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Chapter Nine:

Luke (voiceover): Previously on Saving Noah.

Oh boy...He was giving me that look again. He probably was sexperienced from the looks of it. He was a few inches shorter than me. He wore this nice leather jacket over a blue polo. Maybe I was wrong about this guy. He dressed really well.

Mr. Stucci then said, "I'd like you to meet our nephew. He's going to live with us for now."

I turned around and the whole world stopped. Guess who it was? Take a f-kin good guess! IT WAS PAUL!!

"Oh shiiieeeet," I sort of muttered under my breath.

"Luke this is Paul," Mrs. Stucci said as she led me by the hand to the guy I just frottaged with. He changed his pants so the visible cum stain couldn't be seen.

Paul extended his hand out to me and I took it as if we were meeting for the first time. Mrs. Stucci saw that awkward look on my face.

"Paul, dear, have you already seen Luke from somewhere? It looks like you've seen him before."

"How could I not know him?" Paul smirked. "He's the boy next door."

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Paul followed me up to my room because Mrs. Stucci had a really big mouth telling him that I had a violin and Paul was a cellist. As soon as my door closed, Paul threw me on the bed and started riding me while I was still in my pants! I was so ticked off that I threw him off me and he hit the floor hard.

"Look asshole, I have a boyfriend already!" I said through clenched teeth.

"So what? You look like the type who sleeps around!" Paul shot back.

OMG. He did not just say that. I explained to him that he doesn't have a chance with me and with that I kicked him out of my room. I looked out my window and saw Paul staring up at me in the yard. He pulled out a piece of cloth from his pocket and unfolded it. My eyes widened when I came to realize that it was my CK underwear he was holding! He then crumpled it and sniffed it real hard! I flicked him off and he responded by patting his ass.

"In here baby," he shouted up at me.

Asshole! People could hear you! I wanted to throw rocks at him or something. I don't know...there was just something about him that made me really angry. He wasn't exactly cute but he had "the look."

The next day at school Noah and me saw Paul registering for some classes in the office. I freaked out and ran with Noah to the Student Center.

It looked like Paul wasn't anywhere near here so I guess it was safe for Noah and I to talk. LOL.

"What's you next class prince?" Noah said with that prince thing of his.

"Calculus but my teacher isn't in so I'm gonna hit the gym and lift a few pounds."


"How about you?"

"Physics. Your worst nightmare." Noah chuckled.

I hated Physics. I don't know how I'm supposed to go into the engineering world without Physics. But then I got an A last semester because my teacher curved our grades and it was based mostly on labs. She was surprised that I was the only one who didn't take the AP Exam.

I walked Noah to his class and that I'm just going to be in the gym for an hour or so. As the tardy bell rang I saw Paul coming towards Noah's Physics class. Oh shit. This is going to be a really big problem. I hid behind a nearby pillar and watched helplessly as Paul entered the classroom with Noah inside. Oh boy...if touches Noah during class, I will personally rip his arms off.

I love going to the gym here at school. It has every single machine you can think of. Well not every workout machine but most of it. I loved coming here during class time because no one else was here. I used to come here before I met Noah when hot beefy guys from the football, water polo and basketball teams would lift a few pound with their shirts off! Hehe.

I wore the usual black tank top and some gym shorts. I don't know why some guys would buy designer shirts just to work out. I started off with the Roman chair and after loosing count on the crunches I was doing, I stopped when I felt a strain on my abdomen. Afterwards I just lifted some hex dumbbells to tone up my arms and did some push ups while on the bench.

After an hour or so I was already sweating like a pig but I felt that I could lift even heavier things. I stretched out for a while so that I wouldn't cramp up later on. I decided to take a shower since I still had some classes to attend to. The school provided towels so I just grabbed one, wrapped it around my waist and removed all of my undergarments. I slipped off my tank top and tossed it on a bench on the opposite side of the room. I let the water heat up and run for a while as I gathered some body wash and shampoo.

I walked into the running shower stall and hung my towel on the hook on the adjacent wall. It was sort of creepy showering by myself because it was like one of those horror movie settings when a creepy creature or killer might be lurking among the steam. I was reminded about Ryan Philippe's character on I Know What You Did Last Summer and how the killer was there while he was showering.

I spoke too soon.

As the hot water streamed down my body, I felt someone's hand grasp my shoulder. I freaked out and backed up against the shower wall. My vision cleared and before me stood a stark naked Noah! He closed the shower curtain and grinned at me. If it were someone else I would have knocked their teeth out.

"Fuck man you scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry Luke but I couldn't stand being in that Physics class knowing that you were here working out. It made me so hard that I had to leave and find you."

"It's ok babe, I was just a little freaked out."

Noah didn't say anything else. He started kissing my chest and biting on my nipples. This was a really hott situation. My classmates were in that grueling Calculus class and here I was with my boyfriend making out in the shower room. And it was in school even!

I pushed Noah against the wall as the hot water streamed down onto our bodies. I started nibbling his neck and rubbing my manhood against his thigh. I stuck a finger into his hole and I was surprised that he was pretty loose. Grinning Noah urged me to touch his prostate. He arched back in pleasure as my finger touched his prostate gland. We were both soaking wet and this boy was just making me so hot as we made out profusely.

My cock was so hard and it was begging to be released. I backed up Noah against a wall and lifted him against me. I held him under his knees because he would slip if I just held his slippery thighs. He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my shoulders as I steadied him against me. I didn't have a problem lifting him off the ground. I guess the workout helped me lift this boy against me. I guess I had some help since he was up against a wall.

He grasped my shoulders tightly and I felt his heels rub against my backside. He slowly lowered himself onto my manhood until all of him was impaled onto it. The hot water continued to wash over our bodies as I lifted him up and down on my straining member. I mounted him on the slick wet tile walls as I continued fucking him through his puckered rear.

Noah uttered a soft lament and pulled his face close to mine. Our eyes met and it wasn't long until our lips collided with one another. As I would hump into Noah, he would moan uncontrollably causing me to start kissing other parts of his face. I traced his jaw line with my tongue as he arched his head against the slick wall. I continued moving him up and down on my cock, sliding his slippery back against the wall and his front rubbing against my upper body.

I buried my phallic organ deeper and deeper into the far reaches of Noah's love tunnel and he buried his face on my shoulder. My cock continued to probe inside him and he feverishly went up and down causing me to brace my legs or else I would fall onto the shower floor. I felt his own hardness sliding against my soapy abdomen, which created friction that urged him to wrap his legs tighter around my waist.

The water got hotter causing steam to surround the two of us. My hair was wet and hanging and would bounce off my forehead as I thrust into Noah. I knew he was enjoying this because of the soft sounds he was making. I continued to plow him with urgency and he sped up the pace of bouncing up and down my cock. With one last plunge, my manhood glided against his prostate and exploded inside him. I moaned hard and kissed Noah while at it. I shook uncontrollably as I emptied myself into him and it wasn't long when Noah had his forehead plastered against mine as he spilled his jism all over my chest and stomach. Before my legs gave in, Noah unclamped his legs around me and we both fell down onto the shower floor.

Luckily no one walked in on us as we changed back into our school clothes.

"Luke that was amazing!" Noah couldn't help giving me praise for our shower rutting earlier.

"You sneaking up on me was a real turn on"


"Yeah baby" I leaned in for a quick kiss. I walked over to the other side of the locker room to get my black tank top. My heart stopped beating when it wasn't where I thought it was. I looked all over the locker room and it wasn't there.

"Noah, have you seen my black tank top that I used to workout?" I asked coming back to where he was changing.

"No why?"

"I think someone was in here while we were in the showers..."


Noah looked around frantically. No one else was in the locker room.

As we went outside everyone seemed normal as if nothing had happened. I was still turned on by the fact that Noah and me were fucking while these people were in class. It was risky and the turned me on even more.

I went home right after work and I wanted nothing more than to sleep. My heart skipped a beat after turning on the lights in my room. On my bed naked and waiting was Paul. He was using my black tank top to cover his protruding erection.

"I saw what you and Noah were doing today handsome. I love that position. Wanna do that to me?"

to be continued...

End of Chapter 9

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