Schoolboys in Tight Briefs3


Schoolboys in Tight Briefs - part three


This story depicts boys engaging in sexual activity. If this offends you in any way then stop reading NOW and go to another site! Equally; if the act of downloading or viewing this kind of material contravenes any State, Local or National laws then STOP reading now. I do not condone the harming of other people by forcing them to indulge in acts against their will. These incidents all relate to events that happened between innocent males and none of us were hurt in any way as a result. In fact I will suggest that we grew up with healthier minds, as a result of not being forced to repress our natural sexual instincts.

This series of stories are merely recollections of happy times from my schooldays and I share them with you now, as a result of several conversations with others who enjoy sexy briefs and shorts. If they excite you, ( and I hope they do !) feel free to email me at the above address and share your own experiences. If for whatever reason you don't like them, then please search this site for a story which is to your taste, as any flames will be ignored.


Before I start, I'd like to thank all of you who have written to me, offering words of encouragement or experiences of your own. I was planning to take you all on a trip to Spain, where I found myself seduced once more, impaled on the stiff pricks of two naughty boys who shall remain nameless, unless they recognize themselves and are reading this!!

( If you do recognize yourself, please contact me if you would like to do it again LOL )

But some of you have asked to hear more about Tony, so chapter 3 will be about him instead. Don't worry, I'll cover the Spanish spunkers next time!

Before I moved on to the next level with Tony, I was inspired by something which happened with another boy I met in the park. Unfortunately I don't remember his name, though I certainly remember his cock, and my earliest recollection of him involved discreetly observing him removing his trousers as he changed for a games lesson, admiring his snow white briefs, and wondering what inner delights caused them to bulge out so invitingly!

It was some time before I was to find out, and that happened in the local park one evening. It was getting dark, and I was on my way home when we met and got talking. We quickly got on well, which was perhaps not so surprising given what he clearly had planned for me, as I was to shortly find out!

There was a playground containing a few swings and roundabouts at one end of the park, and we ended up sitting on the swings while we talked.

To start with I had no idea what this was leading to, then he looked at me and asked if I had ever tried to go `double' on the swings. When I said I hadn't, he persuaded me to stand on one of the swings, then climbed up behind me, so that we were standing one behind the other with me in front. It was certainly exciting to experience the acceleration of the swing as we built up momentum, our two bodies pressed together in harmony. Then I noticed that he was pressing his hips against my bum as we swung, and I was sure I could feel the pressure of something hard inside his shorts.

The thought triggered something inside me, and my heart began to beat faster in anticipation. Just as I was wondering whether to say anything, he broke the silence "I know you were looking at me in the changing rooms at school the other day. Were you trying to get a peek at me in my underpants?".

I nodded, "did you mind?".

He answered "no, in fact I quite enjoyed it. But I'm going to get my own back tonight" and he suddenly threw his weight into making the swing move faster, forcing me to hold tightly onto the chains which ran down on either side to the seat. He of course had no problem, wrapping his arms around my waist, but I had to grip the chains even tighter or risk falling off, a decision which left me completely defenceless, as he well knew.

It was a wild ride, speeding through the gathering darkness, with his arms round me, and his hand resting perilously close to my cock. Then it happened, as we leant backwards to gain more height, I could suddenly feel his hand moving lower.

Before I could say anything, it slipped down until it rested on the front of my shorts, right on top of my willy, then his left hand began to unbutton them. When they were undone, he worked my zip down, and as my trousers fell open the movement off the swing made them start to slide down my legs.

I felt the cool evening air blowing against my thighs as my shorts dropped to my ankles, exposing the orange and white striped briefs that I wore underneath. He took one hand off me for a moment; I heard the sound of his trousers being unzipped, and guessed that he must have pulled them down as well. Luckily, because it was now dark, no one else was around to see two horny schoolboys standing on the swing with their shorts round their ankles, showing their little cotton underpants!

Pressing himself against me once more, I could feel a very definite and much larger shape pressing firmly against the back of my pants, and when his hand crept between my legs he could feel my penis already starting to rise as I became excited. I knew this was dangerous, anyone walking past could see us having sex, but I was becoming too excited to resist.

He fondled me as we swung, gripping and squeezing my young cock until it was rigid and I was panting with desire, then he whispered "I want to put my cock right inside your pants" and he took hold of the waistband at the back, pulling them down far enough to expose my cheeks, before sliding his own stiff penis between my legs, so that it rubbed between the gusset, and my crack.

I'd never tried this before, and the sensation as his cock rubbed against my bum was exquisite. I no longer cared if anyone was watching as I ground my buttocks against his thrusting shaft. At the same time, his hand was tightly clutching my penis, wanking me towards a huge climax.

He came just before I did, pumping a large quantity of teen sperm all over my bum, and into my briefs, and when he rubbed his cock against my sex-hole it triggered my orgasm. The head of my penis was now protruding above the waistband of my underpants, so when I ejaculated it rose in a thick stream right up my belly, before running down over the front of my striped briefs, soaking them with our combined cum. The combination of being wanked and humped, along with the cool night air caressing my skin gave me such an intense orgasm that my legs nearly crumpled.

In fact when we stopped so that we could pull up our trousers again, my legs felt so weak I had to sit down for a moment.

What does this have to do with Tony, you ask?

Well, when I told Tony about it a few days later, in his bedroom, his eyes lit up and he told me, " that sounds fantastic, I'd love to see up your bum, why don't we try it?".

We quickly undressed, as usual standing face to face so that we could enjoy looking at each other taking our clothes off. Then we climbed on to his bed, wearing just our underpants - today we both had white cotton Y-fronts on, and our cocks were all ready bursting out of the front!

I lay face down on the bed, with a pillow under my hips so that it raised my bum, giving both easier access and a better view. Tony played with me for a while, then he took hold of my white underwear and pulled it down, spreading my legs so that my anus was fully exposed to his gaze.

It gave me such a buzz to be showing him my most intimate areas, and it got even better when I felt his beautiful stiff cock rubbing against my bum. He thrust it against my lean body, pressing it against my hole as he gasped " I'm going to spunk all over your bum".

I lifted my hips against him, trying desperately to feel his cock inside me, and though most of his sexy sperm went over my bum, I felt one small jet enter me before his cock head slipped out of my anus.

Obviously my own shaft was swollen with desire by now, and we quickly changed places. I took one look at this cute boy, lying naked on the bed in front of me with just his tight white underpants stretched over his bum, and nearly came on the spot. Lowering myself on top of him, I pressed my penis against the smooth white cotton, and gently rubbed myself against him while stroking his short fair hair and shoulders. Within a couple of minutes, the cum leaking from my penis had made a dark wet patch on the back of his pants, and I began to ease them down so that I could finally see his little puckered anus. Pushing his legs as far apart as I could, I pressed the head of my swollen cock against his boy-cunt, moving it around so that the leaking sperm coated the entrance with a glistening slippery layer.

I found myself seized with an irresistible desire to fuck this beautiful boy, and I began to probe the entrance to his hole with my finger, gradually easing him open and stretching his delicate pink ring until I could insert my middle finger fully.

Then I gently pressed my stiff teen cock against his anus, pushing down until it finally opened enough to let me slide into his virgin body. Tony whimpered a little as my thick shaft penetrated his hole, so I paused for a moment until the pain eased, then I thrust deeper into him, feeling the heat of his inner body around my cock.

Before long I was wildly fucking my friend, my long pink penis sliding deep into his bum before pulling out almost all the way, and ramming back in again! All too soon, I felt the spunk boiling up from my testicles, and with a pent up cry I ejaculated, sending my boy sperm deep into my friends naked body. Again and again I thrust my penis deep into his anus, spurting the last of my hot teen cum into his bum.

Then I slowly pulled out, my softening shaft making a little sucking noise as it emerged from his tender young body. We lay naked in each other's arms for a few minutes, and gazing into his blue eyes I said, "thank you".

Tony smiled " I'm going to be sore down there, but can we do it again? I love feeling your stiff prick inside me!".

Now I ask you; if you received an invitation from a boy like that, wouldn't you want to just jump straight back on top of him? Well so did I ( GG). But you will have to wait until the next chapter (4) to find out what I did next!