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From the last chapter!!!!!!

We played the song and then took another bow and thanked the audience for being so great. Then we left the stage and headed backstage. As we left the stage, I noticed the pictures of mum and dad on the huge video screen and I silently mouthed the words, 'Thank you mum and dad, it's you two that made all this possible for me.'

After leaving the stage, I made my way to our dressing room to take a shower and put on some clean clothes. It got really hot on stage due to all the heat that was generated by the lights and all the electronic equipment that we used. After my shower, I went and joined our friends from Iowa and my cousins. Craig and Ricky were munching away on hamburgers and fries and they seemed to have more ketchup on their t-shirts and round their mouths than they had going into their stomachs. But they looked happy anyway.

When I joined everyone, they were all talking about the show and trying to decide which had been their favourite part. For the next two hours there was a great party atmosphere going on backstage before we all went back to the hotel. Before leaving Madison Square Gardens, I said goodnight to my aunt, uncle and cousins and said that I would see them on Sunday at the party that was being organized for Liams' birthday.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 50!!!!!!!!!!!

It was late when we all arrived back at the hotel. Everyone was still really hyped up after the concert but we all decided that we would go to our suites to have some private time with our partners. When Gary and I got to our bedroom, I lay down on the bed still fully clothed, except for my shoes which I had kicked off. I lay there watching as Gary undressed himself and then came and lay down next to me.

Aren't you bothering to get undressed?” Gary asked me.

I thought it would be more exciting if you undressed me,” I said.

With that Gary pulled off my socks and then slowly began to unbutton my jeans and pulled them off too. Then he began to suck on my toes, which is something that he had discovered that got me really turned on. Then he slowly licked and kissed his way up my legs, which had the desired effect of getting me even more excited. He then used his teeth to pull my underwear off. Once that that had been accomplished, he kissed the tip of my now stiff cock and then said, “You'll have to sit up so that I can get your t-shirt off.”

I didn't need to be asked twice and complied with the request. Once my t-shirt had been removed, we lay back down and Gary pressed his lips firmly against mine and it didn't need much for me to open my lips so that he could explore the inner recesses of my mouth with his tongue. After a few minutes of this, he began to nibble at my ears and by this time I was moaning in pleasure. Then he worked his way down my body and paid particular attention to some very special places including my nipples and belly button before he finally reached the target. He licked up and down the length of my cock a few times before taking it into his mouth. I just lay there, feeling like I had been transported to another world while Gary did his thing with my stiffy. Finally he pushed a finger into my butt and began to tickle my prostate. I couldn't take anymore and I erupted a copious amount of my juice into his mouth. After I had finished my orgasm, we rested for a little while before I returned the favour and brought Gary to an intense orgasm.

After that we drifted off to the land of nod.

The next morning we finally got to have breakfast in bed. This was something that we had discussed with our new friends from Iowa. Dad had also showed up with a stack of newspapers so that we could read the reviews of the concert. We had been well received and nearly all the newspapers had nothing but praise for us. The one down side to this was when we saw one of the more downmarket, tabloid papers. On the front page was a picture of Gary and I and we knew instantly that the picture had been taken when we did ROCK AND ROLL DREAMS COME THROUGH. The headline said, 'Are Jason and Gary more than just good friends'. The article then went on to speculate about the true nature of the relationship that Gary and I had. It was kind of horrifying but we were both well aware that this is how these types of papers worked. I made a mental note to call Andy Foss later in the day so that he could organise a damage limitation exercise.

When we had almost finished our breakfast we received a call from the Iowa guys asking if we wanted to go with them on their sightseeing tour of the Big Apple. Gary and I both said that we would love to go but that they would have to ask everyone else what they had planned for the day.

We all met in the lobby of the hotel just before ten. The first stop of the morning was the Rockefeller centre where they were broadcasting a live TV show. Once the host realized who we were, he made an impromptu change to the programme and did a short interview with us. The guys from Iowa were in the background but later, Dane and Colt told me that they hoped that their grandmother was watching the show back at home.

After leaving the Rockefeller centre, we got back in the limo. Riding with Gary and I were Joel, Alex, Liam, Nick, Steve and Carla. At some point, Gary asked the driver to stop at a bank so that he could withdraw some cash, this gave Joel the chance to say, “We had a long discussion about your offer to fly us all over to England for Garys' birthday but we have to say no. Some of us have various activities planned for the summer and we just couldn't fit in a trip to England. Also, it's just too over the top for you to do something like that.”

It's OK, I understand,” I said.

The reason that I had made the offer in the first place was all down to the fact that I was fifteen and had more money than I could ever possibly spend. I was too young to have my own car, I had no rent or mortgage to pay, no food to buy and no other real expenses that I had to take care of and so I thought it would be nice to offer to my new friends a chance to do something exciting with their summer holiday but obviously it was not meant to be and so I decided to forget about the whole idea.

After the stop at the bank, we headed for fifth avenue. Kate and Carla wanted to go to Macys' but all the guys headed for FAO Schwarz to look at all the toys. We all met up an hour later and then headed for Wall Street and spent some time visiting the world famous financial district of New York. We also paid a visit to the Trinity Church. Then it was time for lunch. We all wanted to eat different food and so we split up into groups and found places that would cater to our food tastes at that point.

The band had the afternoon free due to the fact that we did not need to do a soundcheck. This was because all the sound settings had already been stored in the computers and so we all went for a trip on the Staten Island ferry and this gave us the chance to see the Statue of Liberty close up. The Manhattan skyline was also very impressive from this view point. The last stop that our new friends had planned was the Museum of Modern Art. Then we all went back to the hotel to freshen up and chill out before going for an early dinner at Café Boulud. This was owned by one of the cities famed chefs. Sure, I could have taken everyone to his fine dining restaurant, DANIEL but it was impossible to get a reservation for such a large group at such short notice.

I had also asked the concierge to book six tickets to the Broadway production of RENT and that I wanted them booked in the name of Joel Teague. The concierge had asked me if Joel was related to the people who owned Teague International and I told him that Joel was their grandson.

At the restaurant I had asked that everyone be given menus without prices but due to a mix up, Dustin had been given one that showed the prices and he was a little hesitant to order something that cost $32 when his whole family could eat for that price back home in Cosgrove. He ordered what he wanted anyway. Dinner was a leisurely affair and the guys from the band left at about 6.45 to get to Madison Square Gardens for the second show, this meant that we had to miss out on dessert. The show was actually a repeat performance of the previous night and again we were very well received.

We decided that we would head straight back to the hotel after the second show. The guys from Iowa were just getting back at the same time as us and so we all invaded the coffee shop and had hot chocolate. As we waited for our hot chocolate to arrive, I decided that I would call Andy Foss, the head of Foss International in Arizona. When Andy answered the call I was surprised to find that he already knew about the newspaper article. Then again, it shouldn't have surprised me as nothing got passed him, especially were Gary and I were concerned. That was all down to the blackmail attempt earlier in the year. The reason for that had been down to the fact that the people behind it all were trying to get to Cullen. He had been seen in our company a few times and so the people who had tried to blackmail Gary and me thought that they could get to Cullen through us. Sadly, they had been very much mistaken and one person had been killed as a result. The outcome of the call to Andy was that he was putting together a damage limitation exercise and he also told me that the journalist who had written the story and the editor of the said newspaper would both be looking for new jobs by Monday morning.

That sounded important?” Joel asked as I finished my call.

I was just making sure that things don't get out of hand with that newspaper story that I told you about,” I responded.

All of our friends from Bentonville said that they wouldn't enjoy being famous if they had to put up with people writing stuff like that about them. Gary explained that it went with the territory, so to speak. OK, it wasn't nice to have people speculating about your life but that was just the way the world worked.

We had a pleasant time talking over our drinks. Dane, Colt, Joel, Alex, Dave and Dustin all thanked me for getting the tickets to see RENT and they all said that they had had a great time. They told us about the show, which sounded really good and I made a mental note to myself that I would go to see it if it ever came to Manchester. We all finally said our good nights and went to bed.

The next morning, once we had had breakfast, we all piled into the limos and headed the place were we would be boarding the yacht that had been chartered for the day so that we could celebrate Liams birthday. As we boarded the yacht, Liam thanked his dad and Bill for organizing the party and making his birthday really special. As we set off we just sat and chilled out with some music playing and drinking coke with plenty of ice as it was a really pleasant, sunny day. Liam opened the presents that we had bought for him. I think that the guys from Bentonville felt a little guilty that they hadn't got him anything but once again, Liam told them not to worry about it and once again, stressed that he now had more in terms of material possessions than he had ever thought possible.

As we cruised along, Connor informed us that the Native American name for the Island was 'Paumanok', which meant, 'The Island that pays Tribute'.

At one point we passed The Hamptons and Rory told me that his parents owned a house there and it was where they spent all the major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Xmas. Rory and I decided that we would talk to our parents and see about us all spending Xmas here.

It took us around an hour to reach the secluded beach where we would be spending the day. A smaller boat was lowered into the water and Dane and Colt showed us all how to waterski. They both said that they did it a lot at their grandmothers lakeside cottage.

Liam said, “I bet that it's not the only thing that you two do at the cottage.”

That little comment had us all laughing.

There were also some jetskis on the yacht. Joel told us that he was very experienced at using jetskis and so he showed some of us how to use those while Dane and Colt showed the rest of us how to waterski. I really enjoyed the water skiing, once I got the hang of it. We spent about two hours playing about on the water before it was time for lunch. On board the yacht a hired chef was working away at a gas fired barbecue. He was busy cooking steaks, chicken breasts, Lamb chops and Tuna steaks. There was also a table that was loaded with salads, various other side dishes and a selection of breads. Once the food was ready, we all filled our plates with what we wanted and then found seats at the tables that had been set up and sat and ate lunch while enjoying each others company and conversation. Once we had all had our fill, a huge birthday cake, in the shape of a Fender Stratocaster guitar, was wheeled out. We all sang happy birthday and then, before blowing out the candles, Liam made the usual silent wish. Once the candles had been blown out, Liam cut the cake and handed a piece to everyone. Uncle Bill had also hired a DJ and so we spent the afternoon dancing with our partners. It was really cool just being able to be ourselves without having to worry about what people thought about us being gay.

The day was over all too soon and we where heading back to Manhattan and the hotel. We invited the guys from Iowa to spend the evening with us at the apartment. They agreed to this as long as they could pay for the pizzas that we planned to order.

Once back at the hotel, we got in the elevator and I was very surprised to bump into Andy Foss.

When did you get here?” I asked.

Yesterday,” Andy told me. “This is Kyle,” he said pointing to the boy with him. “Kyle wanted the chance to see you guys in concert and so we flew in and went to the gig last night.”

You mean that you where here in the hotel when I called you last night?” I asked.

I didn't wanna saying anything when you called as you would have been asking us to join you and I thought that it would be more fun if we just ran into you,” Andy said.

Gary and I noticed that Kyle was just standing there with his mouth wide open and looking totally stunned.

Is he gonna be OK?” I asked Andy

I think so. It's just that he obviously can't believe that you are actually standing right next to him,” Andy responded.

So did you enjoy the concert?” I asked Kyle

Yeah, I did,” Kyle said in a dreamy and distant voice.

Once we got to our floor, Kyle was even more surprised to see the rest of the group. He got the keys to the suite that he was staying in and was soon soon back with his CDs and tour book from the concert and he asked us to sign them. Once that was done, we asked Kyle if he would like to join us for the evening. He declined the offer, saying that he wanted to listen to his CDs and that he was certain that we didn't want to listen to our own music.

It was almost an hour later when we were joined by Dane, Colt, Dave, Dustin, Joel and Alex. They had been out and bought pizzas, garlic bread and a selection of fizzy drinks. We had a fun evening just chilling out and watching some movies on TV and playing games on the Playstation three. Apart from a little kissing and cuddling there was no real activity that could be considered outrageous, that would be saved for the privacy of our own bedrooms. Due to he fact that it had been a whirlwind few days, everyone started drifting off to bed at about ten o'clock. I think that we all needed to get a good nights sleep.

Our new friends from Iowa would be leaving after breakfast in the morning. As for those of us from England, our departure time was scheduled for 8pm on Monday evening which meant that it would be 8am on Tuesday morning when we would land on Manchester due to the five hour time difference.

The conversation over breakfast on the Monday morning was very animated and we all promised that we would keep in touch by e-mail. The guys from Bentonville were constantly thanking us for making this such a fantastic and memorable trip for all of them. They had all had a really great time. Once we had all finished eating breakfast it was time for a somewhat emotional farewell. We all received big hugs from all of the guys from Iowa but they all seemed to save the biggest ones for me, which brought a few tears to my eyes.

The first to say anything was Joel and his words were, “Jason, thanks for such an amazing weekend. You are one really special guy.”

I was just totally speechless at those words. As far as I was concerned, I was just a fifteen year old kid who had a special gift and a real talent for music. I really didn't know how to respond to what Joel had said. The other guys, Dane, Colt, Dave, Dustin and Alex all said pretty much the same thing to me. Of course the biggest and longest hug came from Dustin. He thanked me for the most amazing time that he had ever had in his life. I just told him that he really deserved it, especially considering that he had been prepared to just give the prize away. The farewells were finally over and the guys from Bentonville headed out to the limo for the trip to the airport and their flight home to Iowa.

As for the band, we had one final appointment in New York before flying home and that was lunch at the Hard Rock Café. We were presenting some of our instruments to them for permanent display. In my case, I was giving them a Prophet 5 synthesizer. I would be sad to part with it as it was one that I had been given by my birth parents.

We would also be meeting Bill and Terri, along with my cousins for a final lunch before heading home.

We arrived at the Hard Rock Café just after midday and on entering, Steve spotted a triple neck bass that had once belonged to a bass player by the name of Chris Squire. On seeing it, Steve said, “I have to get one of those.”

Once we had done the presentation of the instruments, Ricky said to me, “Where's my fwiend Cwaig?”

His dad took him to FAO Schwarz to buy a few toys to take home,” I said

That was such a mistake as Ricky said, “Mommy, can we go to FAO Schwarz and look at the toys?”

We'll see if we have time after lunch,” Terri said.

Lunch was kind of subdued as I was kind of going to miss Rory and Connor and they told me that they were going to miss me. It wasn't all that bad tough as they would all be coming over to England in August for Garys birthday. Dad had also been out or dinner with Bill and Teri the previous night and it had been agreed that we would spend Xmas at the house in the Hamptons on Long Island. Over lunch, Terri told me that, had they known about me two years ago then they would have offered me a home here in New York. It was Gary who pointed out that he didn't think that that would have been such a good idea. After all, I had just met him and I was falling in love. Not only that but he pointed out that he didn't think that it would have been such a great idea to take me away from the life that I knew and the family and friends that I had. Aunt Terri seemed to agree with this.

It was after three when we headed back to the hotel to get packed up. By six we were at JFK airport waiting to board the plane for the long, seven hour flight home. When it came time to get on the plane, no one seemed to be nervous and therefore there ws no need for any tranquillizers. The flight was uneventful and the reason that I didn't remember much about it was due to the fact that I was asleep most of the way home.

It was great to get back home and we had some breakfast as we told mum and Keith all about the trip. The thing that they most wanted to know about was my new found relatives. Mum said that she would really look forward to meeting them in the summer.

The rest of Tuesday was very quiet. Liam and I spent most of the time catching up on our home work so that would be ready to go back to school on the Wednesday. Mum and dad had decided that we would go to Rusholme for dinner on the Tuesday evening. It was when Gary had gone to the bathroom the dad said to me, “So what's on your mind Jason?”

I was just thinking that it would be greta to organize to do a concert of my electronic music at Ayers Rock,” I replied.

Organizing this concert in Manchester had been a nightmare and if it hadn't been for all the help that I got form Chris Dickson, I don't think the Grand Canyon thing would have been possible,” dad said.

It was just a thought that I had had,” I said.

By now Gary was back and so the whole subject changed. All in al we had a plesant evening and the food was great a it always was at our favourite Indian restaurant.

Returning to school on the Wednesday morning was very strange. On entering the cafeteria, I noticed Cecil sitting all alone and looking really down and rejected. After getting my drink, I went over and joined him. As I sat own , I said “Hi Cecil.”

Are you sure that you want to be seen talking to me?” He asked.

You looked like you could use a friend,” I said.

I think I could. Since I came back from America I have been treated like a social outcast. Not only that but my thinks I'm an embarrassment and mum had more or less disowned me. I'm living with a foster family and they just don't let me have any freedom.”

How about you give mt their number and I'll get my dad to call them and see about you spending the weekend at our house.”

I think that I'd like that,” Cecil said.

Cecil had been sent home from America on Xmas day last year due to the fact that he had been caught having sex with another boy at school. This had infuriated Chris D and out the family at great risk. Cecil had also had sex wit the hired help at the wedding despite Chris warning all of the boys against doing this. Basically Cecil had become a total slut and he had to learn the error of his ways.

Cecil and I spent another ten minutes talking before I had to head off to my first lesson which was all the way across the school so it would take me some time to get there. Cecil wanted to talk some more and so I asked him to join me for lunch. I really hated the way that he had been treated since coming back to school. No matter what he had done he just didn't deserve that.

Lunch time soon came around and I was sat eating with Aaron and Callum when Cecil came over and said to me, “It was you who told everyone why I came home from America wasn't it?”

I was very angry at that statement and just said to him, “How the hell can you accuse me of doing something like that when you know about everything that I went through in my life?”

Aaron was on his feet ready to punch Cecils' teeth down his throat. Callum got up and pulled his boyfriend away and asked, “Do you really think that it is worth getting kicked out of school over this?”

Aaron went and sat back down at that point and added, “No, it isn't worth getting kicked out of school over him but he better apologise for what he said.”

At that point Cecil just walked away looking even more down and despondent that he had been for the last six months. It was a sorry sight.

That afternoon I had an English Literature exam and I was finished fifteen minutes early, so the teacher allowed me to leave. It was as I was sitting by the front entrance waiting for Keith and Liam that Cecil came up to me and said, “I want to say that I am so sorry for what I said to you at lunch. I hope that we can still be friends?”

I accept your apology and the offer of you coming to my house for the weekend still stands,” I said.

Cecil and I spent some time getting to know each other until it was time for me to leave. Once I got home, I had dad call the foster family that Cecil was living with and dad got everything arranged for him (Cecil) to come and spend the weekend at our house. I also called Chris D and told him what had happened and pleaded with him to take Cecil back. I pointed out that Cecil had lost everything in that his parents had more or less disowned him and that he had no real friends at school. Chris told me that he would be over in August and that he would talk to Cecil then. As for Cecil going back to America, Chris could not make that decision alone. That was something that would have to be decided by the whole family. I really hoped that fro Cecils sake, he would be allowed to go back.

End of chapter 50!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed that and thanks to David Lee and Carl Dickson for allowing me to use their characters in my story.

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