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From the last chapter!!!!!!

We arrived home at about lunch time on the Monday. Keith was already home as he had finished with the filming of his scenes for the day. As soon as we got in the house he was asking about his presents.

You told us that we had done so much for you already that you didn't want any,” Liam said.

By now I had re-entered the room and had Keiths' presents with me. He was really pleased with the roller blades and the skateboard. Of course, Keith said that it was a pity that there was not a skate park nearby. We told him that it was time that we went for a little walk. We headed out of the front door and turned left and after a short walk, there was Keiths' very own private skate park.

Wow, this is just awesome,” he said. “But when did this get built?”

Mum and dad had the work done over the weekend while you were staying with Alexei,” Gary announced.

By now Keith was putting on his new roller blades and the safety gear. He was soon demonstrating his skills to us and he was really good. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Keith. At just after four we all went inside so that we could eat and get ready to go to the concert. Eddie picked us up at about five and then we headed off as we had to get Steve, Chris, Nick, Ross, Shane and Alexi.

We arrived at the MEN Arena about half an hour before the show so we got some drinks and hot dogs. We also bought some T-shirts and a few other things from the merchandise stand. The show itself was great and Roger Waters played a variety of tracks from his solo albums along with a selection of classic Pink Floyd tracks. The highlight of the show was definitely hearing the entire Dark Side of The Moon album. It was a classic album and we knew every note and every word of the album off by heart as we often played it during our practice sessions. It was probably one of the best concerts that I had been to. Not that I had been to that many.

We got home at about midnight and went straight to bed as we would be back at school tomorrow. The next big thing that would be coming up would be the trip to New York and that was going to be great experience.

Sad Song of A gay teen 48!!!

Although Tuesday morning meant going back to school after the long bank holiday weekend, I was awake at 6.15am. I looked under the duvet and noticed that I wasn't the only thing that was awake. Garys' morning wood looked so tasty and so tempting. Although he was still asleep, I couldn't resist just getting down there and taking him into my mouth so that I could get a dose of my favourite protein drink. I got to work and it was at least five minutes before I heard Gary mumble, “mmmmmm..... that feels really good but isn't little early to be awake?”

Of course, I didn't say anything in response due to the fact that I had my mouth full and I had always been taught that it was very rude to talk with your mouth full. It took about five more minutes until I as rewarded with the thing that I was after, a good portion of Gary flavoured protein drink. I made my way back up the bed and pressed my lips firmly against Garys. When I broke the kiss I said, “morning babe and how are you today?”

I feel really good, especially being woken up like that,” he said.

I was fairly close to shooting my own load and I informed Gary of this and in time at all, I felt his warm mouth wrapped around my morning wood. Again, it didn't take long before I was shooting my load into Garys' eager mouth. Once I had finished, he crawled back up the bed and kissed. I did have to sort of go and ruin the moment at that point when my stomach started to growl loudly. Gary broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and said, “Trust you to really spoil the moment and the mood by doing something like that.”

Sorry babe,” I said, “I think I'll go and shower and then see what we have for breakfast today.”

Mmm....OK Jay, I'll join you soon,” he said.

I was making my way into the bathroom and when I heard him say that, I looked back, flashing him one of my big grins. I ducked as a pillow came flying in my direction accompanied by the words, “I meant at the breakfast table, you sex crazed monster.”

After taking my shower, I went back into our room and got dressed in my school uniform and gathered together all the stuff that I needed for school that day. When I sat down at the table, Keith was already there.

Morning Jay,” he said to me, followed by, “and thanks for such a great birthday. The concert was great.”

Morning yourself,” I said, “and I'm happy to hear that you had such a great birthday.”

We left for school in the chopper at 8.15, as we usually did.

It was fairly routine and uneventful day but I did get a call from Elton during lunch asking me if I would like to join him on stage at the memorial concert for Princess Diana on July 1st. I agreed and asked which song he would like me to sing with him. It was going to be the version of Candle in the Wind that he had sung at the funeral almost ten years previously. I felt really honoured to be asked. The rest of the day soon passed and it was as I was making my way to the chopper after school that I got a call from my grandma. I answered the call by saying, “Hi grandma and what can I do for you?”

How would you and Gary like to come for dinner tomorrow?” She asked me.

We would love to accept the dinner invite. Is it a special occasion or something?” I asked.

Not really but we needed to talk to you about something really important,” Grandma informed me.

Umm, OK and thanks for the invite,” I said before ending the call.

I was really curious as to what my grandparents wanted to talk to me about. I had asked grandma to give me a hint, a clue but she just said that it could wait until tomorrow.

Over dinner that night I told mum and dad and the rest of the family that Gary and I would be having diner with my grandparents the next evening. Gary said that he would pick me up from school and that we would go straight to my grandparents house. I told him to make sure that he put some clothes for me to change into in the car, which he said he would do as he knew how much I hated being in my uniform when I didn't have to be. Again, the Wednesday was another very quiet and uneventful day at school and I was soon on my way out at the end of the day to meet Gary. I got in the car and we headed off to my grandparents house. Once we got there, I went to get changed and then asked granddad if I could use his study to do my homework.

By the time I had finished my homework, dinner was ready. As it was a nice warm evening for the time of year, it was decided that we would sit and eat on the patio. Dinner was excellent. It was while grandam was serving the dessert that I said, “OK, so what was so important that you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked.

Well, you never knew your grandparents on your dads side and I believe you know the reason for that?” Granddad said.

Yeah, it was because they were killed in an air disaster at the airport in 1985, along time before I was born,” I responded.

Gary looked at me and said, “You know this is really weired, I never knew my grandparents on my dads side for the same reason.”

I think that is something that you two should talk about later on,” granddad said. “Anyway, as I was going to say, your grandma has been researching the family history since she retired and it turns out that your dad had a brother, Jason.”

I sat there, totally stunned for a few moments before I said, “So is that it or do you know anything more?”

Yes, his name is William or Bill, as he prefers and he lives in New York with his wife and three sons and owns a very successful legal firm over there,” grandma said.

So why am I only just finding out that I have an uncle, an aunt and three cousins?” I asked.

It seems that Bill and Colin had a really big argument about a year before you were born and they never spoke to each other ever again,” grandma informed me.

That kind of figures, dad could be really stubborn and pigheaded at times,” I said. “I guess that uncle Bill had that in common with dad. So dose he know about me?” I asked.

Yes, I spoke to him yesterday and he wants you to call him,” granddad told me.

We finished our dessert and then grandma made some coffee. Gary and I offered to load the dishwasher but I was excused from that duty as I had a very important phone call to make. I took my coffee into the lounge and picked up the phone. After I had dialed the number, I got a little nervous waiting for the call to be answered. It wasn't too long before voice on the other end of the line said, “Good afternoon, William Lewis speaking.”

Hi uncle Bill, this is Jason, your nephew from England,” I said as I felt the tears welling in my eyes.

The next thing that Bill said was, “So how is that brother of mine?”

Grandma had told me that she hadn't said anything about what had happened when her and granddad had called uncle Bill and that as I was developing into a responsible young man, then I was going to have to tell my long lost uncle the bad news. I took a deep breath and then said, “Uncle Bill, there is no easy way to say this but he died almost two years ago along with my mum.”

I had to hold the phone away from my ear when I heard, “WHAT? I mean, how? Just what happened?”

I spent the next twenty minutes going over the events of that day almost two years ago. When I finished, Bill said, “I guess things didn't turn out too bad for you then, did they?”

Everything sort of turned out OK in the end but I still miss mum and dad,” I said.

That's understandable,” Bill said. “I'm feeling bad that I never made the effort to try and make up with Colin but hopefully we can meet sometime. Now what's this that you said about being in a band and having a record deal and being very successful?”

OK, we recently had our first US number one single and we are called WILD BOYS,” I said.

Holy crap,” uncle Bill said, “wait until I tell Rory and Connor, my two eldest kids that their long lost cousin from England is in their favourite band. THAT band is all they talk about and they have tickets for the show you are doing on the first June. They are really not gonna believe it.”

Can you do me a favour,” I said, “get them to call me and I'll tell them myself. And as for meeting, you will have already worked that I'm gonna be in New York in a few weeks time so maybe we can all get together and have dinner.”

So what day do you fly in?” Bill asked me.

Thirtieth of may,” I said.

OK, I'll make a reservation for dinner and let you know where and what time.”

Fantastic,” I said. I also asked if would be OK to bring Gary and explained who Gary is and about our relationship. Uncle Bill told me that he had no problem with me being gay and that about a quarter of the people who he employed were gay. He also said that he would get Rory and Connor to call me at about 5pm there time. That would work for me as it would be about ten pm over here. By the time I had finished the call, I felt really happy and was even more excited about going to New York.

It was after 8.15 by the time I had finished the call and I found it kind of hard to believe that uncle Bill and I had been talking for over an hour. Needless to say that grandma made some fresh coffee while I filled everyone in on the details. By the time I had done that it was nearly nine o'clock and Gary said, “Well, I think that we should be heading home if you want to be there in time to take that from your cousins.”

I guess that you're right,” I said. “Grandma, granddad, thanks for the excellent dinner and also for finding out about my family.”

I gave both of my grandparents a hug and made sure that I had all of my stuff before we left. On the drive home, I learned a little more about Garys' family. We talked about the fact that we had both lost grandparents in the same air disaster in 1985 and he also told me why he had never met is grandparents on mothers side. Janes' father had been killed in a hit and run accident shortly before her birth and her mother had died during the birth. As a result, Jane had been brought up in foster homes and orphanages. It was all very tragic. Gary told me that that is why he had never told me any of this stuff before. I had suffered enough personal tragedy in my life, without having to hear about that of others. He also asked if I would not mention any of this to mum and dad as neither of them liked to talk about. I told him that I could understand that.

On arriving home we found mum and dad, along with Liam and Keith and in the family lounge watching TV. We told them about what I had found out during dinner at my grandparents. I also told them that I had spoken to my uncle Bill. Mum and dad could both see how happy I was.

Well, if anyone deserves some good news like that, then you do,” Liam said.

Thanks Liam,” I said, as I looked at my watch. “I better get upstairs to take the call.”

As I headed upstairs to our room, Gary said that he would go and make some hot chocolate.

No sooner had I entered the room than the phone was ringing. I answered and said, “Jason Russell speaking!!!!”

Hi Jason, this is Rory,” he said and I also heard a voice in the back ground saying, “And I'm Connor.”

This is just so cool, founding out about you guys so suddenly like this,” I said.

Yeah, I think that it's really awesome,” Rory said. “Anyway, dad said that you are gonna be in New York in a few weeks. Any particular reason?”

I'm flying over for a concert at Madison Square Gardens on June 1st,” I responded.

You're flying to New York to see WILD BOYS? You must be their most dedicated fan,” I heard Connor say. “Dad told us about all the stuff you went through a while back and that your parents left you a small fortune.”

Yeah, I'm glad that uncle Bill told you about that, I didn't really wanna have to go through it all again today,” I said. “And I'm not going to the concert, I'll be on stage with the band. I'm their keyboard player and I also play guitar.”

Run that by me again. You did just say that you play keyboards with WILD BOYS, didn't you?” Rory asked

Yeah, cuz, you heard me right,” I said.

I had to hold the phone away from my ear as both Rory and Connor shouted, “FUCKING AWESOME. We found out that we have have a cousin in England who we never knew about and he is a part of our favourite band. How kewl is that?”

On the kewl scale of one to ten, I'd say it scores about twenty,” I said, laughing.

Um, Jason, do you have a web cam?” Connor asked.

Yeah I do,” I said. “Why?”

We should continue this on line. So we can see what we all look like,” Connor said. “And Ricky, our little bro' wants to say hi as well.”

OK, we'll hang up so that I can get the computer set up,” I said.

As I was getting the computer set up, Gary came in with the hot chocolate and said, “I thought that you'd still be talking to Connor and Rory?”

We are gonna carry on via the web cams,” I said. “I also think that they needed to get over the shock.”

What shock?” Gary asked.

Of me telling them that I'm in WILD BOYS. Uncle Bill told me that they are going to the Friday concert but I asked him not say anything so that I could tell them myself,” I said, as I took a sip of my drink. “They'll have a heart attack when they see you.”

Then what?” Gary asked.

Oh, we get Liam in here. I think that seeing half the band will be enough to finish them off,” I said, flashing a huge smile at Gary.

You are so evil,” Gary said.

I know but you love me anyway,” I responded.

OK, whatever,” was his reply.

By now everything was set up and I had Rory and Connor on the screen.

See I told you that dads brother looked just like the keyboard player from WILD BOYS,” Connor was saying to Rory.

Would one of you like to tell me what you are talking about?” I asked.

Connor explained that when he and Rory had got home from school, Bill was already home from work and he told them all about the feud that he had with his brother. Then he told them about me and the rest of the story. Uncle Bill had also showed them some old photos of when dad and Bill were teenagers and Connor had said that dad just looked like the keyboard player from their favourite band.

Yeah, a few people tell me that I look like my dad,” I said, as I took a deep breath.

Are you OK Jason?” Rory asked.

Uh..uh,” I said, “it's just that I miss them.”

So is that Gary sitting next to you. He's your boyfriend isn't he?” Connor asked.

Yeah, he is and he's the best thing that ever happened to me,” I said.

You really mean that?”Gary asked.

Well, you are in the top five best things that ever happened to me,” I told him.

You know this just gets better,” Rory said.

How?” I asked.

Wouldn't you be impressed if it was you talking to two of the guys from your favourite band?” He said.

I suppose I would be. Do you want me to get our lead guitarist, Liam?” I asked.

And how are you gonna do that at this time of night? It must be almost 11pm over there by now?” Connor said.

Gary, will you go and get Liam, while I fill these two dorks in on a few things?” I asked.

Sure,” Gary said as he headed out of the door.

While Gary was getting Liam, I told Rory and Connor about how mum and dad had become Liams' legal guardians when his mum died.

By the time Gary and Liam got back, I had noticed someone trying to hide behind Rory and Connors chairs.

So whose the rugrat behind you?” I asked.

With that, a boy of about six climbed into Connors' lap and announced, “I no wugwat, I Wicky and I six.”

Hi Ricky,” I said. “Do you know who I am?”

“Yeah, you're Jason. Wowy said that you are my cousin and you live in England. But I fink he lied coz I don't have a cousin in England.”

Did your daddy talk to you when you got home from school today?” I asked.

Uh..uh,” Ricky said nodding his head.

Well all the things that he said to you are true. I only found out about you today too,” I told him.

I then brought Liam into view and he said hi to my newly found cousins. They both said that their friends at school would find this whole thing hard to believe. I also said, “Hey Rory, I think Wowy suits you so much better.”

The response that I got to that was, “Just wait until you get to NYC, I'll get you for that.”

Oh...promises, promises,” I said as I laughed.

We talked for a little while longer until I noticed that it was nearly half eleven and I told them that I would have to go as I needed to get to bed as I had to be up for school in the morning.

The next few weeks proved to be really hectic. Keith finally went to see his mum in the rehab unit and she was now sober and getting the treatment that she need to get. The reunion had gone well up to the point were Keith told his mum that he is gay. At that point she really went off on one and all but physically dragged him out of there. I had been sitting in the waiting area with mum when he ran in, in floods of tears. A nurse had had to restrain his mum and it took us a while to calm Keith down. Once we had him down, he just wanted to go home. One more person had joined a growing list of former family members.

I had also spent a lot of time talking with my new family members in New York. It was a case of them calling me or me calling them. We just needed the time to get to know each other. There had also been an awful lot of weekend rehearsing with the band at a top secret location so that we could get used to the new stage set up that had been designed for us.

Four am on Wednesday the thirtieth of May soon arrived and the alarm was going off. I did something that was really unusual for me and I jumped straight out of bed, put on my robe and went to make some coffee. When I got back to our room I had a hard time trying to wake Gary. He just kept telling me to leave him alone and that it was way too early to get up.

OK, if you don't wanna go to New York, then fine. I'm sure the concerts will go just as well without you,” I said.

The reason that I was so wide awake and full of life was due to the fact that today was the day that I would finally get to meet the newest part of my family. Uncle Bill had called the previous day to let me know where we would be having dinner and asked if he wanted Gary and I to pick us up at the hotel. I explained that we had a couple of stretch limos at our disposal and that we would make our own way to the restaurant.

By 7am, we were all on board Boris' Boeing 747 speeding down the runway on take off. Steve and Gary had got really nervous and needed some tranquilizers before getting on the plane but apart from that, everything was fine. An hour into the fight, we took our seats in the dining area and had a huge breakfast. This was just so much better than flying first class on a commercial airline.

It was about six and a half hours later when Nick announced, “I just saw the Statue Of Liberty so I guess it's welcome to New York.”

Ten minutes later we had what the captain described as a text book landing at JFK airport. It was 9am New York time. An hour later we were being shown to Chris Dicksons' private apartment at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. When we had found out about the trip to this city I had remembered him telling me about this place and had called him to ask about using it while we were here. He had been most obliging.

After sorting out room arrangements, Gary called reception to have the limos waiting outside and then we went off to visit Ground Zero. This was a moving experience, just standing there in silence remembering the victims of those tragic events of 9/11. We then got back in the limos and asked to be taken to a traditional New York deli for some lunch. Then It was off to the Empire State Building. The views from the top were just awesome. Then we went shopping on 5th Avenue as we all needed to get presents for Liam as it would be his fifteenth birthday on the Sunday. Liam was excited at the prospect of having his birthday in the Big Apple.

It was just after five when we got back to the hotel. No sooner had Gary and I got to our room than the phone rang. I answered it and, due to the fact that I was in very good mood I just said, “I'm sorry that no one is here to take your call but if you press one, then two, then seven you can leave a message. No one will get back to you but you can leave a message anyway.”

Then I heard Connor say, “Jason?”

Hi cuz and what can I do for you?”

I was just calling to make sure that you are still meeting us for dinner tonight,” He said.

Sure we are. Now stop being insecure and paranoid,” I said. “We'll see you at the restaurant at seven. OK?”

OK, it's just that I really can't wait to meet you,” he said.

Once the call had ended, I made my way to the bathroom to shower and get ready to go out for dinner. It was at around six thirty that Gary and I were making our way to the lift so that we could get to the restaurant. As we waited for the lift, Chris appeared and said, “Hope it all goes well for you tonight and I want all the details in the morning.”

OK,” I said.

For some reason Chris had decided to get his hair died green ad I said to him, “Yon know that you are going to have to get rid of that before we go back to school.”

I know, it's just that it seemed like a great idea at the time,” Chris said.

I just thought to myself 'Typical drummer, totally nuts.'

By this time the lift had arrived at our floor. Gary and I entered and made our way down to the lobby and out into the limo. It took just over minutes to get to the restaurant and when we entered the Maitre D asked, “How may help you?”

We are meeting a Mr. Bill Lewis and his family here,” I said.

The Maitre D asked us to follow him and showed us to the lounge area of the restaurant and as we walked in , the man that I recognized as my uncle Bill stood up and made his way over to me. He put his arms around me and gave me a big hug before saying, “It's so good to meet you at long last Jason. You know, this is almost like going back in time as you look so much like Colin did when he was your age.”

Thanks uncle Bill,” I said, it is really good to meet you as well.”

Bill then introduced me to his wife Teri, my aunt and my cousins, Rory, 16, Connor, 14 and little Ricky who had already told me that he is six. I then introduced everyone to Gary and we all sat down. A waiter had showed up with some menus and asked us all what we would like to drink. I settled for a freshly squeezed orange juice.

So did you have a good flight over?” Aunt Teri asked.

It was fine and there no problems, unlike when we went to Japan at Easter,” Gary said.

So what happened when you went to Japan?” Rory asked.

One of the engines went on fire s we were on final approach into Tokyo,” I said.

Scary!!!!!” Connor said.

We spent the next twenty minutes or so just talking about various things. A waiter appeared and asked us if we were ready to order. I explained to him that the people I was with were some family members that I had only just found out about and that he had an awful lot of catching up to do. The waiter told us to just take our time and to call him over when we were ready to order.

It was at this point that I said to Ricky, “We got you a present this afternoon when we hopping.”

He came over and said, with wide eyes, “You got me a pwesent?”

Yes we did,” I said as I handed him the bag from Macys.

Ricky looked in the bag and pulled out the teddy bear that we had bought for him and said, “wow, fanks Jason, fanks Gawy.”

It's no problem,” I said.

I did notice that Connor and Rory looked as if they were being left. That is, until Gary pulled an envelope from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed the envelope to Connor and Rory, saying, “These are for you guys.”

My two cousins opened the envelope and I don't think that they could believe their eyes.

Are these what we think they are?” Connor asked.

Yeah, those are your backstage passes for Friday. They allow you to get access to any part of Madison Square Gardens without question,” Gary said.

Kewl!!!!!” Was about the only response got to that.

Rory and Connor asked Bill if they could have the car keys as they needed to get something that they had forgotten. While they were gone, aunt Teri asked us about the special guests that we had lined up for the shows. When we told her they she said that she would love to go as she really liked both David Bowie and Billy Joel. Gary and I both told her that it wouldn't be too much of a problem to get them some tickets.

But what about a baby sitter for Ricky. That could be a problem at such short notice,” Teri said.

Oh, he can come too,” I said.

But what if he gets bored or restless?” Bill asked.

You can always take him backstage and some of the road crew would look after him for you,” Gary replied.

By now, Connor and Rory had returned and handed Gary and I a bag each. Inside was a New York Yankees baseball cap and t-shirt.

I hope we got the right sizes,” Rory said.

Gary and I thanked them for the gift and then they asked us if we would sign their copies of our Cds and DVDs. This was something that we were so used to doing by now that it wasn't a big problem and we had been expecting it anyway. Once we had finished signing them we told them to bring them with them on Friday night so that the other members could add their autographs.

Ricky then announced, “I'm hungwy, when we gonna eat?”

With that we all picked up our menus and made our choices. The waiter came over and took our order. As I was the guest of honour, so to speak, uncle Bill told me to go first. I had just finished giving my order when Ricky said, “Can I have some 'paghetti wiv tomato sauce and cheeeeeze, pwease?”

Certainly, sir,” the waiter said.

The waiter continued to take our orders and when he had almost finished, Ricky said, “Mommy, can I have some mussels like Jason.”

I could tell that aunt Teri didn't seem to think that this was such a great idea as she didn't think that Ricky would eat a full portion of mussels and his spaghetti. I came with the idea of asking the waiter if he could get the chef to make me a slightly larger portion of my first course and then I would let Ricky have some of mine. That solved that problem.

The evening progressed well and we talked about our lives. Rory and Connor told me about their school and I told them about mine. They asked a lot of questions about how I had become interested in music and how we originally formed the group. I had a really great time and Gary later told me that he had also really enjoyed it.

It was when Gay noticed that little Ricky was falling asleep that he said, “It's getting late and Ricky looks like he needs to get home for bed.”

Gary called the limo driver to come and collect us and take us back to the hotel. After another round of hugs from everyone we made our way out of the restaurant.

As we were leaving, Connor said, “Mom, dad, could Jason and Gary come over to our place for a few hours tomorrow night?”

You'll have to ask them,” Teri said.

We had to explain that Billboard magazine had run a competition and that the winners, who where from Iowa would be arriving in the morning and that we wanted to hang out with them. Then again, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my cousins while I was in New York and it ended up with Rory and Connor being invited to join us at the hotel.

End of Chapter 48!!!!!!!!!!

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