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Chapter 10

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Paul was naked on my bed with my gym shirt covering his manhood. He wasn't that built or toned but he wasn't a scrawny guy either. He wanted me to fuck him standing up against a wall like I did to Noah today. I would have no problem at all lifting him up. But then I wouldn't fuck him because he is so cocky. Guys like that need to be raped by some hairy chested pig in a prison.

Before Paul could say anymore, I yanked my shirt off his pelvis. He thought I was making a move so he got up and tried kissing me. In a swift fluid motion, I threw Paul outside my window! LOL. I saw his naked form roll down the tiled roof of my garage. Not that I was trying to kill him or anything. I knew there was a trampoline outside right next to the garage. It was my escape route whenever I had to sneak out. Hopefully he didn't die or break anything.

I spoke too soon. After a few seconds of him rolling off the roof, I heard a loud thud sound. I totally panicked. I rushed downstairs and outside to my trampoline.

So he didn't die. It looked like he bounced off the trampoline and fell on his face. He didn't have any cuts or bruises. It was a really funny sight actually. I wonder if his dick got crushed. Eww. I don't wanna think about that.

Luckily we were in the backyard so no one else in the neighborhood saw his bare ass.

"You fucking asshole!" Paul hissed as he laid face down on the ground.

"I'd never fuck you, you filthy ratshit!" I barked back like a little girl. I was fed up with this guy that I tied him up and blindfolded him. I took the hose and got him all soaking wet!

"What are you doing to me asshole?!" He sounded as if he was about to cry or something. I felt so evil but then he deserved it.

I threw him into the back of my jeep, gagged him and shut the door. I saw Mrs. Stucci pull into the driveway and smiled. I waved at her and told her she looked so lovely today. She responded and told me the same thing that I looked handsome as usual. Little did she know that I had her nephew at the back of my jeep. LOL.

I drove to Yasmina Delavega's house. I knew her in middle school. She was only 13 when she lost her virginity. She wanted me but I never let her have it. She was a nasty girl. So nasty! Yasmina goes to an all girls' school now since she got kicked out of public school.

As usual she was the only one home since her adulterous parents were out doing other people. I quickly unloaded Paul from my car and laid him on the doorstep. I left my engine running so that I can make a quick run for it when I am done. I rang the doorbell twice and I made a run for it. I sped out of her driveway laughing hard to myself.

* * * * *

The next day at school, Paul was nowhere to be found. I didn't tell Noah about it because he might think I am rough and might break up with me. The least Yasmina could do was rape him. I wasn't scared if he ratted me out. Who is going to believe him? I'd deny everything he said and make it look like he is trying to make me look bad.

I was so horny during Calculus. We had a quiz today. It was so easy that I finished it and walked out. I pulled Noah out of class so we could trade sweat in the chemistry lab. Man I had to control my urges. But with Noah you can't help but let loose and be the sexual animal deep inside you.

After school I drove by Yasmina's house. Her car was parked outside. I'm guessing Paul was still inside trapped with no clothes. As I was driving by, Yasmina walked out of her house to her car. I couldn't tell if she did something to Paul or not because she was still walking the same. Not that I had sex with her or anything but people tell me she is really rough.

Being the curious fool I am, I parked my car a few blocks away from her house and walked. After making sure that the coast was clear, I crept into her yard and climbed a set of stairs that led to the second floor. I peeked into a window and as my jaw dropped, my cock sprang to life. Inside, this huge buff guy was fucking Paul against a wall. I couldn't see his face but he had a nice back and butt. The only things visible were his backside, Paul's arms and legs hanging on for dear life and his facial expression as he was plowed to a hilt.

For some reason I became really angry because someone in their right mind actually wanted to fuck him. I rushed back home and locked myself up in my room. I stuffed my face into my pillow and before I knew it I was asleep. What on earth was I mad about? WHY am I such a drama king?


To make the long story short, I never saw Paul again. I'm still surprised that someone would stick their dick into his dirty ass.

I called Noah up to ask him what he was doing. It turns out neither of us had plans for the evening. Being to bookworm he is, Noah decided that we should just do homework. I didn't mind since I did have a lot of homework.

Noah was going to be alone tonight. That only filled my mind with dirty thoughts, which made me snicker as I drove to his house. I rang the doorbell twice when I realized that it wasn't working. You'd expect to hear that "ding" sound but no such sound came from inside. Being the curious guy I am, I found the door to be open. It freaked me out that the door was open. Some bad man could come in and steal all their belongings. But then I am a bad boy and I let myself in. Hopefully Noah knows by now that I'm only a bad boy in bed.

I went up to Noah's room to find that it was empty. His computer was on though and it looked like he was chatting with someone. I wondered whom he would chat with since he only goes online when I tell him I'm going to be on. I sat down and saw that he was chatting with someone with the user name "LostPlanet."

Suddenly an IM window popped open:

LostPlanet: You there babe?

WTF?!?!? I was so pissed off. Was he cheating on me?!? I wanted to slam my fist into the monitor so bad but I was able to control my anger.

LostPlanet: Hello?? anyone there?

Me: who the fuck is this? (typing really hard)

LostPlanet: uhh...Alex?

Me: Oh. I forgot

LostPlanet: What you doing?

Me: My boyfriend

LostPlanet: why you being so rude?

Before I could reply with another insult, Noah came in and when our eyes met his face went ashen.

"Who the F**K is this guy?!" I yelled pointing to the monitor.

"Luke, I can explain!"

"Make it quick."

"Alex has been chatting with me for a while before I met you."

"He wants to fuck you."

"Well so do you!"

I was stumped. "And so?"

"What are you waiting for then?"

I sat on his chair and turned on is web cam. I patted my lap telling him to sit on my lap. Apparently Noah was horny also because he wasted no time in undressing the both of us. I saw LostPlanet typing away question marks as he saw my bare torso. Noah slicked my cock with some lube and starting kissing me feverishly.

"Luke, you mad at me?"

"Hell no. Now come here and let's give your friend a show."

Noah slowly lowered himself on my cock as I sat back with my arms behind my head and leaned back into his office chair. Once he was driven to a hilt, he grabbed the back of my head and started riding me like a champ. Whoever was watching us on the web cam could only see Noah's backside as he moved up and down as he rode me like a cheap ride you see in the carnival.

"Ohh yeah baby. Ride my cock!" I groaned as Noah mercilessly impaled himself on me. I could hear the chair creaking indicating just how fast he was going. He wrapped his legs on the backside of the chair as I took his cock and rubbed it over my abdomen. Noah clawed my shoulder as I licked his neck. Every once-in-a-thrust, I would open my eyes to see LostPlanet typing away and constantly IM-ing Noah to ride me harder and for me to impale him to the hilt.

For some reason, I did not care that Noah and me were being watched. I know that it could have been anyone but that drove me to continue to keep this sexy creature on my lap and continue driving my love rod up his tight ass.

"Hmm...Noah you got so tight" I moaned as he continued rocking me and the chair beneath me. I decided to take charge so I grabbed Noah's hips and thrusted upwards. When he came down on my cock, he met my thrusts causing him to arc back and hang on for mercy. Noah was no longer uttering words but I could still hear him make out or try to moan my name. He drove me intensely wild and I could no longer hold it in.

I stood up with Noah still skewered on my cock. He held on to my shoulders as his legs dangled from my sides. I made sure the camera caught Noah's bubble butt being intruded by my cock and me thrusting upwards, poling Noah up and down against my body. Noah started nibbling on my ear while I reached under his knees and brought his body forward towards mine. His dick was poking my stomach and I tried my best to crunch my abdominal muscles so he can feel it contracting.

Noah was aching to be released and I saw it as beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. Our foreheads were plastered together. Then I felt it. The sensation of the impending orgasm flooded my limbs and burned deep into Noah's core. He rolled his eyes into the back of his head as torrents of cum spewed inside him. It was so much that it dripped. With a load yelp I felt his first shot under my chin and the rest spewed all over my chest.

Noah smiled, leaned forward and licked off the cum that had just landed under my chin! So hott! I squatted down a little and spiked up into him hard like an arrow being shot into the air. Noah yelped and more cum spewed forth.

After another intense fuck we both decided to fill the bathtub and have a bath together. I stepped into the tub first and leaned against the shower wall. Noah followed and leaned against my chest. I took a sponge rag and lathered it up before washing Noah's front side. I started from his abs and worked by way up to his collarbone. He turned his head around so we could make out. It wasn't long before I felt my manhood in full attention and wanting to penetrate Noah again.

So he rode me. Again. This time it was in the bathtub and his backside rubbed against my upper body. I jacked him off at the same time. He didn't last long. Neither of us did.


"Noah, are you home?" a voice called from the hallway.

My eyes blinked open. The way they do in those TV shows. Haha.

"Shit. It's my mom!"

I was still out of it after the lovemaking he and I made earlier.

"Luke, you gotta hide!"

I grabbed a towel and flew out of the bathtub and into a bathroom closet that Noah held open for me. Noah put a towel around his waist just in time as his mom opened the door.

"Noah, sweetie, your room smells really bad. You better clean it up if you expect to have your own apartment for school!"

"Yes, mom" Noah said in that innocent schoolboy kind of way. I feel awkward when I'm naked in front of my parents.

"And why are these boxers just on the floor?" Noah's mom asked holding up my pair of boxers. I blushed. Noah's mom was holding my boxers right in front of her son.

"Ok thanks mom! I'll clean it up. Now if you mind, I'm naked here!"

"Oh please honey, I've seen you naked when you were little."

"Eww. Mom please!" He was so cute saying that to his mom.

"Anyway. I brought some dinner and your father will be home in a few minutes. So you should get ready fro dinner. And get rid of this smell!"

I grinned

"Ok.Yes mom I'll clean it up!"

After his mom left, I crept out of the closet.

"Dude that was so close!" I said in that tone where you narrowly escape something.

"Luke you sexy beast. You had me going on overdrive."

I smiled knowing I had sent Noah over the edge many times.

I had completely forgotten about Noah's web cam friend and that we were being watched.


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