Sad song of a gay teen 45!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the previous chapter!!!!

We had around five minutes to get to the lesson but on the way we talked about different things. You know, just trying to gt to know a little more about each other. It turned out that Brett was also a keyboard player and he told me about his set up. He did say that not all of his stuff had been shipped over from America as of yet but it would soon arrive. I told him about the studio that I had at home and how I had acquired it. I also asked him if he and his brother would like to come and spend the weekend sometime. He told me that he would like that very much and I said that we would talk about it some more during the week. I did say that Tron was also invited but that I was little annoyed with him at the moment as he hadn't bothered to introduce us. Apart from that, I knew that I wanted to get to know Tron as a friend. We had only spoken once and that was at the party that Boris and Sophia had arranged the night before we left for Japan.

The morning passed by very quickly and I asked Brett and Gavin to join us for lunch. They had heard of the band and told us that Tron was always playing our CDs'. They had also seen us on the news when we arrived in Japan and closed the airport but we said that that subject was off limits, just as we had with all the rest of the gang that morning. I was really in quite a good mood for the first day back at school. I felt like I had made a start on two great new friendships.

Sad Song of A Gay Teen 45!!!!!!!

As we headed out of school on the Monday afternoon, Brett asked, “So do you have your own chauffeur driven limo or something to get home?”

Well, that's how Steve, Chris and Ross get home but Liam, Keith and I live out in the country, so we have a much better mode of transport,” I said.

Oh and what would that be?” Gavin asked.

By now, we had just walked out of the main exit as Daryl, our pilot, was bringing the chopper into land. “That,” I said as I pointed at the chopper.

That's so kewl,” Brett said. “Do you guys honestly make the sort of money to own and run something like that?”

The chopper was actually my 15th birthday present from a billionaire friend of ours who lives in Arizona. As for the running costs, we charter it out when we are not using it. That really helps to cover the running costs of it,” I said.

Needless to say that Brett and Gavin wanted to know how we had met this billionaire. I told them that his name was Chris Dickson and that his nephew, Crown Prince Cullen used to go to this very school before he discovered that Chris D is his uncle and went to live in the colonies to see how the aborigines lived. With that I said, “Well, we gotta go, don't want to be wasting too much of that expensive aviation fuel.”

OK, see you tomorrow Jason,” Brett and Gavin called out as the three of us ran to the chopper.

Good day at school?” Daryl asked as we climbed on board and took our seats.

Yeah, we made a couple of really good new friends,” Liam said.

Once we got airborne, we told Daryl about our new friends. “It's a shame that you couldn't have met under better circumstances,” Daryl said.

I suppose it is,” I said, “but I think that it was good for them to meet Liam and me, it helped them to realize that they are not the only two kids in the world to have lost there parents. I think that it made them feel them feel a lot better knowing that they have a couple of other people who are the same age as them who have been through a similar experience. At least they know they have Liam and me to talk and to help them deal with this whole situation.”

You really care about people don't you Jason?” Keith asked.

Of course but there are four people in this world that I will never care about and they are the four cunts that sent me to hell and back nearly two years ago,” I said, “and sorry about the choice of language there but I just hate those people so much for what they did to me.”

I think we can all understand your feelings about those guys,” Daryl said.

We arrived home and made our way to the lounge, only too find mum and dad doing some serious making out.

Oh, purrrrrrrrrrlease,” I said, “you two should seriously think about getting a room somewhere.”

Do we ever complain about you and Gary doing that kind of thing in front of us?” dad asked.

No but it's different when it's the other way around,” I said, dashing out of the room to avoid the cushion that was heading in my direction.

The three of us headed for the kitchen to see what Tom could make for us for a little after school snack. He had just taken a tray of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and had just dropped the dough nuts into the deep fat fryer Heather was whipping up some vanilla milkshake.

Just what the doctor ordered, chocolate chip cookies, dough nuts and vanilla milkshake,” Keith said.

Yes, the perfect after school snack,” I said.

With that mum appeared in the kitchen and informed me that I had a phone call. It was Chris D calling from the Friends club that he ran in Tuscon. I hadn't spoken to him since the time of the blackmail attempt a couple of months ago. “Hey, Chris, how are you?”

I'm OK,”he said.

So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

I was just trying to make some plans for when I come to England in the summer,” Chris said.

Well July is out as we are going to be on tour in South America and then Gary is 18 in August,” I said.

Got anything special planned for him?”

Just a huge concert that involves closing the city centre down for the best part of a week. The concert only actually takes place on August 15th, which is Garys' birthday but with the visual effects that we are using, it involves closing a huge part of the city to set everything up and dismantle it all,” I said.

You'll have to film it and send it to us,” Chris said.

You can watch it live on TV. We sold the world wide live broadcasting rights to MTV for an eight figure sum,” I told the guy who was like a second father to me. “So when are you over?” I asked.

I'm not to sure on the exact dates yet but have you got any ideas for what we could do?”

Well, if you are here for the last weekend of August, we can go and see the gay pride parade on the Saturday afternoon and the Monday is a public holiday and in Liverpool it is the last day of the Matthew Street festival and we've been asked to perform on one of the stages this year,” I said.

Just don't be getting us in to a situation like you go us in to last time we went to the gay village,” Chris said.

So I take it that we can expect to see you that weekend?” I asked. “Oh, and you can't entirely blame me for what happened last time we went to the village for the afternoon.”

I'll have to get back to you about it but it sounds like a fun plan and will give Cullen a chance to see his parents.

As long as I do get to see my favourite royal and make sure that you bring my twin brother,” I said.

OK, I'll call you again as soon as I have the dates sorted out. Bye for now,” Chris said.

Yeah, I look forward to talking to you again very soon. .And you'll have to get Cullen and Cory to give me a call when they have the chance,” I said before hanging up.

The reference I made to my 'twin' brother was about Eric, one of the boys that Chris had given a home to after his mother said that she did not want a fucking faggot for a son. He was the same age as me and roughly the same height and had the same colour blonde hair as me. The resemblance between the two of us was remarkable and it was almost like we had been separated at birth. It was really weired. When we had gone to the weeding the previous year of Jay and Brad, two of the other the other boys that Chris had given a home to, a lot of the guests at the wedding commented on how a like that and Eric and I were. It was kind of strange. The one big difference between the two of us was that he had a bigger cock than me. Not that I'm a size queen, you understand? Garys' cock is perfect for me.

When I got back to the kitchen, Keith asked, “so who was that on the phone?”

Chris that lives in Tuscon, you know the guy we told you about that bought the chopper for my birthday,” I replied. “He's planning to come over in the summer and we were just discussing a few ideas what about we could get up.”

Did it include him organising one of his parties?” Keith asked.

No but it could involve some serious fun though and I'm talking boy on boy fun here,” I said.

And you could end up with one of these,” Liam said as he showed Keith his Golden Pole Pin.

Needless to say that Keith was asking what it was exactly and just what he had to do to get one. When he heard that it involved taking a ride on a huge cock, he seemed a little pit off.

If I could manage it at thirteen and less than six after I was raped then you should be OK. The fag family will be really gentle with you and if you say stop at any point then they will respect your wishes,” I said.

It was lucky that the kitchen table was well out of ear shot from where Tom was busy preparing tonights dinner. I doubted that he would want to be hearing some of the things that Liam and I were telling Keith. After we had finished our snack, I went to the studio to talk to Paul and Scott. They were busy with a team of technicians reorganizing the lay out so that we would be able to work in a more efficient and organized manner. Paul had brought me a stack of CDs from his collection that were by groups and musicians that I had not heard of before but when it came to music, I liked too think of myself as being very broadminded and I would listen to anything once.

After we had eaten dinner, I went off upstairs and did my homework. When that was done, I went downstairs to spend some quality time with the family. Liam and Keith were talking on their mobile phones and it was not hard to work out from some of the things that were being said that they were talking to their boyfriends.

Dad and I looked at each and it was dad who said, “Should I go and get the sick bucket or will you?”

I think that it's your turn,” I said.

Even though we made little comments when Liam and Keith were having their mushy conversations with their boyfriends it was one thing that I was jealous of. Then again, those two were jealous of the fact that I got to sleep with my boyfriend every night but I did miss out on not being able to have mushy phone conversations with Gary. Keith had said that we should just phone each other but we always said that that was a stupid idea. Mum appeared with the hot chocolate. She was trying out a new recipe that she had got from somewhere. It involved boiling some milk and butter and then blending in the cocoa powder and some milk powder. It was still topped off with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate chips but it taste like nectar of the gods. There was only one thing that I could think of drinking that tasted better and there was only one place that I could get that from.

Almost an hour later we all went to bed, except for mum and dad. After brushing my teeth I climbed into bed and flashed a huge shit eating grin at Gary. I was feeling really horny as I reached under the covers and grabbed a hold of his cock, which, I might add, was really stiff. “Looks like someone wants to play,” I said.

Yeah, I guess little Gary is in need of some attention,” Gary said.

With that, I vanished under the covers and gave his balls a good tongue bath and took them both into my mouth and swirled then around fro a little while. I could tell from the sounds that Gary was making that he was really enjoying this. Neither did it take to long before I felt his warm mouth wrapping around my own stiff dick. All I could say was something like, “Mmmm........ mat meals mooo mood,” due to the fact that my own mouth was full of my late night snack.

I let Garys' balls drop from my mouth and licked up and down his stiff shaft. Each time that I got back to the top of that lovely piece of meat, I would lick at the head and poke my tongue into the piss slit. I was enjoying what Gary was doing to me, which was exactly the same as I was doing to him, he was just following my lead. Finally I swallowed his dick and started to slide it in and out of my mouth. I felt some pre-cum leak out of my lovers cock into my mouth and so I let it dribble out and scooped it up with my index finger. I then gently rubbed it across Garys rear entrance. I then pushed it in and began to finger his ass. I was careful not to get to close to that very special and magic spot that is located in there as I did not want him to shoot to soon. I felt one my lovers fingers slide into me. This was just so magical and special. There was no one else in the world that could make me feel this good.

We had been sucking away on each others cocks for about fifteen minutes when I started to feel desperate for my reward, for my extra special protein drink. I gave my finger one last push into Garys butt and this was enough for him to go over the edge and begin to fill my mouth with his love juice. As fast as it was coming out, I was swallowing and gulping it down a if my life depended on it. I held off for a minute or two longer before I released my load into the mouth of soul mate. Once we had finished emptying our built up loads, I made my way back up the bed and kissed Gary. After I had rested, I said to Gary, “Will you show me just how much you love me?”

Gary knew exactly what I wanted, as I lifted my legs up above my head. Gary got himself into the correct position and lined his cock up with the target. I felt him push into me slowly, just the way that I liked it. Once he was all the way in, he rested for a while so that I could get used to him being in there. When I smiled at him, he knew that I was ready and slowly withdrew and pushed back in. This was kept up for ten minutes before he emptied his second load on the night deep inside of me. At that very moment I was feeling so good, so happy. My own cock was now rock solid again and in need of more attention, which it got. Gary took me back into his mouth and he only made about three strokes before I was again emptying another load into him. Gary held some back and we shared it as we kissed.

When we broke the kiss, I said, “Thank you for making me feel so good.”

We kissed each other again and then fell asleep.

Before I knew it, it was Thursday morning. I made my way down to breakfast and I noticed that Liam was looking really down. I looked at him and said, “Hey, cheer up, it may never happen.”

I felt like my head was being bitten off when he retorted with, “What if it already has happened?”

I felt about two inches tall when dad gave me a really evil look and I realized that it was a year since Anne had died. I went over to Liam and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “I'm sorry bro', it just sort of slipped my mind.”

It's Ok, I forgive you. I know you have a lot on your mind with your music exam coming up,” Liam said.

I sat and ate my breakfast in silence because I was feeling kind of embarrassed. I mean, if a similar thing had happened on the day of the anniversary of the death of my parents, then I would have been furious. Then again, I am not Liam and I guess that he had his own way of dealing with things. When we arrived at school, Brett was waiting for me as he had been for the past couple of mornings, he really was becoming a good friend. Anyway, his first words to me were, “Could I ask you something?”

You just did but you can ask me anything that you want to,” I said.

I know that you told me that you are gay but Tron happened to mention that your brother is also your boyfriend. I just find that a little strange,” he said.

I know that you are not bothered by the fact that I'm gay but does it bother you that Gary is my boyfriend?”

“No but I just find it hard to understand,” Brett said.

I explained to Brett how Phil and Jane had offered me a home when I lost my parents and that I asked them to adopt me when we went on our first holiday as a family. I explained how I met Gary and how he was the one who had told me of parents death and how he stayed at the hospital with me. I also told Brett that Gary was the first person that I saw when I awoke the next morning, as he had stayed with me at the hospital as he didn't want me to wake up alone. I also explained how I fell in love more or less straight away. “So you see, I fell in love with Gary first and became his brother later. He maybe my brother by adoption but we are not related by blood. It is an awkward thing to talk about and explain but I just hope that you don't have a problem with it?”

No, I don't and you seem to be really happy, despite everything that you went through two years ago,” Brett said.

As long as we can still be friends,” I said.

We high fived each other and then made our way to the cafeteria to join the rest of our friends. I told Brett that we were working, in conjunction with our security people, on covering up all traces of the adoption so that it would look as if I was only ever fostered by Phil and Jane because Gary and I had decided that we wanted to make our relationship public when I was 16 next year and the last thing we would need would be some nasty journalist making accusations of incest against my family. I also told him that we had already been the subject of a blackmail attempt but I didn't go into the details. As far as I was concerned, that chapter of my life was well and truly over and best forgotten about.

As we left school that day, Tron, Gavin and Brett all said their goodbyes for the day.

How would you three guys like to come and spend the weekend at our house?” I asked.

Hadn't you better check that it's OK with your parents first?” Tron asked.

Oh, they won't mind. We are always inviting people for the weekend, so they are used to it,” I said.

Well you better give us some directions of how to get there,” Gavin said.

You won't need them,” Liam said, “Just bring what you will need for the weekend and you can come with us on the chopper.”

And bring your swimming gear,” Keith added.

You mean that you guys have a swimming pool?” Tron asked.

Yes,” was the one word answer that I gave to that question.

Well that was the weekend sorted out. Once we got home, we told mum and dad about the visitors that we would be having for the weekend.

They are not the only visitors that we'll have this weekend,” dad informed us.

So who else is coming?” I asked.

I'm not telling you, it would just spoil the surprise,” Dad added.

No matter how much I, or, for that matter, Liam and Keith pestered, we could not get any more information from either mum or dad. Well that isn't exactly true, as they did say that our guests would be here by the time we got home from school the next day.

Liam also made a quick call to Tron to tell him that they should also bring their school uniforms for Monday, that way they could stay on Sunday night too. It would save Trons parents the trouble of having to drive out here to pick them up on the Sunday.

Friday afternoon soon rolled around and another week of school was over. We all made our way out to the chopper and as soon as we were airborne Keith said, “Anyone want something to drink?”

He got our orders and then made his way back to the galley to get the drinks. Tron, Brett and Gavin thought that this was a really cool way of getting to and from school. We soon arrived home and as we making our landing, I noticed the Ferrari, the Bentley and the Rolls Royce parked outside the house, (and I mean another Rolls Royce besides the one that dad owned).

It looks as if our other guests have arrived,” I said.

I wonder who they are?” Liam said.

You mean your parents invite people for the weekend and don't tell you who they are?” Brett asked, looking a little puzzled.

Normally they would but they said that they didn't want to spoil the surprise,” Liam said.

Once we landed we made our way into the house and as I entered the lounge my face froze in a stunned expression. Sitting there where Elton John, his partner, David Furnesh, Davey Johnston, Eltons' lead guitarist and Nigel Olsson, his drummer. The latter two with their wives. Now I was beginning to understand all the secrecy. It had been Eltons' 60th birthday in the March but we had been unable to attend his party, despite having been invited.

I looked at dad and said, “I guess we are having some kind of late birthday bash for Elton?”

I was right about that as dad told me that we were having a huge party the following night. I asked if my grandparents had been invited, as I knew that grandma wanted to meet Elton. Dad told me that there was no way that he would have left them off the guest list. With that, I went over to my friend and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “Well, it's a month late but happy 60th birthday.”

Thanks, Jason,”he said.

I introduced our new friends to everyone and then Elton asked, “So how did it go down when you performed Someone Saved My Life Tonight on your Japanese tour?”

The audiences seemed to really enjoy it but it was kind of nerve wracking as I was performing it as a solo. Just me and a grand piano that had been supplied by Yamaha,” I told my friend. “But it wasn't the first time that I had performed the song for an audience, although the last time was as a duet with Gary at Jay and Brads wedding.”

Aren't they two of the boys that were given a home by that billionaire that hosted your birthday party in Las Vegas?” Elton asked.

Yes they are,” I replied.

Jay and Brad are boyfriends but they had gotten their former girlfriends pregnant and, being the gentlemen that they are, they had married the girls so that they could be involved in the upbringing of their offspring. We, that is, the members of the band plus dad had also been invited to the wedding and Chris D had sent over his Friends Club Boeing 737 to fly us and all our gear to the states for the wedding at his the house that Chris had bought in Albany. It was the first time that any of us been to a wedding and it was a great event.

Gary had retrieved the video of the wedding from our room so that Elton could watch the two of us performing his song. The video started off with me, surrounded by my mass of keyboards and computers, playing the wedding march as the two brides walked up the aisle. We watched the part with the actual ceremony and then it came to the song. We performed it as the newly weds made their way back down the aisle hand in hand.

We should have done that as a duet in Japan,” Gary said.

You could have suggested it when I first brought up the subject of doing the song on the tour,” I said in response.

Anyway, we watched the rest of that part of the video and then Elton said, “You know, you two do a great rendition of that song. If you ever want to record it and release it as a single, then you have my permission to go ahead and do it.”

It was certainly something to think about. “We could record it as a charity single and donate all the proceeds to your aids foundation,” I said

Elton though that that was a fantastic idea. It had been over an hour since we got home from school and we still hadn't showed Tron, Brett and Gavin to there rooms. Mum finally said, “Hadn't you better show your guests to their rooms?”

Elton and his lot were staying in what had been the old stables but was now the home of Robert and Neil. We got upstairs and Liam said to Gavin, “Would you like your own room or do you want to share with Brett?”

“Can I share with Brett?” He asked.

No, problem,” Liam said.

As we got to the room that the two of them would be using for the weekend, Brett pulled me to one side and explained that since the shooting of their parents, Gavin had been having nightmares and was unable to sleep in a room on his own. That was something that I could relate to form my own experiences.

We then showed Tron to his room and as we walked in he said, “Was that Cullen I saw you talking to in the video?”

“Yes, was he a friend of yours too?” I asked.

No but I remember seeing him in school and then he just vanished. I heard that his dad is a duke or something,” Tron said.

Yes, his dad is a duke and it was at a Halloween party that Gary and I went to at the dukes estate in 2005 that I met Chris and some of his family. Anyway, I'm going to tell you something now that only twelve people know, with you it will be thirteen but it is never to be repeated or you will become my enemy instead of being a friend,” I said and then told him the names of the people who were already privy to this information. Well, it was actually an awful lot more than twelve people who knew but I was referring to people in my close circle of friends and family and not including Chris D or any of his family in the numbers.

You can guarantee that I will never repeat it,” Tron said.

I went on to tell Tron that Cullen was not only the son of a duke but also the Crown Prince of an Eastern European country that I could not name for security reasons. It had been common knowledge when Cullen was at school that he was the son of a Duke but even I hadn't know about him being a Crown Prince until after he went to America to live with his uncle Chris. Anyway, as I told Tron, Cullen had been taken to Tucson by his mother to stay with her half brother, his uncle, for security reasons. The king of the country that Cullen was the Crown Prince of had found out that his, (the Kings), heir was gay and the king was not amused by this news and as a result had put out a contract on his great grandson. I also told Tron that Cullen had never been crowned as, just before the king died, he revealed that he had another daughter, who staked he claim on the throne and was crowned queen. I also gave Tron the short versions of the two occasions on which Cullen had allegedly been blown up. “So as a result, Cullen now lives in America with his uncle,” I concluded.

But doesn't he miss his parents?”

“He does but he is always telling me that he loves his life in 'the colonies with aborigines', so I don't think he'll be back at school anytime soon.”

With that, I left Tron to shower and change and went to take a shower myself. Gary was already in the shower and so I joined him. We didn't actually get up to any mischief as I was kind of lost in my thoughts. Talking about Cullen made me realize that I missed not having him around. Prior to the rape and all those other horrible things that happened at that time, Cullen was a true friend. The only friend that I had besides Chris and Steve. Cullen had a beautiful voice when he sang and if he was still at school there was a strong chance that I would have brought him in to the band but circumstances had decided otherwise.

When we all met up downstairs nearly an hour later, Alexei and Nick had arrived. They had been unable to travel with us because Alexei had football training and Nick was helping out with one of the after school music clubs. Anyway, we all got some drinks and began to talk amongst ourselves.

Who was that blonde haired guy that you were talking to in the video?” Gavin asked.

That was Eric, one of he boys that Chris gave a home to. He is one of the boys that Chris had legally adopted,” I said.

It's just that he looks so much like you. It's as if you are twins but where separated at birth,” Gavin said.

You're not the first person to say that,” Gary said.

Anyway, we told Gavin and the other people who wanted to hear the story how this boy had been adopted by Chris.

Erics' father had been an immigrant to the USA but was convicted child molester. When he returned home he was sent to prison and eventually found dead in the prison laundry room. Chris found Eric all beat up and dirty in a restaurant in upstate New York. Eric was twelve at the time and his ten year old step brother liked him to suck his cock and ride his butt. The step father caught them and threw them out. That is the short version of how Eric ended up with Chris. We had first met at the Halloween party but it wasn't until the wedding that people began to comment on how alike the two of us were. Ever since then, it had become something of standing joke that we were actually twins who had been separated at birth.

By now, dinner was about to be served and we were all very hungry.

End of chapter 45!!!!!!!!

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