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Luke (voiceover): Previously on Saving Noah

"I couldn't escape so I wanted to kill myself! I wanted to hang myself in the hallway outside of my old cafeteria. I finally did it and when I felt my life slipping away from me, Eric comes out of nowhere and cuts the rope! He told my parents about my situation but didn't tell about me being gay. They just thought something was wrong with my head. So they sent me to a shrink and that turned out to be a total waste of time!" Noah was crying now. I could barely understand what he was saying.


I have three stepsiblings also. Two stepbrothers and a stepsister. I LOVED my stepsister and the older stepbrother. They were the two people in this world who knew that I was bi. But then they'd seen me with girls most of the time so I wouldn't know if they believed me or not.


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Chapter Six:

After our little slumber party at Noah's house, I rushed home just in time to see that my mom was still asleep. She was barely home. Those long hours in the hospital really got her drained out.

I went to my room to change my clothes. I assumed everyone was still asleep when all of a sudden stepfather comes out of nowhere.

"Hey Luke."

"Oh hey...Ben." I called him Ben because there was no way I'm calling a complete stranger `dad'. Like I said before me and him weren't buddy-buddy or anything yet.

"I was wondering if you could pick up Ethan and Yoanna at the airport today," he said as made himself a cup of coffee. Wtf? I thought he was going to say something like `Where were you last night?' or `Who did you sleep with?'. You know? Typical father stuff.

"Me? Huh? Ethan? Where are they coming from?" I said not knowing that they went somewhere. Usually they'd travel to all sorts of places since they were both spoiled by Ben here.

"Italy." Wtf??! They went to Italy?!?! THAT'S SO NOT FAIR.

Anyway. I forgot to tell you that my stepfather is rich. $$$. He offered to buy my mom a new house but she was just finished paying the six digit price on our home right now and was too glued to it to move. YAY! Thanks mom! I didn't want a new house either. I mean, I don't see anything wrong with ours.


"What's up?"

"I was wondering if I could have something." Oh boy. I cannot believe how stupid I must look asking for money like some beggar. But then Ben did buy me loads of stuff worth thousands of dollars. He told me that if I needed anything, I should just go up to him and ask. After all I am his son now. Sort of...

He gave me that fatherly smile that you see on those catalogs where they get a new turtleneck from their wife or something. "As long as it's not drugs, then we're good."

"Of course not!" The only drug I'm being intoxicated with is lust from Noah. =D.

He got up and I followed him to his study. It was my dad's study before...

He opened his drawer and pulled out one of his many wallets and handed me a few bills. I didn't count it or anything. I just took it, smiled, and thanked him. I ran up to my room and counted the bills he gave me. Holy crap! $125!!! NO WAY!! DAMN!

I just kept that smile on my face. At least I didn't have to worry about getting gas when I picked up Ethan and Yoanna from the airport.

On my way to the airport, I called Noah on my cell phone. Eric answered and told me he had gone to work. Ok...who'd work on a Saturday? I really wanted him to come and meet Yoanna and Ethan.

[O'Hare Intl. Airport, Terminal Five]

Ok...Ben told me to go to the airport now but didn't tell me when the stupid flight would come. From now on I'll refer to him as stepfather since `Ben' sounded...weird.

"Ok..." I said out loud to myself when I looked at the arrivals screen. None of them were from Italy.


Arriving From



San Juan



Mexico City









I decided that they must have had a stopover in Madrid from Milan. I sat down and decided to think about Noah in order to kill time. I imagined us again making love on that bed in the middle of that spring time field. I wanted to moan out loud rather than to myself. Gosh, I was raging mad hard! If he were here right now, I'd take him to the restroom and start—

"Hey Lukey!"

Wtf? "Huh?" I looked up and saw Yoanna smiling at me. She looked prettier than ever. She looked better than the Yoanna on TV. LOL. Behind her was my handsome stepbrother Ethan.

I got up and kissed them both. Yes I kissed Ethan also on the cheek. It's a stepbrother thing =). They had a ton of luggage that Yoanna had to sit on some of them.

"What do you guys have in there?" I asked as we drove away from the airport.


Being the talkative steps they are, Yoanna and Ethan talked nonstop about Italy and how they met so many people. Yoanna showed me some pictures taken of her that could be on the cover of Elle magazine. I'm so flattered to have such a strikingly beautiful stepsister.

We ate at this Chinese restaurant since Ethan's grumbling stomach took hold of him and controlled his mouth. He's such a bitch when he complains but I love him for it. It was his treat anyway. =).

So while we were waiting for our food me and Ethan indulged in gossiping about our favorite subject; SEX! LOL. Ethan is straight but he's so comfortable talking about his sex sessions with me. I don't get turned on or anything, though. Eww gross! He's my stepbrother!

"So did you get any in Milan?" I asked.

"No. Unfortunately."

Haha. I just had to laugh! Ethan was a slut actually. Ok fine no he's not but he's like a sex drug that girls would buy in the streets if it were sold there. I mean if I was a girl who happens to be not related to him, then I'd ride the Ethan train all the way to Pleasure Island! Catch my drift?

I told them about Noah, of course! Yoanna was so giddy despite the fact that she tried turning my ex-boyfriend straight. LOL. (long story)

"What?" she asked with that innocent look on her face. "It's not my fault all the guys you go after are so DAMN hott!"

Oh...girl. LOL. Noah isn't hot. He's scorching!

After waiting for like, forever, our food finally came. Honey-walnut Shrimp. Yum. Fried Rice. Yummy. Noah. YUMM! Duck. Erm...

I honestly intended paying for the bill but since Ethan still had lots of money from daddy, I handed him the bill and smiled.


*Kiss. No I didn't kiss him. I did that kissing motion you do when you try to be flirtatious. Eww. I have got to stop. He's my stepbrother! It's like...incest.^_^;

Anyway. The inevitable question came.

"So like...have you two done it?" Yoanna asked.

"Huh?" I asked like some ignorant schoolboy.

"You know...It."

"Oh Please. Yoanna, we are all mature here and should take this subject seriously."

"Did you two fuck yet?" Ethan asked like it was nothing.

"No." Personally I think it was rude he even asked me that way. But then we all should be mature about it. I don't disclose the gory details. Just a simple yes or no is enough to satisfy them.

Besides I didn't want to fuck Noah. I want to make love to him. I mean I didn't want to do all those stupid things you see in porn. Well...not yet. =D. I want our first time to be somewhat similar to my dream. The one with us on a bed in the middle of a springtime field.

Personally, I knew Noah wasn't a virgin. Why, you might ask? It's because the things he did with me was totally not a first timer thing.

Anyway. Don't get me wrong though. Me thinking of doing Noah in every position imaginable was all because of lust. Besides, I think our first time will be sort of rough seeing that Noah is experienced in some way. I still didn't know where he learned those things.

Like I was saying about doing Noah in every position imaginable, I also meant in all sorts of places as well. I wanna do him in an elevator where there's a mirror on the ceiling and he can watch my back muscles shift as I lunge into him. That would be totally hott!!

I wanna do him in the shower, on the beach, in his parent's bed room, on some teacher's desk, on the football field, on my dentist's chair (LOL), in his brother's room, in MY room and of course whatever place that does not require a bed.

I wasn't in a hurry to get in his pants though (yeah right!). But then what if he's waiting for ME to rip his pants off and make sweet love to him? Maybe I should go talk to him about it. But then how would I approach him?

He'd probably think I'm some desperate fuck if I came up to him and said, "Baby, I wanna fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk for days!" Fuck it. I'll just think of something. Usually the things I plan don't work out.

After dropping Ethan and Yoanna home, I visited the coffee/bookshop to see if Noah was working. Surprisingly he wasn't wearing that awful red apron and serving people. Instead he was typing away on one of the computers.

I snuck up behind him and saw that he was updating his Livejournal ©. I didn't even know he had a livejournal. I stood behind him for like forever and he still didn't notice. He looked so cute typing away about on some random entry. I didn't want to bother him. Instead, I went over to an empty computer on the opposite side of the room where I'm out of Noah's line of vision.

I signed in and lo and behold! He was online as well!

unsung hero says:
Noah says:

hey prince

unsung hero says:
what you up to?
Noah says:
nothing much

unsung hero says:
looking at porn?
Noah says:
Luke I'm at work
unsung hero says:
oooh. I wanted to type all these dirty things to you..
Noah says:

unsung hero says:
so really, what you doing?
Noah says:

nothing much...really

OMG! My boyfriend is lying to me! Grr. So mad. Why didn't he wanna tell me his livejournal? Man. So mean. I saw that he was still typing away so I crept back and looked for his livejournal user name.

I searched the screen frantically before he turns his head. My keen eyes caught the user name `rinse'. I went back to the computer I was using and went into the livejournal site. I typed in Noah's user name and after clicking the search button, I received a page which showed a small icon of Noah looking outside a window. DAMN! He looked so cute in that pic.

I went on to his main page and saw how Noah was with his skill at web designing. His page had a background of some guy looking out into the horizon with his hands in his pocket. His journal entries were bordered with semi-transparent white lines.

Noah says:

Luke? you there?

unsung hero says:
i'm here handsome

Noah says:
oh ok.
unsung hero says:
hey actually I gotta go now. I'll talk to you later, ok?
Noah says:
ok. bye prince

I read some of his entries. None of them said anything about him cheating on me. LOL. But why would he hide this from me?

Some things I learned about him:

I saw that he had an entry where you have to fill in the blanks about him. I used the name `anonymous' and here's what I put:

1. I <3 Noah.
2. Noah is handsome.
3. Noah needs some lovin'.
4. I want to do sexually inexplicable things to Noah.
5. Noah can kiss my lips.
6. Someday Noah will tell me something.
7. Noah reminds me of chocolate.
8. Without Noah, I'd be so deprived.
9. Noah can be naughty.
10. Noah is SO handsome.
11. Worst thing about Noah is _____.
12. Best thing about Noah is being a sexy fucker.
13. I think Noah should kiss me right now.
14. If Noah was an animal, he'd be a sexy beast.
15. Right now, I bet Noah is thinking who the hell is this?
16. Noah makes me want to do the sexually inexplicable.
17. Noah probably tastes like sex.
18. If I could spend the day with Noah, I'd do everything sexual.
19. I'd beat up people for Noah.
20. Noah is made of sexy goodness.
21. Noah is the greatest prince ever.
22. If I could be Noah for a day, I'd find out who this is.
23. I want to give Noah (oh so many sex positions to mention).
24. The song Noah reminds me of is Crush by Mandy Moore.

LOL. I dunno where the song came from. I guess it's because it was playing in the coffee shop. I saw Noah get up from his computer and walk into the backroom. He came out with his jacket and walked out the coffee shop. I quickly followed him from a distance to the car park.

He stopped near his car to look for his keys. I kept sneaking behind him...


He had no idea.

I quickly clamped my hands around his eyes without saying a word.

"Who's this?" Noah said with a somewhat scared tone.


"Let me go, please."

I pushed him gently next to his car so that no one would see us. I started kissing the back of his neck and licked his earlobe.

I let him go and he turned around to face me.

"I knew it was you."

"Yeah Right!" I kissed him again. I held him against the door of his car and lifted him up against me. I started blowing on his neck. He closed his eyes as he held on to me and let out small sounds of bliss.

"Wanna go for a ride?" he asked me.

"Noah, the only thing you'll be riding is me," I said quoting one of my favorite lines from Cruel Intentions.

He just smiled at me. That smile. Man!! It gets my heart beating. He didn't say anything like `Take off your pants so I can impale myself on your cock...' Besides I didn't want our first time with each other to be in a parking lot.

"Actually I drove here. Anyway I was hoping to talk to you about something..."

"Really?" Noah asked surprised. He barely saw me like this.

"Yeah... um... " Oh man. I feel like some 15-year old schoolboy asking someone on a date. But then I'm gonna ask if we could have sex. LOL. But in a formal way of course.

My heart was beating so fast.


"Yeah. I was wondering know...we can take our relationship further..."

"What do you mean?"

Wtf? You know exactly what I mean, boy. " know—"

"You're so cute when your confused."


"Yeah," he said while planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Anyway! As I was saying..."

"You were saying..."

"Noah...I want to make love to you!"

Oh shit. I did it. I told him. But then why did I even say it like that?

"You do?" Noah asked as he gave me that million dollar smile of his.

"Yeah. I want you to feel how much I love you..."

"What?" what? OH! I said it. Those three words! And we're in a parking lot. LOL. Of all places.

"I love you..."

Noah started to tear. He didn't say anything else. The next thing I knew was us inside his car making out like crazy. Our tongues fought each other and his hands roamed every single muscle on my back and butt.

I didn't want to plow his cherry in the back of his jeep. So we made plans for tonight. We'd eat at this restaurant he keeps talking about and probably just stroll around.

After fogging up his windows, I got out and walked to my car.


I turned around. "Hmm?"

"I love you too."

I ran back to Noah's jeep, closed the door and tore his shirt off. We started kissing each other vehemently until his jeep became an oven trapped with sexual heat.

End of Chapter Six

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