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From the last chapter!!!!!!!

Uncle Bill took us all out to lunch as a way of saying thank you for allowing them to visit and also as a way to say thanks to mum and dad for giving me a home and making me a part of the family after all that stuff had happened. On the Monday, I took uncle Bill, Rory, Connor and Ricky to see my studio complex, Dream fields. After dinner on the Monday night we just spent time chilling out. Then on the Tuesday, Gary and I helped my cousins to get packed as they were flying home on the Wednesday. I was going to miss them all but it would be Xmas before I knew it. After breakfast on the Wednesday, Gary and I accompanied my family to the airport. Gary and I made use of our FI badges so that we could go right to the departure gate with them. Just before they boarded their flight, they gave Gary and I hugs. As they made their way down the airbridge towards the plane, Ricky looked back and gave us a wave and shouted, “BYE GAWY, BYE JASON, SEE YOU AT CWISTMAS.”

As we flew home on the chopper, I was feeling sad. Gary said, “How about we put some stuff in a bag and head for Scotland or Wales for a few days? We could both use a break and it''ll be good for both of us.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said.

Sad Song Of A Gay Teen 54!!!!!!!!

It was nearly lunch time by the time we arrived back at home form the airport. Gary and I decided to have some lunch before heading off on our mystery tour. We hadn't decided where we where heading but I quite liked the idea of going up to Scotland. Once we had eaten, Gary and I went to our room and began packing some stuff in to our bags. As we were doing this, mum walked past and asked, “Going somewhere?”

“Yes, we are just taking off for a few days as we both need a break,” Gary responded.

“This is all very sudden, isn't it?” Mum asked.

“Well, the last two years have just been really hectic and so much as happened, that we both need a real break,” Gary said.

“Not that I regret any of it. I have loved every minute of it and finding out about Jamie, Bill, Terri and my cousins had been fantastic,” I said. “But it has been a lot of hard work, not that I'm complaining about that but we do need a break. Some time away to ourselves,” I added as I was putting my mobile phone charger in my bag.

Gary saw me doing that and said, “You won't be needing that as you won't be taking your phone with you.”

“But what if I need to call someone or someone needs to get in touch with me?” I asked.

“That kind of thing can wait until we get home,” Gary said.

OK, so that was the ground rules of this road trip laid down. I couldn't take my phone or my laptop computer and I would just have to get by without them.

Anyway, we were soon packed and had our stuff loaded in the car. As we approached the slip road onto the motorway, Gary asked, “So do we head for Wales or do we head for Scotland?”

“Lets' go up to Scotland,” I replied.

We got on to the motorway and headed north. During the drive we talked about all the stuff that had happened during the last two years, starting with the day that my grandparents had turned up with Jamie, that was great day, finding out that I had a half brother. The trip to South Africa was also really cool but the really great news came when we got home and dad told us that we had been offered a record deal. That made all the years of studying music really worthwhile. I won't bore you with all the details of what had happened since then but it was all really good and helped me top get my life in perspective and it was what had helped me to get on with my life after it had almost fallen apart.

Scotland was great. we would find somewhere to stay the night, have dinner. Go to bed early, get up have breakfast and then hit the road and head on somewhere else. We were gone for ten days altogether, despite having told mum that we would only be away for three or four days. The break did us both a lot of good and we felt really refreshed by the time we got home.

One of the highlights of the trip was the day that we had been driving along a road in the western highlands. We had bee driving for about an hour and had not seen another car on the road. Gary turned onto a a lane that could best be described as almost being a dirt track. This led to a deserted beach. Gary stopped the car and we sat and admired the beautiful view, taking in the tranquillity and beauty of the scene. I pulled down the zipper on Garys' jeans and fished out his cock, which I soon had in my mouth. Gary was moaning in pleasure but did manage to get out, “You know, we shouldn't do this, not here anyway. What if we get caught?”

I pulled off his throbbing meat and said, “That's all part of the fun, the risk of getting caught but I want you to make love to me on the bonnet of the car.”

Needless to say that we got out of the car, got naked and did the deed. I came so hard that I shot my boi juice all over the windscreen of the car. after making love, we rested for a short while before we dressed again and headed off in search of some lunch.

When we did finally get home, mum and dad both commented on how well we both looked and that the trip must have done us some good. Liam was back from Vancouver and he told us that he had really enjoyed his first proper holiday. Keith also looked well after his holiday in Italy. We had a busy few days checking e-mails and going shopping for our new school uniforms. Then it was finally back to school. It was great being able to see old friends and talk about what we had all been doing during the summer holiday. Liam had also decided that he wanted to meet his grandparents, at least on his dads side and Robert was going to get in touch with them to make the arrangements. It was something that he really wanted to do but was also very nervous about it.

One of the first things that I did when I got back to school was to go to the office to hand in the application for resitting the music exam and to also pay the fee for taking the exam. Mum and dad did think that I would be putting myself under extra pressure but I was determined to to do this.

The weekends of the next few weeks were spent at Dream fields, mixing and mastering the new album so that we could pass it over to the record company ready for the release date of October 29th.

It was the Friday of the third week back at school and we were on our way home that Liam asked, “Dad and I are going to visit my grandparents tomorrow and I was wondering if you would come with me? Just for some moral support.”

“No problem,” I answered, “I don't have anything else planned anyway.”

Anyway, on the Saturday, I joined Liam, Robert and Neil at their house for breakfast. Liam didn't seem to eat that much due to the fact that he was so nervous. It was late morning when we arrived at the house of Edith and Fred, Roberts' parents and Liams' grandparents. Robert had said that things may not be easy as his father had some very harsh things to say to him when he was sent to live with some relatives in Vancouver. Anyway, we arrived at the house and went in. Robert did all the introductions and it seemed that Fred was full of regrets and remorse, especially when he met Liam. He talked about how his wife, Edith, had given him a really hard time for the last fifteen years over the treatment of Robert and how they had just abandoned their unborn grandchild. In fact, Fred was very surprised that his marriage had even survived. He genuinely wanted to make a fresh start. We talked for hours, or at least Fred, Edith, Robert and Liam did. Neil and I just sat and listened. It seemed that everyone concerned was prepared to put the past behind them and make fresh start with a clean slate.

That is, until the back door of the house opened and a boy of around fourteen called out, “Hi granddad, hi nana.”

“Hello Danny,” Edith said, “we're in the lounge and there are some people that we want you to meet.”

Danny came in to the lounge and just stood staring at Liam and I before he said, “What are they doing here?”

“Well, that's your cousin Liam,” Fred said as he pointed to Liam and then he added, “and that's his best friend Jason.”

“I don't have a cousin Liam and, well, do you know just who THEY are?” Danny asked.

“Yes, they have been telling us about their group and all the places they have been to do concerts,” Edith said.

After some explaining, Danny accepted the fact that Liam was his cousin but that didn't make it all plain sailing. Danny said, “You do know that Jason is queer and dad said that all queers should be shot. Dad said that is what granddad said.”

Fred looked at Danny and said, “It's true, I did think like that at one time but I've had a long time to rethink my views and I now know that I was wrong, so don't have that kind of attitude in this house or you will be asked to leave and will not be welcome here ever again. And I will be having a long talk with your dad, as it is high time that he had an attitude adjustment.”

Danny was about to say something, when I noticed that Liam was looking somewhat distressed and so I asked, “Is everything OK, Liam?”

“Not really, I knew that this would be a big mistake,” Liam said as he stood up and walked our of the house.

Fred and Edith then went on to explain just what had happened. all the time they were talking I was watching Liam as he sat on a seat at the end of the garden. He looked visibly upset by the whole experience, the whole series of events that had happened in the last few hours and I didn't blame him. I stood up and said, “I'm going to talk to Liam.” Then I gave Danny an evil look and said, “And you owe two people an apology.”

With that I went and joined Liam, so that I could try and calm him down.

It must have been about five or ten minutes later hat Danny joined us. I told him about life and all the bad things that had happened to me and that him calling me queer was one of the most hurtful things that he could ever say to me as it brought back so many painful memories. Liam talked about his life and how things had been for him before he met me and joined the band. He told Danny how he had learnt to play the guitar. I watched Danny closely as we told him all this. It was hard to judge what he was thinking as he seemed to show very little emotion.

When we had finished, Danny apologised for his initial reactions to us. We all shook hands and agreed to put the events of the last hour behind us and to become friends. Liam even suggested that Danny come and spend some time at our house one weekend. It certainly looked as if everything was going to work out OK.

The next few weeks passed quickly and, although we had only just finished the third album, we had started working on the fourth one. We had a couple of songs that we wanted to record and create a sort of classic 1960s' or 70s' on them. Despite that fact that we had all the latest digital and computer technology at Dream fields and in our home studio set ups, we just get the sound that we were looking for. It was one day early in October that Ross came into school and said that he had the solution to our recording problems. He had found and article in a magazine about a studio in London that still used all the vintage equipment from the 60's and 70's, including recording onto magnetic tape. this was most definitely the solution to our problem. As always, not everything in life was plain sailing. Ross had already called the studio and the only dates that they had available was the were from the 10th to the 15th October. School holidays were not until the week after this. Of course, all of our parents did a lot of work for the school in one way or another and we all felt that they were owed a few favours which they could call in. Needless to say that by the end of that week we had been given the time off so that we could go to London for our recording sessions.

We arrived in London on the 9th October and were staying at mum and dads new London house in Knightsbridge. Their Manchester hotel had opened in September and they had also bought two more hotels in London that were currently undergoing refurbishment. Buying the two new hotels had resulted in mum and dad having to make regular business trips to London and so they had decided to buy a house there.

It had been late morning when we arrived in London and after settling into our rooms at the house, we went out to lunch and then to the studio to check on all the gear. Walking into the studio was more like walking into a museum. The owner of the studio played us a few recordings from some previous sessions and we decided that this was just the sound that we were looking for.

We had an early breakfast the next day and then went to the studio to get down to work. We had one track almost finished by lunch time on the 11th and it was as we were getting ready to head out for lunch that my phone rang. It was Cullen and when I answered the call, I said, “And how is the queening today?”

Of course, that was answered with a question, when Cullen said, “And how is the best cock sucker in the world?”

Anyway, we talked for a little while and then Cullen asked, “So how would you guys like to join m for a little party tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a great idea but there is no way we can get to Arizona,” I said.

“You don't have to,” Cullen said, “because I'm in London at daddys' house”

“Any reason for you being in London?” I asked.

“Yes, uncle Chris had to go to Romania and France to get his awards from their governments and we decided to stop off in London for a few days,” Cullen said.

“I'm in London with the band doing some recording sessions,” I said.

“How about you have dinner with me tonight?” Cullen asked.

“We can arrange that,” I said.

“Ummmm...... I was wondering if it could just be you so that I can spend some time with my old school friend?” Cullen asked.

That was that arranged and I said that I would be there by six. Cullen and I had a great time and we just talked about al the great times that we had had had together whilst we were growing up. It was late when I got back home. The next day I returned to the Dukes London house by lunchtime, the rest of the guys said that they would join me later in the afternoon. On arriving, Agnes showed me into the lounge, were Cullen was waiting for me. Agnes did than k me for helping her son, Cecil, to turn his life around. Cecil was now back in America. I had asked Cullen how he was doing and was told that he kept himself to himself but he was getting all the sex that he needed from the other boys in the house. It sounded like he really had learned his lesson.

Agnes brought us some plates of sandwiches, cakes and a pot of tea for our lunch. Cullen was still saying that he didn't feel ready to take his place ion the throne but I reminded him of the conversation that we had had in Las Vegas. Cullen had told me that he had been studying the history of his country. He had also found that it was a country that was rich beyond it's monetary value. The health and education services were the envy of the countries neighbours and yet, Cullen had discovered that business were failing and that the university was on the verge of closing due to the fact that money was being diverted out of the country. Cullen was certain that his aunt was behind this but had no solid prove. Cullen had told me that one day he wanted to take his rightful place on the throne, so that he could put right all the wrongs of his aunt, the present monarch. Of course, now that the queen had been assassinated, Cullen felt uncertain about becoming king. He pointed out that he was only sixteen and that he was too young to be taking on all this responsibility.

I was about to suggest that he should just abdicate, when the window of the lounge was shattered into thousands of tiny fragments by the bullet that had hit it. Fortunately we were sitting far enough away from the window so that we did not get hit by the flying glass. I wanted to ask Cullen what the fuck was going on but he grabbed a hold of me and said, “We have to get to the panic room.......NOW!”

As we made our way to the panic room, Cullen called out, “Mummy, Agnes?”

The two women appeared from whatever room they had been in and El asked, “What's wrong with my little sugar plum fairy now?”

“We have to get to the panic room now,” Cullen got out as the front door of the house was blown to pieces by whatever had hit it. We picked up speed and entered the panic room. After securing the door, Agnes asked, “Would anyone like some tea?”

I didn't want any tea, I wanted answers to the numerous questions that were running through my mind. At that point I just lost it and screamed, “SOMEONE IS OUT THERE TRYING TO FUCKING KILL US AND YOU ASK IF WE WOULD LIKE SOME TEA. MAKING TEA IS NOT GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS FUCKING MESS.”

Cullen tried to calm me down and said, “Jason, they are not trying to kill you but they will stop at nothing to get to me. They don't give a shit about who they hurt.” He then added, “And mummy, stop referring to me as 'my little sugar plum fairy', you know how much I hate that.”

“So just who are these people that are after you?” I asked.

“They are from my country and don't want me on the throne because I'm a f.....,” Cullen was about to say fag but corrected himself and finished by saying, “because I'm gay.” He knew how much I hated people using the word fag.

“But as you keep reminding me, taking your place on the throne is your birthright. And I thought that all threats to your life had been eradicated with the closing down of the child sex slavery ring,” I said.

“If only things were that simple,” Cullen said.

Cullen said that the only two people who could get us out of the panic room were Chris D and Dukey. There was enough food and drink in here to last for two weeks. It seemed like forever before the door of the room was opened by Chris D and I had never been so happy to see him in all my life. It was huge relief. He told me that dad was outside organising for the chopper to fly us all to the dukes estate and that we could have our party there.

I made my way over to Chris D and gave him a hug and said, “I have never been so happy to see anyone in my life.”

Chris said, “Phil is outside and has your helicopter standing by at the heliport ready to take us to the estate. FI have organised armoured cars to get us all there.”

With that, we went outside. Gary ran over to me and gave me a kiss and said, “Thank god you are safe.”

My emotions were all over the place and I just held on to him as if my life depended on it until dad came over and said, “OK, time to go.”

I hesitate in getting in one the cars and dad said, “ just go!”

“Are you coming with us?” I asked.

“No, I still have some business to take care of. I'll be OK, FI have stepped up security after this,” dad said.

“As much use as that will be,” I said. Then I pleaded, “Please, just come with us, I need you!”

“I”ll be fine. Just go and have some fun with your friends,” dad said but he could see that I was really shaken by this afternoons events. “What's wrong?” He asked.

“I already lost one dad, I don't want to lose you too, “ I said as the tears welled up in my eyes.

Dad just pushed me in to the car and told me to go. I could see that there was little point in arguing. Chris D got in the front seat of the car and said, “Jason. your dad will be fine.”

“So were the hell were FI this afternoon?” I asked.

“I don't know what the slip up was but Andy Foss will be doing a thorough investigation into this lapse in security and heads will roll,” Chris D said.

By the time we arrived at Dukeys estate, I had calmed down considerably, mainly thanks to Chris D. He seemed to enjoy the flight too and said that it was the first time that he had been on this helicopter as he had wanted to present it to me in a factory new condition. I don't think it took him too long to work out some of the things that we had got up to whilst travelling on it. Steve said, “but we do let girls fly with us sometimes,” as he blew a kiss in the direction of Chris D.

It wasn't the first time that Steve had done this as he could be real flirt, a real tease with Chris D. Not that it would ever go beyond that. Steve was most definitely straight.

As soon as we got to Cullens suite of rooms at the estate the fun really began. There was a karaoke machine and we all took to turns to sing but we all wanted to hear Cullen. He was now sixteen and his voice was getting deeper when he spoke but when he sang, he still had the most amazing, the most beautiful, angelic and heavenly boy soprano voice that you could ever wish to hear. It always sent me into a trance like state whenever I heard him sing. It was just so beautiful. If only things had been different, he would be the seventh member of WILD BOYS.

I did a get a chance to talk to Chris D and he told me that with having to face his coronation in a few short months, he (Chris D), was going to be facing some major changes in his own life. Their was no way that Chris would just leave Cullen alone. Cullen was going to need some kind of advisor. Chris also told me that it had come to hie attention that Cullen would be very lucky to make it to the coronation and even if he did he may not actually rule over his country for very long before some assassin got to him. This information ha d been brought to Chris Ds' attention by a secret counter terrorism organization. I found all of this to be really disturbing but was asked, by Chris, not to say a word to Cullen.

Cullen also had us all in fits of laughter when he told us that some of the boys in the family had built a platform in his room at home in Arizona. They had then placed a toilet on the platform and placed a plaque on it that read 'EL REY', which is Spanish for THE KING. Of course it was not a clean toilet and Cullen said that he spent an hour cleaning it. Once that was done the boys told him that his next task was to clean up the world.

It must have been at around nine o'clock when I noticed that Steve and Chris had left the room and I wondered where they had gone. I didn't let it bother me too much as Cullen was singing again and I was just blown away by the sheer beauty of his voice. Anyway, it must have been about twenty or thirty minutes later when Chris returned and he was ALONE. I went over to talk to him and I said, “So where did Steve go to?”

Chris was being very cautious and scanned the room before pulling back the flap that covered the zip on his cargo shorts to reveal his GOLDEN POLE PIN.

It took me a few moments to get over the initial shock (or maybe even surprise of seeing this). But I finally asked, “So when did you get that?”

“When we went to Vegas for your birthday,” Chris answered.

I thought back to that trip and I remembered how we had been telling Chris D that there had been a constant flow from a certain group of passengers on the flight going to use the bathrooms to join the mile high club. Chris D had asked Chris if he had joined. Chris said that he hadn't and that Kate had not left her seat during the entire ten hour flight from Manchester. Chris D had offered to help Chris relieve his built up sexual tension but Chris had declined. Later, at the party at the Stratosphere hotel, Chris had finally succumbed and got his pin. Chris was now telling me that that was where Steve had gone, to get his pin.

“He won't go through with it,” I said.

“I'm not too sure about that. Steve is definitely straight but he said that he doesn't want to be the only one in the band without a pin,” Chris said.

“But what about you?” I asked.

“Ever since I got this,” he said, pointing at the pin, “I've been having doubts about my sexuality. I think that I may be bisexual.”

This had me totally stunned and I had no idea what to say. Unknown to Chris and I, Liam had been listening to the conversation and said that him and Nick didn't have a problem with helping Chris out with his doubts over his sexuality. Chris said that he would think about it but didn't want to rush things as he truly was in love with Kate and was unsure of how to tell her about this. We decided to forget about this conversation for the time being and got back to our partying.

It was when I was on the way down to breakfast the next morning that I noticed Steve leaving Chris Ds' room. Lucky for me that Steve didn't see me. I never did find out if he had got his pin or not. Chris had said that I wasn't not to mention it to Steve and I was going to keep my word. Over breakfast I apologised to Agnes for my outburst the previous day when we had been in the panic room. Agnes was perfectly understanding about the whole thing. She told me that she would have been the same if she had found herself in a situation like that. Agnes also thanked me for making Cecil happy again. I told her that I felt somewhat responsible in that Cecil never would have gone to America in the first place had it not been for Liam, Gary, Cullen and I getting on stage at that club for underage gay teens at Xmas 2005. If that hadn't happened, Cecil would never have been mistaken for Cullen and the dukes car would not have been blown up. I asked Agnes not to mention this to Cecil as he would only think that I had been pitying him and that was something that I didn't want. Cecil had become a really good friend and I missed not seeing him at school everyday now that he was back in America.

Once we had finished eating breakfast, the six of us from the band boarded the chopper to head back to London to complete our recording sessions.

The next few weeks were really busy. Danny, Liams cousin spent a few weekends with us and then there was a number of trips to London. The purpose of these being to file our appearances on various TV shows such as, LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND, PARKINSON and FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JOHNATHAN ROSS, The last of these was the one were we had the most fun. On the latter of these shows the host has a house band called FOUR POOFS AND A PIANO. Anyway, the recording of the show had started and Jonathan introduced the house band as he always did. Once he had done this, I called out, “But tonight it is FIVE POOFS AND TWO PIANOS.”

Needless to say that that had the entire studio audience laughing.

The new album had been released on the 29th October, amid some stiff competition. WE only reached number two the week of the release but we didn't let this bother us as the EAGLES had got to number one with their first album of all new material in twenty eight years. It was also their first ever number one in the UK album chart and we all agreed that they deserved it more than we did.

That was the reason for the TV appearances, to promote the new album.

The next big event was on November 22nd, when Chris and Steve turned 16. Liam, Gary, Ross and I bought them motorbikes as they had said that they wanted to have their own transport and at the age of sixteen the only thing that they could drive legally was a 50cc motorbike. There was no big party either as they didn't want that. Their birthdays were on a Thursday and so on the Saturday night, Chris, Steve and I all went out to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants although we did our respective partners with us.

Over dinner, Steve was telling us about a new supersonic business jet that was going to be available in 2014. They were available for order now and you had to pay a £125,000 deposit now and the balance of the £40,000,000 purchase cost in 2009. This was certainly giving me a few ideas.

I turned to Gary and said, “How about we order one?”

“It's your money,” Gary said, “you can spend it on whatever you want.”

“I keep telling you that it is OUR money. Whatever I have I want to share with you,” I told him.

All in all we had a really fantastic evening.

The other big thing that happened during November was that Liam and I had been invited to perform at the International Guitar Festival on the Wirral Peninsula. The Wirral is around forty miles away form Manchester and it takes about an hour to drive their. Liam and I really enjoyed this performance as it gave us the opportunity to perform music that was totally different from what we normally did with the band.

Before we knew it, it was December and things were still really hectic as we were still doing an awful lot on interviews to promote the new album. We also finally got to go and see the live stage show of the MUSICAL VERSION OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. It was a really spectacular show. It also gave us an opportunity to meet up with Justin Heywood from THE MOODY BLUES again, as well as Jeff Wayne who had composed this fabulous piece of music. We were also all getting very excited about Xmas. Despite the fact that Liam would be staying home with his dad and Neil, he was looking forward to spending a part of Xmas day with his grandparents and his cousin, Danny, as well as Dannys' parents. Then would be going to have dinner with Kim, Dean and Nick. Keith was going to be spending the holiday in Aspen, Colorado. Boris and Sophia had a property there and the one thing that Keith was really looking forward to was learning to ski.

When we walked in to the dining room on Monday 10th December, dad was more excited than a little kid on Xmas morning. He was going to London to the Led Zeppelin reunion gig. Dad had been a fan of the group for years but had been too young to go and see them at the height of their fame in the 1970s'. Dad wasn't the only one going to a concert that week. The year 2007 was the 30th anniversary of the release of the Jean Michel Jarre album OXYGENE and he had invited us to attend one of the concerts that he was doing in Paris to promote the new master recording that he had done of this classic music. All the guys from the band flew home with us from school on the Friday as we would be leaving for Paris after breakfast on the Saturday morning.

We arrived in Paris in time for a late lunch and then had a few hours to do some Xmas shopping on the Champs Elysée. After we had finished our shopping we pigged out on some fantastic cakes and pastries at a typical French patisserie and washed the food down with some great coffee. Then we headed to the theatre where the concert was taking place. It was really cool getting to see all the equipment that had been used to record the OXYGENE back in the 1970s'. Much of it looked as if it should actually be in a museum but it was all still very much in working order. Because of the complexity of the music, Jean Michel was also joined on stage by three other musicians. The show itself was just brilliant. It brought back memories of listening to the CD with my dad when I was little boy. This was another really great and memorable night in all our lives.

School finished for the Xmas holidays on the Wednesday of the next week and we just spent the first couple of days doing all our final preparations for Xmas. This involved wrapping presents and sorting out what clothes we would be taking with us. We would be flying to New York on the Sunday, the 23rd. On the Saturday Keith and I were riding our bikes around the property for some exercise and relaxation. Anyway, Keith asked me if I had ever climbed a tree. I told him that I had never done anything like that. Keith showed me hoe to do it and so I decided to have a go. At first, I just climbed one that looked easy to climb but once I had built up my confidence, I decided that it was time to try something a little more difficult. I thought that I was doing OK until I lost my balance and fell about ten foot to the ground.

Keith came rushing over to me and asked if I was OK.

“No, I think that I broke my left arm,” I said.

“Can you move it?” Keith asked.

I tried but the pain was too much.

“I'd say that you have broken your arm and it looks to be really swollen,” Keith said. He took out his phone and called for an ambulance and then phoned the house to let mum and dad know.

By the time that mum showed up, the ambulance had arrived and the paramedics were putting some kind of contraption around my head and neck to immobilise those parts of my body. They said that it was just a precaution as they had no way of knowing if there was any head or neck injuries until I got to the hospital and had x-rays taken. After finding out from Keith what had happened, mum came over to me and all I could say was, “I'm so sorry!!!”

“What for?” Mum asked.

“Because I just ruined Xmas. We won't be able to go to America now,” I responded.

“Lets' just wait until the doctors have seen you before we have to start changing our arrangements,” mum said.

On arriving at the hospital, I was rushed straight in to x-ray. Then I was taken to the emergency department, were I was seen by a doctor. He studied the x-rays closely and, fortunately, there were no head or neck injuries but as I had suspected, my arm was broken. Having said that, the doctor told me that it was broken in such a way that they would have top take me to the operating room and anaesthetise me so that they could manipulate the bone back in to place before putting it in to a plaster cast.

I don't how much later it was when I woke up in the recovery room but mum was sitting by the side of the bed. “I'm thirsty,” I told her.

Mum went and got the nurse who did the usual stuff, such as checking my blood pressure and taking my temperature. I was then allowed to have few sips of water. By the time that I was taken to a room, ad was there waiting for us. Neil and Robert had said that they would look after Gemma while mum came to the hospital. Now that dad was here, mum said that she would go home. I was still a little groggy from the anaesthetic but I did manage to have a conversation with dad. After about an hour and a half, the doctor came in to check me over and said that once I had had something to eat, I would be allowed to go home.

I told him the story of how I had found out about my aunt and uncle and three cousins that lived in New York. I also told him that we were due to fly to America the next day to spend Xmas with them. I finished off by asking, “So, doctor, will I still be able to go to America?”

Fortunately, the doctor said, “You'll be fine to go but just remember that when you have a bath you need to cover your arm so that the cast doesn't get wet.”

I was so relieved to hear that. Two and a half hours later, dad was helping me to get dressed and we left for home. I was still very hungry as the food that I had been given in the hospital was not enough to satisfy the appetite of even my little cousin Ricky. I asked dad if we could stop and pick up some Chinese take away. I knew that Keith was staying the night with Alexei as they were leaving for Aspen early the next morning. Having said that, Liam and Gary would be at home and I knew that they would be eating my meal with me, so I ordered enough food for the three of us.

I had trouble sleeping that night as I just couldn't get comfortable due to the weight of the cast. At about four in the morning, I decided that I would go and make myself some hot chocolate and I was doing OK until I tried to open the milk and it ended up all over the floor. “I/m so fucking useless,” I mumbled to myself.

“No your not,” dad said, “but you are going to need a lot of help with things until that cast comes off.”

Dad was holding Gemma as it had been his turn to get up and feed her. Dad said that he would make my drink for me but there was a slight little problem, there was no milk left. Gary had come down to find out where I was and said that he would go and get dressed so that he could go to the twenty four hour service station to get some more milk. By the time Gary got back, mum and Liam were also up. We had some coffee and then Gary said that he would wash my hair and help me to take a bath.

We arrived in New York at around 10.30am EST. The flight had been OK apart from the fact that I got really frustrated when I had to ask Gary to fasten my seat belt. I was also a little embarrassed when I had to ask the flight attendant to cut my food up for me. I also had to ask Gary to come to the bathroom with me. I was OK to get everything undone so that I could take a piss but I needed help to fast my zip and pull tighten my belt. Uncle Bill met us at JFK and had hired a sixteen seater van to transport us and all the presents to the house in the Hamptons. It took around ninety minutes to get their and I was allowed to sit in the front next to Bill. As we pulled in to the drive of the house I saw Rory, Connor and Ricky building a snowman. I pushed the button to lower the window and called out, “Hi Ricky!!!!”

Ricky ran towards the van as he shouted, “Wowy, Connor, dey here. Gawy and Jason just got here.”

Needless to say that that brought the building of the snowman to a halt, as Rory and Connor made their way over to the van. By this time I had got out of the van and was receiving hugs from my cousins. “So how is the arm?” Rory asked.

“Not too bad but I didn't sleep too well last night as I just couldn't get comfortable,” I replied.

“Serves you right for climbing trees,” Connor said.

“Yeah but it was fun,” I said. “Anyway, Wowy, how about you get my bags from the back and take them to my room?” I asked.

Gary and I then made our way to the house. I stopped as we reached the front door and I said to Gary, “Can you make some snowballs?”

Gary did as I was asked and he realized why when I was hit in the back by three snowballs that my cousins had launched at me. After the last one had hit me, Ricky said, “And don't call Wowy Wowy, dats' not his name.”

I had to laugh as I launched my counter attack at Rory and Connor and I managed to get them both in the chest. Then I said, “hey, Ricky, I got something for you.”

“Oh, goody,” he said as he walked up to me.

When he was close enough, I plonked a snowball right on the top of his head. He laughed as he said, “dats' not fair.”

We then went into the house but were told to remove our shoes as Terri would go ballistic if we left foot prints on the wooden floor in the hallway. Terri was in the kitchen making fajitas for lunch and they smelled really good. Rory and Connor showed us to our room and then us down to the basement that they used as their lounge and entertainment room. Then we went and had lunch. After we had eaten, Gary asked, “So what are the plans for this afternoon?”

“High school mewsical is on the Disney channel if you wanna watch it wiv me?” Ricky asked.

“Yeah, sure thing munchkin,” I responded.

We watched the movie and then changed to the Fox channel and watched a few episodes of the Simpsons. It was around six when Bill came and said that he was going to order some Chinese food to be delivered. We had already decided to order some pizza and garlic bread due to the fact that they were showing one of our Rio concerts on MTV. After Connor had phoned and ordered the pizzas, Ricky disappeared.

“Where did Ricky go?” Gary asked.

“You'll find out soon enough,” Rory said.

Sure thing. around twenty minutes later, Ricky shouted, “DA PIZZAS HERE!!!!!!!”

I took out my wallet and handed a fifty dollar bill to Connor and said, “Will that cover it?”

“Pizza isn't exactly a gourmet dinner like you treated us to when we came to see you in the summer but Rory and I are paying for this, so put your money away,” Connor said. And from the way he said it, I knew that there was very little point in arguing with him. We sat and watched the WILD BOYS concert on MTV as we ate pizzas. We all finally went to bed at around eleven.

The next day, Xmas eve, was fairly relaxed and chilled out. We had breakfast and then Gary, Connor, Rory and Ricky built a whole family of snow people while I supervised. Aunt Terri mad us grilled cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch which we washed down with mugs of hot chocolate. It was a much welcome lunch after being out in the cold, despite the fact that we were dressed in extras thick layers of clothing. After lunch, Gary and I decided that we would go for a walk. It was as we where sitting in coffee shop that we came across, that we got talk to Hank Murphy, a presenter on the local radio station. He had come in to the coffee shop and recognised Gary and I. We talked to him about all the stuff that I had gone through in my life and he asked if he could play a request for us on his Xmas morning show.

“Yeah, that would be really cool,” I said. “I love my adopted family and I am so happy that I found out about my and uncle and my cousins and I love them just the way they are.”

“So I take it that you would like me to play the Billy Joel song JUST THE WAY YOU ARE?” Hank asked.

“Yes!!! I know that it is not really a Xmas song but it says an awful lot about how I feel and I think it would be enjoyed by most of your listeners, especially at this time of the year,” I said.

Hank agreed that it was really good choice of song. It was late in the afternoon by this time and Hank offered to drive us back to the house. When we arrived home, Bill said that he had made a reservation for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

It was round seven when we got to the restaurant and we had just been shown to our table when a man and a woman came in. Their names were Alan and Melanie Walker. Alan was the reverend at the local church that Bill and Terri went to.

“So who are these delightful people that you have with you?” Alan asked.

Bill pointed to me and said, “This is Jason, my nephew from England.”

“Ah, yes, the musician,” Alan responded. It was obvious from the way that he spoke to me that he heard a lot about me from Bill and Terri. Bill then continued introducing everyone to Alan, starting with mum and then dad, Gary and finally, Gemma, who was asleep in her pushchair.

Of course, Ricky was excited and kept saying, “I hope that Santa bwings me wots of nice pwesents.'

Alan did ask of I would be going to church that evening with my aunt and uncle but I declined the offer by saying, “I don't really believe in God for the simple reason that if HE really existed, then he would not have allowed all those terrible things to happen to me. Also, he would not have taken my parents away from me.”

“God moves in mysterious ways and has His reasons for everything that he dose. Those reasons are known only to him,” came the reply form Alan.

That answer did not really satisfy but it was the only one that I got and this was not really the time to get in to a heavy discussion on the subject. Connor did say, “You know, considering that you keep saying live is all about having new experiences, maybe you should join us in Church later on, you may find it quite interesting.”

“I'll give it some thought,” I said.

Dinner was a very relaxed affair. Gary and I shared a few little jokes with my cousins. One of them that I told, I had heard at school a couple of weeks earlier. It went; A little boy is taken to see Santa by his mother. The little boy goes in to see Father Xmas, who asks him, “And what would you like for Xmas?” To which the little boy replies, “Oh, for fucks sake, didn't you get my e-mail?”

Gary also recited a little Xmas poem that he said he had known for a couple of years and it went:

''''twas the night before Xmas

And all was quiet around the house

Not a creature stirred

Not even the mouse

'cause he was pissed just like everyone else.

Being and Italian restaurant there was plenty of choices on the menu that I could eat without having to ask someone to cut my food up for me. When we had looked at the menu, I has asked Ricky what he was going to have. He reminded me so much of myself when I was his age. anyway, he said, “I'm gonna have da Meat Balls wiv Spaghetti.”

Also during dinner, Alan asked me if I would like to demonstrate my singing talents during the Xmas eve service. I had a an idea of what I could sing but I asked, “Do you have a computer at the church?”

“Yes we do,” Alan said. “But why do you ask?”

“I'll need to download the sheet music so that your organist can accompany me,” I replied.

Alan explained that there was an actual band made up of local teenager and that they used electric guitars, a drum kit and electronic keyboards. Maybe this was going to be an interesting experience after all.

We arrived at the Church at around nine thirty. The service was due to commence at eleven, so I would only have about an and a half to rehearse the music with the new friends that I made on arriving at the church. After introducing me to the musicians, Alan showed me to the office and I downloaded what I needed. The guys in the band and I then spent over an hour working on the song until we all felt happy with it. As soon as they arrived, I joined my family members and listened to Reverend Walkers sermon. It was all about the true meaning of Xmas but also about how we should also remember those that are less fortunate than we are, especially at this time of year. Then he introduced me to the congregation. There seemed to be an awful lot of teenagers who recognised who I was. Before singing, I told everyone a little bit about myself and the terrible tragedy that I had been through in my life and the untimely death of my parents. I also talked about all the great stuff that had happened in the last two years, such as finding out about my half brother, Jamie and my relatives here in the USA. I also talked about all the success with the band. Then I finished by saying, “The song that I am going to perform for you was written by a musician called Greg Lake back in the 1970s' and it sums up everything about this time of year and it goes like this;”

They said there'll be snow at Xmas

They said there'll be peace on Earth

But instead it just kept on raining

A veil of tears for the virgins birth

I remember one Xmas morning

A winters light and a distant choir

And the peel of a bell and that Xmas tree smell

And their eyes full of tinsel and fire

They sold me a dream of Xmas

They sold me a silent night

And they told me a fairy story

'Til I believed in the Israelite

And I believed in Father Xmas

And I looked at the sky with excited eyes

'Til I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn, And I saw him and through his disguise

I wish you a hopeful Xmas

I wish you a brave new year

All anguish and pain and sadness

Leave your heart and let your road be clear

They said there'll be snow at Xmas

They said there'll be peace on Earth

Hallelujah Noel be it Heaven or hell

The Xmas you get you deserve


( Words to I BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTAMS written by Greg Lake. Copyright 1975 Leadchoice Ltd.....)

After finishing the song, I thanked the guys in the church band and I also told, that one day I hoped that there would be true peace on Earth with no more futile wars. I also said that I hoped that in 2008 all the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan would be brought home alive, well and in on piece. Finally, I wished everyone a merry Xmas and hoped that they would have an enjoyable day with their families. Then I rejoined my own family.

End of chapter 54!!!!!!!

I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter and wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year. Drop me a line at

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