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From the last Chapter!!!!!!!

As I was talking with my grandparents and Carol, Ricky came strolling in to the family room dragging one of his teddy bears and rubbing his eyes but he looked refreshed.

“Is dinner weady yet?” He asked.

“It'll be about ten minutes,” Bill said.

Dinner was fantastic, We had s election of Italian antipasto which was followed by a Clam Chowder. The main event was a huge Roast Rib Of beef. Being in America, I could understand why there was no turkey. Turkey is what the Americans' have for Thanksgiving and that had been about three weeks ago. Mum had brought a Xmas pudding with her. Rory, Connor and Ricky were unsure about eating this at first but when they were told that there may be some money in it they tucked with great relish. Of course, once they found the money, they decided that they didn't like Xmas pudding after all.

After dinner we chilled out and listened to some music. It had been a great day but we were all very tired by the time we went to bed and that was all down to Ricky. Well, he was the one who had everyone awake so early but I still loved the little guy.

Sad Song Of A Gay Teen 56!!!!

It was getting on for midday when Gary and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed. Oh, we had been awake for a couple of hours but as was the usual thing for us to do on boxing day, we had stayed in bed and just enjoyed each others company. We had also sucked each other to orgasm a couple of times and had also taken turns to fuck each other senseless. It had been a whole lot of fun. Gary had finally gone to the bathroom so that he could run the bath for me and while that was going he had taken a shower. Then he helped me to get bathed and dressed and then we headed downstairs to get some food.

As we got to the bottom of the stairs we ran in to Rory, who said, “Oh, so you are still alive then?”

Gary gave him a playful swat on the back of the head. We entered the kitchen and Gary poured us both a large mug of coffee.

“So where is Ricky today?” Gary asked.

“He's spending the day at his friend Timmys' house,” Connor replied.

Terri made us some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to eat and we washed it down with orange juice. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Rory and Connor in the basement playing on the playsation, listening to music and designing some really mad rollercoaster rides on the software that Rory had been given as a present from his cousin Jaden, who lived in Boston.

Over dinner, Ricky told us all about his day at Timmys' house and he added, “We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for wunch wiv hot chocolate and Martian melons.”

“I hear we are heading back in to New York tomorrow?” Gary asked.

Dad would drive back in aunt Terris' car. Bill, Terri and Ricky would go back in Bills car, leaving Rory and Connor to travel back in Rorys' car. Terri told Rory that he would have to go via JFK to pick up Jaden who was arriving from Boston at about 11am and then they would have to wait for Jadens' friend Gavin whose flight from England was arriving about an hour later.

“You'll love Jaden, he's gay and just so cool,” Connor said.

“Connor, just because he is gay and I'm gay doesn't mean to say that we will like each other. So what do you know about this Gavin?” I asked.

“He used to live in Boston but had to go and live with his aunt and uncle in England after his parents got killed in a bank raid,” Rory said.

“Has he got a brother called Brett?” Gary asked.

“Yeah, he has. Do you know them?” Connor asked.

“They go to my school,” I replied.

It would be great to see Gavin as I hadn't really seen him for a while and it would be nice to know how he was doing. Brett wasn't coming over to the states with Gavin and I wondered why. Hopefully Gavin would tell me when he got hear.

Rory, Connor, Gary and I spent the evening in the basement watching some movies and playing games on the playstation. Ricky was with us because, as he had said, “I wanna hang out wiv da big boys.”

Needless to say that Ricky was not too happy when, at around 8.30pm, Terri came and told him that it was time for bed. After Ricky had gone off to bed, Rory asked, “Can I get you another beer Gary?”

“Yeah, I'd love one,” Gary replied.

I asked Rory to get me another glass of wine and Connor said that he would have a coke. While Rory went off to get the drinks, Connor said, “If you two wanna make out, Rory and me don't have a problem with that.”

We had an early start the next day so that we could get back to the city in time for Jaden and Gavin arriving. When we all headed down for breakfast, Connor was complaining about having to get up in the middle of the night, to which Gary said, “He sounds just like his cousin Jason.”

After finishing breakfast, we got the cars loaded up ready for the trip back to Bill and Terris New York townhouse. It was around midday when we got there and about an later when Rory and Connor arrived after their detour via JFK airport. When they entered the house, Jaden said, “Hi everyone, I'm here and you all know how much you love me.”

Gary and I where sitting in the kitchen and even before I got my first look at Jaden, I said to Gary, “I hate him already.”

Connor, Rory and Jaden walked in to the kitchen and even before anyone could do any introductions, Jaden looked at me and said, “So it's the legendary Jason Lewis that is making my gaydar go haywire. Any chance of a fuck?”

It really made me cringe. He was only fourteen (So I had been told by Rory) but he was so full of himself. Oh sure, he was a real stunner. His hair was short on the sides and at the back and brushed back with gel. The top was slightly longer and spiked up with hair gel. Both his ears were pierced and he wore rings on the second and third fingers of his left hand. He was wearing a white Nike t-shirt, blue jeans, white Puma trainers and white socks. He had a great tan (which I was assuming was from using a sunbed) and when he smiled, he had the most amazing white teeth. They just seemed to glow and sparkle and I was guessing that it was the result of a lot of purely cosmetic dental work. I also noticed that he had blonde highlights in his hair. In general, I didn't have a problem with him apart from the unnatural looking tan and the teeth. It all looked so false and superficial.

“Hi, Jaden,” I said, “and it's good to meet you but you have no chance of a fuck with me as my boyfriend wouldn't like it.” I then introduced him to Gary.

“Damn, why are all the good looking boys always taken?” Jaden asked.

“That's what girls say about us straight guys,” Connor said.

“Not that you have a girlfriend,” Rory added.

I think that Gary could tell that I wanted to make some comment about Jadens' unnatural looking tan and he said that he wanted to talk to me in private. As a result we headed up to our room. “Just what is your problem with him?” Gary asked.

“Where would you like me to start.? He's just so full of himself and thinks that he should be the centre of attention. It's all just so false,” I said.

“Yeah but you think he's cute and judging by the erection you're having, I'd say that you wanna have some fun with him,” Gary said, as he fondled my stiff dick through my jeans.

“And it feels as if you do to,” As I said as I reciprocated what Gary was doing to me.

It was around five minutes later that Jaden passed our room. “Why don't you come and join us in here,” I said.

Jaden didn't need to be asked twice and was soon lying between Gary and I on our bed. “So what sort of stuff do you and your boyfriend get up to?” Gary asked.

“I don't have a boyfriend, I just love having fun and as much sex as I get can get with my fuck buddies at school,” Jaden said.

“So what do you like to do with them?” I asked.

“This,” Jaden said as he pressed his lips against mine . He was one fantastic kisser. Gary was nibbling on his ear and kissing his neck and I heard Gary whisper in his ear, “You look really good at that.”

After a few minutes of kissing me, Jaden turned his attentions on Gary. I took my turn nibbling his ear and kissing his neck and whispering in his ear, “You know, when you do get a boyfriend, he's going to be one lucky guy.”

I was rubbing Jadens' cock through his jeans and we were definitely getting him excited. When he broke the kiss with Gary, Jaden said, “You two really know how to get a boy hot and bothered.”

I kissed him again and said, “And we only just got started.”

We talked some more and found that Jaden loved to suck cock (but show me a gay boy that doesn't like to do that). He said he was versatile but leaned more towards being a bottom because as he said in his own words, “I just love getting fucked.”

“That's something that you have in common with Jason,” Gary said.

“Yeah, and it's kind of cool knowing that I have another cousin that I never knew about before,” I said.

“But we're not cousins,” Jaden said.

“Think about it, Ricky, Rory and Connor are your cousins because your dad is Terris' brother, they are my cousins too, so we must be cousins,” I explained.

“Yeah, something like 50th cousins a billion times removed,” Jaden said with a giggle.

“Something like that,” I said. “I never really did get how this first cousins and second cousins and second cousins once removed stuff worked.”

Jaden told us some more stuff about himself and Gary and I told him about ourselves. Jaden loved swimming and gymnastics. He was also the only male cheerleader in his school. It sounded strange but he said he had argued that if the school didn't allow him to do it then he would take legal action against them on sex discrimination grounds. I was really beginning to warm to him despite some of the falseness about him. He really was a lot of fun.

“Yeah, being a cheerleader has it's advantages. When we get back to the locker room after the game, the guys like me to remove their sneakers and tell them how good they smell as I take a sniff. I also love to suck their toes, it really turns me on. If I'm really good, I get to suck some cock and get fucked.”

“That stuff with trainers, I love doing that with Gary,” I said.

We removed Jadens t-shirt and Gary and I each sucked on his nipples, which sent him totally wild. I let Gary get on with sucking his nipples while I manoeuvred down the bed. I pulled one of his trainers off and took a sniff, “ smell so good,” I said before getting to work on sucking his toes through his sock. I was getting really turned on by this. I repeated the process with the other foot and Jaden said, “Ooooooo, yeah, that feels so good.”

I was feeling so horny that I said, “Gary, why don't we get undressed so that I can ride your cock.”

“This I wanna see,” Jaden said.

“You will be involved too,” I said. “I want you to wrap your feet around my dick and make me cum while I ride Gary.”

We looked around to see Gavin siting on a bean bag in the corner of the room. His jeans were round his ankles and he was slowly stroking his own stiff cock. It was Jaden who said, “Hey Gav, why don't you come over here and undo my jeans and suck my dick. It's been so long since you did that and you were always so good at it.”

It was surprise to both Gary and me to hear that and was something that we would be talking to Gavin about later (because we were both really nosey at times). Gavin soon had his trainers, jeans and underwear off and had joined us on the bed. He did as he had been asked and unbuttoned Jadens jeans. As I was still having fun sucking his toes, I helped by pulling them all the way off.

“What happened to your pubes, Jaden?” Gavin asked.

“I shaved them off. It makes my dick look bigger,” he replied.

Soon we were all in position. I was bouncing up and down on Garys' cock, while Jaden massaged my own dick with his feet and Gavin was having the time of his life sucking his friends dick. He looked to be really good at it too. After about ten minutes, I shot my load all over Jadens feet as Gary emptied himself inside of me. Jaden was shooting load after load in to Gavins' mouth and he was really enjoying it. When we had all finished, Gavin took one last suck on Jadens dick and then announced, “'s just as tasty and thick and creamy as I remember it.”

I was surprised by Gavins' comment and decided that I would talk to him later. Obviously, it wouldn't bother me if he was gay but why he had never mentioned it before, I have no idea. Then again, he had taken the death of his parents really badly and that probably had an awful lot to do with it.

Once we had all got cleaned up and dressed, we decided to go and join Ricky, Rory and Connor at the diner that they had gone to a few blocks away from the house. As we walked along, Gary talked with Gavin and was obviously asking him about Brett. When that subject was brought up, Gavin just said, “I really don't want to talk about him.”

There was something really strange going on here and I hoped that he would open up at some point and tell us what the problem was. I chatted with Jaden, wanting to get to know my new cousin a little better. We talked about our lives and our schools and how we had come to the realisation that we were gay. Jaden said that he sort of known all his life but when he was twelve, he was riding his bike in the woods at the back of their house during the summer holidays and came across a stack of porn mags, both gay and straight. The straight stuff had done absolutely nothing to excite him but he got really excited seeing the gay stuff. He took the mags back to his tree house and got undressed and started to play with himself. The fourteen year old quarterback from the junior high school football team had showed up and seen what Jaden was doing and asked Jaden to suck his cock, which Jaden did gladly. The quarterback than asked Jaden if he could fuck his ass, again, he (Jaden) was more than willing and said that he just fell in love with getting fucked once he had got past the initial pain. And so began the career of Jaden Franklin as a cocksucker and trainee porn star (as he put it). Despite my initial reservations, I was really beginning to like Jaden. He was so much fun and just seemed to really enjoy life and loved being who he was.

We arrived at the diner and joined Ricky , Rory and Connor and a waitress came and took our orders. We all ordered ice cream sundaes in various flavours and milkshakes. We had been there for around ten minutes when Ricky said, “Jaden, will you take me to da westwoom as I need to pee?”

“But it's just there,” Jaden said pointing in the direction of the restroom. “You're like six and big enough to go on your own.”

“But mommy always says that when I'm out wiv Wowy and Connor, one of dem has to go to da westwoom wiv me so dat da bad men don't get me,” Ricky protested.

Jaden went off to the restroom with our youngest cousin and it was about five minutes later that they returned. Ricky was looking all serious as he sat down again and said, “Jason, Gawy, Gavin and Jaden, you is all weally baaaad boys. Jaden told me dat you was bashin' da bishop and dats just not nice. I fink dat you should all go and say saweeeee to da bishop.”

How we all didn't crack up with laughter is beyond me but Ricky wasn't finished as he said, “And I hope mommy is making sumfink nice wiv da chicken dat you was chokin'.”

I finished my sundae and asked if I could have my milkshake to go and got up to leave, followed by Gary, Gavin and Jaden. As we got outside the dinner, Gavin asked, “where are we going?”

“We have to make Ricky think that we are going to say sorry to the bishop and Jaden, you better call aunt Terri and see if she is cooking chicken for dinner. Listening to you explain that should be really interesting,” I said.

When we arrived back at the house, Ricky asked if we had said saweeeee to the bishop and we told him yes, we had. Terri was also making a chicken casserole for dinner and it smelt really good. Terri did ask us we why we had told Ricky that we had been bashing the bishop and choking the chicken. Jaden took full responsibility for it. Terri wasn't mad at him as she thought it was very amusing that Ricky had a whole new interpretation of what we meant by those terms. To Ricky they meant something totally different than what they meant to us teens.

Jaden asked Terri to get him an appointment with her hairstylist as he wanted to get a haircut and have his highlights done again. I asked Terri to get an appointment for me as well as I wanted to have something of a makeover. I knew what I wanted to get done but I said that it would remain a secret until I got back after the appointment. After dinner we just chilled out in the basement. Jaden wanted to go shopping after our hair appointments but Gary and I had arranged to meet with David Bowie and his wife, Iman for lunch. Jaden talked Rory and Connor in to going shopping as he wanted to advise them on their fashion sense and added, “most of the stuff you are wearing is sooooooooo last season.”

Rory and Connor agreed to the shopping trip but Rory added, “usual rule applies, absolutely nothing in pink.”

“Yeah, whatever,' Jaden responded.

Friday morning and we had to get up early again so that Jaden and I could get to our 9am hair appointments. Gavin and Gary had also decided to get appointments. Like me, Gavin was being very tight lipped about what he was getting done but Gary was just going to have his cut and restyled a little. When it came to his hair, Gary wasn't that adventurous. We got to the salon and took a seat in the waiting area. Finally our respective stylists came out and introduced themselves. The stylist that would be doing my hair was called Natalie. We spent about ten minutes discussing what I wanted doing. During one of shows in Berlin earlier in the year I had spotted a boy of around fourteen or fifteen standing in the front row. He had the coolest hairstyle that I had ever seen in that one half was dyed black and the other half had blonde highlights and that is exactly what I had done. It took almost three hours but I was very pleased with the results. Gary was looking really cool too. He had decided to get a couple of piercings. He had a small diamond stud in his left ear and had also had his right eyebrow pierced. He looked so adorable but he had always been adorable, ever since I first met him. Gavin was looking really cool too, even though I was little concerned that he seemed to have transformed himself in to Jadens' twin brother. Yes, you guessed it, Gavin had his cut and styled the same way as Jaden had his, right down to the blonde highlights but he looked really good anyway. He had even had his ears pierced.

We got in the limo that we had hired for the day and dropped Rory, Connor, Gavin and Jaden in China town as they had decided to eat Chinese for lunch. Gary and I then headed for The London hotel to meet David Bowie and his wife for lunch at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant. We had a great lunch and it was a real pleasure to meet Davids' wife. She had been a model at one time and complemented me on the great hairstyle and asked were I got the idea. Most of lunch was spent talking about music and stuff like that. The food that we ate was fantastic and really enjoyable. We left the restaurant just before three and went to get the rest of the guys from Chins town and then headed to Fifth Avenue to do some serious retail therapy. We all spent a small fortune. In one shoe store, I bought some really cool looking snakeskin cowboy boots. Due to the fact that they were so expensive and I was growing so much, I got them a size bigger than I actually needed so that they would last me a little longer. Until I actually grew in to them, I would have to stuff a sock in the end of them so that they would feel comfortable.

It was on Saturday afternoon that Gavin finally asked if he could talk to me in private. Uncle Bill let us use his office. Gavin told me that he had and Brett had had a big argument on Xmas day and that is why he had asked his aunt and uncle if he could come to visit his old friend Jaden. The whole story began when Brett was six and his mum had found him dressed in a nurses uniform trying to cut his dick off with a pair of plastic scissors. He had said that little girls shouldn't have a dick and that he wanted to get rid of it. He was taken to see a doctor and told that it was just a phase that he was going through. The next time he tried that was when he was ten but this time he had got hold of a very sharp kitchen knife but his mum caught him before he could do any real damage. He had to undergo some psychiatric treatment and the doctor said that he was probably transgendered, meaning that he was a girl trapped in a boys body but they wouldn't begin gender reassignment therapy until he was much older in case it was just a phase that he was going through. By the age of twelve, Brett was getting really depressed and tried to commit suicide but they still wouldn't begin any treatment. However, as a comprise, he was allowed to dress as a girl at home and had a second bedroom that was his 'girlie' room. Brett and Gavins parents didn't want too many people to know about this and it meant that Gavin was very rarely allowed to invite friends to his house because Brett would be miserable at not being allowed to be a girl. This also made Gavin miserable and it led to some huge rows between the two brothers. Gavin did have one advantage in that he often got to spend the weekend with Jaden and they loved to suck each others cocks, Jaden also loved it when he got fucked by Gavin. Gavin told me that the reason he had never mentioned that he was gay was all down to the fact that he had been badly affected by what had happened to his parents and was finding it difficult adjusting to life in England and having to attend a new school and make new friends.

It was for the same reasons that Brett had never said anything about being transgendered. Gavin told me that it had all reached boiling point on Xmas day. They had opened their presents and Brett broke down and said that he didn't want to seem ungrateful but the gifts that he had been given were not what he wanted,. He had then gone on to explain to Paris and Rafael about the transgender stuff. Gavin had reacted badly to this by saying, “Don't start all that fucking shit again, you how miserable it can make me.”

Of course, Paris and Rafael had taken it seriously and arranged for Brett to see a psychiatrist who specialised in this kind of thing. It was as we were talking that Brett called. He was happy that he had finally been diagnosed as being transgendered and that he would be staring on the gender reassignment therapy. We had the phone on speaker phone so that the three of us could take part in the conversation. Both Gavin and Brett (or Colette, as she would now be known), agreed that they would have a lot to deal with. They were also concerned that they would loose all of their friends. I said that they I would be there for the both of them and I was certain that Gary, Chris, Steve, Liam, Ross, Shane, Callum, Aaron, Keith and Alexei would also remain friends with them. I also said that Kate and Carla would stand by them and support them. In fact, Carla and Kate would probably love going shopping with Colette and taking her out for girlie lunches and stuff like that.

Paris and Rafael had already discussed this whole thing with Mr.Noels and he agreed to allow Colette to continue attending the school. this led to other concerns over being bullied and called a freak, a cock in a frock or chick with a dick. Both Gavin and I did what we could to convince Colette that their would be plenty of people to stand by her. The whole thing was little strange and somewhat surreal but Gavin was going to have to get used to the fact that he no longer had a brother but had gained a sister. He also said that he was certain that he was gay and that he was falling in love with Jaden. I pointed out that this was not such a good thing as they lived three and a half thousand miles apart and would never get to see each other. I did tell Gavin that Chris was actually bi-sexual and that, as they lived near each other, they could be sexual partners. I did say that Chris didn't want a boyfriend as he was so in love with Carla but I did know that Chris seriously wanted someone to explore this other side of his sexuality with. Gavin and I agreed that we would talk to Chris about this when we got home.

After our lengthy conversation, Gavin went off to talk with Jaden and to have some boy on boy fun. I did tell Gary about the conversation that night when we where in bed and Gary said that he would still remain friends with Gavin and Colette and support them through their difficulties.

It was over breakfast on the Sunday morning that Gavin finally opened up and told everyone more or less the same thing that he told me during our conversation the previous day. I think that in many ways he was relieved that it was all out in the open. Everyone sitting around the table told him that he had their full support and that if he needed to talk about this anymore then he just had to come and see one of us. Jaden said that he wished he had known about all this before Gavin and his sibling had moved to England.

Once we had finished eating breakfast, Gavin started making phone calls to all the people back home, such as Chris and Steve, Callum and Aaron, Lee, Shane, Ross, Liam and Nick. Gavin was very relieved to find that all these people said that they would remain friends with Gavin and Colette.

I also made some calls of my own. I called Nigel and asked about the school that he would be going too.

“It's in Brighton and is being set up by an American billionaire but I'm not happy as I found out that it won't being opening until September,” Nigel informed me.

“Do you have a passport?” I asked my friend.

“Yes, I do,” he replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Because this American billionaire that you mentioned sounds very much like a friend of mine by the name of Chris Dickson and he also has schools in Albany, in the sate of New York as well as Greece and France. I can give him a call and get you enrolled in one of the other schools if you want me too.”

“You would do that for me?” Nigel asked.

“Yes, all you have to do is let me know which school you would like to attend,” I said.

“The one in France due to the fact that I speak French,” Nigel told me. “How soon do you think I could go there?”

“As soon as the New Year holiday is over,” I said.

“Cool, I better make a start on getting my stuff packed and go and tell my foster parents. This is the best news that I've had in ages,” Nigel said, his voice filled with enthusiasm.

“Erm....not so fast. I have to call Chris D first and get you a place at the school but I'm sure that he will say yes to this. After all, he did buy me the helicopter for my birthday last year.”

“I thought that you said that was a present to the band?”

“It was but it was also my birthday present. I'll call you back once I have spoken to Chris D,” I said before hanging up.

During the course of the next hour, I called Chris D and got Nigel set up with a place at the school in France. Chris and I talked for a while and then I called Nigel again and told him that he was now enrolled at BAF and that he had to be there by January 3rd. Chris e-mailed the details of the school to me and then I e-mailed them on to Nigel. He was so excited that he was going to be going to school again and would no longer have to be schooled alone by a tutor at home. The best thing for Nigel was that he would be at school with other like minded gay boys.

The rest of Sunday was very quiet due to the fact that we were all in that lull between Xmas and New Year. Most of Monday was quiet as well. By 7pm, we were all cleaned up and dressed to the nines for dinner at a restaurant called Le Cirque 2000, one of the best in the city. The dinner was fantastic and we all talked about our plans for the next year. I invited Jaden to come on the tour to Australia with us and even said that I would pay all his expenses. Gavin asked if he was invited too. I told him that he was.

At around eleven we headed for Times Square which is where we planned to see in the New Year. The atmosphere was pure magic. We all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed that great atmosphere of being here for New Year. Gemma had slept all the way through dinner, not that she was old enough to enjoy the cuisine on offer at the restaurant. But being here in Times Square and watching the fireworks, it was as if she was aware of everything that was going on, as if she was almost laughing and smiling. that is, if it is possible for a bay that is a little over four months old.

It was late when we arrived home and but we stayed up for a little while longer before finally going to bed.

The next two days were a little subdued as it was our last two days in New York. I was going to miss Bill, Terri, Rory, Connor and Ricky but they all said that they would miss me too. Despite my initial reservations about Jaden, I had really grown to like him. He was so full of fun and just really enjoyed life. I doubted if it it would be possible but I mentioned that it would be really cool if Jaden, Connor and Rory could make it over to England for my birthday in February but it didn't seem to tie in with their school holidays. Gary did say something along the lines of, “Jason, you better than anyone should know that life is full of surprises.”

“I know,” I said by way of a response.

It was at about six pm on the 2nd January that the limo arrived to take us to the airport for our flight home. Before leaving I got extra long hugs from all of my cousins, including Ricky and Jaden. I was a little down on the way to the airport but as I got on the plane, my mood change as it was really great to see Keith and Alexei again. Keith was looking really well and he said that this Xmas and New Year had been one of the most memorable experiences of his life. I think the four of us must have spent the entire flight talking about our holidays and all of the things that we had done. It certainly made the time pass very quickly as it was soon time to get our seat belts fastened for landing.

Arriving home was actually just as much fun as it meant that we got to catch up with Liam. Hi dad, Robert, invited us all to their house for breakfast. We had eaten on the flight but the food never tasted quite the same. The next few days passed very quickly as we had to get all of our homework done ready to go back to school.

We went back to school on the 7th January and as we got off the chopper and headed towards the entrance, I spotted two new boys, (or at least I thought they were). One had blonde hair that was shoulder length at the back and hung down over his ears and the fringe almost covered his eyes. I noticed that he had three piercings in his left ear and a small stud in his right ear and he was so cute. The other boy had hair that has been dyed black and had that sort of 'just got out of bed' look. I noticed that he had his right eyebrow pierced but again, he was soooo cute. I looked at Liam and Keith and said, “You know, I could go straight for those two.”

“He means he could go straight to bed with them,” Liam added.

It was only when we got a little closer that I noticed that it was Steve and Chris, (Steve having had his hair bleached blonde). It turned out that Carla and Kate had decided to get the guys a whole new image as their Xmas present. I told them that I really liked it. Chris said that he also had his right nipple and belly button pierced. Steve had also had his left nipple pierced and they both had tongue piercings, which I imagined would feel really hot when they were kissing their girlfriends. Steve and Chris also loved my new hairstyle but I did get a few comments from some of the teachers. Not that I was too bothered about that, after all, one the principle things that Mr.Noels was always saying is that we should be allowed to grown and develop as individuals during our time at the school. That included doing stuff like i had done with my hair.

We all made our way to the cafeteria and this was the first time that we had met Colette and she looked stunning. If you didn't know the truth, then you would have sworn that she really was a girl. I just hoped that there were not going to be too many problems. Aaron was being very quite and when I asked why, he said that he didn't want to talk about. I respected his wishes. As we were leaving for class, Aaron asked if we could go out of school for lunch, so I made a quick call and organised a table at the bistro at mum and dads hotel. Getting there wouldn't be that much of a problem as we could get a ride from one of the FI agents that was always near by.

Over lunch, Aaron said that he had the worst Xmas ever. His dad had been offered a new job in Tokyo and wanted the family to go. Patsy said that she was settled in her new home and her new life. Aaron told his dad pretty much the same thing and said that he was tired of being in one place for a year or two and then having to go somewhere else. It meant having to start all over again, at a new school and having to make new friends. Now that he was getting older, Aaron had made very clear to his dad that he was no longer going to put up with it and that he staying in Manchester, with the friends that he had, at the school that he really loved and most of all with his boyfriend.

I had met Leon Kenwood a few times and he always seemed to be ok but he was actually something of a control freak and that he liked to get his own way. He had told both Aaron and Patsy that the family was moving to Tokyo and that it was not open to discussion. Things had come to a head on Xmas day when Aarons' parents had had a huge argument and Patsy had told Leon that she wanted him out of the house and that she was also going to be starting divorce proceedings. This had not gone down too well with Leon and Aaron said that he had spent most of Xmas day shut in his room feeling really miserable. He had said that he had thought about going to see my grandparents but hadn't wanted to impose on them. IU told him that he should have gone as they would have made him feel really welcome and that they would have done their best to try and cheer him up. I tried to offer what ever advice I could to Aaron but I wasn't sure if it helped.

It was on the Wednesday and I had just got my lunch, when Callum came rushing up to me asking if I had seen Aaron. “No,” I said, “but have you tried to call him?”

“Yeah but he's not answering his phone,” Callum said.

“Maybe he's sick and is sleeping, so why not try again later?”

“I'm not sure, I just get this horrible feeling that something is really wrong,” Callum said.

“OK, how about we get one of he FI agents to take us to his house and see if we can find out what is going on?”

“OK,” Callum responded.

I noticed that Steve had just joined the line to get lunch and so I walked over to him, handed my tray and said, “Looks like you're having Lasagne for lunch today.”

Steve was trying to ask me what was going on but I didn't have time to stop and listen. Callum and I jumped in the FI car and headed off to Aarons' house. There was no answer but Callum insisted that there was something seriously wrong and got the FI agent to kick the door open. Aaron was lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood.

End of Chapter 56!!!!!!!

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