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Chapter Three:

I was dreaming. Well...I knew I was because everything was sort of blurry. :P.

I was in Noah's room. I can hear the sound of a violin playing but I couldn't see anyone with a violin nearby. I was getting freaked out.


I searched Noah's books. I really didn't know why I was doing it though. I can still hear the sound of a violin. To tell you the truth I was really scared.


I was drowning in...something.


I was in a cemetery. A nice cemetery actually, but who would admire the scenery in a cemetery?


I see a gravestone with the writings:

Noah Wozniak


Beloved Son, Brother and Friend

My stomach churned. I drowned completely then my eyes opened all of a sudden. I was sweating and breathing fast.


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I walked up the Wozniak driveway and made my way to the house's big double doors. I rang the doorbell and waited for a response.

My dream (or vision, rather) wouldn't stop coming into my mind. It was really freaking me out. I had to see Noah. I just had to.

Eric opened the door. Finally!

"Hey Luke, how's it going?" he asked while shaking my hand.

"Is Noah here?" I asked.

"Oh no he's not dude. He's at work right now."

"Work? He has a job?" I asked. I was surprised he didn't tell me he worked.

"Yeah...he works at that coffee shop slash bookstore near the mall."

"Oh. Ok thanks Eric. I'll see you around."

Eric looked at me weird. I must've looked like some dumbass coming here to look for his brother. He probably has thought about me and Noah being more than friends. I hope that it was just a thought and that he didn't linger on it.

I walked into Cappuccino Cafe which was where Noah worked. The place was very...brown. People were either in couches sipping some coffee or on the internet sipping some coffee or reading a book while sipping some coffee.

I smiled when I saw Noah. He was wearing a black two button polo shirt and khaki pants. He had a red apron on with the cafe's logo on it. It looked really good. He had established that cute preppy boy look that makes me squirm inside. In fact, my breathing grew faster upon seeing him.

"Luke? What are you doing here?" Noah asked. He smiled too when he saw me.

"Visiting you of course."


"Yeah. Hey, how come you never told me you worked here?"

"Oh. I just started actually. I felt hat having a job I can be more independent...AND I don't like asking my parents for money."

"That's cool. Man...I wanna kiss you right now." It just came out. I was surprised that it did.

"Hang on. Let me go ask my co-worker to cover for me. Why don't you sit down over there?" Noah said pointing to a table on the far side of the room. It was really dim back there so no one would probably see us.

Noah walked over behind the counter and talked to this girl who was probably two years older than us. Noah said something to her that made her look at me. She smiled and nodded. Noah took off his apron. Oh I wish it were something else he took off.

He brought along two strawberry frappes to our table.

"Here. It's on me," Noah said.

"I want to be on you too," I flirted back at him.

I wanted to kiss him so bad. I pulled out my Sony Cybershot 5.0 mega pixel camera and snapped a picture of Noah with his blank look. Damn. He wasn't looking but he still looked cute.

"The camera loves you," I said to him.

He grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of me sipping on my frappe. I could've been sucking something else...but oh well.

"The camera loves you more. Look at this," Noah said showing me the LCD screen. "You look really handsome here. Actually you look handsome anywhere."

I stroked his hand with my fingers. Our legs rubbed together. I wanted to get in his pants...NOW!


I slammed Noah onto the storeroom's door once it was shut. Our pelvises grinded together and caused a huge amount of friction. Noah let out a silent moan and I took the opportunity to stick my tongue in his mouth.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and wrapped one leg around my waist. We gyrated our groins together. Even though I was wearing jeans, my cock could feel Noah's manhood kept within his pants. Each time I would thrust forward, his hips would buck inwards towards the door. I kissed him feverishly as he continued gyrating our cocks together.

I wanted to return the favor Noah gave me in is car. I pushed him by the chest into the door. I kissed my way down to his stomach and stopped at his crotch. I sniffed it and my arousal grew harder.

I was about to release his cock when we were rudely interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Noah are you in there? I need some new blenders. The last one finally gave up."

I sighed with disappointment and Noah fixed himself up. He opened the door and the girl who talked to earlier walked in. She grinned when she saw me.

"Oh. Was I interrupting something?" she asked.

I wanted to say fuck yeah! I was about to have sex with my boyfriend! Boyfriend??! Holy Crap! That just came out. I don't know if me and Noah have even considered each other boyfriends yet. The thought turned me so on.

"No," Noah said while grabbing a box of blenders, "I was just going back to work."

I saw Noah's disappointed face as he walked out the door. His co-worker followed. Just as I was to go out, Noah came back in and gave me a quick kiss.

"I'm so sorry Luke. I'll make it up to you. Can we just talk later?" he asked.

Frankly I was disappointed myself. I wanted to return the favor to him. "Yeah no problem." I said with a disappointing tone. I can tell Noah sensed it since he had that sorry look on his face.

"I'm so sorry Luke. We are so gonna get caught here if we continued..."

Oh please. We already did! I couldn't argue with his cute face. I decided to just let it go.

"It's ok. I'll just catch you later then," I said before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Ok. Later prince," he said before walking out. Gosh, he called me prince again...

Noah went back to work behind the counter. I loved the frappe he bought me earlier so I bought another one. I also bought this month's GQ magazine. I loved that magazine.

As I walked out of the door I looked back at Noah and he nodded at me. I winked at him and that made him smile.

[Later that day]

I was so bored and I did all my homework so I just spent the afternoon online on my messenger. Oh please. There was barely anyone online. Most of them were my classmates but I rarely talk to them. Just then a pop-up appeared.

|[Noah has added you to his/her messenger list. Accept or Decline.]|

My heart jumped. I accepted his invitation and his screen name became visible.

cold coffee says:

oooh I almost forgot! you're coming to school tommorow right?

Noah says:

yeah. I'm really nervous though...

cold coffee says:

why? you have me. and i'll introduce you to my other friends

Noah says:

I don't know...

Noah says:

what if they don't like me...

cold coffee says:

they will...or else I'll kick their ass

Noah says:


cold coffee says:

I'm serious

Noah says:

are you always this violent?

cold coffee says:

you should try me in bed ;)

Noah says:

ohhh. I would love to :)

cold coffee says:

do you have a webcam?

Noah says:

yeah, why?

cold coffee says:

can I see you?

cold coffee says:

here i'll turn mine on

cold coffee says:

---] initiating webcam [---

Noah says:

ooh I see you ;)

Noah says:

---] initiating webcam [---

cold coffee says:

ooh nice shirt...

Noah says:


cold coffee says:

I bet it would be nice if it was off...

Noah says:


cold coffee says: no i was kidding!

Noah says:


cold coffee says:

omg. you took it off!! man your so hott

Noah says:

oh damn. you have a nice chest...

cold coffee says:


Noah says:

this is my facial expression while we make love

cold coffee says:

Noah your getting me hard...

cold coffee says:

are you stroking?

Noah says:


cold coffee says:


Noah says:

---]connection terminated[---

cold coffee says:


Noah says:

Eric is coming!!

cold coffee says:

oh shit.





cold coffee says:

u there?

Noah says:

yeah. sorry ^_^

cold coffee says:

you sexy fucker

Noah says:


Noah says:

oh damn. hey Luke I gotta go now...

cold coffee says:


Noah says:

I'll be on later

cold coffee says:


cold coffee says:

later handsome

Noah says:

bye prince (k)(l)(k)(l)

Noah may not reply because he/she appears to be offline.

Later that evening I had to take out the trash after dinner. Man that sucked. It was so cold and I was wearing boxers and a white shirt.

After I dropped the garbage into the bin I felt like I was being watched. I quickly turned around and there stood Noah. He was wearing a black coat. He looked sooo good in black. I just stood there in my boxers and white shirt.

"Hey..." Noah said.

"Hey handsome," I said back.

Noah didn't say anything else. He just went up to me, grabbed my face and kissed me HARD. I felt his tongue scraping my lips and then probing inside my mouth.

I led him inside our garage. There was no way I was bringing him up to my room. My mom was watching T.V. and my siblings lingered near the hallway. I would be caught for sure.

I stripped Noah down to his boxers and sat him down on this stool. I kissed his chest. He had a swimmer's build and he was very well defined. He didn't really have a six pack but you can see he's getting there. His nipples were very hard. I sucked on them for a while before licking his entire torso. His head was arched back in pleasure.

I wanted to satisfy him. I wanted to give him an orgasmic experience. I slipped down his boxers to his ankles. I smiled at the sight of Mr. Wood wide awake and ready. :P. I ran my hands from his calves, through his thighs and ended at his hip. I held him there and tongued his organ for a bit. I sucked on the head little by little.

I licked his cock from the base up. I used my tongue to massage the underside of his cock. I relaxed my mouth and allowed his seven incher to hit the back of my throat. His cock felt really good in my mouth.

Noah was moaning to himself. I really wanted him to cause a racket but I couldn't risk getting caught. I sucked him slowly and grabbed his ass. His ass was so smooth and soft. I just had to spank it.

Noah brought his legs up around my head and started fucking my mouth. I felt his thighs gripping the sides of my head. I choked a few times but when I did I made sure the tip hit the right place.

I felt his heel hit my back. Noah started shaking vigorously while I sucked him like a vacuum. Soon I felt a sticky liquid hit the back of my throat. I sucked him harder and harder to make sure all his cum came out. He was fucking my head vigorously. He let out small cries of pleasure as he spasmed again and again.

"Luke...that was amazing," Noah said.

Cum was dripping from my mouth. He came in torrents of white liquid. I couldn't catch them all in my mouth. I decided to make him taste himself. I grabbed his naked form and kissed him hard. I felt him licking his semen off my mouth.

At first it was sort of a gross feeling and it sounded gross but then with someone like Noah it was all sexy and hott.

I grabbed his pants, went in back of him and helped him get into his pants. I think it was a cute gesture. I kissed his shoulder while he was slipping them on.

After all his clothes were on, I walked Noah back to his car even though it was so cold that night. My nipples were so hard. He gave me his jacket to wear back to my house. He smiled and I kissed him again.

I swear. I can't keep my hands off this boy. He makes my body tremble and stimulates me with sexual lust. You can't blame me for not holding it in. He drives me to the edge and pushes me into ecstasy.

As I went back inside, I felt something in his jacket pocket. I pulled out the lump and found it to be his BOXERS! OMG! I sniffed it hard but he was gone. His sweet boyish scent still lingered...

End of Chapter Three

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