parents but I stayed calm this evening and didn't let it upset me. “Is grandma in the kitchen?” I asked.

Yes,” replied granddad.

Gary and I disappeared off to the kitchen to say hi to grandma. I walked and hugged her around the waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Hello Jason,” Grandma said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “That was some arrival you had in Japan, we saw it on the news and they said your plane closed the airport.”

Yes, we did but, if you don't mind, can we not talk about that?” I said.

Grandma noticed that Gary was sort of frozen to the spot and said, “Are you OK?”

He didn't answer and so I said, “It affected him badly, he's been having nightmares since it happened.”

Grandma went and gave Gary a kiss and said, “Sorry to have mentioned it but I didn't know.”

It's OK,” he said. “Can I do anything to help with dinner?”

No, I have everything under control,” grandma replied.

We got some orange juice from th fridge and returned to the lounge to find that mum and dad had arrived with Liam and Keith, (doh, that's a bit obvious, I didn't think that mum and dad would have thrown them out of the car on the way here). We sat and talked about Japan while we waited for dinner to be served. Granddad was really fascinated by the tales of visit to Hiroshima. We showed him the photos that we had taken around the old city, (or at least the remains of it), and he was almost moved to tears as we talked about it and the things that we had found about what it was really like when the bomb was dropped. We all made our way into the dining room and took our seats. To start the meal we had a really nice, creamy, Chicken and sweetcorn with warm bread and the it was onto the main course. The lamb was cooked nice and pink, just how I liked it and this was accompanied by broccoli, honey and orange glazed carrots, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes and ratatouille. To make it all nice and moist there was a lovely gravy that had been made from the roasting juices. For desert we had a rhubarb crumble with custard, a great traditional English pudding. Dad said that us boys could have a couple of glasses of win with our food but Gary declined due to the fact that he was driving.

Once dinner was over, we offered to the washing up but Gary, Liam and Keith said that told me to go and entertain the adults with some piano playing. None of them had ever heard me do the Elton John song SOMONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT, which I had been performing on the tour and they all really enjoyed it, especially grandma, who is an Elton John fan. I told her that I would have to arrange for her to meet seeing as he was now a very good friend, not only to me but to all of us in the band.

We finally left for home at about 10.30.

After breakfast on Saturday, I asked dad if he would take me into Manchester as I needed to get some new keyboard stands so that I could get all the new stuff that we had been given in Japan set up in the studio. Liam wanted to come as well as he needed to stock up on guitar strings. So we went off to the academy of sound to sort out the stuff that we needed. Liam stayed in the guitar department chatting with a couple of the guys that he had gotten friendly with, while dad and I went to the keyboard department. When we went to get Liam, ha had gone. I asked the manager if he had seen him and it turned out that he had taken his two friend over to Starbucks for coffee while they had their break. When dad and I got there, we ordered our drinks and then went to join Liam and the guys from the Academy of Sound. Liam was only asking them if they would come and work for him as his guitar technicians. He told them that would be paid over twice what they earned in the music store. I could tell that they were very interested.

Has Jason been giving you lessons in poaching other peoples employees?” Dad asked.

What do you mean by that, Phil?” Liam asked.

Scott used to work at the Academy of sound until Jasons made him a better offer,” dad said.

Liam introduced us to the two guys as Darryl and Owen and they both said that they would love to come and work for the band but they had two give two weeks notice at the store. We said that that was no big problem and that it would be great to have them on the team.

Mum and dad where going out for dinner that night with Dean, Kim, Boris and Sophia, so we were left to fend for ourselves. Keith had asked several times since he had arrived if we ever just sat in front of the TV just eating burgers and fries or pizza. Whenever he had asked I, or one of us, always told him that we never did. Mum and dad had a thing about us all sitting down at the table for dinner, as a family. Her and dad both said that it was an important time that was sat aside for us to be together as a family and it gave us the opportunity to talk about what we had all been doing during the day and it also allowed us to talk about any problems that we faced. Anyway, as mum and dad where going for the evening, they had said that we could just eat whet we felt like. So we all decided that we would put some frozen pizzas and garlic bread in the oven. Gary said that he would make a big mixed salad to go with them. Once they were ready we just took everything into the lounge and sat watching a DVD whilst we ate. It was really great fun. Nick and Alexi were staying the night too, so once we had eaten and demolished a tub of chocolate mint chip ice cream, we cleared up and then just cuddled up with our boyfriends and watched a few DVDs'. It was just a nice relaxing Saturday night.

Sunday was an interesting day. The company that Robert and Neil had set up had secured a major contract with a local travel operator that had its' own in house airline. Anyway, Neil and Robert had arranged for us to visit their cabin crew training centre and we spent nearly all day in a simulator that they use for the training the cabin crew. The whole idea behind this was to try and help us overcome the fear of flying that we had all developed after the incident with the plane in Japan. It felt Ok at first as we knew that we hadn't actually left the ground but then they started to put it through various scenarios and situations that would require an emergency landing. That was kind of frightening. Once we had done all that we had a late lunch and then the chief pilot came and spoke to and told us these statistics about flying and assuring us that it was the safest form of transport known. Most of us felt a little more at ease at the end of the day but Gary was still a little unsure of the whole concept of flying, as he had been having nightmares following the incident in Japan. I suggested that he give Jenny a call and talk to her. Maybe she could help.

On Monday morning Liam, Keith and me all felt a little apprehensive about going to school on the chopper but Dale, our pilot gave us pretty much the same lecture as the pilot from the airline on the safety of flying. We all breathed a sigh of relief once we got to school and got off the helicopter. I know we all felt a little more certain about flying and I was sure that it would get better as the week progressed. Once we had arrived, we headed for the cafeteria to meet up with the rest of the gang and have a drink and a chat with everyone before school started for the day. All the gang where there, including, Callum, Aaron, Lee, Mike and even Tron joined us. I did notice two new boys sitting on their own and made a note that I would ask them to join us for lunch. I knew that they were new and that they would not make friends by being sat on their own.

All of our friends started to ask questions about the Japanese trip and one aspect in particular, (but I think that I've bored you enough with that already). We just made it very clear that that was one subject that was definitely off limits. Before we all new it, it was time to head off to registration and then to the first lesson of the day, which for me was Music Technology. I often ended helping out with the lesson as I probably knew more about using the computer software and the hardware than the teacher did, (not that I want to be big headed or anything, you understand). Anyway, as I was making my way to the music technology suite, I noticed one of the new boys that I had seen earlier and he looked really lost. I went over to him and said, “You look lost, maybe I can help?”

Yeah, I can't find my way to the music technology suite,” He said.

I told him that today was his lucky day and that that was where I was heading and that he should follow me. He was 15, five foot eight and weighed about nine stone or there abouts. He had reddish brown hair that was cut short and spiked with gel and his eyes were a beautiful emerald green that really shone. I had noticed that he had an American accent and he told me that was from Boston but had been born in Manchester but his parents emigrated when he was three. His name was Brett Jackson and he had a younger brother who was thirteen, that was obviously who had been sitting with him at the table earlier on and his name was Gavin. I asked him why he was back in England but he didn't seem to want to talk about that. However, I could see the sadness and hurt in eyes when I asked about that. I told him about my life and the rape, the assault, losing my parents, the whole lot. I also made a point of telling him that if he or his brother needed someone to talk to, then all they had to do was come and talk to me. It was after that that he told me the reason that he and his brother where back in England was because their parents had been killed in a bank raid that went wrong. I think he felt better after sharing that with me as he knew that he was talking to someone who could really understand what he was going through. I also told him about Liam and the fact that he had also lost his mum, so he, Brett, now how two people that he could talk to about the pain that he was feeling over the loss of his parents. It also transpired that him and his brother where now living with their aunty and uncle, who happened to be Trons' parents. I made a point of needing to talk to that guy about not introducing me to his cousins.

We had around five minutes to get to the lesson but on the way we talked about different things. You know, just trying to gt to know a little more about each other. It turned out that Brett was also a keyboard player and he told me about his set up. He did say that not all of his stuff had been shipped over from America as of yet but it would soon arrive. I told him about the studio that I had at home and how I had acquired it. I also asked him if he an his brother would like to come and spend the weekend sometime. He told me that he would like that very much and I said that we would talk about it some more during the week. I did say that Tron was also invited but that I was little annoyed with him at the moment as he hadn't bothered to introduce us. Apart from that, I knew that I wanted to get to know Tron as a friend. We had only spoken once and that was at the party that Boris and Sophia had arranged the night before we left for Japan.

The morning passed by very quickly and I asked Brett and Gavin to join us for lunch. They had heard of the band and told us that Tron was always playing our CDs'. They had also seen us on the news when we arrived in Japan and closed the airport but we said that that subject was off limits, just as we had with all the rest of the gang that morning. I was really in quite a good mood for the first day back at school. I felt like I had made a start on two great new friendships.

End of chapter 44!!!!!!!

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