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Recently, Carl Dickson, the author of the story TRAVELER (which can be found in the Adult/ Youth section on Nifty), asked me to write the following, which is the story of what happened to Nigel Masters.


"About a year ago, something really bad happened to me at school...I was raped by some other boys in the toilets at my school." Henri licked at the tears coming from his lovers eyes and held him steady until he could continue.

"They held me at knife point while they did it. I felt ashamed and terrified and didn't know who to talk to. I knew that I was gay but I couldn't tell my parents as I has often heard them making nasty comments about queers and faggots. I knew that I needed to talk to someone but I had no idea who

"A few weeks later I heard that one of the daytime TV shows was doing a phone in for teens to discuss their problems and that one of the guests on the show was Jason Russell of the Wild Boys, who had been through a similar experience. I called the show but when they put my call on air, I just couldn't speak. I felt that ashamed of what had happened to me.

"After the show ended, they called me back and I told Jason everything. He gave me some phone numbers of people I could talk to but I never called any of them

"It was a couple of weeks later that the police showed up at my house and my dad went nuts, thinking that I had got myself into some big trouble. The police had found some video footage that had been posted on the web of the rape and they had arrested the people involved. After they left, my dad called me a dirty little cock sucking fag and said that I was to pack whatever I could and get the fuck out of his house.

"Mum was just as bad and said that she never wanted to see me again. I got some of my stuff together and left. I walked around for hours not knowing what to do and then I called the number that Jason had given me. I told him what had happened and he said that he could talk to his dad and they would come and get me but that it would take hours to get there. Jason said that I should call childline as they would be able to help me a lot more quickly.

"Someone came and got me and placed me with a great foster family who had no problems with me being gay. I did go back to school but after two days it was so bad that I had to be home schooled. I called Jason to tell him how I was getting on and he invited me to join the band on their trip to Glastonbury, where they were performing. That was a cool trip as they picked me in their helicopter

"Jason and I kept in touch and I called him on Xmas day to thank him for the present that the band had sent me. We talked for ages and I told Jason that I was going to be going to a new school for gay boys. Jason called me again on the Sunday after Xmas to ask more about the school and I told him that it was in Brighton and was being set up by an American Billionaire but I was sad because I had just found out that the school would not be built until September.

"I learnt that you was the guy who was opening the school and that you was a friend of Jason's. He told me that you had other schools and that he would make a call and get me a place at one of them, I just had to decide which one. I opted for the one here in France as I could speak the language. Jason called me again to say that I had a place at BAF and that I should to be here by January 3rd 2008.

“I've been here about three months and I love it. I even have Henri Ducasse for a boyfriend, isn't he just gorgeous? He asked me to join him for dinner the first night that I was here. I think I fell in love right away but I was waiting for him to ask me to be his boyfriend. When that hadn't happened after a week, I called Jason to get his advice and he said that maybe I should ask Henri to be my boyfriend, which I did and, as they say, the rest is history.

You will find out more about Henri as this chapter progresses.

Form the last chapter!!!!!

Over lunch, Aaron said that he had the worst Xmas ever. His dad had been offered a new job in Tokyo and wanted the family to go. Patsy said that she was settled in her new home and her new life. Aaron told his dad pretty much the same thing and said that he was tired of being in one place for a year or two and then having to go somewhere else. It meant having to start all over again, at a new school and having to make new friends. Now that he was getting older, Aaron had made very clear to his dad that he was no longer going to put up with it and that he was staying in Manchester, with the friends that he had, at the school that he really loved and most of all with his boyfriend.

I had met Leon Kenwood a few times and he always seemed to be ok but he was actually something of a control freak and he liked to get his own way. He had told both Aaron and Patsy that the family was moving to Tokyo and that it was not open to discussion. Things had come to a head on Xmas day when Aarons' parents had had a huge argument and Patsy had told Leon that she wanted him out of the house and that she was also going to be starting divorce proceedings. This had not gone down too well with Leon and Aaron said that he had spent most of Xmas day shut in his room feeling really miserable. He had said that he had thought about going to see my grandparents but hadn't wanted to impose on them. I told him that he should have gone as they would have made him feel really welcome and that they would have done their best to try and cheer him up. I tried to offer what ever advice I could to Aaron but I wasn't sure if it helped.

It was on the Wednesday and I had just got my lunch, when Callum came rushing up to me asking if I had seen Aaron. “No,” I said, “but have you tried to call him?”

“Yeah, but he's not answering his phone,” Callum said.

“Maybe he's sick and is sleeping, so why not try again later?”

“I'm not sure, I just get this horrible feeling that something is really wrong,” Callum said.

“OK, how about we get one of he FI agents to take us to his house and see if we can find out what is going on?”

“OK,” Callum responded.

I noticed that Steve had just joined the line to get lunch and so I walked over to him, handed him my tray and said, “Looks like you're having Lasagne for lunch today.”

Steve was trying to ask me what was going on but I didn't have time to stop and listen. Callum and I jumped in the FI car and headed off to Aarons' house. There was no answer but Callum insisted that there was something seriously wrong and got the FI agent to kick the door open. Aaron was lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood.

Sad Song Of A Gay Teen 57!!!!!!

“What the fuck?” I said as we entered the house and saw the condition that Aaron was in.

Callum was making his way over to where his boyfriend was lying and said, “Aaron, can you hear me?”

Callum was about to try and touch Aaron to see if he could get any response but I stopped him by saying, “Callum, don't touch him. We don't know how bad his injuries are and if you move him, even only slightly, you could make things a lot worse.”

“Your friend is right in what he is saying,” the FI agent said. “And by the looks of things, Aaron here, didn't just fall down the stairs, there are definite signs of a struggle.”

“But who would do this to him?” Callum asked through tear filled eyes.

While this was going on, I had my mobile phone out and was calling an ambulance. We had no idea just how long Aaron had been there and we needed to get him to the hospital as fast as possible.

The FI agent asked if there were any computers in the house. Callum said that there was one in the family room and showed the FI agent where that room was. Callum also pointed out that Aaron had a computer in his room and then there was the in his dads office/ study. This was the computer that the FI agent seemed to be most interested in.

By this time, the ambulance had arrived and the paramedics got to work on Aaron and it seemed like no time at all before he was being loaded in to the ambulance. It was against regulations but Callum and I were allowed to go in the ambulance with Aaron, who was regaining consciousness when we where about halfway to the hospital. He was trying to speak but the paramedic that was in the back of the ambulance told him to be quiet. Aaron was the only one who could shed any light on what had happened to him but for now, that could wait.

We arrived at the hospital and Aaron was rushed straight in to the treatment area while a nurse took Callum and I to the waiting room. We had been there for about five minutes when Callum said, “I hope Aaron is going to be OK, I couldn't live without him. I love him more than I love life.”

“Well, he's in the hospital now and I am sure that the doctors will do all that they can for him. I better go and try and get hold of Patsy and let her know what is going on,” I said.

I had to go outside of the hospital buildings to use my mobile phone due to the fact that it could interfere with the medical equipment otherwise. I managed to get hold of Patsy, who was on her way to an audition. She had been an actress before getting married and now that she was getting a divorce, she had decided to try and revive her career. Needless to say that Patsy was very upset to hear what had happened but I couldn't tell her much as Aaron was still undergoing treatment and no one had told Callum or myself very much. I told Patsy that she should go to her audition and then come to the hospital and that by that time we would hopefully know more. I also called Mr.Noels to tell him why Callum and I would not be in school that afternoon. He said that he would make sure that the two of us were marked as being present on the register. Of course, this was on the condition that the two of us were back in school the next day.

When I returned to the waiting room, I advised Callum that he should go and phone his mum and let her know what was going on. I went with him so that I could phone home and I also called Gary, who was doing some production work at a studio in Leeds. He said that he would come to the hospital to pick me up on his way home.

The afternoon passed really slowly and still we had not heard anything. At about three thirty I went and made another call, this one was to Steve, so that I could tell him what was going on. It was at around four that Patsy and the FI agent both showed up. It seemed that Leon had booked two tickets to Singapore flying via Frankfurt in Germany. One of the tickets was in Aarons name. It looked as if Leon was trying to abduct his son. The FI agent had also found out that Leon had been involved in money laundering for a number of international drug cartels and terrorist organisations. There were warrants for his arrest in a number of countries. The only person that could confirm what had really happened was Aaron and he was still being treated.

FI had tried to intercept Leon at Frankfurt but they were too late. However, they had some of their operatives on standby at Singapore ready to detain Leon as soon as he arrived. It was also around this time that that Paul Ashebrooke walked past the waiting room. He didn't recognise me at first but when he realised who I was, he came in to the waiting room to find out why I was at the hospital. I explained what was going on and Paul said that he would see what he could find out for us. Paul returned about ten minutes later. After being taken for some x-rays and a full body scan, Aaron had been rushed to the operating theatre. He had massive internal bleeding and they were going to have remove his spleen and his appendix, due to the damage caused from repeated kicks.

“So help the bastard that did this when I get my hands on them, they'll wish they had never been born. No one hurts one of my friends and gets away with it,” I mumbled.

It was a few more hours before Gary showed up. Aaron was now out of surgery and had been taken to intensive care. They had said that this was just a precaution, just for observation. Gary and I left the hospital and headed for home. Once we got there, I told mum and dad what had happened as I ate my dinner. It was getting late and it had been a long day so I finally went to bed.

As I arrived at school, I got a call from Patsy. Aaron had had a comfortable night, (whatever that is supposed to mean considering what he had been through). The doctors had decided to keep Aaron in the intensive care unit for another twenty four hours. They had removed the breathing tubes and he had eaten a light breakfast, so at least Aaron was on the way to recovery.

As I left my business studies class to head for lunch, I bumped in to Gavin, who was just leaving his maths class in the next room.

“I hope they have something good for lunch today, I'm starving,” Gavin said.

“Me too,” I responded.

As we headed to the cafeteria, we ran in to a sight that sent both of us in to a wild rage. Another boy had Colette pinned against the wall and was calling her a freak and a few other nasty things. I knew that Gavin played rugby and he dropped his bag and ran down the corridor and tackled the bully to the ground. As he did that, Gavin said, “Just keep your fucking hands off my sister or I will fucking kill you.”

I made my way over to Colette, to make sure that she was OK. She assured me that she was, even if she was little shaken by the whole turn of events. I told Gavin and Colette to go and get lunch and that I would join them as soon as I had dealt with this situation.

Once my two friends were out of sight, I said to the bully, “So, give me one damn good reason why we shouldn't pay a visit to Mr. Noels office?”

“Because it's lunch time and I'm hungry,” he said.

“Not good enough,” I said.

“You know the answer to that as well as I do. It will mean that I get kicked out for bullying,” the boy said.

“Exactly and I think that you deserve a chance.”

“So why do you think that I deserve another chance?” The bully asked.

I told him that I was aware of the fact that he played flute in the school orchestra. I also told him about the music that I had heard by a rock band from the seventies while I was at my uncles house during the Xmas holidays. The lead singer of this group also played flute and had an amazing sound, a sound that I wanted to use on the bands next album. Sure, I could use one of the many sound samplers that I had but I still wouldn't be able to create this particular flute sound due to the fact that it was all about the way that the player blew in to the instrument, what is known as breath control. I told this boy the name of the group that I was talking about and he said that he would download some of their music from the net and get back to me.

I did say, “Their are two things that you have to do though. Number one is, you have to apologise to Colette by the time school lets out tomorrow and secondly, when you are at home tonight you have to look up some stuff on transgendered teens on the web. Doing that will help you to understand just what Colette has had to go through all of her life. If you don't do those two things, we WILL be going to see Mr.Noels about what has happened here today.”

The boy promised that he would do the two thing that I had asked him to do. Before we parted company, I said, “I didn't get your name?”

“It's Justin and thanks for being so nice about this,” Justin said.

The rest of the day passed without any further incidents. On Friday, I had just got lunch and joined the rest of my friends at our table when Justin came over with his lunch tray and asked if he could join us. Chris went in to his 'shoot first and ask questions later ' mode when he said, “I heard about what happened yesterday and if you are here to cause more trouble, then fuck off now before I do something that I may regret later.”

I looked at Chris and then at Steve, before I said, “Steve, get your pet rottweiler under control.”

Steve looked at Chris and said, “sit.” Chris sat down and carried on eating his lunch.

Actually, I am here to apologise to Colette for the way that I treated her yesterday. I was wrong. Jason said that I should find some stuff on the web about this transgender thing and I did. So, Colette, I want to say that I am so sorry about the way that I treated you yesterday. I had no idea how hard this is for you. I just can't begin to imagine what it is like to look in the mirror and wonder if you are a boy or a girl. To look in the mirror and see the body of boy but to know that you actually have the mind of a girl. It must be really hard and confusing at times. So. Colette, will you accept my apologies?” Justin asked.

Colette sat in silence for a moment before she said, “I accept your apology and you are right, this hasn't been easy for me but people have finally accepted what I have been telling them all of my life and something is being dome about it. The hard part is knowing that I have to wait two more years before I can even be considered for the gender reassignment surgery.”

We spent the rest of lunch getting to know Justin a little better.

School finally let out at three thirty on the Friday afternoon. The guys from the band had been invited for the weekend along with Gavin and Colette. When we got home, mum was busy talking with Colette and asking her if there had been problems at school. Colette mentioned the incident of the previous day and mum didn't seem to be too happy that I had forgotten to mention it. I used the excuse that I had been more concerned about Aaron. That seemed to get me off the hook a little.

On the subject of Aaron, Patsy had called Callum and told him that Aaron had been moved out of the intensive care unit and was now back in a normal room. Leon had been detained by FI when he arrived in Singapore. Aaron had already spoken with the FI people and told them what had happened. His dad had showed up and told him to get a bag packed as the two of them where leaving for Singapore. Aaron had said that the only place he was going was to school. A struggle had ensued and Aaron had been pushed down the stairs. He said that the last thing he remembered was being kicked in the back before he blacked out. It looked as if Leon would be facing some serious charges over this.

Over dinner, mum suggested to Colette that the two of them go in to town and have a girls lunch and max out the credit cards. Colette really liked that idea and said that she would call Kate and Carla to join them. I said to Gary that I needed to go in to town to do a couple of things.

It was on Saturday morning that I got a call from Nigel. He was doing OK at his new school and settling in really well. He told me about Henri Ducasse, the boy who had asked him (Nigel), to join him for dinner the first night that Nigel was at the school.

So what do you know about Henri?” I asked Nigel.

Nigel told me that Henris' father was a viticulturist, a wine farmer. Anyway, Henri had been caught with the farm owners two sons, one of whom had his dick in Henris' mouth and the other one was fucking Henris' arse. Henris' father had taken a horse whip to the boy and then sent him off in to the night with nothing more than the clothes on his back. Henri had made his way to a farm house and knocked on the door. The couple that lived there took him in, fed him and tended his wounds. Henri never told them the real reason why he had been whipped. After a week or so, Henri said that he was ready to leave. The couple loaded him in to their car for the seven hour drive to BAF. When they got there, Henri sat and listened as the couple told of how their own son had been murdered because he was homosexual. They said that they could see this in Henri and did not want him to end up like their own son. They had refused to accept that their son was gay as they were deeply religious people and did not agree with a boy living that kind of life but at the same time, they didn't want to see another boy die because of who he was. As they left, they said that they would pray for Henris' soul.

Henri had arrived at BAF just before Xmas and spent his time shut in his room. He missed his mum and his younger brother, whom he adored. He also missed his baby sister who he used to carry around. Henri refused to talk to anyone and was the saddest boy in the world as he had lost everything that he held dear. Once the new year arrived, Henri had been assigned to a study group, the same study group that Nigel had been assigned to. Henri liked Nigel and asked him to join him for dinner the first night that Nigel was their. Henri knew that he was surrounded by gay boys and really wanted to have Nigel as a boyfriend but he had been hurt so badly that he was too scared to take the risk. That was the whole purpose of Nigels' call. He wanted to know how he could get Henri to be his boyfriend.

Jason, what do I do? I really like Henri and I think that I have fallen in love with him but he hasn't asked me to be his boyfriend,” Nigel said.

I thought for a moment before saying, “Nigel, from what you have just told me, Henri has been hurt badly by what happened to him. He is probably scared to make the first move, so you have to be the one to ask him.”

But what if he says no. What do I do then?”

If you don't ask him, you will never know the answer, so just go and ask him,” I said.

With that, we ended the call. Gary and I had breakfast with the rest of the gang. Gavin was getting very close to Chris and kept asking him a lot of questions. I had a very good idea what he was after and I hoped that Chris would agree to what Gavin wanted.

After breakfast, Gary and I headed in to Manchester. I was going to get my tongue pierced and one of my nipples. I had talked Chris in to going to one of the restrooms with me one lunchtime. When we got there, I asked Chris to kiss me as I wanted to know how it felt to be kissed by someone who had had their tongue pierced. As I had suspected, it felt awesome and that is why I decided to get it done, I knew that Gary would love it. I had told Gary what I had done and he was so understanding about it. I often talked to Gary about what it would have been like to have Steve or Chris as a boyfriend, if my life had turned out differently.

Anyway, we all had a great weekend and spent an awful lot of time talking about our ideas for the next album. But it was soon time to get back to school. Gary and I had made plans to charter a plane the following weekend so that we could make a surprise visit to see Nigel and Henri. I had had an e-mail from Nigel and Henri had said yes, he would love to be Nigels boyfriend. From the way the e-mail was written, Nigel was so happy and I was guessing that Henri would be too.

The week seemed to fly by and there were no more incidents involving Colette. It seemed as though people were beginning to accept the situation, which was good to see. At about 4pm on the Friday, I was getting off the chopper at the General aviation area at Manchester Airport. We had chartered a twelve seat Learjet, even though it was only the two of us going to BAF for the weekend. We had arranged some guest accommodation with the headmaster at the school. We had asked him not to tell Nigel that we would be visiting as we wanted to surprise him. We had also organised a few hundred copies of each of the WILD BOYS CDs and some MP3 and personal CD players as gifts for the boys. We knew that every boy at the school had a story to tell and that they didn't have much in the way of luxuries and so we had decided to take some presents for them all.

The flight was very pleasant and we landed in Nice at about 6.30pm local time. There was a chauffeur driven Bentley waiting for us when we arrived and we got to the school shortly after seven. As we entered the building, Nigel was just on his way to get dinner and he very quickly spotted us.

Jason, Gary, why didn't you tell me that you where coming? Henri, come on, you gotta meet Jason and Gary,” Nigel said as he grabbed hold of his boyfriends hand.

We wanted to surprise you,” Gary said.

You did that alright,” Nigel said. “Henri, this is Gary and Jason.”

Henri gave first me, then Gary a kiss on the cheek and said, “it is a pleasure to meet you. Nigel talks about you all the time”

Isn't he just so gorgeous?” Nigel asked.

Yes, he is and you made a great choice of boyfriend,” I replied.

Have you two had dinner?” Henri asked.

No, we were hoping to get something when we got here,” Gary said.

We followed Nigel and Henri in to the dining area and joined the line to get dinner. The food was really good but then again, with Chris D being involved in the school, I didn't expect anything less. As we ate, we talked about various different subjects. Well, Gary and I spent our time talking due to the fact that Nigel and Henri seemed to be too busy kissing and feeding each other.

At one point, I said to Gary, “were we ever like that?”

We were for about six months,” was the reply that I got to that question.

Actually, it was good to see Nigel looking so happy.

Once dinner was over, we got some of the boys to help us unload the small truck that was filled with boxes. After that, we handed out the gifts that we had brought for them and they all seemed to be really happy with them. After what some of these boys had been through, they deserved to have a few little luxuries. Finally, we headed off to bed. The headmaster had arranged a room for Gary and I but Nigel said that him and Henri had two beds in their room but they only ever used one and a result, they invited us to join them. It was a tight squeeze having the two of us in a single bed but we soon got comfortable.

At some point during the night I was awoken by the sound of crying and I heard Nigel softly talking to Henri in French. I untangled myself from Gary, being careful not to wake him and made my way across to the other bed. It turned out that Henri had been having a dream about his brother and sister and had woken feeling really sad as he missed them so much. I put my around his shoulder and gently rubbed his back to try and comfort him. I told him that I understood how he felt. Yes, I may be wealthy beyond my dreams, I may have a loving family who really care about me and I may be surrounded by a great bunch of friends but I could understand the pain that Henri felt at the lose of his brother and sister. After all, I had lost my parents and so I had a very good idea of just what he was going through. By the time that Nigel and I had calmed Henri down and he had fallen back to sleep, Gary was awake. I went and rejoined him and told him what had happened. Nigel said that he was sorry for waking us but Gary told him that we had gone through something similar after the rape and I was having some really bad nightmares. We soon fell asleep again and the next time I awoke, it was daylight and the sun was shining. Gary and I went to the bathroom and took care of our morning cleaning ritual. I still had my arm in the cast and so Gary had to help me to take a bath. Once the four of us were clean and dressed, we headed down to get some breakfast.

So what do you plan to do today?” Henri asked.

We plan on taking you guys in to Nice and treating you,” I said.

Treating us to what, exactly?” Nigel asked.

Some new clothes, anything that you want,” Gary said. “If we go in to a shop and you see something that you like, we will get it for you.”

But you don't have to do that,” both boys said in unison.

We know we don't but we want to,” I said. “It's having the chance to meet people like you two that puts everything in to perspective for Gary and I. It makes us realise how lucky we are and that all our lives we have had everything we ever wanted or needed. You two have never known what that is like and we just want to give you a little taste of what it is like. Besides, considering that Gary is only 18 and I am still only 15, we have a ridiculously obscene amount of money between the two of us and we don't mind spending a little of it on you two.”

Thank you,” Henri said. “I really have no idea what else to say.”

Thanks Gary, thanks Jason, it's really cool having friends like you,” Nigel said. “And, Jason, would you and your dad really have come to get me when I called you last year to say that I had been kicked out?”

Yes, we would but as I said at the time, it would have taken hours for us to get there and when you called, you must have been really tired and hungry, that's why I told you to call CHILDLINE,” I replied to the question. “After we finished that call, I talked to mum and dad and they would have been happy to offer you a home but you wouldn't have had the chance to come to this school and you wouldn't have met Henri.”

I can see your point,” Nigel said, as he leaned in to give his boyfriend another kiss.

So do you plan to keep in touch with your foster parents?” Gary asked Nigel.

Yes, they flew down here with me when I first came over a couple of weeks ago and they are planning to visit next weekend,” Nigel said.

Henri was getting a little upset, “At least you have a family, I lost mine because I was so stupid.”

Henri, you have to remember that none of what happened to you was your fault. And as for your father, what he did to you makes me sick,” I said. I had got to see the scars from the whipping that he had received when I was comforting him during the night.

By the time that we had finished breakfast, the limo that Gary had organised had arrived and so we all headed off in to Nice. It was a really good day. In every shop that we went in to, Nigel would get himself busy choosing stuff that he thought that Henri would look good in and Henri was doing the same for Nigel. We found a nice little bistro overlooking the harbour, which is where we had lunch. It was late afternoon when we arrived back at BAF and we helped Nigel and Henri to put way all the new stuff that we had got for them. The two boys couldn't thanks us enough. We had another enjoyable dinner and then spent the evening getting to know some of the other boys. Most of them did not spek English but that was not too much of a problem as we had Henri and Nigel to translate for us.

On the Sunday morning we had breakfast and then Nigel and Henri had to go to church, which was one of the rules of the school. Not being students at the school, Gary and I were excused from this. Once they returned, we went for a walk on the private beach that belonged to the school and then we went and got some lunch. By this time it was time for Gary and I to leave. The headmaster came and thanked us for visiting and also for the gifts that we had brought. I made use of the time on the flight home to get my homework done.

All in all, it was great weekend and a very welcome break.

End of Chapter 57!!!!!!!

I was going to include Jasons' 16th birthday in this chapter but as this is a fairly lengthy chapter, I decided to save that for the next chapter. Chapter 59 will see the guys going to the coronation of King Cullen Munedy. These events have already been covered in the story Traveler and so, much of that chapter has already been written.

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