Author's Note: Once again do not read if it's illegal in your area or whatever. Thanks for the feedback. To the few people who actually take time to write, this is for you guys!!

Chapter Seven:

Luke (voiceover): Previously on Saving Noah

"You were saying..."

"Noah...I want to make love to you!"

Oh shit. I did it. I told him. But then why did I even say it like that?



I turned around. "Hmm?"

"I love you too."

I ran back to Noah's jeep, closed the door and tore his shirt off. We started kissing each other vehemently until his jeep became an oven trapped with sexual heat.


Chapter Seven:

I was smiling on the drive home. I laughed to myself a few times as I remembered the feeling of Noah's body on mine. The smell of his boyish aroma crept through my nostrils and the taste of his smooth skin resided in my mouth. The aftertaste of his body was sex embodied.

The thought of my rod inside him kept me hard the whole ride home. I stopped by the drug store, bought some condoms, some lube and Gatorade because I was thirsty.

The cashier guy saw my things and knew exactly what was going down tonight. It was none of his business but being the curious prick that he is, the cashier made a conversation with me,

"So getting ready for something later on, huh?"

"Yeah..." My voice trailed off thinking about Noah.

"That's cool"

"Are you jealous or something?" I said as I handed him a $10 bill.


wtf? Wtf?! Who is this guy?? "Too bad. Because I'm taken."

I grabbed my bag and walked out.

After dinner, Noah and I strolled around for a bit. We went into the park and sat by the lake. To tell you the truth, I wanted to hit the sling with him NOW. The longer the better. LOL.

We held hands for a while. His hands ended up in my mouth because I couldn't get enough of this guy.

When we finally got to his house, Noah and I slowly walked up to his room. He assured me that no one would be home during the night.

We entered his room and he closed the door behind him. I sat on his bed while he just leaned against the door. It was funny just staring at each other for a long while. Duude, he looked so fine in his black coat. He looked really sexy in black. But then what does it matter to me when all I wanted was to rip his garments apart so I can indulge on his flesh.

"So are you ready?" he asked me. SO cute.

"No...The question is, are WE ready?"

He paced back and forth for a while. He took off his coat and sat next to me. I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips and began running my hands through his hair.

Noah pulled himself up and straddled me. I reached over and grabbed his butt and pulled him into me. I was so hard right there and thought that I would explode even before entering this sweet creature.

I untucked my shirt and raised my hands over my shoulder. Noah grabbed the bottom ends and lifted it over my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around him as he started licking my chest. I moaned each time he'd nibble on my ear and told me how much he wanted my `snake' to poison his insides with my seed.

Noah got off me and pushed me down on the bed. He unbuckled my belt and slipped my pants off my legs. He smiled as he saw I was wearing a smiley face boxer short. He slowly slipped it off me until I felt it go down on my ankles and down on the floor.

I was exposed and helpless under Noah. He towered over me like a handsome yet dark prince of the sexual netherealm waiting to cosset his prize in bed. He was still fully clothed. I wanted to get up and rip his clothes off but before I had the chance, he went down and worked his magic on me.

I felt my hard shaft make contact with his mouth causing me to writhe under his touch. I felt his tongue lick the slit of my cock as he went from the knob all the way down to the base.

I arched my back in pleasure as I let out wordless moans. My head was spinning and I began to sweat. I continued to squeal under him as he kept going with his ministrations.

Noah was still clothed and I really wanted him to feel me against him. I wanted him to hear my heart beating madly in my chest.

I quickly got up. I pulled his belt and lifted him onto the bed. I got on top of him and shredded his shirt. He didn't say anything either when I shoved his pants down his legs with force. I tilted his chin up and stuck my tongue as far down as I could down his throat.

I felt his throbbing member against me, ushering me to give it release. I pinned him down with my arms and held his over his head. I started nibbling his neck as we continued having a sword fight between our cocks.

I reached over for the KY jelly I bought earlier and began to slick my rod until it was slippery slick. Noah grabbed the condom, pushed me down and did the sexiest thing ever!

He put the condom in his mouth and slipped it on to my shaft! He used his tongue to fix the edges until it fully sheathed my aching fuckstick.

I pushed him down onto the bed. I dipped my hand onto the jelly and started to finger Noah's entrance. I'd slip my cock in and rub it through the entrance to tease him. He'd urge me to hurry and would moan hard each time.

I positioned my cock at the opening and slowly inched into him. He was somewhat tight and he didn't seem to be in pain. He just relaxed as I slowly inched all 7 of me inside him.

He squirmed a little when I hit his prostate gland. He moaned but I silenced him with a kiss. I pulled out and lunged back into him in one quick thrust. I stared at him for a moment and our eyes met. He slowly reached out and kissed me tenderly.

I kissed him back, delicately and began my motions once more, he groaned in pleasure long and loud. This time he wrapped his slender legs around my back. I kept moving starting with long, slow strokes and gradually increasing my speed and moving more shallowly.

Sensation coursed through me as we gasped and groaned together, his back arched and he clutched on my shoulders, my eyes shut. The last thing I saw was his face, strained with energy, beaded with sweat, his eyes closed too, biting on his lower lip again, but not from nerves any longer, from sheer passion. I felt the symptoms of an impending orgasm and my strokes also became more incoherent as we neared the end together. He hung on to me as I sank into him one last time, arching his back and gasping out my name as we clutched at one another and kissed deeply exploding together in perfect unison.

I pulled out of him but my cock was still hard. My lust was still hungry. As if reading my mind, Noah got on top of me and slowly impaled himself on my wood.

He straddled me and started riding me like a wild horse. I did not mind at all. I held on to him as I thrusted upward into his tunnel. I could feel my knob bash into his sweet spot.

He caressed my chest and traced my nipple as he continued to rock my cock. This was getting to intense that I held onto his hips and sat up.

He wrapped his legs around my waist and continued to bounce up and down my cock. We were both sweating profusely and I felt his cock glide up and down my stomach.

"OHH LUKE!! I'm gonna cum!!"

With that a wave of semen shot onto my chest and stomach. I kept his moan under control by kissing him hard. It was so erotic feeling his juice hit me that I myself exploded inside him.

I felt wave after wave of semen gush into the rubber buried into the depths of his tunnel. I was so wiped out that I fell back onto the bed with me still in Noah.

As I was about to completely crash I heard Noah say those three words;

"I love you..."

Just as he knocked out I managed to let the words "I love you too," flow out"