Author's Note: Don't read if you are offended/grossed out by male/male action. But if you like to see two hot guys engage in wild sex then read away. Once again this story is fictional based on real life events. Also places and names of people are fictional and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is completely unintentional.

Luke (voiceover): Previously on Saving Noah

In one swift motion, Jason darted towards me and using his forearm, he scooped me off the floor. I was amazed by his brute strength. This guy was holding me up against the wall with his forearm in between my legs! He ground his crotch onto mine and pressed me against the wall. "You like it like this don't you?" Jason smiled again. It was menacing yet still managed to turn me on. "I can easily rape you right now and make you crawl to your boyfriend."

"What?!" How did he know? Sheesh this guy wanted to pound me so hard that I wouldn't be able to walk.

"I've been watching you two the whole time. I've wanted Noah for the longest time. I want you also. I want to eat you up and see what you're made of." He started grinding against me. I struggled to break free but he was too strong. I'm not a wimp or anything but this guy had a really strong grip.

"You're Alex?"

"Jason Alexander Snyder."

Holy shit. This guy has been chatting up Noah for the longest time and here I am helplessly pinned against a wall. He continued to massage my crotch and as much as I loved the feeling, I also hated the fact that he was doing it to me. I'm pretty sure any horny guy would love to take my place right now. I should be happy that I am getting off with a male model but I'm not a slut (well not entirely ^_^).

He continued his ministrations and the friction he was causing sent me close to the edge.

Too close

(Opening Credits) ^_^

I felt Jason's hot breath on my face and though he attempted it, I would not let him kiss me. Who is he kidding? Someone aggressive and possessive like him should work in a brothel where guys who are willing to spread their legs and be penetrated by a hot male model would go. Although my bad side fantasized this situation a million times, the real thing made me sick. Yes Jason was screaming with sex and I'm sure other guys would be willing to impale themselves on Jason.

"LET ME GO!" I said as Jason attacked my neck with rough kisses. His kisses felt more like miniscule vacuums. This was going to leave a mark.

Jason kept on with his goal of leaving multiple hickeys on me but I did not intend on letting him succeed with his goal in life. So I scratched the side of his beefy neck. Hehe. I pushed against his chest, kicked off his pectorals and somersaulted backwards into the floor. I kicked his midsection where his precious orbs are and he fell on the floor whimpering.

"Serves you right asshole!"

I darted out of the room and didn't look back.


Jason's scent still hung on me and I felt so dirty after being manhandled by him. How can I be such a wimp and not fight back against him? I mean I work out four times a week at least but I couldn't push him away. He probably benched a million pounds or something. Stupid ass.


I felt Jason following or attempting to follow me so I decided to take shelter at Ethan's loft. Ethan. My sexy stepbrother lived with his mom who was barely there. Funny how our parents fail to involve themselves in our lives. Ok fine, my dad is really cool and always played tennis with my sibs and me and took us out before the separation. Although Ben (my stepdad) tried connecting with me, it wasn't the same.

After knocking a million times on his door, he finally answered. Prick. He knew it was me and he loved making me wait. This time I was in need of a place to hide.

"Luke, what brings you here?"

Wtf!? How about `Luke, coolest stepbro ever, what's going on?' Like I said before, Ethan would be on my `guys to sleep with list' if we weren't related. But then we were more like friends that stepbrothers. Why did I come here anyway? I guess I just wanted to. I wanted a place to just sit down and breathe. Their place was always open to me but Ethan would always give me a hard time coming in. He'd pretend to be hitting on me all the time and I didn't mind at all because he was one sexy beast. Ok just so everyone knows, incest isn't my thing but we aren't really related because my blood type is A and he's O.

I let myself in and sat on the couch. I put my hands over my face and just sat there. Ethan saw I wasn't in the mood for screwing around so he put on that brotherly look on his face.

"Luke, what's wrong?"

I told him everything from the whole voyeur episode down to my encounter with Jason. I loved having these conversations with him. I can totally connect with him. Unlike my real siblings. Ok. Ok. I love my brother and sister. My real ones that is. But I feel a stronger connection with Ethan and that's why I came out to him. I feel comfortable around him and he tells me everything as well. Like one time we slept in the same bed together. I thought it was pretty hott. Anyway. Back to the story.

"Shit. Where is that guy? I'll shred him to pieces!" It's so cute when he takes that older brother role with me when there wasn't a really big age difference between us. A lot of girls find him attractive that way.

"Oh please. He'd break you in half."

"Shut up. Who ran away to their big stepbrother?"

"Fuck you."

"You wish."

Oh yeah definitely. Once or twice, that is.

"So tell me about the modeling part again."

Jealous prick. He found hard to believe that I had potential to be a male model.


I decided to take a shower since I felt dirty after my encounter with Jason. Though the evil part of me liked the feel of his hot body against mine, I wanted to forget about it.

As the water ran through my body I began to think about me and Noah being watched. What was I thinking? Hopefully it was only Jason and no one else. Why on earth would a hot-bodied jock model like him resort to Internet voyeurism? He could get any guy wanted with that sex appeal. Oh God, I have got to stop thinking about him.

Hmm. I loved showering in Ethan's bathroom. The shower stall itself was provocative with its opaque door that only covered your body from the neck to your knees. You'd feel sexy showering here.

I totally forgot about the whole modeling audition. I always had confidence in my looks and I wasn't ugly or anything. I wonder what happens now. How much do models make anyway.

This shower stall must have cost a thousand dollars or more to build. There was some expensive body wash so I decided to use some. The smell was something unexplainably good. Something masculine and testosterone driven.

Suddenly Ethan came in.

"Hey what the fuck?" I said shocked at his intrusion.

"Whose bathroom is this?"

Of course. It was his and he had every right to barge in. But couldn't he wait until someone wasn't in the shower? Sheesh.

"Nice boxers" he said holding up my `Boy Toy' from Skin.

"Thanks. I wore that at the photo shoot."

"Mind if I borrow them?"

"No. You may not."

"Ass. I make you borrow my clothes all the time."

I continued to shower with Ethan still in the room. It wasn't until I turned around that I realized Ethan coming into the shower stall with me!

"What the hell?" I asked surprised and turned on at the same time.

"I need to take a shower too."

"Well, can't you wait?"

"No. Actually I can't."

He had a gorgeous body with a toned stack of abs with ridges that I would run my cock over and pecs that said `lick me'. He took some of his body wash and started rubbing them all over his body. I looked down at his monster and saw he wasn't hard. Thank goodness. Or else we'd have a hard problem in our hands. Or my hands, rather.

I decided to get out before Mr. Stick began growing. As if trying to block my way, Ethan pushed me against the wall and kissed the area where my jaw line met my ear. Ok he's kissed me before but nothing

"In your dreams wonder boy." I said and pecked him on the cheek. I grabbed a towel and before leaving the bathroom I flushed the toilet.


Ethan decided to take me out to eat after our little meeting in his shower stall. He took me to this expensive Japanese restaurant Shogo. Whatever that means in Japanese.

Since he was paying, I ordered an expensive sushi platter and some karage on the side.

"I hope you don't get the wrong idea about me Luke." Ethan said while putting some sushi in his mouth.

"Bro, I'm totally cool with it. Don't worry. It's not like I'm attracted to you."

"Yeah right! Remember when you slept over when we first met you started moaning in your sleep. You were like `Oh Ethan fuck me! Oh Ethan!' You made all these weird noises."

I turned red. So maybe I did fantasize about him before. But who could blame me? I had a hot stepbrother.

"Luke I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I like teasing you like that."

I wasn't mad at him or anything. I was assaulted by some oaf who was a jock/model and I didn't think him showering with me right after was appropriate. Although I wouldn't mind doing it again ^_^.

"Hug?" Ethan said standing up and holding his arms wide. He always offered me a hug whenever we'd have an argument or something. So cute.

"Alright fine" I got up and hugged him. People were probably wondering why we were hugging.

"I hope you didn't cream in your pants from touching me."

Playful conceit. This is what I get for coming out to him. I should have cummed on him instead. LOL.


We've been in the restaurant for over an hour and we'd always talk about the dumbest things. Of course we'd talk about sex. He hasn't been getting any and he took out his sexual frustration on me. Shiver.

"Luke?" I turned around to find Jason staring down at me. What the hell of was he doing here? Then I realized that the restaurant was right in front of Tartarus Studios.

I turned pale and looked at Ethan. "It's him!"

"Wait let me explain my behavior earlier today!"

"Hey go away before I punch your teeth out pretty boy!" Ethan said getting up. It's so cute the way he'd stand up for me. But of course a guy like me could stand up for himself.

"Ethan calm down dude!" I said pulling him back and shoving him back to his seat. I had to restrain him or else he'd rip Jason apart. Ok, maybe he'd try and probably leave scratch marks instead. "You have a minute Jason. Or Alex. Whatever your name is."

Jason explained to me how he was horny and said I intoxicated him and drove his lust meter to its breaking point. I was flattered that I had that effect on guys. He said he's been chatting with Noah for a while but never had the temerity to approach him in person because he found Noah to be `fragile'. What the hell? Is there something going on with my boyfriend that I don't know about? I wanted to hurt this bastard so much. But I am a nice guy and hurting him wasn't one of the things I would have done.

Ethan held his fork tight just in case Jason tried anything else.

After a million `I'm sorry's' from Jason I decided to just forget the experience. He seemed like a genuine person when he spoke just now. I saw a person instead of a horny bastard. If he had approached me this way then things might have been different. I wouldn't have slept with him because I want to be faithful to Noah. He looked like he was about to cry and causing a scene right now wasn't what I intended.

"Ok dude, just go already. Stop apologizing." I said with that harsh tone in my voice.

"You're still mad at me, I can tell. Believe me Luke I regret the whole thing happened."

"Dude, keep it in your pants." Ethan quipped. I shot him a look telling him that I am a big boy now and I can handle myself.

"Ok. Luke if you still need help in Chemistry, I'm still available." Jason said with those pleading eyes of his. OMG. I totally lost it. His eyes tore right through mine and burned my entire nervous system with that guilt of not sleeping with him. "I want to know you that's all. I mean if we're going to be working together, I want to make sure tható

"What?! Working together? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh. You didn't stay for the results. You made the cut and you're invited to an industry party to meet your agency."

"Shit. Luke can I come?" Ethan said with excitement in his voice.

I didn't say anything. Everything was happening so fast. Now I have an agency? Suddenly I wasn't so mad at Jason anymore. Ethan seemed to be more excited than me.

"I'm still mad at you for those messages."

Jason frowned. "Look I apologized a million times already. I didn't mean it, okay? You just do things to me. You and your boyfriend creep into my fantasies. I have a disorder of wanting you two whenever I see you. I couldn't stop. I mean, I'm pretty sure no one would be able to after what you two did on camera."

"Luke, give him a break. I mean, look at the poor guy. He's begging for mercy." I looked at Ethan. He was just elated to be related to someone in the modeling industry.

"I promise I won't do anymore to you and Noah." Jason seemed really sincere this time.

"Ok. Fine. Whatever. Just go already. And I'm not mad anymore."


You gotta be kidding' me here!

Ethan got up and hugged Jason. WTF?! "I'm so happy for you, Luke!"

"Okay..." Jason said awkwardly as he patted Ethan's back. "Oh,'s some tickets for entry just incase you don't get yours from Yano. He pulled out three stylish black tickets from his back pocket and handed them to me. Ethan swiped them from Jason right before they got to me. "I'll hold onto them!" he says with that menacing yet sexy smile of his.

"Cool. So Luke I will see you at the party. I'm sorry for everything."

"Ok already. Geez."

Jason smiled and ruffled my hair and left. He had a playful personality and he actually is a nice guy. Why on earth would he attack me like that? Something had to be wrong.

"Luke, this is awesome. Do you think you can...uh...hook me up?" Ethan said while examining the tickets.

"Are you jealous or something?"

"Of course I'm jealous!"

"I guess I am better looking after all."

"Shut up, I'm going to steal your job from you." Just like that? Yeah right? He had to be joking.

Or was he serious?


What a long day. I went to Noah's house to tell him the interestingly good news and who `Alex' was.

"Did he really?" Noah asked surprised after I told him that Jason was sincere and...buff ^_^.

"Yup. Sorry dude, your boyfriend is a wimp. I couldn't fight back." I looked bummed.

"No you're not," Noah said as he came over to me and grabbed my biceps. "Look at these arms!" He ran his hands over my chest. "And these pecs! Baby, you're manpower is showcased in bed." The he grabbed my crotch. It was hard. Hell it was always hard whenever I'm around him.

"Oh baby. You always seem to last long. I have to slow down sometimes so that I don't explode then and there."

"So how did it feel like being manhandled by that jock?"

Grr. I hated it when he brought it up. "Don't remind me. I feel like wimp now. By the way, you said that he sent you some pictures when you two were still chatting. Can I see them?"

"Oh yeah no problem." Noah got up and turned on his computer and searched his received documents.

I wonder what kind of photos he sent Noah.

"Here it is."

I walked over to the computer and saw the images. "Oh Shit."

Noah did that cute thing where you raise one eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Hey that was cute. Can you that one-eyebrow thing again?"

Noah raised his eyebrow again. "What are you talking about?"

"Aww. You're so cute!" I kissed him on the cheek.

"Anyway. So is this him?"

"YES. OMG! Yes it's him!" I was stunned. The pictures Jason Alex sent Noah were a variation of professional and candid shots. One picture had Jason unbuttoning his shirt and looking sideways. And another had him shirtless with a big smile.

"So he really is hott, huh?"


"But you're hotter."

Aww. He is so cute when he does that eyebrow thingy. I took his hand and guided him to his bed. "Hmm baby I haven't felt you in a while."

"Oh Luke. My legs are always spread for you."

Ooooh. Naughty Boy.

I lowered him onto the bed. His body was warm and smooth.

"It's ok, baby," he murmured softly, stroking my hair, "I'm all yours right now."

He pulled back a little and stroked my face, kissing me gently. My mouth clung to his with frantic need, and I arched up, trying to meld my body into his.

"Fuck me, Luke," he gasped when the kiss broke, "Fuck me now."

"Oh baby you drive me crazy!" I groaned into his mouth and darted my tongue inside.


I fucked him on his back, with my arms pinned above his head, and his legs wrapped high around my back. His eyes held mine, his body hungry with its intensity. I could see the muscles in his neck and shoulders straining and his eyes rolling to the back of his head, losing control each time I thrust into him.

My mouth was stretch wide, sounds of gratification escaping my throat on every inward thrust. He squeezed his legs around me, fully consumed by the feel of my organ delving deep into the reaches of his burrow. It's been a while. I felt broken by the pleasure.

"Noah," I moaned, my arms pinning his hands above his head. "Oh God, Noah you're so tight!"

He positioned his mouth against my ear.

"Luke," he groaned, "I love the way you're fucking me. You're so good. So fucking good! Don't stop now! More." He begged mindlessly, "More!" He stuck his tongues out and traced the lining of my ear.

"Oh yeah..."

"Harder. Oh Jeez, Lukey... harder..!"

"Fuck, baby, I'm getting so close..."

"I am too..." I could barely speak. My hips jerked inwards and his thrusts to meet my every stroke became more raucous. My eyes flickered shut and my back trembled so that the top of my head was plastered to his face. He kissed my forehead.

"Luke baby show me how man enough you are." His fingers curled with mine, holding them tightly.

My fingers left his and I grabbed on to the headboard to allow myself to thrust harder into Noah. His feet scraped against my back trying to hold on during the bumpy ride. I took my other hand and ran them through his hair and then through his lips. My eyes met his.

Noah ran his hands through my hair and with each plunge my cock took into him, he clenched harder. He licked my jaw line as I continued to shove myself into him.

"Ohhh...Ohhhh...OHHHHH!" I braced myself against the headboard and pulled myself into it. Torrents of that white liquid exploded into Noah like a fire hydrant gone bad. So bad.

"Oh!!" Noah came right after. As I emptied my juice into him, he clawed my back and my toes curled into the sheets. I wanted to prolong the bliss. It's as if we went up to the heavens and came crashing down. Hard and fast. Yet the torture was slow, sensual and pleasure full.

My body was drugged. A drug called Noah Wozniak intoxicated me and filled my blood stream. Very rare and addicting. I could never get tired of it and the feeling was euphoric and came so close to pure bliss. My eyelids were so heavy it was all I could do to roll my eyes around underneath them. My limbs were still intertwined with Noah's, and I really couldn't get the motivation to move them. Lethargic warmth was throbbing through my body. The pulsating aftershocks of the orgasm stayed for a while.

After much debate (and stepbro pressure from Ethan), I decided to go to the industry party. It was held at the top floor of Tartarus Towers where you could see the city skyline. I brought Noah and Ethan along since I did not intend on going by myself. Just in case Jason's old personality surfaces again.

I wore a black see-through long sleeve polo that covered my nipples but showed everything else from Skin. I saw some of the guys from the audition. Some of them smiled and nodded at me. Hott guys left and right. Noah was with me so I had some restraint. He looked more like a model than I did. I saw some people with cameras approaching him.

"Luke!" It was Yano. He came up to me holding a piece of paper. "You left right away buddy. You didn't get to sign this. I need you to sign this now." Whoa. Where's the fire? I know! In Noah's pants. LOL. It was another photo release form and...a contract! With EROS Models! SHIT. Eros was male modeling agency where most of the guys you see in those high fashion ads come from. "By the way, your photos were phenomenal! We didn't do any retouching at all!"

I decided to sign it anyway. I didn't really think about what contracts were. He also handed me an envelope.

"What's this?"

"Your first paycheck."

I opened it to find a check for $1000 inside. "Holy fuck. All this for one shoot?"

"You'll see more later." He flashed that metrosexual smile of his and disappeared into the crowd and made his way into the VIP room.

"What was that about?" Noah said coming up to me. They started to play some dance/trance music. Similar to the ones they played in Abercrombie as well as in Skin stores.

"Nice song. I feel like grinding into you right now."

"Oh Luke. Aren't you worn out from our love making last night?" Images of me and Noah tangled into the bed sheets flashed in my mind and got me hard.

"Hey Luke," I turned around to find Jason coming up to us wearing a black tank top that showcased his nice arms.

"Jason." I said nodding to him.

He didn't seem awkward around Noah. Even though he was probably waiting for this day. "Hey. It's so good to finally meet you Noah," Jason said smiling and holding out his hand.

"Luke are you sure this is the jerk that assaulted you?" Noah asked turning to me.

"Yeah what ever did happen to Alex?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

Jason had this hurt look on his face. Aww. His eyes! OMG! HIS EYES! They were so sad. And yet sexy at the same time. They captivated Noah and me as well. Ok I have got to stop falling for his eyes. They had the power to pierce through me and make my knees weak.

"You sick pig." Noah was still bothered by him.

"Look. I've already apologized to Luke and I want to apologize to you also."

*sigh. If only Jason was fat and ugly.

"Luke! Come over here for a second!" I looked to see Yano and Diego with some other guy sitting in one of those `coves.'

"You go ahead Luke. I'll have a word with Alex here."

"Please call me Jason. Alex is my middle name. I used it to protect myself." OMG. I love seeing big beefy guys get all sad and wimpy all of a sudden and apologetic.

I waved at Ethan and signaled him to keep and eye at Noah. He was talking to some industry people and looked like he didn't want to be disturbed. But of course, he'd do anything for his favorite stepbrother.

"Can I trust you with my boyfriend?" I asked Jason. My voice firm and serious.

"I don't know. Do you trust me? I know your trust Noah."

"Alright. Be a good boy. Or you're gonna get spanked." I held put my hand and Jason took it smiling.

"I wouldn't mind being spanked by you. I bet Noah here gets it all the time."

"Oh wouldn't you like to know."


I went over to the cove where Yano and Diego were. The guy sitting with them was probably in his thirties and was pretty good looking for an older guy.

"Luke, this is Gino Gianni. Owner of Eros Models. Say hello to your new boss." Yano said while holding some photos in his hand.

I didn't know what to say. First they pay me $1000 and now I have a job? This is awesomely weird.

"Luke it's a pleasure having you on board. You have this boy-next-door type of look and your eyes scream high fashion." Gino said holding up some of my headshots from the audition.

"I don't know much of the industry, sir."

"Oh please. Don't call me sir. Call me Gino. And don't worry about that. Some of the girls I sign are young and have no idea. This could be a learning experience for you."

"What do you guys see in me anyway?"

Diego laughed. "Oh please. Luke, come on! Have some balls buddy! You have sex appeal and a nice body. You're well toned and very photogenic. Your photos blew us away." He held up some of my shots. Some of them he made black and white.

"This rivals those boys you see in A&F. You're a natural. You don't have a lot of work cut out for you because you have a strong face and intense eyes."

I was so flattered and I had to blush. They told me everything I needed to know about working. I had to arrive at my shoots on time and they will schedule them around my schedule. So if I had school obligations, I could work during the weekend. I decided, why not. Hell I already signed the contract. There's no backing away now. And Gino totally agreed that I should go to college and I could do modeling on the side. I could make enough to even pay off my own tuition.

"Luke if you would join the other additions, we have a surprise for you."

"Wow. You guys are just pamperin' me here huh?" I said in a fake southern all-American boy accent.

I joined my other co-workers as Gino made some welcoming remarks and some projects we were going to do. I scanned the crowd to look for Noah and Jason. I saw Ethan and he waved at me. So cute. I looked up and saw Noah with Jason sitting at the upper level. They looked pretty normal so that gave me a peace of mind. Jason licked his lips while Noah looked down and waved. I wanted to flick him off but that would look really bad.

Gino was still speaking. "And without further ado, I present to you the new faces of Foam!"

Behind him a large photo scrolled down. Everyone cheered. My jaw dropped. It was the photo with me, Jackson and Eric. Of all shots they chose the one with me climbing on Jackson's back while Eric pulled the band of my Boy Toy boxers exposing more skin. Well, I guess that's the point of the whole ad.

I felt sort of embarrassed but everyone liked the photo. It felt weird though.

As if reading my mind, Jason appeared next to me and said, "Get used to it handsome. You're going to be doing a lot more of those."

End of Chapter 12

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