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Chapter Five:

This whole week has been so hectic that I wasn't able to spend more time with Noah. He and I both worked after school on the same days. That really sucked since I had to go home right after to study for upcoming tests. I didn't know how Noah was able to manage so many AP classes and be able to work at that coffee shop slash bookstore.

At school he still hung out with the weirdoes but only during break time. During lunch he'd eat with me and Caleb with the occasional Mark and very rare Christian. One time during his art class I pretended to be an office aid and gave his teacher, Mrs. Sinestra a fake office slip that told Noah to report to the principal's office.

I waited outside his classroom and pulled him to an empty storage closet so we could have a short make out session. Yeah, right! It lasted so long that the period ended while our lips feverishly collided with each other.

Friday finally came. I didn't have work on that day but Noah did so I decided to make use of the afternoon and catch some missed hours of sleep.

Suddenly the phone's annoying ring pulled me out of slumber just when I was dreaming about me and Noah making love on a bed placed in the middle of some springtime field.

Who the f--k would call me in the afternoon? Usually I got calls at night.

"Hello?" I said picking up the receiver and speaking with the usual groggy voice you'd here from someone who was sleeping peacefully.

"Hey prince it's me."

I received an electric pulse in the back of my spine when I realized the sweet voice of my handsome boyfriend. Yes I know what your thinking. Boyfriend? Already? I didn't exactly ask him out yet but I'm pretty sure he sees me the same way also. I hope he doesn't think that I labeled him as a suck buddy. That would be so wrong!

" there?"

"Ohh...Hey handsome. How's it going?"

"Did I wake you?"

"Oh no you didn't." I am such a lying bastard. But this was Noah. If it were someone else then I'd be giving them an attitude.

"So...what are you doing tonight?"

"You," I said as I remembered my dream.

Noah let out a laugh. He probably thought I was kidding but the statement was only half true. " you wanna go to this club with me? It's somewhere downtown."

I was shocked. I didn't know Noah was into the whole clubbing scene. I can't imagine him taking down shots or even dancing. Well I can see him being hit on by loads of guys. I mean, even girls would hit on him if he went to some club wearing one of those tight black t-shirts. Then I'd see myself throwing myself over him saying "He's mine bitches!" LOL.

"What time is it now?" I asked.

"It's 8:09 p.m."

"Oh shit. Already?! I just closed my eyes a few minutes ago!"

"Haha. Yeah that happens to me also. So what? You wanna come?"

"What? You're saying it as if you were going to go with or without me..."

"Hehe. Maybe..."

"You evil prick."

"You have no idea..."

"Ok fiiiiiine. I'll go with you."

"Awesome! I'll be there in an hour."


Who was I talking to on the phone? Was that the Noah Wozniak I met last week? He's so weird...I never thought someone like him would even look at beer. What if he brought me to some scary looking pub with hairy fat guys? I'd be so turned off for the rest of my life if I have to see two fat hairy people dancing. What if this wasn't even one of those nightclubs? What if it was some kind of chess club gathering? I stomach began to get cold. I had that nervous thing going on. AHH!! I'm supposed to be the brave one here. I decided to just trust Noah since he is my boyfriend after all. Besides it can't be that bad.

I wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt and some semi-tight jeans. I waited outside on the curb for Noah's jeep to come around the corner. He was two minutes late. Just then a black Mustang appeared. I loved black cars. Whoever was driving that must be really cool. The Mustang slowed down and stopped right in front of me. Whoa. Maybe they heard me talking about them?

The window rolled down automatically and guess who was inside? NOAH! Of course Noah! Who else? He got out and opened my door for me.

"I could have done that on my own, you know?" I said as if I was embarrassed he had done that for me.

"I know. But you just stood there like some statue so I thought you couldn't do it on your own."

"Shut up. You're lucky that you're cute."

I got in and he closed the door for me as well.

Noah looked really good this evening. He was wearing a white long sleeve polo shirt with no undershirt along with some jeans. He had a nice tribal necklace on. The top two buttons of his polo were unbuttoned on purpose so that everyone could see a piece of his hot chest. Looking at it made me so hot that I would have ripped his shirt open and licked him all over.

"So this a gay club?" I asked stupidly.

"Yeah," he said with indifference. No surprise. Where else would we go?

Noah drove to the valet booth so that he can have his car parked by someone else. We both got out and walked into the entry way of the club. It was pretty descent looking. Then I found out that this was just the lobby. I saw a bright neon sign with the word "Skin" on it thus marking the club's real entrance.

"Are you sure this is a gay club? What kind of gay club has valet parking?" I said as my stomach began to churn some more.

Noah just laughed at me thinking I must have cracked another joke. He took my hand and led me to these huge black doors. He opened them and inside were two well built bouncers. They both frisked us. The bouncer ran his hands all over my body. He rubbed my crotch over and over to see if I had any weapons there. Wtf? Some bouncers.

Noah held my hand again and we went through this other door. Suddenly techno music blared everywhere and neon lights of blue and green shot in every direction. It wasn't too much that a person would get dizzy just by looking at them. I was so paranoid thinking that someone I knew or someone from school might be here. I thought about it for a long while and brushed it off. I decided not to worry about it since I realized that the chances of someone knowing me in this part of town was very slim.

Noah led me by the hand to a chair on the bar. The bartender asked if we wanted anything to drink and Noah said something in French. How languages can this guy speak? He sounded so sexy when he said it to though. The French request turned out to be these two non-alcoholic smoothies that were overly sweet. I guess the French name was cover up to make it seem that the drink was alcoholic or something.

The nightclub had this metal theme going on. The walls were this silver like color and the music was loud that it thumped against my chest. I looked to the dance floor and saw why they called this club Skin; almost every single guy on the dance floor was shirtless and sweating. Despite the fact that the aircon was blowing hard and fast, the massive amount of body heat was enough to warm up a hot pocket.

All the guys on the dance floor had nice ripped bodies. This one blonde guy with spiky hair was wearing angel wings with him. A lot of them were using very provocative body language as if they were having sex through the rhythm of the music. Me and Noah moved to a table and watched the people on the dance floor bump and grind to the music.

"Hey Luke let's go dance," Noah yelled through the loud music.


"LET'S... GO... DANCE!" Noah said slowly trying to mouth the words.

I knew what he was saying. I just wasn't in the mood to frolic with a bunch of shirtless guys. "Maybe later," I yelled back. Hopefully my voice was loud enough to penetrate the sound waves coming from the large metal speaker which stood a few feet away from us.

Noah got my message. He didn't look happy but he had that understanding look on his face. I stared around and saw so many shirtless guys. They were either dancing, making out or dry humping against a wall. The DJ was this Italian stud who wore and black tank top that showcased his huge arms.

A very cute guy who was about and inch taller than Noah came up to our table and asked Noah if he wanted to dance. I didn't mind if Noah danced with the guy or not but I encouraged him to since I felt bad for not wanting to dance with him when he asked.

The guy had jet black hair and was probably our age. I didn't recognize him as someone who went to our school so I wasn't worried if he knew me or not.

He led Noah to the dance floor and started out slow despite the music going at a rapid tempo. He had his arms in the air and swayed his pelvis side to side and then dropped his hands on Noah's shoulder. I watched Noah dance and was surprised to see that he was feeling the music by moving his body in tune with each beat. The guy whispered some things into Noah's ear and Noah replied by nodding his head in disagreement. He probably asked if Noah could leave with him. I just stared at the two of them dancing. Noah seemed to be enjoying the music and so did the guy.

 Seeing that Noah was into the music, Guy ( I decided to call him that since I never got his name) put his hands on Noah's ass cheeks and rubbed his hands all over. He shot me a look as if he wanted me to get jealous. THEN guess what happened next? HE LEANS IN AND KISSES NOAH HARD ON THE LIPS!

I got so mad that I knocked the chair down without picking it up. I got in between the two of them on the dance floor and shoved Guy back.

"What are you doing?" I said questioning him with my cold stare.

"Come on I just having a little fun." He started dancing in front of me and reached up to touch me. This time I grabbed him by the neck and brought my face dangerously close to his.

"Next time I see you touch my boyfriend like that, I'll break your legs so you don't dance again."

Guy threw his hands up in surrender and looked around the dance floor for another guy to victimize.

I turned around to face Noah. He had that regretful look on his face. I noticed that I'm a jealous boyfriend. I mean who wouldn't be if your lover was this hot sexy stud who personified sex?


"It's ok. I'm not letting you go this time," I said as I grabbed his waist and started moving to the beat of the music.

Diving into you...

"Wow you know how to dance!" Noah yelled over the thunderous beat of the song.

Actually I didn't know how to dance. I just sort of learned by watching Noah. I held him so close to me that I could smell his cologne. I moved my shoulders and up and down to the beat along with grinding my crotch into his.

He was loving every minute of it because he had this BIG smile on his face. He enclosed his arms around me and started groping against me by putting one leg around my waist. I stared into his eyes for a while as our bodies collided with each other. I leaned in and nibbled on his earlobe for a while.

His smell really turned me on. Our hips moved in the same direction and my hands would squeeze Noah's ass. Noah turned himself around and wrapped himself in my arms. I could feel his ass grinding into my crotch. I nibbled down his neck and started to unbutton his shirt. He stopped me at the last button telling me that he didn't want to become one of the many guys who lost their shirts.

I put my hands on his crotch and rubbed against it until I flet his manhood solidify. I had to stop because I didn't want Noah exploding on the dance floor. We danced for about two hours. We kissed most of the time. It felt like me and him were the only people on the dance floor despite the many bodies bopping against each other in heat.

Diving into you...

We left the club at around 2 a.m. I know. Sort of early. LOL. In all honesty, I've only been to like one nightclub ever since I turned 18. Noah dropped me back home only to find out that I didn't have a house key. I also did not intend on sleeping on the porch when the temperature was so frigid.

"So what do you want to do, Luke?" Noah asked as he rubbed my arms.

"I don't know..."

"We can go back to my place. Lets not do anything that will make too much noise," Noah said with a hint in his voice.

"Oooh. We can try but then most of the noises would probably come out from you!" I said as I playfully gnawed at his neck.

Once we successfully snuck into Noah's room, all our clothes (except our boxers that is) came off and we fell down on top of each other on top of Noah's bed. Noah pinned me down and started licking my chest and biting on my nipples. I mean, really biting them hard and tracing around them with his tongue!

We fooled around for a while. I thought me and him were going to end up doing it but I didn't want to have it this way. So unorganized. I really wanted to get inside Noah already but I wanted him to make so much noise. There was no way this was happening since both his parents and Eric were home.

We both ended up sleeping in our boxers. Noah rested his head on my chest. I watched his head move up and down as I breathed. He looked so peaceful and carefree. He didn't look sad anymore. I simply smiled and fell asleep.

End of Chapter Five

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