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From the last chapter!!!!!!!

Lunch time soon came around and I was sat eating with Aaron and Callum when Cecil came over and said to me, It was you who told everyone why I came home from America wasn't it?"

I was very angry at that statement and just said to him, How the hell can you accuse me of doing something like that when you know about everything that I went through in my life?"

Aaron was on his feet ready to punch Cecils' teeth down his throat. Callum got up and pulled his boyfriend away and asked, Do you really think that it is worth getting kicked out of school over this?"

Aaron went and sat back down at that point and added, No, it isn't worth getting kicked out of school over him but he better apologise for what he said."

At that point Cecil just walked away looking even more down and despondent than he had been for the last six months. It was a sorry sight.

That afternoon I had an English Literature exam and I was finished fifteen minutes early, so the teacher allowed me to leave. It was as I was sitting by the front entrance waiting for Keith and Liam that Cecil came up to me and said, I want to say that I am so sorry for what I said to you at lunch. I hope that we can still be friends?"

I accept your apology and the offer of you coming to my house for the weekend still stands," I said.

Cecil and I spent some time getting to know each other until it was time for me to leave. Once I got home, I had dad call the foster family that Cecil was living with and dad got everything arranged for him (Cecil) to come and spend the weekend at our house. I also called Chris D and told him what had happened and pleaded with him to take Cecil back. I pointed out that Cecil had lost everything in that his parents had more or less disowned him and that he had no real friends at school. Chris told me that he would be over in August and that he would talk to Cecil then. As for Cecil going back to America, Chris could not make that decision alone. That was something that would have to be decided by the whole family. I really hoped that fro Cecils sake, he would be allowed to go back.


As we got ready for bed that night, Gary turned to me and said, I hear that you had a confrontation with Cecil at lunch today?"

And how did you find out about that?" I asked.

Kyle called me earlier and said that he had seen the whole thing. He knew that you wouldn't tell me about it and so decided to call and let me know."

I wish people would just mind their own business at times," I complained.

I went on to tell Gary about my conversation with Cecil that morning and how things had turned sour at lunch time. I also told Gary that Cecil had made a point of finding me after school as I waited for Keith and Liam and that he, (Cecil) had apologised to me. I also told Gary that I had invited Cecil to spend the weekend at our house.

I've also called Chris D to ask about the chance of Cecil going back to America. Chris said he will be in England in August and that he wants to see Cecil then. As for him going back to Arizona, Chris said that is a decision that will have to taken by the whole family. I also told Chris that Cecil has been disowned by his family. In fact, his dad just thinks that he is an embarrassment. Cecil has no friends at school due to the fact that he has been treated as a social outcast since he came back. That is not helping him to learn from his mistakes."

At that point I was interrupted by Gary, who said, OK, Jason, I get the picture. You can shut up as you are just waffling on now."

We stripped down to our birthday suits and got into bed. Gary took my cock in his hand and began to slowly stroke it. I just threw the duvet on to the floor and we got in to a sixty nine positions and pleasured each other to orgasm. As was usual for us to do, once we had had our protein shake fresh from the source, we snowballed some of it between us as we kissed.

Once Gary broke he kiss, I said, I don't know why we always do that as it just gets me turned on again. I want to go to sleep and wake up with your cock in me."

Once again we got in to a sixty nine position and I sucked on Garys' cock until it was nice and stiff again. While I did that Gary lubed up my love tunnel. Once we were both ready, Gary inserted himself in to me. I then reached over and turned off the light and drifted off to sleep. I awoke the next morning to find that Gary was gently easing himself in and out of me.

Mmmm........this such a nice way to wake up," I said.

It wasn't too long before Gary was emptying his morning load in to me. Once he withdrew from my but, I had to go to the bathroom and empty my bladder. I also took my shower while I was there. When I returned to the room, Gary came over to me and kissed me. Needless to say that we didn't have a lot of time to fool around as I had to get dressed and get breakfast before I left for school.

On arriving at school I found Chris pushing Cecil around and he (Chris) was screaming, Don't ever fucking accuse Jason of anything like that ever again or I'll personally rip your rip head off."

Liam and Keith rushed over and pulled Chris away from Cecil.

I walked over to them and said to Cecil, Are you OK?"

Yes but I think that your friends should get all the facts before they try and start a fight," Cecil responded.

Then I turned to Chris and said, He's right and you need to think about what you are doing before you start using your fists. You don't know all the details of what happened yesterday and, besides, I can take care of my own problems," I said.

But how can you even think of talking to him after what he accused you of yesterday?" Chris asked.

As far as that is concerned, Cecil has realised that he made a big mistake and has already apologised for it. So as far as I am concerned that is the end of the matter. Now, why don't we all head to the cafeteria and we can talk about this like civilised human beings instead of acting like a pack of savage animals?" I asked. And one more thing, I want you shake hands with Cecil."

Chris did as I asked and we headed to the cafeteria before we had to go our separate ways for the morning. The rest of the day of was quiet and uneventful and we asked Cecil to sit with us at lunch time. Once everyone got to know him a little better, they realized that he was not that bad and that he was not going to take any of them off somewhere so that he could get fucked senseless.

Friday afternoon soon rolled around and as usual, the school corridors were a little noisier than most other afternoons as groups of friends walked along discussing their plans for the weekend

Keith, Liam and I met Cecil at the exit and he asked, So how do we get to your house?"

Daryl was just landing the chopper on the school soccer pitch, much to the annoyance of the football team, who had a training session.

I pointed at the helicopter and said, Your transport awaits you."

Just how much money do you make with the band to be able to afford this?" Cecil asked.

I told him that it had been a birthday present from Chris D. Well, it had been a present to all of the band, that way, Chris was able to put the purchase cost down as a business expense, thus reducing his tax liability on on it.

Once we were airborne I asked everyone what they would like to drink and then went and got the drinks form the galley. As we descended towards the house, Liam pointed out the swimming pool and said, I hope you brought your costume with you?"

Anyway, we made quick work of the chocolate cake that Tom had made for an after school snack along with strawberry milk shake. We then went and got changed and spent a little time in the studio before going to the pool for an hour or so. Then we all went to our rooms and got showered for dinner.

Just as I had finished getting changed, there was a knock on the door and I went to find out who it was. It was Cecil.

Everything OK?" I asked.

It is and thanks for inviting me. Life has been really shit since Chris brought me home and I know that it was all my fault. I just became a total slut. I lived in a house full of boys and all I had to do was ask them to fuck me or let me suck their cock but that wasn't enough for me and I just messed everything up for myself and put the whole family of happy fairies at risk with my actions. I think I should call Chris and apologise," Cecil said and I could see that he was close to tears.

I got some tissues from my desk and said, Dry your eyes and call Chris after dinner. Now lets go and see what we have to eat as I'm starving."

We had a fantastic dinner which we all really enjoyed. Over dinner we talked mainly about the trip to New York. Cecil also told us that he had no idea what he would be doing during the summer holidays. I sat and thought about this for a moment and then asked, Cecil, how would you like to join us on our trip to South America?"

I'd love to," he said, but I don't know if my foster family will let me," Cecil replied.

I'll call them sometime over the weekend and see what they say," dad said.

Thanks Mr.Russel," Cecil said, it would be really good to get away for a few weeks and it would mean that I finally get the chance to see the band perform live."

Please, call me Phil," dad said.

Of course Keith was complaining that he wouldn't be going anywhere yet again due to the fact that he had filming commitments all summer.

Never mind," Liam said, when you make it in Hollywood and you are earning millions from your movies, you'll have plenty of time to travel the world. You have to remember that when we go overseas it isn't really a holiday as we are there to work. So don't feel bad, you are not the only one that hasn't had a proper holiday in your life."

Thanks bro'," Keith said.

Once dinner was over, Cecil asked dad if he could use the phone in his office to call Chris D. Liam and Keith disappeared to their rooms to make their mushy phone calls to Nick and Alexei and Gary and I joined mum and dad in the family lounge were we just talked while we had coffee.

Saturday morning soon rolled around and today was a special day as it was mums fortieth birthday. We all wished her a happy birthday as we arrived for breakfast and gave her her cards. Once she had opened them, she asked, And what about my present?"

That should be arriving very soon," Gary said.

No sooner had he said that than there was a knock at the door.

I think that will be for you, Jane," Liam said.

Mum got up and went to the door. A couple of delivery men brought in the huge package and opened it up. This is just gorgeous," we heard mum say as we all made our way out to the entrance hall and looked at mum as she admired the life size glass sculpture that we had got for her. It was actually a life size glass sculpture of the six of us from the band plus Keith.

Now you have a permanent reminder of your favourite seven troublesome teenagers," I said.

I wouldn't say that any of you are any trouble," mum said.

I think I'll have to disagree with you on that one darling," dad said.

After admiring mums present for a little while we all went back to the dining room and finished breakfast. Mum and dad told us that they would be away overnight as he was taking mum to a very upmarket hotel for the night. Dad did tell us later that they were being joined by my grandparents along with Amanda, Geoff, Howard, Linda, Dean, Kim, Boris and Sophia for dinner. Liam and Keith were very happy to hear this as it meant that they would be spending the night with their respective boyfriends. Liam also told us that his dad and Neil were having a barbecue later on. Gary was going to meet Kyle and Simon for lunch. The rest of us had arranged to use the limo to go shopping at the Trafford centre.

We had been shopping for a couple of hours and where in the Virgin Megastore when we got approached by a group of rough looking boys who all looked to be around our age. They walked up to us and one of them said, Well, well, if it isn't our long lost friend Liam. And when did you learn to play the guitar and start hanging around with this faggot," pointing at me as he said the last word.

My life has changed a lot since I just 'vanished'," Liam said. And Jason may be gay but he is the best friend I ever had."

Don't suppose you know what happened to Keith?" Another boy asked. It's kind of hard getting any drugs since he grassed his brother up to the police."

We didn't get a chance to answer that question as we had been joined by two FI agents and one of them asked, Is there a problem here?"

Just these dickheads giving us some grief for no reason," I said.

Did you hear that?" One of the boys asked, the faggot just called us dickheads. That just isn't nice is it?"

With that the FI agents told the boys to leave or they would be making them leave. As they left the store the alarm went off and they tried to make a run for it but they just weren't quick enough for the FI agents who had soon caught up with them and brought them back to the shop. It turned out they had tired to steal a load of CDs, including copies of stuff by the WILD BOYS. As a parting gesture we paid for the CDs and signed them before telling the stores security people that they were a present from us to the boys.

That should piss them off," Liam said as we went in search of somewhere to have lunch.

As we were eating our lunch, Liam told us who the boys were and that he used to consider them as friends.

If they are the sort of people that you used to have as friends, then you are better off without them," I said.

When we got back home, Liam went off to see his dad and find out what time we would be eating. From the sounds coming from Keiths room, Cecil and I had a very good idea what was going on in there.

Cecil and I went to my room and I booted up the computer as I knew that my cousins in New York would be on line and I wanted a chance to catch up with them. As I waited for the computer to get started, the phone rang and it was Adam calling form Australia. It was very late in Darwin but Adam said that he couldn't sleep and so he had decided to call me. He was still living with his foster family but at the same time he was trying to rebuild his relationship with his mum. That was not proving to be easy as he still had an awful lot of issues with her over the fact that she had just stood and watched while his father kicked him out of the house. Adam just couldn't forgive her for that and I didn't blame him at all. If I had found myself in that kind of a situation, then I think that I would have felt the same way. The good news was that he had found himself a boyfriend by the name of Andy. I asked Adam if would e-mail me some photos of the two of them and he promised me that he would.

After I finished talking with Adam, I turned my attention back to the computer and sure enough, I found that my cousins were on line. It had only been a few days since we had last seen each other but we had a lot to talk about. At one point, Ricky climbed on to Connors lap and asked, Is Gawy there? And what about my fwiend Cwaig?"

Gary is out with some of his friends. And Craig doesn't live here. Do you remember Steve?" I asked.

Yeah, he Cwaigs bwovver," Ricky said.

That's right, so Craig and Steve live in a different house but you will see Craig when you come to visit in the summer," I told him.

We all talked for along time. The one thing that we were all very excited about was the fact that we would be spending Xmas in New York. Dad and uncle Bill had already agreed that. Liam was staying at home with his dad and they already had an invite to join Nick and his family for Xmas dinner. Keith was going to be spending the holiday with Alexei and his family but all that was months away.

After I logged off, Gary was home and we talked about what we had done that day. We did included Cecil in the conversation. Once we had all showered, we headed over to Robert and Neils house. Liam and Nick had set up some of the gear from the studio so that we could keep everyone entertained during the evening. As we all sat and talked, I noticed that Jamies car was heading up the drive. When it came to a halt, I was very surprised to see that Jamies parents, Peter and Louise were with them. As they got out of the car, I went over and greeted them. It was great to see Peter and Louise again and I gave Louise a kiss on the cheek and shook hands with Peter.

It's good to hear that you are doing so well, Jason," Peter said.

Well, despite everything that happened to me, life has to go on," I responded.

Liam once again played the perfect gentleman/host in introducing everyone and getting them all whatever they wanted to drink. Louise said that it was really good to see that he had so much more confidence than when she had first met him at Xmas 2005.

It was a really nice evening with great food, great people and pleasant conversation. That is, apart from telling everyone about the run in that we had had at the Traford centre. Keith asked if he had been mentioned and when told him what the boys had said his response was , Well, my ex-brother deserves what ever he gets from now on on. I just don't care about him."

Of course the mention of the word drugs brought some concern to Robert, who said, You never did anything like that did you?"

No, I wouldn't be that stupid," was the response from Liam.

The evening started to wind down at about 10.30 as we all headed for bed. Peter, Louise, Jamie and Greg all decided to stay the night due to the amount of wine that they had all been drinking. No one thought that it would be good for anyone to drive.

The next few weeks flew by. We were all kept busy at school with our exams and I also had my big music exam and that proved to be a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. Having said that, I did the best that I could and I would just have to wait until August to get the results. I also had a call from Nigel, the boy I had spoken to on the TV phone in that I had been involved with a few weeks before going to New York. He told me that all hell had broken loose at home when he told his parents what had happened and that he was gay. He had ended up calling Childline and had been placed with a foster family. He was also being home schooled as his life had just become a nightmare at school once it got around about his sexual orientation. They had also arrested the people who had raped after it was found that a video of the whole thing had been placed on the Internet. Hearing this sent a shiver down my spine as it reminded me so much of what had happened to me. It was really scary.

Nigel lived just outside Bristol and we arranged to pick him up in the chopped on the way down to Glastonbury.

Saturday the 23rd of June arrived and we were al up early as we were performing at the Glastonbury festival. We were not going to be on stage until about six o'clock but we thought that it would be good to get there early so that we could watch a few of the other bands perform. It was fantastic day and we got to make a few new friends with the members of some of the other bands. Our performance was pretty much the same as we had done in New York but without the special guests. Nigel and Cecil seemed to really hit off but I didn't think that it would develop into anything serious due to the fact that they lived so far apart and there was a strong possibility that Cecil would be going back to the USA in the summer.

The flight back home was somewhat scary as we got caught in a thunderstorm but we did get home in one piece.

During the next few weeks we got the reports in to the near fatality in Tokyo. It appeared that the engine had been sabotaged by a terrorist group who were after Cullen. These people still had the idea that he was hiding out with us. The one thing that we all agreed on was the stupidity of trying to blow up our plane. If these people had succeeded in their plan we would not have been mush use to the m as dead people do not talk.

The next big event was the Princess Diana memorial concert at Wembley Stadium. I would be appearing with Elton John and the six of us would be joining DURAN DURAN to perform WILD BOYS with them.

On arriving at Wembley we were met by Elton and his partner, David. I was in a somewhat cheeky mood and said to Elton, Hi, granddad."

The response that I got to this was, That's enough of you your cheek young Jason."

We made our way to the backstage and I we were introduced to the Princes William and Harry. I chatted with them for a while and felt a special affinity towards Harry as he had been a few weeks short of his thirteenth birthday when Diana died. The major difference being that he had grown up in the glare of the media. As for me, it was something that I had grown into over the last two years.

It was finally time for me to join Elton on stage. He had already played a couple of songs and introduced me by saying, For this next song I am going to be joined by a fantastic young man who is also a great musician. I'm sure that many of you have heard of him, so lets have a big, warm welcome for Jason Lewis."

As I made my way onto the stage I received a really big welcome from the audience. This is only the second time that Elton has performed this song in front an audience and it's called, CANDLE IN THE WIND 1997," I announced.

I had chosen to play acoustic guitar as a contrast to Eltons' piano. The song was a really moving tribute to the late Princess and it also made me think about my own parents and how much I really missed them. When we had finished, Elton asked me if I wanted to perform another song with him and we chose GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, which was a personal favourite of mine. Later in the afternoon we joined DURAN DURAN on stage to perform their classic hit WILD BOYS, which had become our theme song. The audience loved it and it was great to finally meet the people who had written that song.

We stayed at Wembley until late in the evening to watch some of the other bands and performers and it turned into a great day out.

The Saturday of the next weekend saw us back at Wembley stadium, this time performing in our right at the Earth live concert. Once we got on stage, Gary said, the reason that we are here today is to highlight the problems of global warming and the damage that has been caused to the planet by our parents and grandparents."

But that doesn't make us any better than them,"" Chris said. We use so much electronic equipment that we are just as guilty as them when it comes to causing damage to the planet."

And we came here today in our private helicopter,"Liam announced. "So don't think that we are just trying to pass the blame onto previous generations."

With that we got on with the business of performing the music. The audience loved us and wanted more but due to the time constraints that just wasn't possible.

On the flight home I was thinking about all the really bad weather that we had been having and the flooding that had occurred in many parts of the country. It was kind of depressing to know that there were people who had lost everything and I put it to the rest of the guys about us organizing a concert to raise money to help these people. They all though that it was a really cool idea and we decided that we would get things organized over the next few days.

End of Chapter 51!!!!!!

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