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Chapter 11:

After that whole bathtub/chair-sex/web cam sequence with Noah, I was paranoid about everyone in school. What if the person watching went to school with us? Millions of questions raced through my head. I don't know what got into me. I don't know why I wanted us to be watched. Sure it was sexy and gets you off but exposing yourself like that is like being an exhibitionist. Noah told me that he felt like he was in some cheap porn movie. I then realized that whoever was watching got a free show. Hopefully that person doesn't put on some website and sell it to people. He's making money and we're not getting any of it! LOL! It almost sounds like I wanted to be a porn star. Everyone would know and my parents would kill me.

The next day my mom and dad were home. Surprise. They were barely home.

"Hey honey, would you like some breakfast?" My mom asked.

"Yeah I'll just have some coffee and a bagel"

"Luke, I don't know how you keep your physique in tact when you eat so little. Boy, look at all the muscles your son is packing!" My step dad commented while reading the Chicago Tribune.

I didn't get weirded out when my step dad comments about my body. I always feel iffy when other family members praise me for keeping in shape. I have this one cousin who is fat and his mom always chastises him about his weight whenever he is around me. I feel bad for the guy but I think he should at least exercise so that he doesn't die early. LOL. I'm no health doctor but I know keeping in shape keeps you alive longer.

"Thanks Ben."

"By the way, I found this with the paper this morning. It just had your name on it," Ben said while he handed me a brown envelope with my name written in the front. Who would send me a crappy envelope without a return address? So rude! At least spend twenty cents on me! LOL.

I opened it to find a message that made my heart drop to my stomach.

It read:

I enjoyed watching you.

I'm sure many people will love the tape I made.

See you in school.

(Opening Credits)

"Shit!" Noah hissed when he saw the message.

"No shit" I said in my pissed off tone. I had this bad boy look on my face. I wanted to kill someone. I know. I know. It was my entire fault for allowing us to be watched by Alex or whoever was on the other side of the screen.

"Luke, he goes to our school!"

Noah was angry with me but I didn't want to start arguing with him. He told me that he never met Alex before. He has seen pictures of him but they were too good looking to be true. "Look Noah, I'm pretty pissed off as you are, but please don't raise your voice at me."

"What the fuck? I am not raising my voice!"

I would've slapped him then and there if I were his mom. I would've punched him if he were my younger brother. But noooooooooooooo, I'm his boyfriend and we're having one of those arguments that couples have. So cute! He was actually arguing with me. He is so cute when he's mad. His eyebrows do this sharp movement towards the area between his eyebrows. I didn't have time for this so I just walked away. He followed me into the National Honor Society office while he complained of all the things that could go wrong. He mentioned the possibility of us being on websites where people get off for free and that people might see him and kidnap him and do whatever they please.

He then surprised me with what he did next. He shoved me! That's it. I shoved him back and he slammed into a file cabinet. He tried shoving me back but my chest didn't budge. I picked him up and threw him on a table. I had to calm him down somehow. I got up on top of him and started kissing down his neck and then darted my tongue into his mouth. He pulled my hair and grounded his crotch into mine. Noah reached under my shirt and ran his hands down the ridges of my stomach. As I was licking the inside of his mouth, he tore my shirt open!

We stared at each other for a while. I diverted my eyes to my torn Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirt. This shirt cost me $85! But then I thought about the oppressed workers in Asia who manufacture these clothes. The cost to make these shirts was only a fraction of what I paid.

"It's okay," I said.

"You sure?" Noah asked with that sexually charged tone of his.

"Lock the door."


That was so hott. It was always hott. I still tasted Noah on my tongue. Every time I think about one of our little flings, I feel hot and start shivering, feeling his smooth skin against mine. He wore that expensive cologne from Italy, which cost like $500. Damn Luke, pay attention to what the teacher is teaching you!

Advanced Chemistry is one of my hardest subjects. It's hard because my teacher touches up on Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, which isn't learned until you reach your sophomore year in college. So here I am learning about stereo controlled construction of cyclic ethers and reactions between compounds with names I cannot pronounce. The only chemistry I was interested in was between Noah and me. The only chemistry I felt like applying was how we traded sweat and other bodily fluids.

During Lunch Noah and me sat together. He is so cute. His hair was messy from our quick-fuck earlier. People thought it was a cool hairstyle.

"So I have some suspects as to who it could be," Noah said while I ate my sandwich. Yummy! Noah tastes better though.


Huh. Oops. I was in a trance. Hey, it's not my fault that Noah is a sexy beast you can't get enough of even after five orgasms! LOL!

"This is serious! Someone could expose us any minute!"

"Ok. Sorry dude. I was just so your eyes!" I whispered, "I want to kiss you right now."

"Not now, be a good boy and I'll ride you so hard your knees will buckle."

I was so turned on by this boy! But we had to find our little voyeur before Noah and I become unofficial porn stars.

"Adam Krynski." Noah had a list of names.

"The captain of the soccer team?" Adam was one of those hott sexy jocks that you would seduce if given the chance to do so. He didn't look like the type to view us. He didn't fit the profile. He never had a girlfriend though which is why Noah put him on the list. "Whatever Noah. You just think he's hott."

"Yeah whatever. I bet he was on your list of guys you had to sleep with before graduation," Noah said with that little fox smile of his. Damn he is so cute!

There were more than a thousand people in my school. It could've been any guy. But Noah was so bothered about it that he made a list. Damn boy.

"Andrew Kinsey."

Oh hell no. He was good eye candy but he was very shallow and only spoke to you when he wanted something. He was one of those guys who were so good looking that they had to be gay.

I looked around the lunchroom. Maybe this guy was looking at us right now. It could've been anyone. For some reason, my instinct told me it was a guy and not a girl. After realizing that all the guys that were on Noah's list were hott, beefy studs I gave up and decided to wait for the guy's next move. Right now we are playing it blind and I was pretty sure that this guy wanted something more from the two of us.

As I walking to my locker, I scanned every single guy that passed me by but none of them fit the profile of what I'd expect the voyeur to be. I sized all of them up and my brain processed the possibilities.

Oh no. What if he's some scrawny emo punk who designs his own clothes? Actually, some emo punks are cute. I began to actually care about the situation. What if he is teacher?! HELL NO! Oh wait. We did have a lot of teachers here. Like Alex Flick. OMG! SO HOTT! I stole his cologne this one time. Such a bad boy I was. What if this guy is going to make money and not pay us? What if he is some creepy dude with dirty sex toys? How am I going to get out of this? Someone help!

I opened my locker. There it was. A piece of paper was at the bottom.

You'll see me soon enough.

I looked around. Paranoia. It lingered and the throngs of people passing me by induced me into deeper confusion.


I was so nervous about this whole threat now. I know I'm making a big deal out of this but this guy was getting pleasure by watching Noah and me. I feel so stupid allowing us to be watched. The thought lingered in the reaches of my mind and it bothered me constantly. There was only one way to get it out.


_________ Avenue is an awesome place to shop. I'm very concerned with what brands I wear. Ok fine. Maybe I'm not. As long as it looks good and I like it then I'll buy it. My stepbrother Ethan is a designer brand whore. The only things that grace his body are from stores featured in those high fashion magazines with a price tag of $70 and more. I used to go shopping with Yoanna a lot because she is my favorite stepsister and she buys me stuff sometimes. Step-daddy gives me money also but I save it up for things I need.

Still a little paranoid, I walked into this underwear store called Skin. I thought it was a sexy name. What was sexier about this store was that it sold mostly underwear and other garments that you wear under your clothes. The models were all sexy. I went in there sometimes to stare at this poster of these all-American guys wearing nothing but a smile on their face. They always managed to influence Mr. wood to point in some direction and leave me aching for release.

I was sort of in a bad mood and I didn't want to worry about the problem at hand. I decided to buy two pairs of boxer briefs. One of them was black and the waistband had the label "Boy Toy." After spending $64 dollars on my new underwear (LOL) I went into the changing room and swapped my current underwear to my new Boy Toy. Oh baby, the only one allowed to touch my toy was Noah.

I put my belt in my bag so that my pants would purposely expose the waistband of my "Boy Toy" underwear. The label was written in an original manner so it didn't look gay or pornish. It felt sexy walking around with this underwear. I was still bored so I went into Tartarus Studios. It's this store that sells digital cameras and takes professional pictures. The models in here were hott also.

I bought my digital camera here. 10.0 Megapixels baby. The ambience in this store was great. It was dark yet sexy. I wandered into the back of the camera section to find a photographer taking some shots. I came closer to find that he has been capturing frames of three really good-looking guys. One had black hair and the other two were blonde.

"Hey are you here for the audition?" I turned around and this cute guy holding a clipboard approached me.

"Oh no. I was just looking around." I turned around to leave but the guy spoke again. I spun around to face him and found that he was pretty good looking. He had broad shoulders and his pecs stuck out.

"Actually, why don't you audition anyway? You already look like a model. My name's Diego, by the way," he said while holding out his hand.

Model? Shit. Me? Diego told me to stay and model! This was all surreal. Sure people have complemented me on my body and looks but I never saw myself gracing the covers of magazines anytime soon. Hell, the thought never crossed my mind.

I decided to stay since Diego was very attractive and he had that mixed Hispanic/white boy groove (Although I saw mostly white). The things I do for eye candy! Of course I still have my Noah and his sexiness intoxicates me every time I am around him.

Diego made me fill out some forms and sign some consent slips so that in the event that the photographer uses my pictures for any public reason and I don't like it, I have no power to sue him. After filling out the forms, Diego took my measurements and took a headshot of me. I lined up behind some other guys who were auditioning also. All of them were taller than me and had nice bodies. I felt out of place and the feeling made my stomach churn. I also couldn't help staring at all of them. They were so hott. Most of them were blonde, all-American guys from the Midwest and a couple of hott black guys.

"Attention everyone!"

Diego was making an announcement. He held his arms up and his biceps curled. Yummy.

"You will be having a mock photo shoot wearing nothing but shorts from Foam. So show us what you got!"

A lot of the guys cheered and many of them were confident. I didn't really know much about modeling except that my stepsister had the same name of one of the competitors in "America's Next Top Model." So all the guys stripped down to their boxers and Diego passed out some shorts from Foam, a brand for surfers going to the beach. I was always confident about showing off my body but this time I felt insecure because I was the shortest guy here and all the guys had a more sculpted form than me. Eventually I took my shirt off and lost my pants. Diego handed me this khaki pair of shorts. I decided to expose the waistband of my Boy Toy underwear because it was hott and I felt sexier that way. LOL.

After about half and hour, it was my turn to pose for the camera. Our photographer was Yano Gibbs and he has done publications for GQ, Foam and Spark Models.

I just stared at the camera. It was one of those high-resolution Cannon cameras.

"Nice. Miles you are a natural!" Yano said as he snapped more frames.

Wtf? I just stared at the camera and he gives me these good comments. Yano then started telling to put my arms behind my head and pretend that I was stretching. I stretched and my Boy Toy waistband was exposed.

"Ohh Miles. You are giving us visual orgasms!"

WTF?! I looked over at Diego and he gave me a wink. Oh please. He was straight. No doubt about that.

A few more shots and Yano brought two more guys to pose with me: Jackson and Eric. Jackson mesmerized me. This blonde beauty had the nicest pecs and spiky dark blonde hair. Eric was an inch taller than me and he was from Alaska. He had light blonde hair and like Jackson (and every single guy here!) his body was toned and I couldn't take my eyes off his eight-pack. Damn if all the guys from Alaska looked like him then it would be summer all year long.

We had to wrestle with each other and make it look like we were about to rip each other's underwear off. It was so hott. Jackson was so uninhibited and sexy Alaskan man whore Eric kept hugging me. I didn't mind of course. I loved feeling their skin against mine. I tried my best not to get so hard that they would notice something. Yano commented that I looked really good in candid shots and the photo was sexy in a non-porno manner.

I didn't get to see my best shots because it was property of Tartarus studios. After they tell me the results, they will email me all of my best shots.

I shook Yano and Diego's hands and was about to leave when I felt someone crash into me.

"Oh dude, I am so sorry," says the guy who bumped me. He looked about 21 and was wearing an Armani exchange nightshirt. Shit. Hott guys left and right.

"No problem."

"Hey I saw your modeling earlier. I thought you were awesome. My name is Jason by the way." He held out his hand.

He had such a sexy voice. The tone was crossed between prep schoolboy and surfer. Oh so sexy. I couldn't resist. He had jet-black hair - which he kept short on the sides and wavy on top - a strong, chiseled jaw, and light brown eyes. He had this stare that was slowly melting me inside and making me sweat on the outside. He had thicker arms than me. His pecs stood out from the Armani shirt he was wearing. He was about 6'2" and his ass—woo hoo! It was perfectly round and tight. It looked like he wasn't wearing any underwear. He flashed a smile at me and I began to sweat more and more.

He noticed.

"I remember starting off like you. I had no money to pay for college but I found modeling and it helped me get through three grueling years in Chemical Engineering."

"Wow. Chemical engineering? I wanted to do that but Organic chemistry is kicking my ass."

Jason smiled. I felt a rush of blood to the region below my waist. He absent-mindedly reached under his shirt and scratched his stomach, exposing his granite carved abdomen. "I can tutor you for free if you want."

Shit. He wanted to tutor me. I sweated some more. A model that tutors! What has the world come to?

"Chemistry was the only thing I was good at, so what the hell, right?"

I found myself weak in the knees when I see an ultra beefy stud like Jason. Noah. Think about Noah!

"Dude are you ok? You're sweating a lot. Here I'll be right back." Jason disappeared into the backroom of the studio and came back with a shopping bag. "Here let's get you out of that shirt."

And then he did the weirdest thing. He reached down and pulled my shirt off over my shoulders. Right there. He didn't seem to notice that there were other people in the room also. I didn't mind though. I felt his hands over my upper body and all of a sudden I felt a hot jolt ripple across my body.

"Nice. I think you'd make an awesome underwear model."

The whole world stopped. What was I doing? I have a boyfriend. Why was it so hard to resist this fucker? Ok he has a nice body and a stare that could pop orgasms for a multitude of horny 14-year-old boys. "Thanks Jason. I have to go now."

"So soon?"

"Yeah I have someone waiting for me. Thanks for the shirt." I grabbed the shopping bag and put on the shirt he had inside for me. It was a size small so my upper body was outlined. I can't believe I sweated out my last shirt. It was totally drenched.

As I walked towards the door, Jason grabbed me and pulled me into a storeroom at the side of the building.

"What the—?" His lips interrupted me and they collided with mine. I felt and hot and sweaty again. So much for the new shirt. His hand massaged my groin. He wouldn't let me moan. What the hell? This guy is so rude! I have a boyfriend! I shoved him away. LOL. He hit the opposite wall and slumped to the ground.

In one swift motion, Jason darted towards me and using his forearm, he scooped me off the floor. I was amazed by his brute strength. This guy was holding me up against the wall with his forearm in between my legs! He ground his crotch onto mine and pressed me against the wall. "You like it like this don't you?" Jason smiled again. It was menacing yet still managed to turn me on. "I can easily rape you right now and make you crawl to your boyfriend."

"What?!" How did he know? Sheesh this guy wanted to pound me so hard that I wouldn't be able to walk.

"I've been watching you two the whole time. I've wanted Noah for the longest time. I want you also. I want to eat you up and see what you're made of." He started grinding against me. I struggled to break free but he was too strong. I'm not a wimp or anything but this guy had a really strong grip.

"You're Alex?"

"Jason Alexander Snyder."


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