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Chapter Four:

I woke up earlier than usual. Well it wasn't early but I woke up anyway since I was going to see Prince Noah in school today! I called him up and asked him if he wanted me to pick him up but he preferably chose to drive.

"Do you want me to pick you up Luke?" Noah asked over the phone.

"Sure. When will you come by?

"Well I'm all dressed already so I'd say in around...fifteen minutes?"

"Oh shit. I still have to take a shower and change," I said while picking out my clothes.

"Shower...mmm...wish I was there." I could tell he had a sinister grin on his face.

"Shut up. Mr. Wood is already awake!"

"Haha. Alright. Just call me back when you're ready."

"Ok then. Bye handsome," I said as I turned the receiver off.

Frankly I was disappointed that he didn't ask me if I wanted to indulge in morning sex with him. I'd love for him to rip my pajamas off and clash flesh with his sexy body. I began to realize how smutty I am. All I ever thought about was sex. It's normal for a guy to think about sex but then it depends on what kind of sex he's thinking of and with who. In my case it was this handsome prince from some...castle in the sky or something.

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My mom had already gone to work and my brother and sister were probably on their way to school when I came down to the kitchen. My brother and sister went to this prep school that was a 15-minute drive from our house. I know...why are they in private school while I'm in public school?

Well for some reason my step dad wanted  them to attend school where my stepsiblings attended so that they could be better prepared for college and all. My (real) sister was in middle school but they were already learning stuff like Trigonometry! Oh Damn.

Oh. I almost forgot to tell you guys. I have a dad and a step dad. I barely talk about him. He's a nice guy (my stepfather) but it feels so weird when all of a sudden this man comes into your life trying to replace your old father and implement...stuff...into your brain.

My real father wasn't much either. I mean, maybe he did love us but I didn't know. All I'd ever ask him for was money and software for my computer. My step dad tried buying me before. He'd buy me loads of stuff. I didn't mind but I hated it when people tried buying me. My brother and sister seemed to have accepted him but I, on the other hand was still confused.

My stepfather lived with us. My dad moved to Orange, California. OMG! That's like where The O.C. takes place!! He has a girlfriend now and will probably marry later on. My brother and sister are going to move in with him later on in the summer. My mom wouldn't stop crying when they made that decision. I didn't though because that means I can be an only child!! You so evil. Haha.

I have three stepsiblings also. Two stepbrothers and a stepsister. I LOVED my stepsister and the older stepbrother. They were the two people in this world who knew that I was bi. But then they'd seen me with girls most of the time so I wouldn't know if they believed me or not.

My younger stepbrother Ian is so adorable. He's only four years old and was very intelligent. I had to babysit him sometimes which was a real drag but I get paid to do it so I didn't complain. My stepbrother's name was Ethan and my stepsister's Yoanna. They are both hott. =). I decided to sop scamming on them since incest really bothered me. They lived with their real mom who has a boyfriend but I didn't see her much and neither did I care.

Oh shoot. I totally strayed from the story! Sorry you guys! Some hott sex could have taken place instead of a boring summary of my family. =D. Anyway, I grabbed a hot pocket and popped it into the microwave.

I showered quickly and got myself dressed. I called Noah and told him I was ready. A few minutes later I heard him honk outside on the driveway. I grabbed my bag and went outside.

"Morning," Noah greeted as I opened the door and got in.

"Morning handsome," I said greeting him with a kiss.

Noah looked really good today. He was wearing a gray shirt and a dark blue denim jacket and khaki pants. It probably would have looked awful on someone else but on Noah it was all sexiness.

"So are you nervous about today?" I asked while we drove to school.

"Yeah. I'm shaking inside...Luke, can I ask you something?"


"Are to your friends?" Noah asked. He looked like he regretted asking.

"No...I'm not. I can't imagine what would happen if I did," I said while I pondered beating beaten and talked about. The thought made me cringed.

"Are you?" I asked.

"Nope. When a few people at my old school found out they used it against me..." Noah said. He said it as if he remembered something that made him choke back tears. I was happy he wasn't out actually. I love the idea of being undercover and doing things under people's noses. It's just so daring and it really turned me on.

"What happened at you old school," I asked curiously. I really wanted to know this guy's past. What happened to him before? What was happening to him when I first met him? I wanted to bring the subject up but I couldn't risk him being upset on his first day of school.

"I don't want to talk about it," he said. I knew he'd say something like that.

"Ok. Maybe some other time when you feel more comfortable around me."

"Thanks for understanding," he said as he moved his hand up to mine. It stayed there during the whole ride to school.

Noah parked where I usually did whenever I drove to school. I asked him if I could see his schedule to check if I had any classes with him. We can also sneak out to the restroom for some quickies. :P.

He handed me his schedule. My jaw dropped to see him loaded with AP classes.

Noah's Schedule:

01 AP Literature and Composition

02 AP Computer Science AB

03 AP Spanish Language

04 AP Calculus BC

05 AP Music Theory

06 AP Studio Art

07 Tennis

I was speechless. How on earth will he be able to handle all these classes and ME at the same time. LOL. Our school didn't have a limit as to how many AP classes a student can take but the average amount would be around three to four.

"Aww Noah I only have you for two classes; Computer Science AB and Spanish," I said with disappointment.

"Well maybe if you were smarter and took more AP classes then we could be together," Noah said as we walked towards the campus.

"Shut up punk," I said playfully punching him. Man I wanted to kiss him right now. But then there was lots of people and I didn't want to make a scene.

I guess you could say I was within the popular crowd at school. I remember when I was a nobody and I saw these three guys followed by a swarm of girls walking down the hallway. Everything was in slow motion. They were walking like three badasses who were part of some rock band or something.

It was sort of like that scene in Mean Girls except for the part where Lindsey Lohan falls into the trashcan and there was no dumb girl walking with them. Mark, Christian and Caleb. *sigh.

Three of the hottest guys in school. Mark was like the jock president, Christian was like the preppy boy president and Caleb...well he was just Caleb. Now they were three of my closest friends. Man it was so funny when they approached me during my sophomore year and asked me to be one of them. LOL. They were like a troika of vampires who wanted to turn me. Long story. LOL. Maybe I'll tell it some other time.

Caleb and I soon became best friends. He wasn't shallow like Mark or materialistic like Christian. He was just...Caleb. They all had girlfriends of course. Mark had Susan, Christian had Celina and Caleb had Yoon. All hot girls of course. I had Kristin but we broke up. Long story. All the girls in school had them on their lust list. Some would openly admit that they masturbate to them. Haha. I did too once upon a time. Ooh so evil. :P.

Sometimes I wonder why I hang around Mark and Christian. They were both nice to me and everyone loved them. They were both rich also. I guess I did it to have friends. But then later on I realized that finding friends wasn't so hard when you be yourself.

I think people like me because I'm all around nice and I don't talk shit about other people the way Mark and Christian do. During lunch I would hang around everyone instead of just staying with the cool crowd in their table. Mark would get mad at me because he gets jealous whenever I don't talk to him.

I saw Caleb sitting with Yoon and decided to introduce them to Noah.

"Hey guys, I'd like you to meet Noah. He just moved a few blocks away from here."

Caleb be so all around nice extended his hand first for Noah to shake. "Nice to meet you, I'm Caleb and this is my girlfriend Yoon."

Yoon smiled and shook Noah's hand as well. Noah was staring at Yoon. Yoon was a very beautiful Korean girl. She was very intelligent also. I saw her running her eyes over Noah, undressing him with them.

I wanted to push her down and say, "He's mine, bitch!" but Caleb would probably be so mad at me and kick my ass. Yoon was nice so she was probably won't do something like that. But if she made a move on my Noah, I'm going to tell her mom what she and Caleb did on the living room table that caused it to break. =O. Hehe.

I introduced Noah to Susan and Celina who were with their clique of super sexy babes. I swear all the girls were undressing Noah with their eyes. One of them made a comment on how cute he was. Noah just blushed.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Noah?" one of the girls asked.

"," Noah said.

All of a sudden all the girls except Celina and Susan were like screaming and were all around Noah telling him this and that, how good they cook food, how they are so smart that they can help him with homework, how they can dance for him and even how well they are in bed. I didn't blame them though. I mean Noah was sexually intoxicating them like he did to me.

It was so funny because he looked so uncomfortable around them. He had the words `help me' written on his eyes. I wanted to throw all the girls off him and say "He's mine bitches!" But then doing that would showcase me being some jealous school girl. I didn't like that idea at all.

After successfully escaping from the horde we went inside the main building where I showed Noah where this and that was. We ran into Mark and his football player friends. He seemed to like Noah since he didn't give him that mean skeptical look. He doesn't tolerate ugly people. Shallow bastard.

"Wow Luke you are so popular. That was the whole football team back there!"

I just smiled at his amazement. It's like everywhere I went people said `hi' or `hey' to me. We ran into Christian near the office. He was probably arguing with Mr. Morgan about something. Aside from being the preppy president and being the pretty boy that he is, Christian was also our student body president. I think people only voted for him because he looked good. The person running against him was this ugly fat guy. People in this school are so shallow. I swear. They base everything on looks.

Then again, I voted for Christian also. LOL. He's so hott that's why. Today he didn't button the first two buttons in his thin white polo shirt. He wore clothes that screamed sex. Christian saw me and walked over to us.

"Hey Luke, who's you new friend?" Christian asked as he looked at Noah.

"Christian-Noah, Noah-Christian," I said pointing my hands back and forth. Christian shook Noah's hand just like everyone else.

"So are you coming to my house on Friday?" Christian asked.

"I don't know...I might have other plans," I said thinking about me and Noah.

"Then don't make any. Why don't you bring Noah along?" Christian said looking at the handsome prince next to me. Usually Christian didn't invite other people besides the `in' crowd but when he did that meant that he liked the person.

Noah still didn't say anything. I think being around so many people was sort of a shock for him. The bell rang cutting our conversation short. Christian said he'd talk to me later. Noah went off to his first class while I went to my art class.

Computer Science was a lot of fun since Noah was there. He was an expert in programming. I'd send him messages on his computer while we were supposed to be programming. I'd send stuff like "you made me wet last night" or "I wanna lick you all over." Noah sent stuff like "go ahead" and "I'm gonna ride you till your knees buckle."

That last message made me so hard that I was swearing under my breath during Spanish class. Noah spoke Spanish very well. I thought he had a sexy accent when he spoke. Our teacher, Señor Salvador Ortigas was impressed that he insisted that he go with the class on our trip to Puerto Rico by the end of the semester. If only Noah were here last semester when we had students come from Madrid. I had such a hard time with my counterpart that he revealed that he can speak English since he felt sorry for me.

During lunch I looked around for Noah. I went to his last class and checked if he was still there and found the room to be empty. I was getting worried that he got kidnapped by someone or got lost in this big ass school of ours. Oh come on get real. Noah's a big boy. I went to the library and found no one to be there except a few people going online and checking their e-mail. I searched around the quad and saw no sign of Noah.

I checked out Mark and Christian to see if Noah was with them. They told me they didn't see him. I pretended to act not too concerned or else they might think of something else. I decided to let the search go for a while and get some food to satiate my grumbling stomach.

I grabbed myself a club sandwich along with a bottle of Gatorade and sat down next to Caleb and Yoon. Usually we'd sit next to Mark and Christian but they've been inundated with a swarm of people lately. Mark would be with his team members and Christian would be with the other student body officers gossiping about this and that. Christian would come over to just chat about random things. He cracked jokes about certain things that just made a person laugh so hard that their stomach would hurt.

I returned to eating my sandwich when all of a sudden I saw Noah in the far reaches of the lunch room sitting with the only group of people I despised; the loser geeks/weirdoes. Well I liked this other group of geeks who weren't too weird but the group Noah was with were losers. Low life freaks who just annoy people for the hell of it.

I quickly got up and walked like a bazillion miles to get to the far reaches of the lunch room. No one ate here except the loser geeks. When I finally got there I sat down next to Noah as if I owned the place.

These geeks are so weird that they gave themselves these weird ass sci-fi names. Truthfully I didn't even know their real names. Their leader, Cassius (that is so not his real name), spoke first.

"Excuse me? What makes you think you can sit with us?" He said it as if he was part of the popular crowd.

I wanted to rip him apart for luring my Noah into their...realm of...loserdom. "What?" I barked. "Can't I sit to my friend?" 

"First of all, he's OUR friend and he decided to become one of us. We're going to have a ceremony for him right after school." Oh God. A ceremony? Wtf is that all about.

I shot Noah a look that made him feel bad that he left me for these losers. He gave me that sad look that always stopped me from getting angry.

This other weirdo named Ragnarok spoke up and said "Why don't you go back to your table of losers before I let loose my dragon powers on you!"

I felt as if I was slapped by some five-year old kid. "Shut up or else I'll call over my friend Mark over here along with his football team to rip your body to pieces and feed it to a real dragon. But they probably wouldn't eat it anyway since it came from bodies of freaks!" That last word seemed to have pieced each of them.

The whole weirdo/loser table grew quiet. They finally realized that they were talking to an alien who threatened to call over his phalanx of space ships and obliterate their loser planet.

They were all scared obviously. People like them were erased from existence at our school. You might think I'm mean for picking on people like them but it's just that the things they do cause an annoyance to me that just can't be contained. I mean, come on! Who has secret powers?

"Luke can I talk to you outside?" Noah suddenly said while getting up. Uh-oh. I'm in trouble. :P. Just kidding! I saw Noah didn't finish his burger so I grabbed it and ate while I followed him to an empty classroom. He locked the door and shot me a look.

"Hmm...this burger is good, want some?" I said holding it out to him.

Noah just stared at me.

"What?" I said innocently.

"You're an asshole you know that?"

I fell against glass and it shattered and I fell some more.

"Why did you do that? Calling them freaks. You're a freak too since you're attracted to guys, didn't you know that?!"

I didn't say anything. He had a point. I was no different from those people sitting at that table.

"I was like those people at my old school! I was a freak! The only kind of people who accepted me for what I was and who I am!" His voice was rising that he was nearly screaming at me.

"Noah you're not a freak, ok?" I said approaching him. I was about to touch him but he shoved me away.

"I WAS! I WAS A FREAK! People knew about me being gay so they treated me like shit! Only a group of people similar to THOSE PEOPLE YOU CALLED FREAKS ACCEPTED ME! AND THEY GOT BEATEN ON TOO!"

Noah started to choke back tears. I didn't know it was like that. I felt so bad. Anger was building up inside me. I wanted to kill all those people who harmed him in his old school. Noah was mad at me now. I wanted to cry also. I didn't want him mad at me. I just couldn't live with it.

"I couldn't escape so I wanted to kill myself! I wanted to hang myself in the hallway outside of my old cafeteria. I finally did it and when I felt my life slipping away from me, Eric comes out of nowhere and cuts the rope! He told my parents about my situation but didn't tell about me being gay. They just thought something was wrong with my head. So they sent me to a shrink and that turned out to be a total waste of time!" Noah was crying now. I could barely understand what he was saying.

"So we moved out of the city and came here. My parents thought it would be better to listen to the shrink and move out of the city and start over. But my past kept up with me. Remember the two boys you saw when you first met me?"

I nodded as I had a flashback of the two boys knocking down Noah.

"They followed us all the way here just to remind me of the freak I was," Noah said as tears flowed down his cheeks.

I clenched my fists. I wanted to hurt someone. I was mad at myself for not knowing. I wanted to yell at Noah for not telling me what happened. I saw he was already in pain and it was my fault I reminded him of what happened to him in his old school.

"Then I met you Luke..." he trailed off. He wasn't crying anymore. I'm glad that bringing the subject about me made him happy. "I met you and saw that I can be happy with who I am. You made me feel good about myself. You made me feel like someone, instead of some freak."

My eyes started to get teary. Normally I don't cry but there was something about what Noah said that hit that sensitive spot in me. The other sensitive spot, ok?

"I'm sorry," I said as I choked back tears.

I thought Noah was still mad at me but then he came over to me and hugged me. I wrapped my arms tight around him and squeezed him hard.

"Luke...I can't breathe," Noah said with a restrained voice.

I had to laugh. He looked so cute against me. "I'm so sorry Noah. I didn't know. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I said I will tell you. I just wasn't ready..."

"Let's not argue about this right now. In fact... since we're alone—

Noah didn't let me finish. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his mouth against mine. I was kissing him feverishly. I used my tongue and traced his jaw line and licked his entire mouth. I picked him up and threw him on a table.

This was sort of our "making up" session as well as some make out session.

 Ground my hips into his pelvis and used my back muscles to rub my upper body against his. While I was kissing him, he broke away and arched his head back and I ended up kissing his neck. He made me so hard that I wanted to get on the table with him and rock that sexy body of his.

I leaned in and licked his ear lobe then whispered, "I'm not letting you go, Noah. You drive me so wild." It sounded like I only wanted him for sex but that was not the case. I was sexually charged right now. Even after he told me his past experience I wanted to take advantage of each moment I had with him.

Just as I was about to take my shirt off, the bell rang!

"Oh shit," Noah said as he got up and fixed himself up.

People would be in this classroom any minute! Me and Noah ran to the door but before I opened it, Noah grabbed my arm.

"Luke I'm sorry..."

"For what?" I asked

" calling you an asshole."

I reached out and held him against the door. I kissed him hard and kissed his cheek a few times. "Don't worry about it handsome. We'll talk later after school, ok?"

"Are you going to come over after school?"

"Of course."

"Alright. Then I'll see you after school."

He gave me a quick peck on the lips and walked outside.

[Noah's House]

I didn't have that much homework to do since I did most of them during study hall. Noah, on the other hand was busy at work with his Calculus homework. He tutored me earlier but he ended up on my lap and we had a long makeout session.

It was so weird how he just poured out how miserable he was in his old school and now here we are in his bedroom as if nothing happened. Noah told me to forget about it and he had a look of anguish on his face each time I tried doing so.

"So Eric knows your gay?" I asked while he was hard at work on those nasty Calculus problems.

"Yeah. He never told anyone though. Don't worry. He thinks I have no interest in you whatsoever."

I had to let out a laugh. "Your brother's hott," I said laying down on his bed. I grabbed a pillow and buried my smile.

"Are you trying to make me jealous?"


"You're distracting me."

"You want me to leave?"


I loved toying around with this boy. "What were you saying about riding me SO hard that my knees would buckle?"

Noah put his pencil down and jumped on the bed with me. He tried tickling me but I had the upper hand and tickled him back. He let out shrieks of laughter. We made out for like an entire hour and soon enough we were both drained of energy.

Noah laid his head against my chest and I held him close to me. We just watched TV like that. I brought up the subject of his old school and he told me it was a private school and there wasn't that many students. He asked if we could talk about something else.

"I'm really sorry about today," I said as I ran my fingers through his hair.

"Luke, don't worry about it. I forgive you."

"I'm not going to let anything like that happen to you again."

"I know you won't."

"Do you want to keep our relationship a secret?" I said hoping that he would say yes. I wasn't ready for anyone to know.

"For now...I don't think the world's ready."

"It never will be..."

I kissed him on the forehead.



"I'm falling in love with you..."

I kissed him again. "I was already in love with you." Noah didn't say anything.

"Noah? You there?"

Suddenly I hear the loudest snoring sounds ever made! It was so funny. "ZzZzzZ." He'd snort like a pig once in a while. I don't know if he heard me but I hope that he did.

I got up and tucked him in. I kissed him on the cheek. He really did look like a handsome prince while he was sleeping. Oh man oh man he looked so cute while sleeping. If there was a Sleeping Beauty then Noah should be a Sleeping Handsome. I kissed him on the lips but he didn't wake up. I guess was tired from our looong make out session.

"Good night sweet prince," I whispered as I got up and turned off the lights. I closed the door leaving Noah alone in the dark.

End of Chapter Four

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