The following contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting underage boys. It is a work of fiction with no basis whatsoever in reality.

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Sam + Jim

Chapter I

It was a couple days after Christmas; the twenty–ninth, which fell on a Wednesday this year. I had just arrived back home, in suburban Connecticut, from my grandparents', where I always spend Christmas. Rather than being at my house, though, I was sleeping over my friend Jim's. I hadn't seen very much of him for the last year and a half, as I was midway through my sophomore year at a boarding school up in Massachusetts.

My gaze drifted from the TV to the window. It was snowing outside; it was, actually, the hardest it had snowed here in my fifteen years, or at least the eleven or so of those that I remembered. Jim's parents had been at a friend's, and now, with a good four inches of snow on top of half an inch of ice and more still coming, they had decided it wasn't a good idea to try to come home. Jim did, after all, live at the crest of a ridiculously steep hill.

Jim had an older brother, but he had also been out at a friend's and was trapped there because of the snow. That left us, Jim and me, home alone...which was fine by us.

Law and Order cut to a commercial. Jim picked up the remote and muted the TV, turning instead towards me.


"Yeah?" I responded.

"Well, you've been away at school and all, and, well, we haven't really seen each other in a year and a half." I nodded; that was true. Last winter break, he had been away; during the summer, he went to France and, as soon as he got back, I went off to California. We had had really only two weeks or so together total since the September we started high school. "I was..." It was clearly awkward for Jim to say this. He paused.

"What?" I said.

"Well..." he continued. His face was starting to flush. "There was something I wanted to, well, do for you...uh..."

"Whatever it is," I said, "go ahead. We're best friends, man; just because we haven't seen each other in a while doesn't mean that's not still true."

Jim smiled a little. "Okay. Stand up." A little confused, but willing to go along with whatever it was—it was Jim, after all—I did.

To my great surprise, Jim then knelt in front of me and undid my fly.

"Whoa..." I said.

Jim pulled back, looking crestfallen. "Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"I want to," he said. "I'll enjoy it and I'm pretty sure you will too."

"But why? What makes you want to do it?"

"I thought, that since we hadn't seen each other in so long, and..." he trailed off.

Now, I've never thought of myself as gay, or bi, or anything other than straight. I liked girls; I had gone out with a fair number of them (for my age), and had had semi–sexual relations with a few of them (though the relationships had never survived past second base). I had had a few thoughts that could be classified as, well, homoerotic was the word I forced myself to use, but only a few, and I figured those were just normal. I had checked out other guys in the locker room, but I had never been turned on by it. I had never done any fooling around with any of my friends; though I had wanted to, somewhat, back in like seventh grade (before I started going out with girls), nobody, including me, had ever said anything about it, and so it had never happened. But, right here, I felt myself getting a hard–on. It was a combination of Jim's position, the thought of him actually doing the act in question, and the idea of him wanting to do it that turned me on.

"You really want to do it?" I asked after a moment's consideration.

He nodded earnestly.

After another moment's pause, I said, "Okay, if you want to. But don't let this change anything."

He smiled, said a quick "I won't", and came back up to kneel in front of me.

His hand came out; the fly of my jeans was already down, but he undid the button—rubbing my boner somewhat as he did so, which made me that much harder. He pulled my jeans down to my ankles, and I stepped out of them, kicking them off to the side.

Jim then fondled me a little bit through my boxers, until I was all the way, completely hard, as hard as I had ever been in my life. He grabbed my boxers by the waistband and pulled those down to my ankles, also.

And so there I was, standing in just a T–shirt. It was a long T–shirt, and I could see it causing problems, so I took it off and flung it off to the side as well.

That left me standing there. Naked. With Jim kneeling in front of me.

My concerns as to the, well, strangeness of this situation completely vanished as soon as Jim took my six–and–a–half inch shaft in his mouth. He didn't touch it with his hands at all; it went straight in. I was surprised that he could take it all; my head was well into his throat.

Those thoughts, too, were sucked away when Jim's tongue started moving. It was amazing. Pure ecstasy. By far the most enjoyable thing in my life...but that feeling was soon trumped when Jim started working his head up and down my shaft, bobbing slowly at first but gradually building up.

There simply are not words in the English language to describe the pleasure I had right then (or, as far as I knew, any other language; then again, my experience with other languages was limited to the basics of Latin and Chinese). It was the most amazing thing in the world.

It wasn't long at all before I felt the telltale signs of an approaching orgasm. "I'm gonna cum," I warned him, "oh God, I'm gonna cum." He only worked his head faster. He must have known exactly when I was going to shoot; he brought his head back just an instant before I came, so that my jism came out in his mouth rather than going straight down his throat. This was by far the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and the largest—I hadn't jacked off for a few days, but it was still ridiculously large for me. He sloshed it around a little in his mouth, along with my rapidly softening dick, before swallowing.

"Oh God, Jim, that was amazing. That was more than amazing." I sighed contentedly and flopped down on the couch, closing my eyes. He smiled and sat next to me.

When I had returned from my post–orgasmic bliss, I opened my eyes to see Jim looking at me, satisfied.

"There's no way that was your first time," I said. "That was insane."

He shook his head. "Nah. I've been sucking off Rob since eighth grade, and Alex since last year." Rob and Alex were the other two members of a group that had, until I had gone away to boarding school and Alex to a local private school, been inseparable.


"Yeah," he said, and told me the story.

"In eighth grade, one Saturday in the spring, I was sleeping over Rob's. It was late and his parents weren't home. His...his dad had some cans of beer that he had thrown out right before they left, telling Rob's mom that he wouldn't be able to drink them for a while—he was having surgery for something or other, and they told him not to have any alcohol for like a week before and for a long time after—and he said that they would go bad by the time he would be able to drink them. I guess Rob's mom didn't drink beer. Well, anyway, I had two beers and Rob had three (it was a six–pack that had one already missing). I didn't really like it that much. Rob did, kinda. Neither of us got really drunk—we didn't have that much—but we did get kinda tipsy, I guess.

"Anyway, we went downstairs and played some Halo for a while. We did a little coop, got bored, and then did some one–on–ones. After a couple games Rob decided that we should raise the stakes. I asked what he wanted to do. He thought about it for a second, and then said that the loser would have to do whatever the winner said until two in the morning—it was midnight at the time.

"Thinking that he was just gonna have me do some stupid stuff, like get stuff for him and whatever, I agreed, on the conditions that the things we'd have to do couldn't one, be dangerous or two, cause any kind of embarrassment or whatever that anyone other than the two of us would know about.

"He agreed to those conditions, and we played. We played the match we were most even at: Slayer Pro on Hang 'Em High. Well, it was a pretty close game, but he ended up winning, twenty–five to twenty–one.

"Well, after he won Rob grinned, put down his controller, and said, 'To start with, get me a root beer. Bitch.' We laughed, and I went upstairs and got a root beer for each of us.

"I came back downstairs and gave him the root beer. We watched TV for a little bit, with him joking around and making me get up to change the channel and whatever. Then, during a commercial break," Jim stopped for a second to grin, "he said, 'Alright, bitch. Time for you to actually do something. Suck me.'

"I looked over at him and laughed, thinking he was joking. But he stood up and took off his jeans; then he took off his T–shirt, and his boxers. He was standing there, naked. He said again to suck him.

"Well, right then I was going through a phase of fantasies that were, well, gay. I had jacked off a couple times thinking about guys. Mostly Tim Penning," he said, naming a kid who had gone to our middle school. Tim was an athletic guy, in great shape. He got a lot of girls even in eighth grade, and I could easily see somebody having, well, a crush on him. Jim continued, "but there were a couple times I did it thinking about Alex, and a time or two that I thought about you." Jim blushed, as did I. "I had never fantasized about Rob, but, well, Rob's a good–looking guy. It's not like our bet really meant anything, but, I guess I kinda wanted to do it, and, well, the bet was a convenient excuse. I might have done it even if we didn't have the bet. We were both kinda drunk.

"So anyway, I sucked him off. I wasn't very good then, compared to how I am now, though Rob really liked it. He did have to warn me about my teeth, twice, though. He liked it, a lot, but well, so did I. I liked the cock in my mouth, sure, but what I really enjoyed was being able to please him so much. After I sucked him, he did the same kind of thing you just did, and got dressed. Then we watched some TV and went to bed...him in his bed and me on the floor, to my disappointment.

"A couple days later, when I was at his house, Rob asked me to suck him off again. I did, happily. I kept on doing that, pretty frequently—never less than once a week, and for two months or so last year, I was sucking him every day. It wasn't always at his house, or at mine; you know the first floor bathroom at our middle school, that nobody ever uses, that has that one big stall where the barrier thing goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling? We used that during lunch sometimes, or in study hall." I nodded, remembering the occasional lunch where Jim and Rob just hadn't shown. "There's a closet we use in the high school. I still suck him, but less now that he has a girlfriend he's doing stuff with. They just made it to second a week ago, though, so he's still getting stuff from me that he doesn't from her."

I nodded, taking it all in. I was surprised, to say the least. To think that my best friend had been a cocksucker for probably a good six months while I was still with him all the time, and I hadn't the slightest inkling of it...

"Wow," I said. It was the only word that came to mind. After a second, I asked, "What about Alex?"

He laughed. "That's kinda a funny story, actually. Well, last year I got the urge to write up the story I just told you—well, with more details, but the same story. When I was done, I posted it on a site that has stories like this. I don't know why, but I used our actual names...I even had Rob's real last name in there, I don't know why.

"Well, apparently Alex saw the story...which must mean he was reading gay erotic stories, obviously. He saw our names, and based off that and the descriptions I gave, of me and Rob and Rob's house, he decided that it was way too much of a coincidence for it to be anyone but me (or maybe Rob, but almost definitely me).

"So, one day like a month after I posted this, I'm over his house. There's nobody around. We're chilling in Alex's room, talking and whatever. Suddenly Alex whips out a printout of the story and hands it to me. I read the first couple lines, recognize it, and I'm like 'Holy shit' or whatever. Alex laughs at me, and says, 'Is this true?'

"Well, what else was I supposed to tell him? I said it was. He asked me if I would do it for him. What choice did I have? He had the story, and if he wanted to—and I was pretty sure he would if I didn't suck him—he could spread it around the school, and my life would be ruined. Well, at least until college. There's no way my parents would send me to private school, and, well, if my dad heard..." Jim trailed off, but I understood just fine. Jim's dad was not the most tolerant of people, at least in terms of religion and the like, though he was just fine racially: he was from a long line of very Catholic Puerto Ricans, and he had married a woman who immigrated here from Hong Kong at twelve and became, at twenty, a born–again Christian.

"So, well, I blew him. Besides, I enjoyed it. Alex is...well...he's got a much bigger cock than Rob." Jim smiled at me. "It's not as big as yours, though." I laughed a little. "So anyway, I enjoyed it. Alex did too...enough that he wanted me to do it again."

Jim kind of shivered, then, though. "There was one time, though...last May, there was one time when I wanted to do something other than suck his cock, you know. Alex likes me to do it to him while he stands up—Rob likes to lay down while I do it, if we're not in the bathroom—and so instead of going straight for his cock or his balls, this one time I kinda licked his belly button. He slapped me and said, 'What the fuck do you think I am, queer? Keep your little homo mouth on my cock and nothing else, fag!' He apologized for it right after, and he was nice to me and didn't ask me to suck him again for like two weeks, but, well, he kinda scared me. I don't know. Alex isn't the most tolerant guy. He knows I'm gay—obviously—but he still says 'gay' and 'fag' and whatever to mean something bad. I mean, he's still a cool guy, but...well, he took some pictures of me sucking him, just in case. I didn't realize he was taking them; he has that web cam, you know, and he had it set up and at the right angle one time. I don't know."

I asked, "And neither of them has ever done anything for you in exchange for sucking them off a couple times a week?"

Jim said, "Well..."

I shook my head. "I think that'll have to change. Stand up."

"You sure?"

"Of course."

Jim stood up. I was surprised at myself for what I was doing. I had barely had a gay thought before in my life, and here I was, naked and about to give head to my best friend.

Smiling at him, I took his shirt and lifted it over his head; he lifted his arms and let me take it off. I then looked at my friend sexually for the first time.

Jim was about five ten, shorter than my even six foot but not by that much. He was, ethnically, half–Puerto Rican and half–Chinese; an odd combination that I had only just realized was, in fact, really sexy. His chest was muscled, though not overly so, and his stomach was flat; Jim was really into soccer. He wore a gold chain, though there was nothing on it.

Remembering what Jim had said before about wanting to do something beyond just sucking Alex's cock, I put my mouth on his nipple and sucked it a little. Jim kind of chuckled, sighed, and said, "Yeah. That's nice." I played around with the now–hard nub, nibbled at it a little, and did the same with his other one.

When I was done, I ran my hand down his chest, over his stomach, and to his crotch. There, before I undid his jeans, I stroked his erection through them a little. After ten seconds or so of that, I undid the button, pulled down the fly, and, rather than just taking off his pants right away, put a hand on his ass (it was firm and felt nice). I then pulled his jeans down slowly, running my hand along (first) his boxers and (then) his bare skin as I reached his ankles. He stepped out of his jeans; I then took a second to take off his socks, and flung all of it away.

He was now standing there in just his boxers. I brought my face closer to his groin. As I was doing so, the full impact of what I was doing—and what I was about to do—hit me. I almost stopped. But then I saw Jim's raging erection through his boxers, and moved my face closer. I'd deal with the ramifications later. I was enjoying this way too much to stop now.

I brought my face right up to his boxers. It smelled, not surprisingly, a lot like my own cock. I then pressed my face right against his boxers and nuzzled him.

The little button holding him in was opened by the force that Jim was giving against me, exposing the tip of his cock. Unlike me, he wasn't circumcised. His foreskin, though, was back some, exposing his head; from being so hard, I assumed. Although the skin was darker than my own, the head was pretty much the same color.

I decided it was no fun for Jim to still have his boxers on, so I took them off. I had a little trouble getting it over Jim's hard–on, which caused more laughter. To get them down, I had to take one hand on his shaft and press it back, then slide his boxers down. Jim stepped out of those as well.

There he was, just an inch from my face. Jim was maybe six inches long, though it was hard to tell, and so he was a little shorter than me, He was, though, huge in the balls department. Huge. Half again as big as mine. I went for those first.

I brought my mouth down under his cock and took a ball in my mouth. There was no real taste, which was moderately surprising. I played with it with my tongue some, then I went to the other ball. This got boring quickly, though judging by the moans Jim was enjoying it. I took my mouth off his balls, though, and moved it back some.

Here it was. I was going to suck a cock.

I took as much of it as I could. I tried to get the whole thing, but I started to gag, so I backed off a little. Again, there really wasn't that much of a taste; kind of like sucking on your own finger.

"It's alright if you can't take it all," Jim said. "It takes practice. Just do as much as you ca... yeah. That's awesome, Sam." He moaned. I had retracted so that I only had maybe half of his cock, so that I could really use my tongue. I played it all around and started sucking gently. Apparently, I was doing a decent job. Jim was really enjoying himself there. I was enjoying him too.

After a minute, I started bobbing up and down on his shaft, going from having just the head in to getting it as far as I could, which was maybe three–quarters of it. While I was doing that, I fondled his balls with one hand. "That's am—ow! Teeth!"

I had scraped him; I folded my lips over my teeth and then it was all good. "Wow. That's so nice. Wow." I kept on going, and started going faster and faster. I peaked out before I was really going that fast; apparently my neck muscles aren't that strong, or something. Anyway, I had to slow down a little, but I started using my tongue again. "Oh yeah Sam. Oh, yeah. That's amazing. I'm gonna cum. Oh my God. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!"

And he did. I had brought my head back, trying to do what he did and catch it in my mouth instead of having it go straight down—there was no question as to whether I would swallow or not. My timing was kind of off, though, so the first spurt went straight down my throat, but then I brought my head back and the others—there were quite a few—stayed in my mouth. Jim moaned again as his dick shrunk. I played with it a little, but then I let it pop out of my mouth. He collapsed onto the couch, much as I had not long previously, and laid there with his eyes closed. I swirled his cum around in my mouth; it was a little sweet, but I liked it. I had tried my own cum, back when I first started jacking off, and hated the taste. Jim's, though, was nice. I swallowed after a second, then sat on the couch next to Jim.

He actually was really hot, I decided. I had never thought of him in this way before, but there was something about him that just really, when I looked at him this way, turned me on.

Jim opened his eyes and grinned at me. "That was amazing. And the foreplay...wow."

I smiled back. On an impulse, I leaned forward and kissed him.

He immediately kissed back. Our tongues went out and explored each other's mouths; we stood up and pressed our naked selves together, and our hands explored each other's bodies. As we pressed against each other, kissing and groping, our cocks brushed; Jim rubbed his against mine, and soon we were standing there, Frenching and humping, each with one hand on the other's back and the other hand on the other's ass.

We finally broke the kiss and grinned at each other. "Oh, shit," Jim said.

"Oh shit is right."

"What now?" he asked.

I shrugged, but then I kissed him again. We broke off more quickly this time.

"You'll have to teach me to suck a cock as good as you do," I said.

"You're not bad," he grinned.

"Maybe I'm not bad, but you're fucking amazing."

Jim just smiled. I glanced at a clock; it was almost one. Looking to see what I was looking at, he also saw the time. "Wanna go to bed?" he asked, still grinning.

"Sure," I grinned in return.

"Nobody'll be home tonight, but my parents or my brother might come in the morning..."

I pouted, exaggerating it ridiculously.

"Well, we could definitely get away with sleeping in the same bed," he said, and I smiled again. "But we can't do it naked."

I walked over and grabbed Jim's boxers, putting them on. He put on mine. His were kinda small for me, but it was sexy. "We'd probably just sleep in our boxers anyway, so no reason to wear anything else, right?" I asked. He grinned in confirmation, so I grabbed the rest of our clothes and carried them up to Jim's room. While I was putting our clothes in separate piles, he climbed into bed. Jim had a twin bed, though it was extra long; it wasn't really wide enough for two people. Neither of us minded, though. And, luckily, his bed wasn't immediately visible from somebody walking in the door; it was in a little bit of an alcove, and because of the angles and whatever, we would have a second's warning (assuming we were awake) when somebody opened the door.

When I got in, Jim climbed over me (giving me a quick kiss as he did so), so that my back was against the wall. He faced the same way that I did; we spooned, which was nice. I nibbled on his ear a little, and he laughed.

It struck me at that moment the enormity of what I had one in the last hour. We had gone from being mere friends to...whatever we were now. Lovers, I supposed. And, more than that, there was now no doubt whatsoever that I was gay, or at least bi.

But there were no regrets in my mind. I had loved every second of it.

I had my right hand around his waist, which I slipped into his boxers and wrapped around his cock. I played with his nipple a little with my left, and Jim chuckled lightly.

"Well," I said, "I guess this means I'm gay. Not that I mind," I added quickly, and squeezed his dick a little.

"Or bi," Jim pointed out.

"Yeah, I'm probably bi..."

"That's cool," he said. "I'm definitely gay. I really don't find girls as hot as I do guys."

"Good," I joked, and nibbled on his earlobe again. Jim laughed.

We fell asleep like that, my hand inside his boxers...which I guess kinda defeated the purpose of wearing them in the first place, as somebody seeing us like that might be a little suspicious.

Our manner of falling asleep ended up not mattering, though, as I woke up not to the screams of Jim's father but to Jim's lips on mine.

He broke the kiss fairly quickly, then moved his mouth down, planting kisses along my neck and pausing on my nipples. That was a really cool feeling. After a minute or two of that, he moved on, going along through my navel, my belly button, and then...he was at my boxers.

Rather than pulling them down, he just nuzzled my groin for a moment and continued on, planting kisses along my thighs and through straight to my feet. He actually sucked my toe, which made me laugh. Then he came back up on the other leg, and this time he pulled my boxers down.

I popped out, hard as hell. Rather than taking me in his mouth right away, he stuck his tongue out and played with my head, then started licking up and down my shaft. He then took one of my balls into his mouth and swirled it around. This went on forever, and the feelings were intense. So intense, in fact, that I wasn't able to take it any more. I realized just then that I had been moaning throughout.

"Oh...Jim...that's so great, but I just can't take it...suck me...please..."

Jim complied, happily. He took my entire shaft in one enormous gulp, and once again used his tongue to caress my head while he moved up and down, slowly, slow as hell. He barely sped up at all...he was playing this one out, swirling his tongue around and around. When he was all the way down, his chin actually rubbed against my balls. Then, finally, he started to suck. After just a few seconds of this, I exploded into another orgasm. When I had finished shooting, he popped off my dick. I closed my eyes and moaned, but then I felt him laying flat out on top of me. His lips were on mine, so I opened up. He pushed in not only his tongue but also what I soon realized was my own cum.

It tasted a little strange, and not quite as good as his, but that was okay; it was still a hot thing to do. We shared it back and forth a little, then he started to swallow. I didn't want to swallow my own, so I pushed it all into his mouth.

After a second, we stopped kissing. I expected him to roll off me so I could suck him, but he didn't; he just laid there. Not that I minded, but I figured he would want to cum also. "Am I gonna do you?" I asked, a minute later.

"Do you want to?"

"Of course!"

"Well, no foreplay, okay? I'm so turned on that I would cum before you ever touched my dick."

I laughed, and he got off me and onto his back. Despite what he had said, I kissed him quickly before sliding down to his groin. To be there, I had to be kneeling on the floor, but that was okay.

Because he wanted me to, I took him in my mouth right away. I tried to go all the way down, like he had with me, but I ended up choking on his head and I pulled back.

"Don't do it all at once; work up to it," he advised. I got it so I was a little over halfway down his shaft, then slowly worked my way towards him. He gave me little tips, which couldn't have been easy, considering how turned on I saw he was and the fact that I was, well, sucking his cock. But I did get him all the way in, after quite a while. My chin was resting on his balls, just like his had been on mine earlier. Then I realized that Jim must be starving for an orgasm, and so I started working myself in and out, slowly and a little bit, and using my tongue. I had been right; in no time at all, he came. I hadn't thought about it beforehand, though, and his sperm all went straight down my throat.

Even though I couldn't give him his cum back, like he had given me mine, I went up and kissed him, lying on top of him. This kid was so sexy. How could I have failed to see that?

After we stopped kissing, Jim whispered, "Wow. You're such a fast learner...you're a natural, babe. A natural cocksucker." We both laughed.

We laid there for an eternity of bliss that was probably actually two minutes or so, and then we were interrupted by the harsh sound of the phone ringing. I groaned, and Jim laughed a little. "You're gonna have to let me up."

"But I don't wanna!" I whined, in a mock four–year–old voice.

Jim laughed, kissed me, and then bodily threw me off of him and ran to get the phone. I laughed again, remembering my condition beforehand: "Don't let this change anything." Things hardly couldn't be more different. But I was happy things were the way they were.

I glanced over at the clock—seven. Damn. Only six hours of sleep. But they had been the six best hours of rest I had ever had.