You have to be 18, this story involves male sex so....go away if you're offended or not allowed to read this. If anyone gets bored of the story please read my bottom comments.

Schools Out


God I loved this time of year, the exams were coming to a close and then it would be here, the ultimate summer. As it was the last summer before university I was gearing up for the an epic summer. But I still had one major exam left.

`Well Mikey what about ya?' (he hated when I called him that but he had one for me!) `Long time no talk' he responded. It was true we had started a friendship when he entered the school last year but I guess different groups prevented us becoming closer.

Michael Mc Comb was a player, he seemed to a lead any girl he had along, and drop her when he got bored. A lot of girls I knew described him as sexy but I don't see the appeal. As a straight guy I can totally appreciate another guys looks, Michael was tall, dark hair, well built, such strong looking legs and a well rounded ass. In theory that sounds good but if I was to go that way he would not be on the top of the list. As we spoke we revealed our plans for summer and the random conversations we always had, we have the same frame of mind so the conversations always entertained me.

A few hours later in study he appeared from nowhere, He was asking everyone about tips on the history exam. I couldn't help stare at his ass as he bent over the desk pointing to his paper radically. It seemed impossible that an ass that big could be confined in such tight school trousers. Wow. That wasn't just an ass that was an ass I wanted, I wanted to lie on it, lick it, touch it, spank it...Wait woah! WTF?? I mean I knew I wasn't gay but this ass....was come I never noticed it?...It was fine I told myself. I'm an ass man for girls, It was the ass not the boy. If I was staring at his bulge then I knew I would be in trouble. As he walked past me he winked, god give the guy credit he knew how to work a crowd.

The exam was gruelling but at least the night was fast approaching, I was heading to a local bar/club/disco where everyone would be. I wouldn't define the place as any of those by the way. It had the perfect balance, it had a certain club vibe but you could sit and have talk...and be able to hear. God I loved it and would really miss it. Everyone was loaded, speech had long become slurred before I arrived. Michael was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. God, I never knew how defined he was or at least appeared. The tightness of the t-shirt made him look as if he had Pecs(which to my knowledge he hadn't) and his biceps looked huge. Why was I noticing this? Right find a girl I need to find a girl...Well not the girl he had.

He was in the corner of the room with his hands all over this girl. God she was ugly, why would he be kissing a girl like that. But why was I jealous...I was not attracted to that girl at all. Maybe I was jealous of her? I wanted to be that girl, I wanted to be the girl who had his hand rubbing everywhere, I wanted to be the girl I knew he would drop whenever he got bored...I wanted him. Those lips, that sexy wink I wanted him to take me...But I couldn't. He is straight, so am I except this one guy. I looked away; there had been enough speculation about my sexuality without anyone seeing me lusting after him. And just because the majority of my friends were girls!

The end of the night approached and I hadn't scored, but it looked like Michael had. He was leading a girl down an alley. Classy huh? I don't know why I followed them but I did...If I couldn't have him I could at least watch him. Shit they were coming back up...well she was.

`Mikey? You ok?'

`Dude what you doing here?' He slurred.

I could ask you the same thing.

`Well, I came here for the ride, but the bitch only talks the talk. Its fine though, people seen her with me so thats a bit of credibility. Doesnt help with this though'

He grabbed his bulge through his jeans and gave me that wink. He pulled me in and whispered `Why don't you help me out' I tried to pull away and laugh it off but he just held on tighter.

`Dude, I'm not gay'

`SSh' he whispered gently in my ear, `there are no labels here.'

He started to kiss my neck and placed my hand on his bulge. Part of me wanted to leave, if anyone found out about this I don't know what I'd do. But he wanted me, he actually was attracted to me...He undid his jeans and pushed them down revealing pair of red briefs. I kissed the bulge through the fabric and stroked up and down his legs finally grabbing his ass. We pulled them off together and his erect cock brushed across my face. I started to lean in but hesitated.

`Its ok, go on, just be gentle.'

I wrapped my lips around his erection, gag reflex aside it actually It didn't last long Mickys moaning became louder and louder until he cummed in my mouth. This is when I realised what the hell I was doing..I came off his cock and started spiting it out, it just dripped off my chin and made me look like a moron. There I was on my hand and knees, I turned from him completly shocked and humiliated. Mickey was laughing

`Your an amazing cocksucker boy, you don't have to pretend you don't like it'

I'm not a cocksuck--

I know your not a cocksucker. He lay on top of me whispering in my ear. You're a faggot. I bet all you He left the alley laughing as I stood up smeared in cum, shocked that I has an erection.

Ok this isn't a brilliant story, I think it had promise but to be honest I got bored. I do have two other stories that were well received (Seduction of Cody Rhodes and Demise Of Sean Kane) so I will strive to write a better one. You can email me on

O and can someone please help me, I'm looking for a story that I loved and read on here a long time ago. It was about a man that was parading around a store in Speedos to annoy the shopkeeper, but when he got caught trying to steal them he was forced into sex. I just remember a large mirror was in the shop and he didn't like the shopkeeper cause he was gay...I think..Pleas Email if you know it. I love it..