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Chapter Eight:

We did it. We totally bonded with each other and traded sweat. LOL. Why on earth do I talk like as if we had done something...ordinary? The feeling was so intense though. I literally felt us stick together and I'm not talking about that sticky white liquid that Noah shot all over my chest and stomach.

I got up first and made breakfast for the two of us. I fought the urge of throwing Noah on the breakfast table and engaging in morning sex with him. I wanted to though. But then there would be lots of opportunities for us to devour each other in bed.

The next day I sat down at an empty table at the coffee shop that Noah worked at and watched him in his little red apron serving these little schoolgirls who shot me a look once or twice. Too bad I'm taken. Noah was glowing and his supervisor noticed it also. Of course she knew it was sex because she probably lusted after him once or twice. I can so totally see it in her eyes.

Some people noticed me staring at Noah as if I wanted to eat him but I just ignored them. Like I cared about what they thought anymore. I felt like jumping on top off the table and telling them how much I loved that prince in that awful red apron.

I stopped by after work almost everyday and once or twice we snuck into the broom closet for a little quickie. Ok it wasn't quick but Noah didn't last long at times because of that animalistic lust in me.

One day after work I stopped by the coffee shop and saw this guy sitting where I usually sat and what was worse was that he was staring directly at Noah! OMG! This guy was also sipping his Frappe-something and looking at Noah wishing that he were sucking on something else besides the straw.

Grr. I was so mad. I wanted to storm in there and kick that guy's ass. He wasn't very much good looking either. Well maybe he had "that look" but he wasn't someone I knew that Noah would dump me for.

He called Noah to his table a few times. Their conversation was inaudible but I saw Noah nod his head a few times telling him "no" to whatever he asked. Noah looked uncomfortable around that prick and I wanted to go in there right now and kick that prick's ass.

Noah walked back to the counter and disappeared into the backroom. Seconds later, my cell phone vibrated. I wanted to be a naughty boy and hold it against my crotch because the caller ID said it was Noah.

*Sigh. But no...I was in public and I didn't want to cause a scene. I flipped open my phone as it constantly vibrated in my pants.

Luke: What's Up?

Noah: Hey...

Luke: hehe. If you're looking for phone sex, I might as well go there right now and--

Noah: hehe. Luke, I'd rather do the real thing over and over again with you.

Luke: *muah

Noah: haha

Luke: So what's up prince?

Noah: Umm...there's this guy...

I already knew what he was talking about but I wanted to hear it from him first. I mean boyfriends are supposed to trust each other.

Luke: Uh-huh...

Noah: I'm at work right now and this guy has been constantly hitting on me. I told him I was with someone but that didn't stop him from constantly throwing sex phrases at me.

Luke: Did anything happen?

Noah: Oh fuck no! Luke, you know better than that!

Luke: Want me to mess with him?

Noah: What are you gonna do?

Luke: Mess with him?

Noah: I know but how?

Luke: You'll see. What are you wearing right now?

Noah: Luke! I'm at work!

Luke: Don't move.

I hung up.

Noah: Luke? Hello? Is anyone there?

I crept into the backroom and saw Noah talking on his phone. I think he was waiting for me to return to the phone. His back was turned to me so I quickly covered his eyes with my hands.

"What the--?"

I kissed his neck and started nibbling on his ear. Noah turned around.

"You fuckin' scared me!"

I kissed him on the lips. "Sorry?"

"You don't have to apologize."

Hehe. He was so cute today. Hell, he was handsome everyday.

"He's sitting on your table by the way."

"Yeah I know. I got so mad when I saw him talking to you."

"Hehe. Overprotective boyfriend I have here."

"Is it ok if I mess around with him?"

"What are you gonna do?"

"Mess around with him, baby. You'll see. Don't worry, I won't do anything serious or drastic with him."

"Oh ok. I'll come over and you can see how he is with me."

The prick was still sitting at my spot for watching Noah. I wanted to kick the sleezeball out but I wanted to mess around with him first. LOL. Why am I so mean to the guy? I mean he could be a nice guy but I feel nothing nut spite to anyone who looks at MY Noah like that. What can I say? I'm a jealous guy. I bet if Noah were your boyfriend you'd feel the same way.

So I came up to his table and sat down right next to him. I did it in a manner like I owned the place or something.

"Can I help you?" the prick-who-hits-on-my-boyfriend asks.

"I couldn't help but notice your presence from afar." OMG. That sounded so gay. But this guy looked straight. Well, something like that.

"Oh really? I'm glad that I captured your attention then." Oh Gawd. This guy was so totally into me now. Hehe. I can see he wanted me to fuck him. I guess it's a gay guy thing. You just have those inklings or something. Oh and for one thing, this guy did not "capture" my attention. LOL.

"I'm Luke Garcia." And you're scamming on my boyfriend. Hehe. I said that to myself.

"Paul Loiciano." He shook my hand. I guess he had good hands. He seemed like a nice guy. Why am I such a bitch to people sometimes? Well actually I am a nice guy. I guess that jealousy had clouded my brain.

"So where are you from, Paul?"


"That's awesome. Canada has some really hott guys."

"Not as hott as the guys here..."

Oh boy...He was giving me that look again. He probably was sexperienced from the looks of it. He was a few inches shorter than me. He wore this nice leather jacket over a blue polo. Maybe I was wrong about this guy. He dressed really well.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Paul asked me. Aww. Such a sweet guy.

He called Noah over as if he was his slave or something. Made me so mad. I wanted to backhand him and send him flying out the glass window. Hehe. Luke, you violent bastard.

"Get this guy whatever he wants."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. It's on me dude."

This was so cool. I didn't have to spend any money on this place. "I'll have a Strawberry Frappe and a Turkey Sandwich." I winked at Noah.

Hehe I ordered their most expensive sandwiches. It'll probably cost him $10 or something. He probably had the money anyway.

"Oh by the way, Luke this is Noah. He wouldn't give me his number but maybe you'd be more successful."

Grr. Oh you did not just say that in front of MY Noah and me! I clenched my fist and pretended that I didn't know Noah. I just forced a smile. Noah knew I was mad but he gave me that look to simmer down.

Paul kept talking about what he would do to Noah and I just sat there listening to him. I think I should have just told him the truth that Noah was mine. But this boy had that look of lust in his face.

He followed me to the bathroom even though I didn't want him to. He felt me up a few times so I got mad at him and threw him in a stall. I slammed the door and pushed him up against the wall. I started grinding my crotch into his and he rolled his eyes back and wrapped one leg around my waist. This was so weird because I was wearing jeans and he was wearing Khaki Pants.

"You like it, don't you, you horny stud!"

Paul moaned hard and didn't reply. He tried kissing me once or twice but I slapped his face away. He should be thankful we're doing this whole frottage session.

"You wanna know something?"

"uggh. What's that babe?" He said in between moans.

"That waiter you were hitting on..."


"He's my boyfriend."

I ground hard into him one last time and then I quickly got off him as he creamed in his pants! His white sticky cream seeped through the fabric and left a wet stain.

You could really see it when he walked out the door. I felt sort of bad but he sort of deserved it. Noah didn't exactly know what went on in that restroom. I feel like some slut each time something like that happens. I really have to stop.

When I got home, I saw our neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Stucci moving in some stuff from a car. I got excited thinking that it was Laurel, their ultra-hott daughter who went to California.

"Luke, honey" Mrs. Stucci called out. "Come here for a second."

She was such a nice lady. I loved helping her with her groceries and stuff.

Mr. Stucci then said "I'd like you to meet our nephew. He's going to live with us for now."

I turned around and the whole world stopped. Guess who it was? Take a f-kin good guess! IT WAS PAUL!!

"Oh shiiieeeet," I sort of muttered under my breath.

"Luke this is Paul," Mrs. Stucci said as she led me by the hand to the guy I just frottaged with. He changed his pants so the visible cum stain couldn't be seen.

Paul extended his hand out to me and I took it as if we were meeting for the first time. Mrs. Stucci saw that awkward look on my face.

"Paul, dear, have you already seen Luke from somewhere? It looks like you've seen him before."

"How could I not know him?" Paul smirked, "He's the boy next door."

End of Chapter Eight.

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