Notice: All of the characters in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect identity. The story is 100% true and it tells of a sexual experience, which took place between two high school students who discovered their love for one another. If homosexual material offends you, do not read this story. Otherwise, Enjoy!


My name is Trevor, I am seventeen years old and recently graduated from high school and I am about four weeks away from leaving for college. In the time of this story, it was about January of my senior year and I had recently come-out about my sexuality to a few of my friends. I quickly found out that no one could be trusted as word was getting around quickly. (I hate people!). There is one boy in particular who, after having a very explicit dream, I haven't been able to take my mind, or my eyes for that matter, off of him. His name is Sam. He's a sophomore, a fifteen-year old with gorgeous blonde hair and he is a baseball player, football player, swimmer and member of the A Cappella Choir.

Sam and I were never close friends, aside from a few sentences being exchanged now and then, we never really talked or anything. Until one night at a swim meet. It was the first swim meet I had ever gone to and I got conned into timing for the team. (I can't really complain because it did get me closer to the boys in Speedos.) I was standing at lane 6, minding my business and waiting for the meet to start. I had my eye on Sam from the time I saw him walk out of the locker-room until the night was over. I probably should have paid more attention to the stop watch, but oh well, the boys I had to time for were all freshmen and they weren't very good anyway. Sam isn't the best swimmer on the team, but he looks like a God in his Speedo. I was told that these swim meets seem to go on forever... and believe me, this is true. The night seemed to go even slower after a particular incident that almost caused me some embarrassment.

I was standing there timing the fourth race of the evening when Sam walked up behind me. He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me down closer to his face. His mouth was close to my ear and I could feel his warm breath. If was butter, I would have melted right there. I wasn't sure what he was gonna say but when it came out, I was shocked...

"I recently was informed of your sexuality and I know how you feel about me, I can see it in the way you look at me when I come near you. Meet me outside of the locker-room and we'll hangout for a while."

I was so close to being hard it was unbearable. As if I wasn't focused already, that did not help. I wasn't able to concentrate on anything other than what he had whispered in my ear. I was really looking forward to the evening ahead.


The meet was finally over and I quickly found myself standing outside of the locker room door eagerly waiting for Sam to come out. As I was standing there, one of my best friends, Cody, walks by and sees me standing there. He came over to talked to me and he could tell I was up to something. Being that he's such a good friend, he knew about my being gay and about my attraction to Sam. I told him what Sam had said to me and he knew why I was standing there. He quickly gave me a hug and took off outside to catch a ride home. (I thought he was going to ask me for a ride! That would have been awkward.)

After waiting only five minutes or so, Sam walked out of the locker-room in nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. His swimming shorts actually. It was quite obvious that he had not taken a shower because he smelled of chlorine. I asked him what he wanted to do and he confirmed that he needed to take a shower by saying that we should go to his house so he could do that and he included that no one would be home except for his brother, Greg. So we walked out to the parking lot, got into my car and headed towards his house. The car-ride was rather quiet. I felt a little awkward considering that Sam is a jock; he knows that I'm gay and yet he still wants to hang out with me. I didn't know if he wanted to fuck me or beat the shit out of me. I was half expecting to arrive at his house and see a group of his friends waiting to beat my ass.

We arrived at his house within fifteen minutes time and he was right, no one home, except the brother. We went in the front door, straight up the stairs to his room, the only room on the second floor of his house. It's a rather large room, and I was surprised to find that he didn't share the room with his brother. Sam reminded me that he wanted to take a shower as I kicked off my shoes and made myself comfortable... on his bed! I kept my eyes on him to see what he was doing. He opened the top drawer of his dresser as if he were going to get out something to wear, then closed the drawer, closed the bedroom door and walked into the bathroom, which was entered through a door in the back corner of his room.

Just as I heard the shower turn on, the bedroom door opened and in walked Greg, in his boxers. He's such a nudist. I remember all the nights at band camp that he spent strutting around the dorm in the same way. He came in and talked to me for just a few minutes, asking me how I have been and questions like that, and then he left. I don't know if time was going fast or if Sam took a quick shower, but within seconds of Greg leaving the room... the shower turned off. The room was silent and so was the bathroom for maybe five minutes, give or take a few. And then, out walked Sam... completely nude from head to toe. No towel, no shorts, nothing! He was naked and his package hung nicely between his legs. He was even more beautiful than I had realized prior to this moment. I was so hard immediately. I thought my boner was going to rip through the front of my jeans. Sam took notice of this quickly and started towards the bed.


Without hesitation or even a word, Sam approached the bed. Within seconds he had pushed me down onto my back, climbed on to the bed so he was straddling me, with his left hand pushed down on my chest and with the right, drew his arm back and made a fist. He could obviously see the terror in my face as he began to laugh. (I told Cody and my friend that opened his mouth, that if Sam were to find out how I felt, there was a chance he would hurt me... and it was now clear that Sam knew this information as well. Maybe my friend opening his mouth wasn't such a bad thing.) As his laughter subsided, so did the pressure he was applying to my chest. He looked at me, smiled and said, "Trevor, I don't know what you were afraid of, but I'm not going to hurt you. I can't hurt someone I love." Without waiting for a response from me, he layed down on top of me and his warm lips met mine. There was no way in hell that I was going to let this opportunity go to waste so I opened my mouth, he did the same and our tongues began to wrestle.

The kiss was hot and it seemed to have lasted forever. Once it was broken I became aware that I wasn't the only one with a hard-on. Standing there at full attention was Sam's 8" cock. I couldn't tell if he was still wet from his shower or if he was sweating but it was hot. As he stood up off of the bed, I did the same. Just as I got into a standing position and was balanced, Sam's hand reached out and started working on my belt-buckle. Once unfastened, he continued with the button on my jeans and then the zipper and in one quick move he had my jeans and my briefs at my feet. He asked me to take of my shirt and lay down on the bed in a comfortable position. My seven and a half inches and my completely hairless was body, with two exceptions: my head and my armpits, was now exposed to his eyes, which were fixed on me.

The room was so quiet and neither of us wanted to talk and disrupt the moment. Sam came towards me once again. He climbed onto the bed and layed down next to me with his head on my chest. It seemed like the time that was going by so fast... had now slowed down to such a pace that I thought the night would last forever. I pulled my trembling hand up and ran it through Sam's hair and then I said it. I told him what I had wanted to say for so long. I said the three words that some people hide from. I said, "I love you," and the quiet returned.

Suddenly, Sam made the first move towards what I was wanting. He reached out and grabbed my dick. He started out by slowly jerking my cock... making sure that his hand examined every inch of the shaft. He kept this going for a few minutes, changing the speed and the tightness of his grip and I was losing control. Then, without any notice... he shifted his body downward... removed his hand from my manhood... and put my meat in his mouth, taking the full seven and a half inches down his throat. He didn't flinch or gag. He just relaxed and let his self adjust to this big hunk of dick that he had lodged in his mouth. And then he began to suck me... up and down the shaft. I could feel him moving his tongue back and forth in his mouth and I felt like I was ready to explode. With one hand, he gripped the base of my shaft and with the other hand he was exploring the rest of my body. I never thought this would actually happen. I had only dreamed of something as remarkable as this.

I was sort of lost in a world of pleasure and then I felt Sam's finger penetrate my ass. I jumped a little bit and all of my muscles tightened up. He was still sucking on my cock... but he pulled his finger back out. I felt my-self getting close and I informed him that I thought I might cum, so he removed my stick from his mouth. He asked if I was ok after the shocking penetration he had issued on my tight ass. I nodded and told him that I was ok and I gave him permission to continue with the task at hand with one request. I asked him to get some type of lube to help ease his finger, or fingers into me. He agreed, rolled over to the side of the bed and began fumbling around in the drawer of his bedside table. He pulled out a tube of KY Jelly, which he probably got from his brother, and applied some to his index finger on his right hand. I could tell that he didn't have much interest in hurting me as he took his time inserting his fingers into me. He started with one and then added another and another. He inserted each one, as I was ready to take them. He continued to finger fuck my ass for a good 10 minutes. He was getting my ass prepared to take his eight inches. That was something I had only dreamed of.

Sam knew that I was ready to take his fuck stick. He just had the hunch I guess you could say. He stopped fingering me and again opened his tube of KY. My ass was already loose and lubed, so all he needed to do was lube up his cock. He made sure it was lubed well, almost too well. (I think he's had experience with this sort of thing before, maybe with his brother... I wouldn't be surprised.) Sam picked my legs up off of the bed and pushed them up into the air and there was my ass, exposed for him to insert all eight inches, and that's exactly what he did. Without hesitation he aimed his cock right at my whole... took one plunge forward and lodged all of it into me. My body tensed up, and I screamed from the intense pain. Sam covered my mouth with his hand, pulled back, so he wasn't as deep into me, apologized and told me to relax

Once he knew for sure that I was okay, he started to thrust in and out of me, very slowly. He was taking his time, as if he wanted this to last forever. Now and then, even with the slow thrusts, he would go in too deep. But I was quick to tell him. I know I was moaning with the pleasure that he was giving to me. And he was doing the same, as well as working up a sweat.

Suddenly, without any warning, the bedroom door flew open and there was Greg, standing there, still in his boxers. He looked at us, shook his head and said, "You guys may want to quiet down a bit." Then he turned around, closing the door behind him, and trotted right back down the stairs. I was quite embarrassed for him to see me with his brother's dick up my ass. (I wouldn't have minded if Greg would have asked to join us, but that's ok, I'm not I could have handled both of them at one time.)

Sam was now beginning to pick up the pace. He kept fucking faster and faster, and with every thrust he went a little bit deeper. I had adjusted to any pain that this would have cause me by now, and I was living. Every now and then I would let out a rather loud moan, just letting Sam know that I was all his.


I could tell that Sam was getting close to shooting his load and his breaths were getting heavier and he kept speeding up and slowing down. I was having trouble controlling my self from shooting my own load. Within a few minutes of my latest realization, Sam pulled out of my ass, pushed my legs back so they were flat on the bed once again, straddled my body and shot his entire load all over my upper body. The first shot of cum hit me right on the face, the second on my chin, third on my neck and the rest on my chest.

He moved up closer to my mouth and ordered me to clean the hot man juice from his dick, and I did, loving every drop I could get. Sam knew that I was ready to explode and he moved off to my side, grabbed my prick and began jerking me. It took only a few seconds for me to shoot my wad as well and it traveled to every place that Sam's load did. My face, chin, neck and chest were now covered with two loads of hot cum. Sam rolled over and pulled a towel from his drawer. It looked like it was the same rag he used to clean himself off with after a hot jerk-off session. I doubt it mattered however considering, half of what was on me... was his.

After I was clean, Sam tossed the rag aside, shifted his body so he was right up against mine, put his arm around me and nothing was spoken. The two of us layed there, in the cool silence of his bedroom, and suddenly I felt complete; the boy of my dreams was lying in my arms. It was just he and I and the rest of the world had disappeared. We lied there for what seemed to be forever. And forever was really only a few hours. When I realized what time it was, I couldn't believe I had been there with him that long. I figured it would be good for me to get on my way. I knew my mom would be wondering where I was... and there was no way I could tell her exactly. But I had the drive home to think about it.

Sam had started to fall asleep as he lied there with me on the bed and I didn't think it was necessary for him to get up. As I started to get up, I leaned in and our lips met for one final kiss. I picked up my clothes, got dressed and started for the door, but stopped before opening it. I turned around, took one last look at Sam's gorgeous body, lying there on his bed and again confessed my love with the three words, "I love you."

Just as I started down the stairs, I saw a light on at the end of another hallway; I figured it was Greg's room so I wanted to go and tell him goodnight. I walked in the open door to find him sitting naked on his bed with his headphones on. He took quick notice that I was standing there and he stood up. I told him that I just wanted to say goodnight, and he approached me, gave me a really big hug and said, "Trevor, thanks for being with my brother tonight. He loves you, and I know because he's told me. I hope you'll come around to be with him more often. I could stand to see you more myself. Be careful driving home, and I hope to see you soon." As he broke the hug he told me goodnight and I walked down the hall and headed out the front door.


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