Schoolboys In Tight Briefs Pt 5 - Sticky White Briefs


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Chapter 1


I think Stephen was one of the first boys I fucked. This happened when he asked me home after school one day. He was just about the most popular boy in the class and I had always been jealous of his success with girls. It so happened that we were sitting next to each other in class, and became quite good friends.

We were about the same height and build, and wore the same school uniform of grey shorts and white shirt. As we sat and chatted in class, I had sometimes found my eyes drawn down to the smooth rounded bulge in the crotch of his shorts, and sometimes wondered what he would look like naked.

I can't remember the exact reason, but one afternoon he invited me back to his house after school. I accepted, and when the bell went, signalling the end of school, I followed him home.

When we got there, there was no one else in the house. Stephen explained that his parents didn't get home for another two hours. This suited me fine, and as we ran up the stairs to his bedroom I found myself looking at his bum, admiring the way his tight school shorts clung to his rounded buttocks, and for the first time I saw the elastic outline of his underwear showing through his shorts, and wondered what kind of pants he was wearing.

We read a couple of books, then began to play on his bed. It began as a kind of wrestling game, and we both used it as an excuse to grope each other, getting the occasional feel of penis and testicles through our school shorts.

It wasn't long before I had Stephen on his back with his legs apart. In this position, I found to my delight, that I could see right up inside the leg of his shorts and discovered that he was wearing white pants underneath!

Naturally, this excited me, and I began to deliberately pull his legs further apart so I could peek at his underwear, trying to see the outline of his willy as well. Although I didn't manage that, I noticed part of his testicles showing from underneath the gusset of his pants, and found myself getting an erection as a result.

Stephen noticed the front of my grey shorts tenting out and giggled.
"Is your willy going stiff because you're looking up my shorts?"

This triggered a new desire within me, I just had to do something to get his cock hard. That way he would be excited enough to let me get into his pants. I tried to put my hand up his shorts so that I could caress his intimate parts more thoroughly, but he pushed my hand away saying, "you mustn't touch me there."

So I tried another strategy, lowering myself on top of his body, pressing my concealed erection against the front of his shorts. I knew that he would be able to feel my hard penis against his, and hoped that it would turn him on.
The game had now changed, Stephen was now pinned beneath me, struggling to release himself as I started to hump him, our lithe young bodies entwined in a dance of growing passion.

It felt so good to be thrusting my hips against his, rubbing my bulge against his warm body. Despite himself, Stephen began to respond to my touch. I felt his willy begin to lengthen inside his shorts, and felt a desperate desire to see his naked body exposed for my pleasure, his little pink penis long and stiff in my hand.

Nervously, Stephen asked, " that feels nice, but shouldn't we stop now?" as his young penis finally succumbed to the stimulation, became erect inside his little white pants.

I told him "no, it feels too good. I want to try it with my shorts off," and I suddenly climbed off him, standing on the bed between his open legs while my fingers wrestled with the fastener on the waistband of my shorts, trying to get them undone. Having got my trousers unzipped, I rapidly pulled them down to my feet, kicking them off onto the floor before unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it open so that my underwear was fully displayed.

I saw Stephen's eyes looking at my blue nylon A-line briefs, and I noticed excitement in them as he looked at the way my hard penis was showing through my pants!  Isn't that the most attractive sight - a rigid teen cock, barely covered by tight briefs?   

Then I lowered myself back on top of him, thrusting my nylon clad cock against the bulge in his shorts as I dry-humped him. It felt so good to hold his warm body against mine, his eyes closed but a sweet smile on his lips.

Stephen lay there without moving, as I relentlessly explored his young body, while displaying my growing state of arousal to him.

I told him, "I want to see you in your underwear. Will you take your shorts off for me? "

He shyly answered, "no, I can't, you have made my thing stick out straight inside my pants, and nobody at school has ever seen me like this. I don't want you looking at my willy."

But I was too excited to stop now. I just had to see more of this beautiful boy.

I told him to keep still, then leant forward, my hands fumbling with his belt. I managed to unbuckle it, then began to undo his shorts, almost ripping the buttons off in my hurry to undress him.

Stephen briefly struggled, trying to prevent me, but I slapped his hands away and he gave up, surrendering to my lust and meekly lying there as I unzipped his shorts and began to pull them down.

As they reached his knees, I got my first proper look at his underwear. He was wearing a pair of bright white cotton Y-fronts, and he looked so sexy in them that I immediately seized the sides of his shorts and dragged them right off over his feet, wanting to see more of his body.

Finding that his school shirt was lying over his waist, obscuring my view of his underpants, I impatiently pulled it apart, tearing the buttons off in my haste.     Now I'm kneeling between his legs, his pale semi-nude body lying in front of me. He's only wearing a pair of white cotton pants, and I could see the outline of his penis tucked down between his legs, just begging to be touched.

I ran my hands over the front of his white briefs, feeling his swollen penis through the soft cotton and making Stephen bite his lip to keep silent as I stimulated his boy-meat.

"That feels good doesn't it," I told him, " I bet you never thought you'd enjoy having another boy rub your cock through your pants and make it go stiff like this?"

"It feels wonderful, I love feeling your cock rubbing against mine."

He pulled my waist towards him, so that we were grinding our hips together. I felt the heat of his stiff rod pressing against mine, and it made me thrust against him even harder.

"I don't think my cock has ever been this hard," panted Stephen, his hands now firmly gripping my buttocks as our bodies writhed in unison, " but we had better stop, I am going to shoot my stuff in a moment."

Knowing that my own orgasm was only moments away, I asked him softly, "when you are wanking and don't want to make a mess, have you ever done it in your pants?"

"You mean squirting my spunk into my underpants while I am wearing them? I've never done that, but it sounds really naughty."

I grinned, "it is, and that's what makes it so sexy. I love to feel hot sperm shooting out into my knickers, getting them all wet and sticky! Why don't we do it right now? I'm so close I don't want to stop, I just want to cum with you."

His little body already trembling on the brink of orgasm, Stephen gasped,
"OK, I will do it if you cum first. let me see you spunking in your pants!"

That did it, thrusting hard against his hips, I brought myself off, groaning as a flood of hot wet spunk flooded out into my new blue knickers, creating a big wet patch which turned the nylon transparent, allowing my penis to show through.

As he felt the front of my pants turn wet, Stephen let go, releasing a full load of creamy cum into his cotton underpants, his fertile teenage spunk quickly soaking the pristine white briefs

We continued to hump each other until our young balls were dry, then I climbed off Stephen's body, kneeling on the bed beside him.

"You look really sexy with your briefs full of spunk like that," exclaimed Stephen, "you were right, it is nice to feel warm cum all over my cock and balls, I can't wait to spunk into my pants again!"

We cleaned ourselves up, before getting dressed again. Luckily we were both the same size, so I borrowed a pair of Stephen's underpants to wear home, promising him I would bring them back the next day.   Of course, later that night I spread them on my bed, wanking myself off over them as I imagined Stevens naked body in front of me. But then wouldn't you, in my position?!

We didn't get the chance to meet again for another four days, but finally Stephen told me his parents would be out that afternoon, so we arranged to meet again, and when we did, I promised myself that I would end the day with my stiff young prick rammed up Stephen's virgin bum!

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