Schoolboys In Tight Briefs pt4 - Seduced In The School Showers

Seduced In The School Showers - by 'whitebriefs'


This story depicts boys engaging in sexual activity. If this offends you in any way then stop reading NOW and go to another site! Equally; if the act of downloading or viewing this kind of material contravenes any State, Local or National laws then STOP reading now. I do not condone the harming of other people of any age by forcing them to indulge in acts against their will. These incidents all relate to events that happened between innocent males and none of us were hurt in any way as a result. In fact I will suggest that we grew up with healthier minds, as a result of enjoying our natural sexual instincts, instead of repressing them.


This story, and the others I have posted on this site ( see also 'Teen Boys Wanking' ) are all based on real events from my schooldays and I share them with you now, as a result of several conversations with others who enjoy sexy briefs and shorts. If they excite you, ( and I hope they do !) feel free to email me at the address below, and share your own experiences. For those who already have, thank you for your encouragement! I'm sorry they aren't in chronological order, but that's just the way my memory is working at the moment LOL.
So get those zippers undone boys, and let's begin!

What I am about to describe happened when I was 13, and took place at my school. For obvious reasons, I'm not going to mention the name of the school, but if the boy concerned reads this he will easily recognize both himself and me.

So this is dedicated to you, Tim, and if you ever want to do it again just call me : )

The adventure started in the school sports hall, where Tim and I were playing badminton. Since it was after school, there was no one else around, and we had the large echoing hall to ourselves, which was just as well given our lack of skill. Neither of us were serious players, so after half an hour we gave up and walked back to the changing rooms together.

I hadn't known Tim that long, having met him in art class a few weeks ago. But he was a bright friendly boy, also 13, and the sight of his 5 foot slender body, clad in silky white shorts which showed off his smooth legs, and the curves of his bum so nicely was rather attractive. The effect was enhanced by his wavy blond hair, which hung in front of his eyes, and a sweet smile.

I had no idea whether he was interested in me, but I would find out that very afternoon!

While we were playing, I couldn't help checking out the package between his legs, and once or twice (all right, several times if I'm honest ) I deliberately miss-hit a shot so that it fell to the floor, just so that he would have to do bend over to pick it up again.
I did this because when he bent over to pick up the shuttlecock, his white T-shirt rode up over his waist, to reveal the pale skin of his back, and elastic waistband of the little cotton briefs he wore beneath his shorts. I was looking forward to seeing rather more of them when we got back to the changing rooms!

Since this was the first time we had played games together, I had not yet had the opportunity to see this cute boy in his underpants, but I was longing to rectify that, and chatted happily as we made our way back to change back into our school uniforms.

When we got back to the changing rooms, which adjoined the sports hall, they were empty, the twin rows of coat pegs and benches stretching out some 30 feet to the partition wall with an open doorway which led to the shower cubicle where the boys used to shower after games. Although neither of us were sweaty, since we had only been moving around slowly while we talked, Tim announced that he was going to take a shower. This of course was good news, since it meant that I would at last get to see his sexy body undressed, and hopefully even his willy if I was lucky.

I found my mouth going dry with nervous anticipation as I sat down on the bench and watched him remove his T-shirt. To my surprise, instead of taking his shorts off straight away, he removed his shoes and socks and walked towards the shower, slowly lowering his shorts as he went. My eyes were glued to his rear as I watched him step out of the silky shorts, leaving them on the floor, and I watched his curvy bum, clad only in those soft white underpants, wiggling as he walked across the room.

My pleasure was enhanced when he peeled off his little white briefs, also leaving them on the floor, revealing his naked body for the first time, his buttocks looking like two little peaches as he disappeared through the entrance to the shower.

Standing up to take off my own shirt, I was conscious of the familiar tingling feeling between my legs, and I couldn't resist peering down the room to where his underpants lay, in a crumpled pile. Like any horny boy, I wanted to get a closer look at them, so I quietly padded down the changing room in my bare feet, wearing nothing but my tennis shorts.

When I reached them, I bent down and picked them up, spreading them out on a nearby bench so I could see them properly. They were still warm from his young body, and the front part, between his legs, was slightly stretched where it had contained his teenage cock and balls! As I looked at them, I started to touch the front of my shorts, then on impulse I picked them up. Easing my sports shorts down with my left hand until they reached my knees, I began to rub Tim's underpants against my own, imagining that he was standing in front of me, wearing them.

Then I heard the strange sound coming from the showers, a sort of muffled gasping which immediately made me curious. I knew no one was likely to come into the changing room at this time in the afternoon, so I closed my knees together, allowing my shorts drop to my ankles. Then I stepped out of them, quietly creeping over to the showers in just my white slip briefs.

Peering round the edge of the doorway into the shower room, I saw a sight which immediately caused my penis to surge to erection inside my underpants! Tim was standing there under the shower, with his eyes closed, and the warm soapy water cascading down his naked 13-year-old body, and his stiff young penis pointing up from between his slender thighs, right-hand slowly sliding up and down his 5 inch shaft while the left was buried between his legs, stimulating the cum filled testicles which swung back and forth with each stroke.

I couldn't believe my eyes! I had wanted to see him naked for so long, and now not only could I see his gorgeous cock, it was fully hard and pointed right at me. Unable to restrain myself, I slipped one hand into my pants and began to urgently wank my throbbing member while my eyes enjoyed the sexy spectacle.

At this point, Tim became aware of me and his eyes snapped open. Frozen by the shock, his pale face turned red with embarrassment, and he stammered "I'm sorry Don, I thought you had gone and I had been feeling horny all day. When I got in here the hot water made my thing go stiff, and I just needed a quick wank."

His hand dropped away from his cock, then I saw his eyes move down from my face to my waist, observing the way my hand was still moving up and down inside my tightly stretched underpants, and he must have realised how turned on I was.

His penis, which had started to soften, began to rise again and he said excitedly " were you really masturbating while looking at me naked? That is so super, it makes me want to do it too "
I told him "I've been doing this ever since I first saw you in those little white briefs! Please, let me see you wanking again. Haven't you done it in front of another boy before?

He began to stroke his cock again as he told me " no, but I've heard some stories about you! Actually I was thinking about you while I masturbated, I've been trying to think of ways to see you in your pants for three weeks! Richard told me you had a nice cock, and I could see he was right ".

Richard of course, was the older boy who had inspected me in my underpants in my earlier chapter (schoolboys in tight briefs pt1 ). Delighted, I asked "do you mind if I wank myself off while watching you shower then?"
Stepping back under the shining spray of water for a moment, he responded "no, I'd love to see you do it, in fact why don't you come closer" and he beckoned me to stand in the doorway. But when I did he suddenly grabbed my free hand and dragged me into the showers with him!

I giggled as I felt the warmth flowing down my body, the water soaking into my clean white underpants until they turned transparent, the long dark shape of my erect penis showing through the wet cotton.
I moved closer, pressing my body against Tim, and feeling his hardness rubbing against mine. Then his hands went to my waist and I felt him pulling my soaking wet knickers down. They clung to my legs, so I impatiently pulled them off and stood there naked and erect in front of my friend, my penis shining wetly, and the fine dark hairs on my testicles clinging to the skin.

We stood there face-to-face about a foot apart, then Tim took hold of his boy-cock and began wanking, his hand flying up and down the thin hard shaft until, after about 30 seconds his legs trembled, and a long stream of watery white spunk came pouring out of his penis. Flowing down the sides of his shaft, before running down the inside of his legs. When he had finished cumming, he stood there looking at me expectantly. It was now my turn!

I rubbed my cock and balls, using some soap for lubrication, and feeling my testicles tighten as I brought myself nearer and nearer to my own climax. When I finally reached it, I felt something explode in my head, then a fountain of thick creamy teenage sperm spurted out of my prick, going all over Tim's now drooping boy-cock. I kept wanking myself until my balls were dry, never wanting this moment to stop!

But nothing lasts forever, and as my orgasm subsided we stood there, looking at each other, Tim still rubbing my teenage cream into his softening penis.
"it feels really sticky," he giggled "I've never had a boy cum over me before, but it's nice. " Realising that we had been in there some time, we quickly cleaned ourselves up, checking the shower room for any signs of sperm on the floor, then went back into the changing room to get dressed.

Fortunately I had some spare clothing in my bag, and as he watched me climbing into a pair of clean white briefs, and tucking my temporarily relaxed penis between my legs, Tim began rubbing the front of his trousers,
" that was terrific, you made me cum so hard.  Can we do it again some time?"

I told him "I'd love to, would you mind playing a game on Friday?" and reached out to touch the front of his trousers. But at that moment, the man door opened and a teacher came in, to find out why we had been there so long. Although he didn't suspect anything (we had carefully cleaned the shower floor) we still got lines for taking too long.

That didn't put us off however, and on Friday afternoon we both ended up playing a quick game in the sports hall, before discreetly rushing back into to the changing rooms. 10 minutes later, a casual observer would have heard some interesting panting sounds, and seen two horny schoolboys stripping down to their underpants and looking at each other, with very dirty expressions in their eyes!


Who would like to know what we did next? E-mail me to find out : )


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