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From The Last Chapter!!!!!!

So just what did you see on the news?” Shane asked.

They now say that the polar ice caps will be gone by 2020 and that is something that will affect everyone of us in this room tonight,” Chris replied.

I was aware of all the stuff on global warming but I hadn't known that it was so serious. Like the rest of the guys, when I heard that, I was really happy that we had been asked to perform at the concert. People of our own age would be more likely to to take notice of us on this than they would of the politicians or some of the other acts that would be appearing. My own view was that some of those acts would be performing for the publicity value of the event, not because they cared about what was happening to our planet.

Word had soon spread about the US number one and the fact that we would be going to New York to do some concerts and we had a constant stream of people coming and congratulating us. It did detract a little from the main purpose of the party but we knew that Elton was happy for us and had been through all this himself during his career. Brett and Gavin also asked dad if they would be able to go New York with us and invite some of their friends from Boston to one of the shows. Dad thought that that was a great and went to talk to Paris and Raphael about it. They both thought that it would be good for the boys to do that.

The party started to wind down at about 0ne am and it was about this time that Gary and I went off to bed. We kissed for a while before falling asleep in each others arms. We were both tired as it had been a very long but interesting day.

Sad Song Of A Gay Teen 47!!!!!!!!!

It was as we sat eating lunch on the Sunday afternoon that Chris said, “I think that I'll ride my bike up to London when we do the Earth Live gig in July.”

Why?” Was the simple one word answer from Steve.

Think about it? We are going to be taking part in a gig that is supposed to raise awareness of global warming but if we go to London in the limo, then we are contributing, in our own small way, to the problem that is causing global warming. It would be the same if we go in the chopper,” Chris. Said.

Jamie looked up from peeling a king prawn that was dripping in garlic butter and said, “Chris, you really haven't thought about this have you?”

What do you mean by that?” Chris asked.

Well, when you get on stage you will be surrounded by computers, microphones, guitars, amps and a whole load of other gear that is powered by what?” Jamie asked.

Electricity,” Chris replied.

And the production of electricity also contributes to the problem of global warming. I can see that you have good intentions but you can't escape the fact that whatever you do you will still be contributing to the problem that you are trying to highlight,” Jamie said.

Chris had to have the last word on this when he said, “I'm the drummer, OK? I'm not supposed to be that intelligent.”

Well, it was almost the last word, as Nigel (Eltons' drummer), finished his mouth full of food and said, “Speak for yourself Chris.”

We all had a laugh at that.

It wasn't the end of the subject though as Liam asked, “Have you worked out how long it would take you to get to London on your bike?”

Yeah, if I did about forty miles a day it would take me about five days,” Chris responded.

With that we continued to eat lunch. After lunch Elton, David, Nigel and Davey had to leave to head back to their own homes. Before he left I said to Elton, “You know that we did your song Funeral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding) at your party just before Xmas. Well we talked earlier and have decided that for the shows in New York,we want to do some songs by people who have influenced and inspired us and we would love to perform that song.”

That isn't a problem with me,” Elton said, “and you did a really great performance that it would be an honour to allow you to perform it at your shows in the Big Apple.”

Before he left, I also asked Elton for the number of the singer and songwriter Billy Joel. I knew that he lived in New York and as we had used one of his songs for the anti bullying charity single and we thought that it would be a great idea to get him to come and perform that song with us. Elton didn't have the number with him but said that he would call us as soon as he got home and let us have the number.

Once our visitors had left we all went and did our homework ready for Monday morning. Chris, Steve and Ross were staying so that we could talk some more about the shows across the pond. We decided that as Gary and I had met David Bowie, who also lived in New York, that it would be good to see if he would be interested in joining us to perform one of his classic songs at the shows. We then spent the evening calling David Bowie and Billy Joel. This was going to be one great show that we were putting together. Both of the people that we called agreed to join us on stage and perform with us.

After saying goodnight to mum and dad, we went to bed. Once we had got in to bed, Gary said, “that was one fantastic weekend.”

And to complete it, I want you to make love to me,” I said.

He didn't need to be asked twice and I soon had his cock sliding in and out of me. It was, as always, a great feeling. Felling Gary emptying his load deep inside of me sent me over the edge and I shot my load all over myself, which Gary licked off of me as soon as he had released his cock from my butt. I fell asleep feeling really content and happy.

Monday was back to Earth with a bump as we were back at school. It was a dull and uneventful day but Tron did once again say how sorry he was about what had happened on the Saturday afternoon. I told him to forget about it only after he promised that it would never happen again. Brett and Gavin also thanked us for a great weekend.

On arriving home from school on the Monday, mum told me that a package had arrived for me. I looked at it and noticed that it was from France. I opened the package and it was copy of the new CD by Jean Michel Jarre. He told me that he was really looking forward to performing with me at the show in the August and hoped that I enjoyed his new album. I decided that I would go and do my homework and then listen to the CD after dinner.

Over dinner on the Monday evening dad asked me if I had spoken to Mr.Noels at all that day.

No,” I responded. “Is there any reason that I should have?”

It's just that I had to phone him today and let him know that you won't be in school on Friday,” Dad informed.

Needless to say that Liam looked in our direction and said, “So how come Jason gets the day off?”

Dad went on to explain that the producer of one of the morning TV shows had called to say that they were doing a feature on bullying and they wanted me to appear.

I looked at dad and said, “Do I really have to go on TV and talk about all that stuff again?”

I was told that I wouldn't have to talk about what had happened to me and that just wanted me to help with the phone in, so that I could maybe offer some advice to any kids that phoned in looking for help with any problems that they were having with being bullied. I was sort of relieved to here that. After dinner. Liam and I went to mine and Garys' room and listened to the CD that I had been sent and we both really enjoyed it. Dad did come and join us and told us that we had also been asked to appear at the Glastonbury festival in June. Things were definitely looking up for us as a band.

Do Chris, Steve and Ross know about this?” Liam asked.

Yes I already called them and they are very excited about it,” dad replied.

Friday soon arrived and it was just after seven when dad and I set off in the Rolls to go to London for the TV show. A lot of the kids that phoned were having some serious problems with being bullied and we all tried to offer them advice on their problems. One boy phoned in but as soon as he was put on air, he hung up. Once the show had finished, one of the production team called him back and it was harrowing to here just what had called about in the first place. It turned out that he had been raped at knife point in one of the bathrooms at school. On hearing this I said, “Do you know who did it?”

“Yes,” came the reply.

Well, you have to do something about it. You have to tell someone. The people who did this to you have to be punished in some way,” I said.

But I'm just so ashamed that it happened and it would mean having to admit to the fact that I'm gay,” the boy said.

By the time we had finished talking to this boy, we had told him that he had nothing to be ashamed of and he said that he would talk to someone about what had happened to him. I also invited him to our gig at Glastonbury as a VIP guest of the band.

After the show, dad and I went to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe on Old Park Lane. I had been to the one in Manchester on numerous occasions but this particular branch of the famous world wide burger chain was the original one that opened. I was fascinated by the collection of instruments that they had on display here. From the menu I selected my favourite item, the Pork Sandwich and I really enjoyed it. Once we ad finished eating we went and did some shopping on Oxford street and then headed for home.

For the first part of the journey I was somewhat subdued and quiet.

Dad turned to me and asked, “Is everything OK? You are not normally this quiet?”

It's just hat I'm so concerned about that boy that we spoke to. Knowing what happened to me is bad enough and then we found that Keiths' brother had done it to him. But to be held at knife point and have someone rape you, that is just so hard to believe. I hope that they catch the person or people who did it,” I said.

The producer of the show did say that they would keep in contact with him and that they would let us know the outcome. Besides, most of the kids that you spoke to on air see you as some kind of hero. They see you and know what you went through but hey also sees someone who has taken control of his life and made something of himself. They see you as someone who has, in his own way, has stood up to the bullies and showed them that, at the end of the day, you will not be beaten by them,” Dad said. “I would go as far as to say that they see you as a hero and an inspiration.”

Thanks dad but you have to understand that it kind of hurts to know that someone else has had to go through something similar to what I went trough,” I responded.

I cheered up after that and dad and I spent the rest of the journey listening to music and singing along to the music. We finally arrived home at about six and as soon as we got in to the house, Keith said that the champagne was already in the fridge chilling.

So what are we celebrating tonight?” Dad asked.

Keith had been for his audition on the Tuesday of that week and had been really tense ever since. The TV company said that they would let him know by the end of the week. He had arrived home from school and there was a letter for him. He said that he had just sat and looked at for about twenty minutes as he so scared to open it in case he hadn't been successful. When he had opened the letter, he was really happy to find that he had got the part. He was just so happy. The one thing that he didn't like was the fact that he would be doing a lot of his filming at weekends. Mum said that she had already phoned the school to make arrangements for the two days a week that Keith would have to be out of school for filming.

I went and gave Keith a hug and said, “Congratulations bro'. You deserve this and who knows, in a few years time you will have moved on to appearing in Hollywood blockbusters but just give the producer and director my name as someone who can compose the music for them.”

OK, whatever,” was the response from Keith.

Of course, the one downside to having had the day off school was the fact that I had extra homework to do over the weekend and it was Liam who had the pleasure of giving me this news.

The next few weeks passed very quickly. We finished school on the Thursday as the following Monday would be the May day bank holiday and it was also Keiths birthday. The band was going to Berlin for the weekend to do a couple of shows but we would be back by the Monday lunch time. Keith had said that he didn't want much for his birthday, due to the fact that we had already done enough for him. He had said that he was interested in roller blading and skateboarding and so we had bought him an expensive pair of roller blades and a skate board. He would also be getting his own skat park in the grounds of our house. This would be built over the weekend as Keith would be busy filming and he was also going to be sleeping at Alexeis' house. That was how mum and dad were going to keep the skate park a secret. It was costing a bit more to have the work done when it suited mum and dad but it would be worth it. We would also be going to the concert on the Monday night and that was something that we were all looking forward to.

The flight to Berlin was really uneventful and I think that it was on that flight that any fears that we had developed over flying, due to what had happened in Tokyo, were finally laid to rest. Over the course of the weekend we played two open air shows at Treptow park, which had been in East Berlin during the years that this magnificent city had been divided. The shows were the biggest that we had played to date and there was an audience of around 75,000 at each show. We also got to visit the headquarters of Ableton and Native Instruments. Two of the biggest names in the world of computer music production. Needless to say that we received a whole load of new software from both companies.

We arrived home at about lunch time on the Monday. Keith was already home as he had finished with the filming of his scenes for the day. As soon as we got in the house he was asking about his presents.

You told us that we had done so much for you already that you didn't want any,” Liam said.

By now I had re-entered the room and had Keiths' presents with me. He was really pleased with the roller blades and the skateboard. Of course, Keith said that it was a pity that there was not a skate park nearby. We told him that it was time that we went for a little walk. We headed out of the front door and turned left and after a short walk, there was Keiths' very own private skate park.

Wow, this is just awesome,” he said. “But when did this get built?”

Mum and dad had the work done over the weekend while you were staying with Alexei,” Gary announced.

By now Keith was putting on his new roller blades and the safety gear. He was soon demonstrating his skills to us and he was really good. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Keith. At just after four we all went inside so that we could eat and get ready to go to the concert. Eddie picked us up at about five and then we headed off as we had to get Steve, Chris, Nick, Ross, Shane and Alexi.

We arrived at the MEN Arena about half an hour before the show so we got some drinks and hot dogs. We also bought some T-shirts and a few other things from the merchandise stand. The show itself was great and Roger Waters played a variety of tracks from his solo albums along with a selection of classic Pink Floyd tracks. The highlight of the show was definitely hearing the entire Dark Side of The Moon album. It was a classic album and we knew every note and every word of the album off by heart as we often played it during our practice sessions. It was probably on e of the best concerts that I had been to. Not that I had been to that many.

We got home at about midnight and went straight to bed as we would be back at school tomorrow. The next big thing that would be coming up would be the trip to New York and that was going to be great experience.

End of Chapter 47!!!!!

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