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Luke (voiceover): Previously on Saving Noah


"Are you new here?" I asked him.

"Yeah. My family and I just moved here from Chicago"

"That's cool. My name's Luke" I said to him extending my arm out to him.

"Noah Wozniak"

"Umm...are you ok dude? You look pretty upset"

"No. It's nothing"


I started for the door when I felt his hand grab mine. I turned to face him and we just stared at each other. Surprisingly he made the first move.


"Alright then" he smiled this time. He looked really good when he smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, prince" he said as I got out. Before I could inquire about being a prince he drove off.

This guy was soo mysterious.


Chapter Two:

I was sorting out prescriptions at work thinking about the events that took place yesterday. I really didn't know Noah and me were...official. From the way I was feeling, I knew that we were.

I was smiling the whole day. My co-workers noticed the novel glow emanating from my 5'11" figure. People would ask me "So who's the lucky girl?" but I would just stand there and pretend I didn't hear them.

I couldn't wait for the day to end. I didn't drive today knowing that Noah was going to pick me up. For some reason, the scene of us meeting for the first time always lingered in my mind. I really wanted to know what made him so upset so I can stray away from doing something that would cause another depressing episode for Noah.

Another reason to be happy was because today was payday! YAY! Instead of depositing my earnings to the back I decided to cash it so I could buy something for Noah.

After my shift ended I changed from scrubs to my regular A&F polo and jeans. I waited outside for Noah but he was nowhere to be found. A guy like me has limited patience since I get bored fast. I waited for about 30 minutes until I finally caught sight of his Smoke colored Montero.

"What took you so long?" I chided.

"..." He didn't say anything. He looked depressed again. It looked like he was going to cry.

"Oh...No, no, no!" I said giving him a hug and kissing his forehead.

"Aren't you mad? I'm really sorry Luke. I was—

I didn't let him finish. I just pecked him on the lips.

"I'm not mad. It's ok babe," I said. Babe? Oh gosh so I did consider him as a boyfriend. The thought got me all giddy again.

We drove to the mall in silence. He was depressed about something. I tried extracting it from him but he still wouldn't tell me. Then in that moment while we were in his jeep I realized that I wanted to make Noah happy. It was my goal at the moment.

When we got down, Noah slumped his head against his chest and placed his hands in his jacket pocket. Man he looked so cute doing that. I put my hands on his shoulders and rubbed his right arm. For some reason I was keen to cute gestures like that.

"So how is my `prince' doing today?" I asked.

He noticed that I stole one of his vocabulary words. I also noticed that he smiled. If only he would do that more often.

"My day just got better after I picked you up actually"

"My days became better since I met you"

"Luke you don't mean that"

I stopped and faced him. I lifted his chin with my hand and planted a kiss right there on his lips! No one was looking so I didn't care.

"I mean it"

Noah smiled again. For some reason I felt that he only smiled around me. Maybe it was his family causing these depressing episodes on my handsome prince. If I find out that they left a scar or bruise on his untouched skin, I will personally skin them with their own teeth. Okay...well maybe I won't do something that violent but I will retaliate.

We grabbed some food at the food court first then we went for some ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. I had to take away Noah's wallet since he insisted on paying. He gave me that sad(but cute) look so I had to explain to him that I was treating him today.

Noah finally began to loosen up when we visited this video game store. He was obsessed with video games. I liked video games too but I wasn't obsessed. He talked nonstop while we were inside. He asked if he could have his wallet back so he could purchase Tales of Symphonia for his Gamecube.

"How much is it?" I asked.

"No Luke! Please...can I just have my wallet?" He gave me that sad look again.

"Who said I was going to buy it for you? I was just asking how much it costs"


"Oh. No problem," I said as I handed him a $50 from my wallet.

"I'm not taking it unless it came from my wallet"

"Ooh. Are you going to do something about it?" I asked.

Noah just laughed at me. He laughed! That was a first.

"Luke you really remind me of someone..."


"Umm...I forgot his name."

" there was someone before me?"

"..." He gave me that black look again. I put my arms around his shoulders.

"Alright...if you want your's in my back pocket. You'll have to go and get it..."

Noah blushed. What a perfect day to wear my fitted jeans!

Noah didn't hesitate for a moment. He reached into my back pocket and dug in for his wallet. Being so naughty, I grabbed his hand and locked it inside my back pocket.

"Noah, I've been a bad boy today. Why don't you spank me?"

Noah laughed again. He seemed to enjoy my flirtatious mannerism.

"I'd love to prince, but I'd want to use a paddle since you've been evil"

He was so cute saying that. I wanted to kiss him right there but I decided to wait since I didn't want to create a scene. I liked it when he called me `prince' also. It gives me that sparkly feeling inside.

Afterwards Noah and I went to the A&F store to check out some new clothes. I wanted to get Noah out of those plain clothes and buy him some A&F. I was obsessed with this brand. Noah was pretty excited to since he's never really been to an A&F store before. He told me people made him feel out of place there. Grr...who would do such a thing to my Noah?

When I saw that there wasn't that many customers in the store, I hopped into the fitting booth with Noah and helped him change into some of the clothes I picked out for him. He looked so adorable in the turtleneck I picked for him. He looked good in anything actually. Anything he wore besides those plain clothes screamed sex. This guy was one of those geeks who had sex written all over him!

I took off Noah's shirt for him and exposed his bare chest. He had a really nice build actually. Being so naughty, I planted kisses down his neck and fondled his chest. I tweaked his nipples for a while and gave him a massage on his shoulders. I stuck my tongue in his ear while he reached back and grabbed my head. This guy loved what I was doing to him and he didn't resist me at all.

Wanna know what's hotter? He could see himself in the mirror while I do those things to him.

If I kept going, the small noises he made would turn into moans and sure enough, people outside would hear.

"That's not fair! I didn't get to take off your shirt" Noah whispered.

I lifted my shirt for him. He ran his hands over my stomach and up my chest.

I would have let him continue but I wanted to save it for a later date.

Noah couldn't decide between two outfits so I bought both of them for him. He was mad at me because I didn't let him pay for at least one outfit. I destroyed the receipts so that he wouldn't be able to return then. :P.

He wore outfit#1 out of the store. It was black polo shirt and khaki pants. He looked really good. Now there was just one more thing to get rid of...


My mouth was wide open. I was staring at someone else now.

"Luke are you sure I don't need to consult my eye doctor about these—

"Never mind dude. These are free and you can take it to your doctor is something goes wrong."

I still couldn't believe who I was looking at. Was this guy Noah Wozniak? He looked completely different without eye glasses.

I decided to take him to my eye doctor to try out some contact lenses. He was very reluctant at first but after major convincing, he finally gave in.

Behind his THICK glasses were the most beautiful gray eyes I've ever seen. Gray is very plain and monochromatic but his eyes gave a sparkly glint each time I'd look into them. His contact lenses were plain so that his natural eye color showed.

Noah Wozniak. Wow. Stereotypical dicks can erase the word `geek' next to Noah and put `stud'. Like I said before, Adam Brody is a geek but he's hott. Noah was hott but what made him hott was his geekiness. In other words, he was a hott geek.

But now the world won't see Noah as a geek anymore. He was a new creature. A new beautiful creature. Oh boy...I have got to stop rambling about his looks. Every time I looked at him my heart would beat so fast and I'd go out of breath each time I knew I was going to meet him. This feeling was totally something I've never experienced before.


[Parking Garage]

"Can I drive?" I asked Noah as we were going to his jeep.

"I don't know...I've never made anyone else besides Eric drive before."

"You don't trust me," I said giving him that hurt look.

"Oh no Luke I do. Please don't be mad at me." Oh Gosh, each time he said something pitiful my heart melted and I felt so sorry for him. I could never get mad at Noah. He was so cute.

I gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. I just had to. I wanted to lick his face also but then I guess a kiss is enough. It's like everything about Noah screamed sex. He intoxicated me with lust each time I looked at him. So it wasn't my fault if I couldn't contain myself.

Since I never took `no' for an answer I simply snatched the keys from Noah's hand.

"Haha. Luke you rude ass! I was going to make you drive eventually..."

I really didn't understand Noah. First he would be depressed then vibrant then depressed again. It was as if he had a cycle that included me as a factor. Whatever it was, it excited me and fueled my interest for this handsome prince.


As we were driving I couldn't help but take my eyes off the road and stare at Noah. Even with those horrible thick glasses, he looked good. Now he was so hott without them. You can't blame me for staring.

"Luke we're going to get into an accident if you keep doing that," Noah said nervously. I guess that he didn't want to scratch his beloved car.

I just smiled to myself. I must've looked like some Dumbass. Haha. But then I smiled at the smallest things. I liked to smile actually. It gave me that youthful look and made me a very amiable person at school. Even those dorks at school approached me for some reason.

The real reason as to why I was smiling was because I was with Noah. For some reason, I just felt so happy around him.

"What?" he asked.

"What?" I asked back as if not knowing what he was talking about.

"Why are you smiling?"

"It's nothing really."

I suddenly felt the touch of Noah's hand on mine. I gently rubbed it causing some warm friction in between. He moved his hand up to my thighs and began stroking them. I let out a small sound letting him know that I wanted him to keep going.

"And I thought you didn't want an accident," I chuckled.

Noah then did the cutest thing. He stuck his tongue in my ear and began kissing the side of my face. Man, who is this guy? Is he putting up the helpless boy act as some cover up for the sexual animal that it is? Not that I didn't mind or anything. What he was doing was totally turning me on.

I couldn't contain myself anymore. I took the nearest exit and drove into this nice park. I went into the woods a little so that no one would see us. After shifting the gear to park, I unbuckled my belt and let loose on Noah.

I devoured his mouth. I stuck my tongue down his throat and I felt his hands on my back and on the back of my head urging me to keep going. Then I felt his hands on my butt. He gave it a gentle squeeze before spanking me. Oooh...this guy likes it rough, huh?

I held his head in place as we continued making out. I grabbed fistfuls of his dark brown hair and arched his head back a little so I could send my tongue deeper inside his mouth. I chomped down on his succulent neck as he let out groans of pleasure.

The next thing I knew was me on my back as he unbuttoned my pants. He shoved my boxers down and began to work his magic on me. I stroked his hair as he sucked on the tip of my manhood.. He drove me wild each time he stuck his tongue into my piss slit.

My toes were curling and my body was squirming inside. I thrust upward to meet his strokes and my head was shaking in all directions. I couldn't help myself from making so much noise.

I loved the way Noah was working on my f--kstick. He would slobber down to the hilt and make the tip touch the back of his throat and go back up again to the head and suck on that part alone. He continued his ministrations as I kept moaning his name over and over again.

He blew me until he reached the hilt and went from the base up. My eyes rolled back because this feeling was so amazing. After what seemed like ages, my body was drenched with sweat. His car was completely fogged up.

I couldn't hold it anymore so I spilled my jism into his mouth. He gulped every single drop I had spilled into his willing mouth. My body thrashed and my hips bucked upward. I kept on until I ran empty. I was so wiped out that we had to rest in his car for a while for me to recover.

My breathing slowed down and he planted a kiss on my lips.

When we got back to his house Noah asked me if I wanted to play Tales of Symphonia inside his house. I was surprised he didn't say "Let's go to my room and make love!"

I was too tired to probably engage in another sex session with him. OHH DAMN he was so awesome! Noah made me feel so good that I was determined to return the favor to him.

When we entered Eric's jaw dropped.

"What have you down with my brother?" he joked as he held my shoulders.

"He's right there."

"Haha. Luke decided that I needed a new look so we got some contact lenses," Noah said.

"I really like it. You look really good now," Eric added.

I wanted to say `He always looked good' but I kept it in.

We played video games for a while in his room. Occasionally I would horse around with Noah each time he won. Which was of course, every time. We played Mortal Kombat, Halo and Tales of Symphonia.

Someone knocked on his door.

"Come in," Noah said not taking his eyes off the screen.

A woman in her early forties came in. One could tell that she was very beautiful when she was young.

"Oh...I didn't know you had company," the woman said. She looked surprised that her son was actually socializing with someone. "Hi, I'm Sharon, Noah's mom," she said extending her hand and giving me a warm smile.

"Lucas Garcia," I said flashing my teeth at her.

"It's really nice to meet you, Lucas."

"Please. Call me Luke."

She smiled again. "Why don't you stay for dinner? I have some homemade teriyaki chicken."

I couldn't resist. My stomach grumbled. "Sure. I'd love to," I replied.

At dinner I also met Mr. Wozniak, Noah's dad. He was a lawyer and worked in downtown Chicago. He was really friendly and talked nonstop about his job. He usually talked about Eric which made me wonder how they treated Noah.

Noah sat across from me and sat there with an empty look on his face. I decided to be evil and removed my foot from my shoe. I aimed...then fired under the table to Noah's crotch area. Noah moved back a little with a look of shock on his face.

I ran my index finger across my lips to tell him to be quiet. Mr. Wozniak was telling a story about his business in Poland while I massaged Noah's crotch with my feet. Eric and Mrs. Wozniak didn't seem to notice Noah moving up and down a little.

He bit his bottom lip to suppress a moan. I wanted to make him cum in his pants but that would be really obvious.

"So Luke," Mr. Wozniak began, "where do you go to school?"

I kept massaging Noah with my foot. "Oh I go to Ridgemont High which is a few blocks from here."

"Oh that's where we enrolled Noah, isn't that right son?" He asked Noah.

"Umm...oOh...YEAH!" Noah yelped as I thrusted my foot into him.

Mr. Wozniak didn't seem to notice what was going on between us. I decided to stop after a while seeing that Noah began moving more often each time I footsied him.

I offered to help Mrs. Wozniak with the dishes but she refused. It was about eight o'clock and I knew my parents were going to wonder where I've been. Usually they would just ask and they barely got mad at me.

I shook Mr. Wozniak's hand and Eric's as I was about to leave. Noah was going to drop me home so I didn't have to worry about kissing him goodbye in front of his parents.

"It's really nice to see Noah getting along with someone new ever since we moved here," Mr. Wozniak said as he shook my hand.

I was really confused. What was up with this family and what was their issue about Noah and his social life? This mysteriousness was beginning to bother me.

Noah dropped me home in front of my house.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" I asked

"Yeah. Luke...I had a really great time today," Noah said.

"I had a great time," I said before kissing him. "You are amazing!"

I kissed him again.

As I was getting out he said the same thing to me that he said yesterday.

"I'll see you later prince," he said as he winked at me. Aww. So cute! Winking at me! But then what was up with prince? I didn't mind but I really wanted to know.


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